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How Interviewers Know When to Hire You in 90 Seconds [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interesting :) Jorgen SundbergThe original Undercover Recruiter, after 7 years in tech recruiting Jorgen now runs Link Humans, a social media marketing agency in London. Related posts: How To Dress for Your Job Interview [12 Guidelines] 6 Interview Types You Must Know as a Candidate The Only 5 Interview Questions…


Greenpeace International

Yesterday, the Esperanza accompanied a group of artisanal fishermen in a peaceful protest ahead of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) meeting in Mauritius this week. Their message to the IOTC: start managing the tuna fishery effectively or risk destroying it!

Follow the Greenpeace Esperanza on her tour to help end overfishing, and leave a comment to encourage the crew.


Metallica S&M live-No Leaf Clover

Nice Performance

one of my favourites-the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra makes the whole song even better,so it's worth watchin'...I'd like some comments,u know... 28/04/2013

25 Four Leaf Clovers Facts You May Not Know

Very interesting facts ... Enjoy it :) Four leaf clover is the world most well recognized good luck symbol. Here are 25 facts you may not know about the popular Four leaf clover:


A hand drawn four leaf clover by Yasamin Rahnema


The best friend of earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth. - Frank Lloyd Wright



1 Conde Street
Port Louis
Other Port Louis food & beverage services (show all)
The AubeRgine KitChen The AubeRgine KitChen
Condee Pailles
Port Louis, 00000

Cooking Essential

Pat Delices Pat Delices
51, Calcutta Street
Port Louis, 11503

Halaal Traditional Foods Halaal Traditional Foods
Port Louis

Super Deg Briyani Super Deg Briyani
Port Louis

Meals On Wheels Meals On Wheels
Mezzanine Floor Sir William Newton Street
Port Louis, 230

Meals on wheels is your new Dine In and Pick up – Asian Fusion restaurants in the heart of Port-Louis.

Four Links Co Ltd Four Links Co Ltd
Port Louis

Four Links is a new company on the Mauritian Market and is the distributor of Multibrands products from UK

Pizza Italia Pizza Italia
Port Louis
Port Louis, 00000

All about delicious Pizzas and nothing but Pizzas with a taste of Italia

Ico Heal Ltd - Water Filtration & Alkaline Water Ico Heal Ltd - Water Filtration & Alkaline Water
21, Joseph Riviere St, Heen Foh Building
Port Louis

Nous sommes une compagnie spécialisée dans le traitement d’eau pour les foyers et à usage commerciaux. - Purificateur D’eau, Ioniseur D’eau de Chanson

Jessapetizers&co Jessapetizers&co
Vallee Des Pretres
Port Louis, 742CU001

National poultry service stall 45-46 National poultry service stall 45-46
Rue Farquar, Marcher Central Section Agneau/mouton
Port Louis, 00230

National poultry offers its variety of products to customers that are willing to buy quality products and customize pre cut meat to suit their needs.

KLB Meat KLB Meat
Port Louis

Delight Bites Delight Bites
Port Louis