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OM Madagascar is a community of people who serve the Church, save the lost, and transform communities by following Jesus at any cost!

Mission: Transform Madagascar

Madagascar outreach.

Fourteen people — including OMers — participated in a month-long outreach around northern Madagascar. Coming from different parts of the island, participants were between 18 and 35 years of age and heard about the outreach either from their church or through social media.

“I saw the great need of the churches to do teaching and trainings; they don’t know how to get their church members to maturity,” said Hanitra. “It gives us as OM a lot of opportunities to serve the church and on the long term to mobilise.”

Mission Tour Diana is a one month program (10 August- 8 September 2019) where you will be travelling to different towns in the Northern part of Madagascar.
You will be serving with locals, ministering in both towns and rural villages
Interested in Mission Tour Diana?
Contact your local OM office for more information.

Photo by Rebecca



-Hampahafantarana anao ny tambajotran'ny Trafikan'olona eto Madagasikara sy manerana izao tontolo izao.
-Fomba fiasa samy hafa hanavotana ireo olona iharan'izany.
- Ny Pornographie sy ny rohy ifandraisany amin'ny varotr'olona.
-Fijerin'Andriamanitra araka ny Soratra Masina ny zava-misy sy ny andraikitry ny Tsirairay.
-Fanontaniana sy valiny avy amin'ny mpanatrika.

#Daty/ 17-18 MAY 2019 (8h30- 4ora Hariva
#Sarany: 15000 Ar, (Sakafo Antoandro & Boky )
#Fisoratana_anarana: Tel:0349600892
OM Madagasikara :
Freedom Challenge Africa :

Onjam-bavaky ny malagasy

Fiaraha-mientan'ny Kristianina hivavaka ho an'ny Silamo eran-tany mandritra ny 30 andron'ny Ramadany.
Azonao alaina eto ambany manaraka ity rohy ity ny fichier pdf amin'ny teny Malagasy azonao harahina mandritra izany:…/2200361340040…/30-andro-2019.pdf…

Fiaraha-mientan'ny Kristianina hivavaka ho an'ny Silamo eran-tany mandritra ny 30 andron'ny Ramadany.
Azonao alaina eto ambany manaraka ity rohy ity ny fichier pdf amin'ny teny Malagasy azonao harahina mandritra izany:


"Ouvre ta bouche pour le muet, Pour la cause de tous les délaissés.
Ouvre ta bouche, juge avec justice, Et défends le malheureux et l'indigent."

Dans 142 pays, le nombre de victimes de la traite des êtres humains est en augmentation. Plus de 70% d’entre elles sont des femmes. L’exploitation sexuelle, totalisant près de 60% des causes de trafic, est la première forme de violence subie.

Venez assister au Seminaire organise par OM Madagascar et Freedom Challenge Africa pour compmrendre aussi bien l'ampleur de ce crime qui malheureusement reste largement impuni et notre responsabilite

For one month , you will be a fisher of men in the northern part of Madagascar. In the Diana region, using your gifts and talents to share the Good News of Jesus.
You can find more details on this link:

When the love of Christ compells, no challenges could stop the OM team to bring the Gospel where it has never been before.
Photo: OM Madagascar local outreach team sharing the Gospel in a village in Androy Southern Madagascar

The Gospel is spreading in the remote villages in southern Madagascar amongst the Ntandroy people. OM Madagascar is focusing to build up leaders from villages, men and women to carry on the vision to see vibrant communities of Jesus Followers amongst the least reached.
#Least_reached #OM_Madagascar #Leaders_Developement

Spreading the gospel Siniore desires for her family and friends to know Christ’s love as she does. After an OM training, she takes what she learnt and puts it into practice.

Happy new year 2019.
Outreach gives participants an opportunity to live in a community: Have fellowship to each other and be a team players.
Join OM Madagascar Outreaches this year.
*For one week option:
#Nosy_Be_Festival: 1st-9th September 2019
*For one month option: #Mission_Tour_Diana_Region: 8thAugust-9th September 2019
#Outreach_Madagascar #OM_Madagascar

Join OM Madagascar to bring Hope to the people of Madagascar by sharing God's Love.trhough Words and deeds.
*For one week option:
#Nosy_Be_Festival: 1st-9th September 2019
*For one month option: #Mission_Tour_Diana_Region: 8thAugust-9th September 2019

Thousands of remote villages in Madagascar are still not reached by the Gospel yet.

Have you ever ride on an Ox cart? Local outreach team are ready to go extra miles to take the Gospel to the least reached people of the Island.
#mission #otreach_madagascar

Mission Trip To Madagascar.
Come, join us , Register now!
More details:

OM Africa

Watch what God is doing amongst the Ntandroy people of Madagascar

The Village
The story of how two ladies in Madagascar started their approach of reaching the least reached in the South of Madagascar.

Transforming communities - Madagascar - OM News Article: Transforming communities, Madagascar

'It's theirs' - Madagascar - OM News Article: 'It's theirs', Madagascar

Logos Hope TV - Toamasina, Madagascar Port Report

It was a privilege hosting our ships MV Logos Hope

Logos Hope enjoyed an incredible visit to Toamasina, Madagascar. Pray with us as we continue Fueling Hope for Africa. #LogosHope #Hope4Africa

OM Ships International

Praise God for the relationships built during the Logos Hope's visit to Madagascar, pray for OM Madagascar as they follow up. #omprayer

OM Ships International

It was sad to say goodbye to the Logos Hope, but we are so thankful for the time we got to spend with the amazing crew! Check out this video to see some of the highlights.

Logos Hope enjoyed an incredible visit to Toamasina, Madagascar. Pray with us as we continue to bring Hope to Africa. #LogosHope #Hope4Africa

Logos Hope

#storyoftheweek #logoshope #hope4toamasina
‘Real Men’ – an event exclusively for men, both young and old, was held on board the Logos Hope to challenge men to be real before God in body and mind. “Real men pleases God,” said motivational speaker, Dan Potter (USA), who delivered the message to an audience of almost 200 men.

Are you following God’s desires or following your own?

Logos Hope

Can you find your flag? #logoshope #hope4africa #hope4toamasina #greetings

They're on the way!

Pray for the MV Logos Hope as they sail to Toamasina, Madagascar. Can't wait to meet them!

OM International

Madagascar is a young nation with 43% of the population under the age of 15. The harvest is truly ripe among the children of this nation, and OM Madagascar is seeking to help raise up a new generation of Believers. Serve in children's ministry, preach the Gospel, use your gifts in media and communications, or help disciple new Christians. There are many opportunities in Madagascar for you to worship and serve Jesus in practical ways.

Apply today and #GOwithOM at

File:Port Toamasina Madagascar.jpg - Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 truetrue

Logos Hope

Guess how long did it take to come to Logos Hope in Yangon. #patient #hope2yangon #waiting

OM International

“People are still waiting at the other end of our obedience [to preach the Gospel].” – David Joannes

Photo credit to Frank, for #MissionsMotivationMonday

Freedom Challenge Africa

Today, Freedom Challenge Africa teamed up with other NGO's in a stand against human trafficking. #humantraffickingawarenessweek

We had great conversations and even had 3 men spontaneously join us in our chain.

For those looking for ideas on what they can do to take a stand...this is an easy way for you to create awareness in your city. Why not organize your own campaign?

Did you know there are 7 species of baobab trees in Madagascar, compared to only one in all of the rest of Africa?

#OMMadagascar #MalagasyMonday #baobab

Did you know the last monarch of the Kingdom of Madagascar was a woman?
Queen Ranavalona III ruled from 1883 to 1897 before Madagascar went under French rule.

#OMMadagascar #MalagasyMonday

Did you know that about 80 per cent of the world's vanilla comes from Madagascar?

#OMMadagascar #MalagasyMonday #Vanilla

Did you know that Madagascar is the world's 4th largest island (at approx. 587,000km2) behind Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo?

#OMMadagascar #MalagasyMonday


Want to know more about what's going on around Africa? Check out OM Africa's latest update! Mina and her family has been helped by OM in Malawi to receive physical and spiritual hope for the future.

Did you know Madagascar's current flag was adopted in 1958

The red and white stripes are the original colours of the ancient Kingdom of Madagascar and the green symbolizes the common people.

#OMMadagascar #MalagasyMonday

OM Africa

"You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy" -Psalm 30:11

Did you know?

The staple food in Madagascar is rice. In fact, the word “to eat” in Malagasy is "mihinam-bary," which means “to eat rice."

#OMMadagascar #MalagasyMonday #ricericerice

Did you know the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, is home to over 2 million people, making it one of the most densely populated cities in Africa!

#OMMadagascar #MalagasyMonday #Antananarivo

Did you know that Malagasy and French are Madagascar's two official languages?

Try saying "hello" in Malagasy: Manahoana

#OMMadagascar #MalagasyMonday #Malagasy #sayhello

Did you know?

In 1836, the Malagasy Bible became one of the first Bibles to be translated into an indigenous African language!

#OMMadagascar #Bible #Malagasy #Didyouknow?

Did you know?

Considered to be one of the least-reached and underdeveloped areas of Madagascar, the Androy region is home to around 600,000 people.

#OMMadagascar #Androy #didyouknow

“That is what is in our hearts - to see the Malagasy people rise up and take ownership of missions.”

#OMMadagascar #Go

Did you know?

The zebu, a type of cow, is very important in the Tandroy culture. Not only is it a source of milk, meat, and leather, the zebu is also a symbol of wealth and status within the community.

#OMMadagascar #Androy #zebu

Did you know that 90% of the plants and animals found in Madagascar are found no where else on earth?!

We serve such a creative God. Take a moment to thank the Lord for the creation around you.

#Madagascar #Unique #creativeGod #Genesis1

There's still time to sign up for the annual Listen to Me Islands outreach!

Come join the OM Madagascar team for ten days in the Androy region this July.

For more details, check out:

#OMMadagascar #outreach #go

Since early 2014, the OM Madagascar team has been making bi-weekly visits to the hospital in Ambovombe alongside local Christians.

The only hospital around for miles, patients come from all over the Androy region seeking medical help. The team goes to pray with patients, and distribute much-needed care packages containing rice, oil, soap, and candles.

Read a first-hand account of a hospital visit from OM's blog below

#OMMadagascar #pray #relief #hospitalministry

Please keep Madagascar in your prayers!
The southern regions are still facing draught and famine. Pray for relief and God's provision.

#OMMadagascar #relief #drought #pray

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Other Religious Organizations in Antananarivo (show all)
Organisation Chretienne Interregionale pour le Developpement Organisation Chretienne Interregionale pour le Developpement
Lot IT 58 Itaosy
Antananarivo, 102

Spécialisation en management de développement

Cevam Cevam
II I 50 Ter Ankadivato
Antananarivo, 101

Evangelical church based in Antananarivo, Madagascar. HORAIRE DES CULTES DIMANCHE Culte d'adoration 9h30 - 11h30 Service d'onction 16h - 18h MESSAGES À THÈME Mercredi 18h - 19h Jeudi 18h - 19h JEÛNE ET PRIÈRE Samedi 9h - 10h30

Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy - FLM Toby Fanantenana 67Ha Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy - FLM Toby Fanantenana 67Ha
FLM Toby Fanantenana 67 Ha, Cité Des 67Ha Centre, Madagascar
Antananarivo, 101

... Ary Kristy Jesosy no fehizoro indrindra (Efesiana. 2:20) ... Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone (Ephesians 2.20)

Mitombo amin'ny Finoana Mitombo amin'ny Finoana

Eto no ahafahanao maka kaody doremi sy mahalala ireo solfa nisy nizara

RostorferReport RostorferReport

Jay and Carey Rostorfer are involved in church planting and evangelism, as well as teaching and training church leaders for full-time ministry.

Sampana Ambohimanarina LDS Sampana Ambohimanarina LDS

FJKM Morarano Fiderana - Officiel FJKM Morarano Fiderana - Officiel
Antananarivo, 101

« ... toy izany koa isika, na dia maro aza, dia tena iray ihany ao amin'i Kristy, ary samy miara-momba ny tena isika rehetra. » (Romana 12:5)

FBB Ankadivato FBB Ankadivato
Antananarivo, 101

Takelaky ny Fiangonana Batista Biblika Ankadivato

FJKM Katedraly Analakely - pejy FJKM Katedraly Analakely - pejy


Nissi Praise Ministry and Production Nissi Praise Ministry and Production
Mahamasina Est
Antananarivo, 101

Ny NISSI PRAISE MINISTRY & PRODUCTION dia ministera nantsoin'ny Tompo hanandratra Azy amin'ny alalan'ny fiderana sy fiankohofana ary ny mozika

F.A.M apokalypsy (Fikambanana Apokalypsy eto Madagasikara) F.A.M apokalypsy (Fikambanana Apokalypsy eto Madagasikara)
Foibe Ambodin'Isotry
Antananarivo, 101

- Le "Fikambanana Apokalypsy eto Madagasikara" (F.A.M) fondé par le pasteur Mailhol a pour mission de prêcher l’Apocalypse, l’Evangile de l’Eternel, qui est un des livres de la Bible. Contact : (261 20) 22 657 87 - Administrateur : Smar

Fiangonana Tana City Centre Analakely Fiangonana Tana City Centre Analakely
Immeuble Shoprite Analakely 2 Eme Etage
Antananarivo, 101