Japan First Limousine Service


Toyota shows self-driving technology


japantoday.com Toyota Motor Corp unveiled its vision for self-driving cars in a challenge to other automakers as well as industry newcomer…


Taxi Miro - Poreč, Istria, Croatia

We are encouraged to hear there is a good demand for their service. Keep going, never stop!

taxiporec.com Na našoj internet stranici možete zatražiti dodatne informacije, te rezervirati naše usluge. Obratite nam se sa povjerenjem, nećemo Vas iznevjeriti. Naše iskustvo i profesionalnost omogućiti će vam da u punoj sigurnosti uživate u ljepotama Vašeg odmora!

Audi Sport Race Engineer - Leena Gade - Q&A Part 1

A great woman indeed.

They say that behind every great man, there's a great woman. For Audi Sport, that woman is Leena Gade! She's the woman behind our victory at the most recent ...

Charger prototype finding its way to Model S

No comment...



Emirates has re-engineered dining at 30,000 ft so that airplane food tastes good

We love the spirit.

qz.com No more soggy vegetables, re-solidified cheese sauces, and rubbery bread balls.

Hackers Remotely Control a Jeep, Cut Out Its Engine on Busy Highway

Good turned bad.

Two hackers remotely took control of a moving Jeep - before cutting out its engine on a busy highway. Andy Greenberg, a senior writer at Wired, allowed the h...


Tesla Motors upgrades the Model S with ‘ludicrous mode’

Well done.

sfchronicle.com Tesla on Friday unveiled the latest updates to its popular electric sedan, with options that can extend the car’s already substantial range and increase acceleration. [...] the sedan’s top performance mode — dubbed “insane” — reached 60 mph in a relatively pokey 3.1 seconds. “People have loved insan…

Who is in the driver's seat?

Blessed are those who know it, and enjoy the ride.

The marriage license- the highest class of driver's license!

Freightliner Inspiration Truck | Licensed


Daimler Trucks became the world´s first manufacturer to be granted a road license for an autonomous heavy-duty truck. The first journey in the so-called Frei...

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Video Brochure

Be driven.

The breathtaking Mercedes-Maybach S600 experience comes to life in a film that showcases this spectacular machine, and gives us a glimpse into the lifestyle ...

Official Dodge Brothers Commercial ft. the 2015 Dodge Charger | Morse Code


The Dodge Brothers were told to mind their manners; so they let the Charger do the talking. .. .----. -.. / .-. .- - .... . .-. / .-- .- .-.. -.- / - .... .-...

2016 Mustang GT equipped with the California Special Package

Awesome car, awful teaser.

For the first time on the 6th generation Mustang, the iconic California Special Package will be available. The California Special Package is just one of the ...





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Yokohama, Kanagawa
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鶴間駅 鶴間駅
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日本交通横浜 採用ページ 日本交通横浜 採用ページ
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本郷台駅 本郷台駅
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長津田駅 長津田駅
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トラベルステーション トラベルステーション
Yokohama, 245-0016

個人、団体旅行・貸切バスのお見積もりから手配まで!! 地域密着で安心、安全な旅をお届けいたします。

南万騎が原駅 南万騎が原駅
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能見台駅 能見台駅
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杉田駅 杉田駅
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希望ヶ丘駅 希望ヶ丘駅
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Yokohama, 246-0004

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