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Another trophy earned at the Legendary Imola circuit! Congratulations to Team J-Spec!

Time Attack Imola
P1 Overall 🏆🏁 🚀
EVO X 4️⃣6️⃣ @serse_zeli_jspecperf

No party mode required 😃 we preserved and ran low boost as we didn't need to push further. Thank you @teininc.official for supplying a suspension very quickly made for the car specs with a very good initial setting.

Great result also for STI EJ25 9️⃣0️⃣ @manuelgadeschi doing a P1 🏆 in Pro XL and EVO X 9️⃣ @timeattackgirl P4 in Extreme Turbo and 5th overall.

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AMB Aero TEIN, INC.(Fanpage in Eng.)
Time Attack Italia
Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola

Who says Monza is a "low downforce track"?? Team J-Spec continues to round two with another track record and victory!! Running close to LMP3 times with what is a WTAC open class spec car?!

Time Attack Monza 2020

EVO X 4️⃣6️⃣ @serse_zeli_jspecperf 🇨🇭
1st Overall 🏆
1st Extreme Turbo🏆
New Time Attack Record 1:50.357 🏁🔥

EVO X 9️⃣ @timeattackgirl 🇨🇭
3rd Overall Superlap 🏆
2nd Extreme Turbo Superlap🏆

STI EJ25 9️⃣0️⃣ @manuelgadeschi 🇮🇹
2nd Pro XL 🏆

We set a new time attack record the past weekend at Monza. Less than 1 second gap from an LMP3 on the same day and session (the LMP3 does not classify in the time attack series).
This was on medium boost and with suspension issues particularly at high speeds! The car can easily do a 48.

#evox #evox46 #timeattack #timeattackitalia #timeattackitaly #essereJspec #mitsubishi #racing #evo10 #misano #laprecord #4b11t #ej25 #monza #monzacircuit Autodromo Nazionale Monza Time Attack Italia AMB Aero Precision Turbo & Engine

Our third and final victory over the opening weekend for our customers! Jeff Kiesel and his Bugeye Sprite took out the overall win at two SCCA Autocross events in the USA sporting new bits designed by AMB Aero.

According the driver "The car is hooked up and the balance at speed has never felt better". Proving that even on autocross courses aero can drastically effect grip and balance.

2020 SCCA Packwood Championship Tour, 1st place in E Modified
2020 SCCA Packwood Pro Solo, 1st place in R1

All this while crushing the top index time for all classes by 1.3 seconds!

What an opening weekend to the racing season for AMB Aero customers! Two cars, one aero package. Two podiums, one new track record and one overall victory. Will team J-Spec make it a third Time Attack Italy series championship this year?


-Dream it❗
-Believe it❗
-Build it❗
Enjoy your week everyone!!


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LYFE Motorsport

Aero rooster tail level: epic

The perfect visual representation of aero.


Undoubtedly one of the best insights into the Global Time Attack / @Super Lap Battle format and why it’s so incredibly exciting and utterly intoxicating.

Amongst others, join Aaron Kaufman, LYFE Motorsport with their bonkers R35 and of course the Global Time Attack team as they bring this exciting format to the US audience.

It’s still early days for Global Time Attack but the scene is set and the future is exciting. Having the guts and determination to do something new and groundbreaking for motorsport is not easy and takes huge commitment, head over and show these guys your support as they expand the worldwide Time Attack community.

LYFE Motorsport

What an incredible run Lyfe has had with this car! Recap from their last year at WTAC where they reset the R35 GTR record.

This year on the world stage, was more than just racing.
Check out our adventure from "The Land Down Under"

Revline Time Attack

Revline Racing WTAC debut off to an excellent start! Fantastic result for a fantastic team!

Check out our VLOG from when we competed at the World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney Australia in October 2019.
World Time Attack Challenge

Thanks to our 2019 Sponsors:
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Time Attack Italia - 5^ prova - Imola

If you can speak Italian, enjoy an extended TV interview on with J-Spec after their back to back title wins and setting a new track record at most of the circuits run.

Allacciate bene le cinture di sicurezza perchè sta per partire una nuova puntata di ON-RACE TV Questa settimana vi parleremo del Campionato Time Attack Itali...

Even better than it looked on the computer screen a few years ago!!

So back to work and what an exciting start to 2020! For the first time Gobstopper III is moved off its build table and somehow manages to look even better sat on the workshop floor!

#RCM #GobstopperIII #RCMPowerParts #Formandfunction #Subaru #BRZ

The moment you've all been waiting for!!!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from team RCM to all of our customers! Thanks for all your amazing support this year! We look forward to unleashing Gobstopper III when testing starts in March. See you all in 2020! 💪💪🏁🏁

#RCM #GobstopperIII #ReadytoRace #BRZ #EJ20

Roger Clark Motorsport

Day 20 – Final assembly and one of the last photos of Gobstopper III before finally being dressed in its carbon fibre bodywork!

Every material specified and component used in the Gobstopper III project is designed for pure uncompromising performance focusing on a targeted power to weight ratio which should see a marked improvement over existing lap times!

With the car due on the scales any day we’ll soon see whether we have achieved our goal!

#RCM #GobstopperIII #RCMPowerParts #Goals #Subaru #BRZ #NoLimits

Roger Clark Motorsport

Day 16 and more of an insight into Gobstopper III’s comprehensive AMB aero package! With a substantial 47% of the total aero effect generated by the front splitter, floor area and rear diffuser its crucial to allow air to move away from the front wheel arch areas to retain the cars aero efficiency.

#RCM #GobstopperIII #AMBaero #Carbon #BRZ #Downforce

Roger Clark Motorsport

Day 14 – Whether it be F1, WRC or MotoGP over the recent years it’s become very clear that maximising the advantages offered by improved aerodynamic design has become the most important area of development when chasing the ultimate lap time.

Andrew Brilliant of AMB Aero, already synonymous with many successful projects in World Time Attack as well as other high level motorsport disciplines, was brought on board at the time the chassis was being built.

Tasked with producing an aero package for Gobstopper III, AMB Aero using the latest CFD modelling techniques, were able to accurately simulate aerodynamic effects against the cars body shape continually refining each piece to achieve a package which perfectly balances both high downforce with a minimal overall drag factor.


So finally we present you the Black Mamba Version II!

Special Thanks to our Sponsors Drenth Motorsport Gearboxes, ImpacTech, Wiseco Powersports, , #Garrett, J.P. MOTIS Service and Tuning, Nick's garage Ltd, #KofterosExhaust, Mycarwash and a big thank you to all people who join us at the unveiling ceremony of our Beast!

Seeing double? How about 2018 and 2019 Italian Time Attack Championship wins! J-SPEC PERF

Haltech Heroes: Revline Racing 968 Porsche - Haltech - Engine Management Systems

An in depth look at Revline Porsche 968's debut at WTAC. Thank you to Haltech Heroes for another fantastic video. World Time Attack Challenge - As the name suggests, it is the pinnacle Time Attack Event in the world. If you want to prove your worth against the world’s fastest teams, the annual event held at Sydney Motorsport Park in Australia is where you need to be.

Revline Time Attack

Revline Racing For ALS Awareness at World Time Attack Challenge, Sydney Motorsports Park, Australia. October 18, 2019.

2nd hot lap ever on new tires for us at this track, using the Yokohama A050 Soft.

Unfortunately we experienced engine issues on day 2 that prevented us from lowering this lap time further. We're very happy with the results from this little running, placing us among the very top of the overseas competitors over the years.

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World Time Attack Challenge

Sparks fly when the downforce pushes a car from 65mm to ground impact with a relatively low top speed.


Onboard the V-sport VK56 Toyota 86. A beautiful drive in a gorgeous car that surprised everyone just how quick a normally aspirated build can be.

Come for Lap around Sydney Motorsport Park in our VK56 Powered Toyota 86 at World Time Attack Challenge 2019. Fastest NA powered car, 5th in Open Class.

World Time Attack – Spotters Guide for Pro and Pro Am – Inside Time Attack In Japan, World Time Attack Challenge, Australia, Event World Time Attack – Spotters Guide for Pro and Pro Am 5 Views October 17, 2019 Be first to comment Pin It WTAC 2019 Spotters guide Pro class Intro This is actually a really hard thing to write. You always have to try and be fair and balanced ...

World Time Attack Challenge

A boat load full of cars has landed, all of the Time Attack ones running AMB Aero! Big wing gang! Scorch racing Suzuki Under LYFE Motorsport Revline Time Attack 坂東邦彦

The cars from around the world you have waited ALL YEAR to see now HERE ON AUSTRALIAN SOIL! IT'S #WTAC2019 WEEK.

Tickets are selling FAST! Get yours today

Sexy, isnt it??

We are at #Toyotafest today with #Timmy86 , loads of great cars. Come and check it out!

GATEBIL EXTREME 2019 - Season Finale

Vidar Frogner's big move! Passing on the outside of the first corner

Mantorp September 2019

Congratulations on another victory for Vidar Frogner! Cranking the front and rear downforce adjustments to maximum on their AMB Aero package alongside much hard work by the team paid off, landing them on top of the Gatebil Pro Extreme class! @MoonshinePhoto

We can definitely say it's been a pleasure for us designing the car as well!

New time attack build. Posted @withrepost • @chris_sti This coming November will be a full year since we had Andrew Brilliant here. It’s been a cool learning curve.. I’m excited to say that we’ve come to the final iteration, cooling is also finalized, just need to tie up a few loose ends.. We lost some front downforce, nothing significant.. still mega numbers have been achieved.. I’m looking forward to the next stages of the design process.. hopefully we can start on suspension and chassis designs soon!

#gta #slb #superlapbattle #globaltimeattack #timeattack

Inside Time Attack

We sat down with Inside Time Attack to talk about Under's new S15 for World Time Attack

Our very first post is up on the Inside Time Attack website. We still have a heap of stuff to add to the site, our goal is to really be tech focused rather than just results.

Hit the share button, leave your suggestions and comments, all the feedback is welcome.

Most importantly though check out our talk with Suzuki Under and Andrew Brilliant from AMB Aero before World Time Attack Challenge

Maryhill Loops Hillclimb 2019 - 2:05.8 Turbo Eclipse

AMB Aero customer Garrett Mealing grabs hus second hill climb record. This time at Maryhill Loops in Washington. We have built up a small army of guys winning races on the aero developed for the AMB Aero eclipse!

I had a rough trip to the Maryhill Loops Hillclimb! About 1 hour into the US the eco Diesel engine in my Jeep Grand Cherokee spun a rod bearing. We managed t...

LYFE Motorsport

With some help from T1, we uncaged the performance of the GTR. With a win at SuperLap Battle and two track records at Utah Motorsports Campus we decided it was time to compete against the worlds best at World Time Attack Challenge.

Super Lap Battle champions, tucked in and loaded up for the boat ride down under LYFE Motorsport @LyfeMotorsport

Ten reasons Time Attack needs your attention

Thanks Top Gear, we love you too!

World Time Attack Challenge is less than six weeks away!

World Time Attack Challenge

It's official!!

For the first time ever at WTAC, we welcome Sweden to the Challenge! Revline Racing from Stockholm aren’t doing anything by halves and are sending this amazing Porsche 968 for their Pro Class debut!

Get your 2019 tickets now!

#TeamSweden #WTAC2019 #10YearsOfWTAC


Alx Danielsson talks Revline’s Porsche 968 Mantorp Park Lap Record

We sat down with Alx Danielsson to hear the inside story on the new Revline Time Attack record at Mantorp Park, and hear how the AMB Aero on the 968 compares to some ground effect and formula cars that Alx has driven. You might be surprised! An emotional weekend for Gustaf and the team, but a great result to reward for all their hard work. The Revline Porsche 968 has set a new production-based car lap record at Sweden’s Mantorp Park with local superstar Alx Danielsson at the controls. AMB’s signature Infinity Wing provided the downforce required for the historic lap.

World Time Attack Challenge

We are incredibly proud to be involved with Suzuki Under. A one man band with community help that has seen Under’s car develop over the years to be at the pinnacle of Time Attack. Now he has chosen to take things to the full extent of the WTAC rules. With major chassis, suspension and a gearbox/transaxle this new monster make full use of the aero we designed many years ago.

We can’t wait to see Under chase his goals.

"Target time? 1:17... If possible! I am convinced I can be a champion this year! I will do my best!" - Under Suzuki

Under Suzuki will bring his Scorch Racing S15 to World Time Attack Challenge 2019. Always the underdog, this year he hopes to clinch the top step of Pro Class that has eluded him for 8 years. In a rare, candid interview with the time attack legend, hear from the man himself about the challenges he's faced, and why he is so driven to make WTAC his life's work.

Come watch him in action October 18-19, 2019 at Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2019! Tickets on sale at

Video by Monday Made / Special thanks to gcgturbo



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When you upgrade to infinity wings but don't increase spring rates



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