使命: 1.全ての人・企業にEコマースを [E-commerce to Everyone and Every Company] 2.日本初・日本発にこだわる [Being Particular about Brand New in Japan, Coming from Japan] 3.常に一番であることの意味 [Meaning of being always No.1]

How Do You Say "Rakuten"? | Rakuten Super Bowl Commercial

A half year has already passed since NFL 2019 Super Bowl was held. Do you know Rakuten put an advertisement there? The title is How Do You Say "Rakuten"? In this CM, people try to pronounce Rakuten correctly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ5JIKzOjAg
To broadcast TVCM in Super Bowl, it costs about five million US dollars!! However, more than one hundred million people watch the game. Is this too expensive or decent?

You may know Rakuten as your favorite Cash Back button, but do you know how to pronounce it? We visited some of the most difficult cities to pronounce in the...

Today, I introduce the traditional events of August. It's Obon festival.
It starts from 13th to 16th this year. In this festival, people believe that the soul of ancestors come back to this world. People go back to their hometowns and visit their family graves. Also, people tend to spend money more than usual. Many brands set discount sale while that.

Do you know the big match in 27th July?
The No.1 football club Barcelona FC comes to Japan for exhibition match against Vissel Kobe. Their main sponsor is Rakuten, also they still hold world star players such as Messi, Suarez, and Pique etc.
As usual, it's so difficult to watch star players in Japan.
Don't lose this amazing opportunity!!!

Time goes by really fast. It already took half of 2019, and many items are already hit in 2019. We introduce specific items which were sold in 2019, and how it influenced for society. I picked up Basque cheese cake. It's called Baschee. This style cake is from Basque Country in Spain, and give us new sensation. It was sold 1million in 3days and is becoming issue. You can purchase at Lawson that the big convenience store.

Sales generally depends on traditional national events such Christmas or Thanks giving. Japan also has various events which excite buyers through each seasons. We introduce Japanese traditional events every month in order to spread sales chances. In July, we hang "Tanzaku" that papers wishes are written on bamboo tree and pray it in July 7. It's called "Tanabata". Around this day, a lot of stores will have a sale in Japan.

[06/12/19]   Rakuten Super Sale has ended on June 11th midnight with a great success. That sale began from June 4th.
In Rakuten Ichiba, some sales are held periodically. It means... if you open store there, you would have good chances to be known your store and sell items!!
Why don't you consider creating your shop on Rakuten Ichiba?

i-order are sponsoring FC Ryukyu(FC琉球), which are professional soccer team this season!!
Now FC Ryukyu belong to J2 league(Division 2) though, they are fighting to be promoted to the J1 league(Division 1).
Let's support them with us🔥
Also we put some pictures that are taken by staff who works at Okinawa branch office. It's cool, right?

[04/26/19]   【Holiday Closing Notice】
In Japan, so called, the Golden Week begins from tomorrow and almost all offices including us are closed next 10 days due to some national holidays and bridge holidays.
So, our next communication with you will start again from May 7th after finishing the Golden Week. Thanks.

We guess it's getting warm day by day. Yes. Barbecue season has arrived!
The global market leader BBQ brand Weber opens store in Rakuten Ichiba through us. There are many grills which can use various way. Enjoy your BBQ with Weber grills!

Last week there was the largest trade show in Japan, "FASHION WORLD TOKYO", in Tokyo big sight. This event was gathering all kinds of fashion wear, bags, shoes, fashion accessories, fashion jewellery, men's fashion, textile and OEM/ODM products from around the world with 1,200* exhibitors & 30,000* visitors. Of course we visited many booths for business activities. If you are thinking to expand sales in Japan as foreign brands or just looking for foreign brands for private stuff, it could be good opportunities. "FASHION WORLD TOKYO" is held twice in a year, next is October. I recommend you to participate even exhibitor or guest.


【楽天市場】送料無料 キバ ハニー マヌカ マヌカハニー 250g / スーパーフード ニュージーランド産 UMF20ハニー UMF 20+マヌカハニー UMFハニー ニュージーランドハニー マヌカニュージー

Live healthy daily life with KIVA's Manuka Honey!!
The Manuka Honey is good for prevention of cold and flu, beauty, supporting digestion, and more because that includes a lot of nutrition.
Additionally, this honey is harvested in New Zealand which means secure and high quality.
Do you want to know more about? Click below link!

item.rakuten.co.jp スーパーフード より健康的なあなたのために UMF20ハニー UMF20+マヌカハニー マヌカ マヌカハニー UMFハニー ニュージーランドハニー マヌカニュージーランドハニー。送料無料 キバ ハニー マヌカ マヌカハニー 250g / スーパ...

The last biggest sale in Heisei period!!! The Heisei period will finish up to 30th April. Rakuten Ichiba started super sale for a week from 4th March. Rakuten points will be maximally 10 times as much as usual until 11th March. There is no more big sale in the Heisei. Don't miss this chance!!!

Japan i-order established 台湾愛歐達有限公司(Taiwan i-order)in 2008.
Taiwan i-order manages not only a shop that is produced by ourselves in Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba, but also creating other stores there.
Because of cooperating with Taiwan Rakuten, we have already had deals more than 500 stores.
In addition, we are supporting companies that try to invade Taiwan.
Why don't you plan to expand your business to Taiwan and China!

We are based in Okinawa too where is surrounded by the beautiful sea.
Around the Okinawa branch office, the Ruins of Katsuren Castle and the Sea Road are famous sightseeing spots.
Like these you can see breathtaking views…

On the other hand, Okinawa has a totally different culture and climate from other Japanese prefectures.
It's also definitely fun.

Anyway, when you come here during spring to summer, you gotta bring swimwears!

Let's make daily life more stylish!
We focus on classic back pack from Bellroy. This stylish silhouette fit with Japanese view. The fashionable point is three color variation, black, ash, and ink blue. These simple colors will suit any your fashion. Also, it contains plenty of storage for carrying note PC or smart phone and has smooth premium leather.

Today we introduce our Ise branch office!
That office located close to Ise Jingu which is registerd as a national treasure.
You can enjoy beautiful sceneries, delicious foods and historical buildings when you visit Ise city.
Additionally, this city is not so far from Osaka.
So if you have a chance to come to nearby, you are welcome to visit us!

This is our headquarter, Yokohama office! The building is built in center of downtown and you can get from Tokyo quickly. From the office, you can take a walk around China town and Yamash*ta park. China town is the biggest chinese food area in Japan. You must feel unique atmosphere and struggle what you eat. You can take a look Yokohama's beautiful buildings and ocean view clearly. It's a wonderful view that you should see!!!

We also invited the famous watch maker, Daniel Wellington. AS you know, Daniel Wellington supplies reasonable and stylish, classic watches for you. Through Rakuten Ichiba, you will be able to check and purchase their product even inside house,

Today, we introduce shavers from urbener, Taiwanese company. These shavers are used by some ways like pets, mens, family. They use high-carbon steel cutter which is made in Japan, it will bring safety and satisfaction for sure to take care of your adorable pets or kids !!

On this page, we introduce the information about Rakuten Ichiba so that we would like you to consider whether your products have possibility to be sold in Japanse EC market or not. For example, the ranking in Rakuten Ichiba is going to be good guidance for you.

Today, we would like you to know lift care face mask which has raked in 5th in last December. Users need just putting on their faces in order to lift up the face muscle and keep young appearance. Especially, for japanse ladies who care of their beauty, this item was inovative! This item is so popular and still sold out.

"We try to increase the fan of JAPAN!"
Just we let you know that we have been doing business as E-commerce support specialist add to web designers specialist. Fortunately, we already supported and lead some companies to open store on the biggest Japanese site, Rakuten Ichiba until now. Also, we will lead more companies to successfull with our knowledge and plenty of experience. For example, watch brand, Daniel Welington,from Sweden, and various kinds of items from the world. Please feel free to contact us for sales expanding.




伊勢志摩サミット:16年開催、警備条件を評価 - 毎日新聞



mainichi.jp  安倍晋三首相は5日、2016年に日本で開催される主要国首脳会議(サミット)を三重県志摩市で開催する...






台風の進路予想 - Yahoo!天気・災害




typhoon.yahoo.co.jp 台風6号はきょう昼前にかけて沖縄地方や奄美地方に接近する見込みです。これらの地域では大雨や暴風、高波に警戒してください。また、低気圧や前線が近付く西日本・東日本でも太平洋側を中心に大雨のおそれがあります。夜は北日本でも雨でしょう。




Japan colors:台湾と中国の広告代理



japan-colors.wix.com 沖縄の良さを 世界に広げていきたい!台湾・中国・香港の観光客を対象に広告サービスを!台湾と中国の人気SNSで宣伝;旅行雑誌とガイドブックに出稿;制作物現地宣伝。お気軽にご相談ください〜 Japan colorsは台湾と沖縄に支社があり、広告の打合せや直接面談が可能です。




Get more fans for Japan





新卒スタッフが宮城・福島・和歌山から初出社です。初めての都会での住まい。初めての社会人のスタート。不安だらけだと思いますが、どんなことでもチャレンジして、どんどん失敗して経験に変えてもらいたいです。 新社会人おめでとう!




ニセ楽天市場は2563種! 楽天が偽装サイトを注意喚起



ascii.jp ニセ楽天市場は2563種! 楽天が偽装サイトを注意喚起

E-commerce Support Specialist in Japan

I-order was officially established in 2002, and has since worked closely with major Japanese E-Commerce platforms like Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon Japan, Yahoo shopping and Wowma. We have provided quality services, ranging from setting up store fronts to optimizing store management, for over 12,000 Japanese local merchants, helping them to sell on these platforms. We are proud of being a professional and trustworthy eCommerce partner for all who are interested in Japan's eCommerce market and we are also the official partner of Rakuten Ichiba, the largest eCommerce marketplaces in Japan. i-order has received the Rakuten Business Award 8 times which is an annual business award, given from Rakuten Ichiba to the No.1 supporter during the `Shop of the year` award event.






Yokohama, Kanagawa


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三蔵堂ITコンサルティング 三蔵堂ITコンサルティング
Yokohama, 221-0852


Google Apps導入支援/株式会社プロフィット Google Apps導入支援/株式会社プロフィット
品濃町549-2 三宅ビル
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株式会社プロフィットによるGoogle Apps導入支援ページです。【公式HP】http://apps.prophet.jp/

Winners,Inc. Winners,Inc.
Yokohama, 232-0063

横浜でIT経営の支援やコンサルティング アプリケーションソフトの開発を行っています

株式会社ワイズクリエイト 株式会社ワイズクリエイト
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【主な業務内容】 ■ホームページ制作会社、管理、ポータルサイト運営 ■コンサルタント業務

株式会社アミッケ 株式会社アミッケ
銀座3-13-3 LEAGUE702
Yokohama, 104-0061

http://www.amiche.co.jp/ アミッケは中小企業限定にホームぺージの制作から集客まで運営管理全般をワンストップでサポートしております。

Micronet Techno Co., Ltd. Micronet Techno Co., Ltd.
みなとみらい 2-2-1 横浜ランドマークタワー 37F
Yokohama, 220-8137

AI(人工知能)や等の最先端ITテクノロジーとサービスを提供するITソリューションプロバイダー Micronet Techno is a company that provides a wide range of solutions for IT related services.

パソコンドック24 本牧店 パソコンドック24 本牧店
Yokohama, 231-0821


ドクター・ホームネット 横浜六角橋店 ドクター・ホームネット 横浜六角橋店
神奈川区六角橋2-14-28 ファミール白楽1階
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アプクリ アプクリ
Yokohama, 231-0023