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AA Japan (PVT) Limited is a leading used vehicle export company based in Yokohama, Japan. We export used vehicles to many countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. AA Japan (PVT) Limited is known for the quality of vehicles supplied to car dealers.

Happy new year 2020!
May health and happiness follow you and yours during the year to come.


More Than 3000 Vehicles in Stock | AA Japan

¿Sabía usted que?

1. Japón es la monarquía continua más antigua del mundo. Fue fundada en 660 a. C.
El 1 de mayo, su monarca 126 ascenderá al trono. Comenzará una nueva era imperial, la Reiwa. Esta ocasión trascendental se llevará a cabo dentro de la observación tradicional de Japón de su celebración de la Semana Dorada.

2. En celebración, el gobierno japonés ha declarado un feriado oficial de 10 días para el país, del 27 de abril al 6 de mayo de 2019.

3. AA Japan también estará cerrado del 27 de abril al 6 de mayo de 2019.
Nuestra oficina y servicios se reanudarán el 7 de mayo, martes.

Pero antes de eso, estamos a la espera de sus compras de última hora.

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aajapancars.com Buy from AA Japan's stock of more than 3000 used Japanese vehicles from all Japanese makers: Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, Isuzu, Hino, Fuso, etc. Our stocks include buses, trucks, heavy machineries.

Did you know?

1. Japan is the oldest continuous monarchy in the world. It was founded in 660 B.C.
On May 1st, its 126th monarch will ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne. A new imperial era will start, the Reiwa. This momentous occasion will be held within Japan's traditional observation of its Golden Week celebration.

2. In celebration, the Japanese government has declared a 10-day official holiday for the country, from April 27th - May 6th, 2019.

3. AA Japan will also be closed from April 27th - May 6th, 2019.
Our office and services will resume on May 7th, Tuesday.

But before that -- we are on standby for your last-minute purchases.

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In light of yesterday’s coordinated attacks on several of our churches and business establishments, AA Japan mourns each Sri Lankan brothers and sisters we have lost in this tragedy.

AA Japan stands as one with our people and nation in this time of trial. We pray for our nation’s recovery - may we find light amidst this darkness and may we come out stronger as Sri Lankans, united by our humanity and love of country.

Drive your dream car with reasonable price from AA JAPAN.
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Toyota ALLION 2012/8
1500cc / 117,500km / Push Start

INBOX for the Best C&F Price to #KENYA.

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Toyota Passo 2013/1

In the automobile history today:

speed limit was 2mph - thank you, I think I'll walk.

Source: https://moneyweek.com/

As 2018 ends, we look back with deep gratefulness for your support, friendship and business.

And as 2019 starts, we are looking forward to deeper ties and bigger ventures with you.
We wish your new year to be full of success and achievement.

On this day and season for celebration and gatherings, we wish you all Happy 🎄🌟 Holidays!
May you spend it with cheer and love among the people close to your hearts.

Merry Christmas from your AA Japan Family!

Together with all of Japan, we wish to greet our beloved Emperor, His Royal Highness Emperor Akihito the most wonderful birthday.

Today is the last time we will celebrate His Majesty's birthday as an emperor, and we all can't help but feel poignant and happy at the same time.

In celebration, tomorrow - December 24th is a national holiday and our office will be closed.
We will be back in business on December 25th, Tuesday.

Subaru Impreza

Such a bad boy!

Do you think you can handle this ride?

Subaru Impreza WRX WR Limited Edition

$6.000 USD

Vehicle Ready to ship!! some parts has been removed for weight reduction.

*Price is FOB, not including shipping or customs.

Such a bad boy!

Do you think you can handle this ride?

Subaru Impreza WRX WR Limited Edition

$6.000 USD

Vehicle Ready to ship!! some parts has been removed for weight reduction.

*Price is FOB, not including shipping or customs.

That's 2019 new year's resolution all sorted out folks... be an average Bugatti customer 🎉

source: https://www.bloomberg.com/

Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT APEX AE86 1986

1.580 cc 138.000 KMS 5 MT

Perfect for drift or competition project

Roll Cage Bar, Some parts have been removed for weight reduction.

Still a beast on the road.

(We can buy parts and install them for an extra cost before shipping the vehicle.)

Fob Price $ 15.000 USD

Ask for the final price to your country!!!!

1.580 cc 138.000 KMS 5 MT

Perfect for drift or competition project

Roll Cage Bar, Some parts have been removed for weight reduction.

Still a beast on the road.

(We can buy parts and install them for an extra cost before shipping the vehicle.)

Fob Price $ 15.000 USD

Ask for the final price to your country!!!!

Who's laughing now?? 😅
From pollution to engine strength, horses rule!

Source: www.banhdc.org
Happy Monday folks!

"Most new cars fake engine noise through speakers. They are quite silent otherwise."
-The Washington Post-

Who else misses the rumble of a V-8 and RB26?

Infrastructure projects are at an all-time high.
Let us help you build your business and services.

AA Japan trucks and construction equipment are sourced straight from Japanese auction houses so you choose only top-grade and competitively-priced AA Japan trucks.

More options here:


#trucks #isuzu #fuso #hino #aajapan #construction #heavyequipment

Thinking of Nissan and the Godzilla of cars - the GTR - ...
#RenaultNissan #Nissan #Ghosn

Ghosn, Nissan's Chairman and CEO, is in deep waters:
- ...Ghosn, one of the car industry's best-known leaders, was arrested on Monday after Nissan said he had engaged in years of wrongdoing, including personal use of company money and under-reported earnings. The Japanese company plans to remove him as chairman on Thursday.


Every 23rd of November, Japan honors the whole working force that has made Japan an economic superpower and has kept it a leader in so many industries.

From AA Japan to all of you who find meaning in working, HAPPY LABOR THANKSGIVING DAY!!

In celebration, our office will be on holiday, and our staff will be relaxing 🙇‍♂️🤗
We will be back in business on Monday, November 26th.

May your engines stay oiled and running!

*no turkeys were harmed during this announcement 😃✌️

The Dragon Challenge

I guess there is a faster way to get to Heaven...

Range Rover took the 99 turns and 999 steps to get there.
Would you ride shotgun with the driver though??

*better on widescreen

(original video is on YouTube courtesy of AutoTV)

Meet Your AA Japan Staff

the people behind your every car purchase from AA Japan

Do you Dutch Reach?

Too many cyclists experience the car dooring phenomenon.
This happens when a driver opens his door without seeing oncoming traffic because he is blind from that side.

To Dutch Reach is to use your far hand to open the car door. You end up swiveling almost 130 degrees and seeing if there is traffic coming from your blind side.
Drive safer and practice the Dutch Reach. It saves lives.

#Dutchreach #cardooring #dooring #safetyfirst

Care to drive a 0-180 km/h in under 3 seconds?

Nissan Skyline
2,490 CC
83,000 KM

DM us for the price and all other details.

#nissan #skyline #v36 #aajapan

Watch Florida man try to break free from repo man's tow truck

Bets are on!
Ford F-250 vs F-450
Watch these juggernauts battle it out!


#viralhog #ford #fwd #blackvswhite #payyourbills

autoblog.com It was an F-250 versus an F-450.


Philippines inventor saves up money, builds 'flying sports car'

It's not far into the future when a car will mean land and air transportation.
Imagine the traffic time you can cut if you have one of this !!

Philippines inventor saves up money, builds 'flying sports car'
Videos of him piloting it land him backing by an Australian company

"BATANGAS, Philippines — A Philippines inventor has unveiled what he calls a flying sports car that represents the future of transport, riding it out of a warehouse towards a cheering crowd, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

Former dancer and camera operator Kyxz Mendiola flew and hovered for a few minutes in a single-passenger contraption powered by the "multicopter" technology commonly used in small unmanned drones.

"It was amazing," Mendiola told Reuters after what he said was the first public test flight of his invention. "All the hard work paid off. Everything worked perfect."

Mendiola's machine, the Koncepto Milenya, can fly as high as 20 feet and at speeds of under 40 mph. Its maiden public flight lasted just a little over 10 minutes.

He said it took a long time to save up money for the components of the single-seater powered by six lithium-ion batteries. Its occupant pilots the craft with a portable radio frequency controller, like flying a drone..."


autoblog.com Videos of him piloting it land him backing by an Australian company.


Toyota files patent for a flying car

If you ever need another reason to stay alive and be excited for the future:

It's about to get real! And the race is on! 🍿🍿🍿

"Toyota is taking to the skies with a flying car. As first reported by AutoGuide, the normally safe and stolid Japanese automaker has apparently filed a patent for a flying machine that can run on terra firma, but also high above the clouds. Well, exactly how high this thing might go is still relative since, for the moment, it only exists in sketches.

To be clear, the 2020 Camry is not going to have a push-to-fly button. And no, the 2021 model probably won't either.

There is a very good chance Toyota is simply letting its engineers have some fun, because the logistics and legal hurdles involved in creating and selling a flying car are fairly massive. It's a concept being studied by others, most notably Uber, Porsche, along with the Massachusetts-based firm of Terrafuggia. The latter of these three has actually built a vehicle that works, though it looks more like a Cessna with collapsible wings than it does an actual car.

So what is Toyota up to?

Looking at the drawings and reading the patent application, it appears this car/plane can stop and quickly transform itself for flying duty. The wheels are mounted on what appear to be two substantial struts, which are connected at the top of the car's round-shaped passenger compartment. These struts, along with the wheels attached to them, first lower the car and bring it to rest on small appendages on the bottom of the car. Then the true magic act: the transformation into a plane (or whatever the heck you want to call it).

The struts and wheels raise upward, with the wheels tilting from a vertical to a horizontal position high above the car. Sprouting from each wheel are rotor blades, which give the Toyota vertical take-off ability. It looks awfully similar to a scaled-up drone, especially in full-flight mode. According to the patent filing, the car would be electric-powered, though it could run on anything from a battery-pack to a gas turbine generator or a fuel cell.

Another strange feature about this flying car — other than the whole "car that flies" thing — is that the patent says the car drives and steers like a tank, or a similar vehicle that rides on tracks instead of wheels. Basically, to turn, one track slows while the other turns faster, and the car pivots in the chosen direction of travel. We guess Toyota needed a little more of an engineering challenge by adding in this extra detail."


autoblog.com When traffic gets bad, this car takes to the air.

Truck for your Business

For reliable trucks to deliver people and goods to people and places.

For reliable trucks to deliver people and goods to people and places.

Kansai stands strong 💪! And is back in business.
Featuring this gorgeous Mitsubishi Canter in Kansai yard today:
- FE51CBT-561166
- 2001/08
- 4210 cc
- 360031 km

DM for more information
Visit our facebook shop
or check out our other trucks for your business:


In the aftermath of #typhoonjebi, AA Japan extends its deepest sympathy for Kansai region that bore the brunt of the strongest typhoon that has hit Japan in the last 25 years.
Gambare Kansai!!

Credits to the owners of the images and videos. AA Japan does not own any of the pictures or videos in this post.


World's First Self-Driving Fare-Paying Taxi Starts Trials In Tokyo

On self-driving taxis and self-driving ships - is that like bungee jumping without a harness?

What a time to be alive!!

"...Autonomous driving technology developer ZMP Inc, and major taxi company Hinomaru Kotsu, have joined forces to create a self-driving taxi service like no other. They have fitted two Toyota Estima minivan taxis with an array of sensors, lidar, radar and cameras that allow the vehicles to negotiate busy public roads in central Tokyo..."


forbes.com In the first trials this week, self-driving taxis have successfully ferried paying passengers through Tokyo, raising the prospect that the service will be ready in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Driver tip of the week:

We always think pressing the trigger all the way will pump more fuel in lesser time. Think again.

[08/28/18]   Donde preferirías realizar el cambio de Volante para tus vehículos?

The perfect bus for your business is waiting.
Check our Bus Series here 👇


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On which car maker's center instrument panel will you see this reminder?
"Check rear seat for all articles"

a. Honda
c. Nissan
d. BMW
e. Tesla

"Originally developed by two mothers who are also engineers, Rear Door Alert reminds owners to check the rear seat upon exiting their vehicle by using a series of distinctive honks as the driver walks away from the vehicle. __________ is the first automaker to use a honking horn as an alert for this type of feature."

Answer: C, Nissan

Check our Nissan stocks at:

Chat with professional sales staff for your car needs and get the best customer service ever. AA Japan has over 20 years of top-grade experience in importing cars all over the world.

- Fast-shipping
- Competitive pricing
- High-quality stock cars


Driver Tip:
Do you know which side your fuel tank is on?

The arrow on your gas gauge will tell you the answer 😉.

From your friendly car importer, AA Japan.
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Who says small can't be powerful?

Do you off road?
Get your Jimny from AA Japan and go the road less traveled.


*fast and reliable delivery to your port
*friendly and professional customer support
*competitive prices
*complete documentation and inspection processing

AA Japan's cover photo

How many times have you survived winter?

Brace yourselves with better stock in your dealership.

Find allies from the best customer service in the industry.

Suzuki Swift 2017. Get yours from AA Japan.

Who doesn't love a Swift-er and fuel-friendlier Suzuki?

Swift 2017 is already available in our stock at:

The People Behind Your Every Car

~ https://www.aajapancars.com/StockList ~

We have been helping vehicle importers and dealers all over the world grow their business. With over 20 years of quality service and commitment, AA Japan supplies the vehicles you want, the cars your customers demand.

AA Japan takes pride in the fact that behind its success are people from all walks of life. AA Japan is proudly blind from color, religion, status, or achievement. For us, if you’ve got the will, you’ve got the deal.

Check our stocks and services at https://www.aajapancars.com/. We speak your language :)!



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The Dragon Challenge
Meet Your AA Japan Staff
Who says small can't be powerful?
Suzuki Swift 2017. Get yours from AA Japan.
Tom: Moti Yangu Ya First
Beryl: Moti Yangu Ya First
Jay-z Moti Yangu Ya First




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