US Army Dental Health Activity - Japan

US Army Dental Health Activity - Japan


If this post is not allowed, I apologize in advance! I grew up in the military, and my family and I were stationed in japan for many years. Japan has sparked my interest! Hello! I'm a student from Utah College of Dental Hygiene, and I'm looking for dental hygienists to interview who work in public health care...prisons, charitable, underserved populations, assisted living homes, remote locations, many others etc. My class is doing a project on how Dental Hygiene has multiple career options. Please comment if you're interested in being a part! Thank you!
Greetings from WA. I heard that there is a position for a Sterilization technician at your clinic. I could not find in USAJOB website. Is this position still available?
Make sure you post this link for a week on the R E S T page. Everyone of our activities needs this communication tool

U.S. Army Dental Health Activity, Japan (DENTAC-J) provides the entire scope of dental services for all age groups and beneficiary types. Location : Bldg 704 ( Camp Zama ) Bldg 226 (Torii Station) Sick-Call Walk-in basis

U.S. Army Dental Health Activity, Japan (DENTAC-J) provides the entire scope of dental services for all age groups and beneficiary types. Location : Bldg 704 ( Camp Zama ) Bldg 226 (Torii Station) Sick-Call Walk-in basis

使命: To enhance dental readiness and oral health of all Soldiers and authorized beneficiaries throughout mainland Japan and Okinawa through the delivery of quality dental care and oral health promotion in becoming a premier Dental Team.

Camp Zama bids farewell to Soldier

PFC Bouie (Dental Specialist, Camp Zama DC) is awared an Army Achievement Medal (AAM) by COL Wang (Commander, DENTAC-Japan) for his contributions to the Camp Zama Dental Clinic over the last two years. PFC Bouie gave an emotional speech to the entire staff at Camp Zama DC and will be greatly missed. The staff presented PFC Bouie with a three-tier set of Samurai Swords to show thier appreciation for all his hard work and efforts.

Dentists Recognized for Children's Dental Health Month

CPT Becker (General Dentist, Camp Zama DC) is awared a Certificate of Achievement (COA) by COL Wang (Commander, DENTAC-Japan) for providing 364 dental screenings to students at Arnn Elementary School during National Children's Dental Health Month.

U.S. Army Japan

We'd like to take a moment to share what Black History Month means to some of our Camp Zama Soldiers...#blackmigrations #blackhistorymonth #whataboutyou?

DENTAC-Japan celebrates Dental Assistant Week at Camp Zama and Torii Station

The leadership at both dental clinics showed their appreciation to all dental assistants during Dental Assistant Week in Japan. The assistants were treated all week to breakfast, lunch, bowling, flowers, and Certficates of Appreciation for all the hard work they accomplish year-round.

Children's Dental Health Month

CPT Becker (General Dentist, Camp Zama DC) and Mrs. Kara Baker (Spouse of MAJ Baker) perform dental check-ups at Arnn Elementary School during in support of National Children's Dental Health Month. SFC Peterson (SDNCO, DENTAC-J) and SSG Warner (NCOIC, Camp Zama DC) assist by showing videos and answering questions that the students have.

Camp Zama hosts farewell for Navy Ortho Assistant

HM2 Green (Ortho Assistant, Atsugi Naval Base) was presented with a COA from COL Wang (Commander, DENTAC-J) and a gift from MAJ Baker (OIC, Camp Zama DC) for his hard work and dedication while being assigned as the lead Ortho Tech at Camp Zama, DC.

Dental Officers attend Sleep Apnea Course at Ft. Bliss, TX

Second from left, MAJ Baker (OIC, Camp Zama DC) and far right, CPT Gessner (General Dentist, Camp Zama) attend the Sleep Apnea Course at Ft. Bliss in order to understand how sleep apnea may cause concerns for dental patients.

Cleaning for Military K-9

Mrs. Linda Scorlich (Red Cross Hygienist, Torii Station DC) perfoms a dental cleaning for a military K-9 at Kadena Veterinary Treatment Facility.

Chimugukuru CDC-Camp Foster

Mrs. Linda Skorlich (Red Cross RDH Volunteer, Torii Station DC), Mrs. Handel (not pictured), and SPC Alvarado (not pictured) provide oral hygiene instructions to about 185 children at the CDC on Camp Foster.

STEMposium (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) at Arnn Elementary School

MAJ Baker (OIC, Camp Zama DC) and SFC Peterson (SDNCO, DENTAC-Japan) educate students from Arnn Elementary on a few dental topics and explain how they use STEM in their fields of work.


Pictured second from right, SPC Alvarado (Dental Specialist, Torii Station DC) and third from left, PFC Williams (Dental Specialist, Camp Zama DC) join a group of TeamSTEPPS specialists at JBSA, TX to focus on patient safety and to improve their persepective clinics.

Torii Station farewell to NCOIC and Supply NCO

SFC Cokrlic (NCOIC, Torii Station DC) and SSG Cortes (Supply NCO, Torii Station DC) are awarded their PCS awards and given their going away gifts by MAJ Bjorge (OIC, Torii Station DC) for all the contributions they have made for Torii Station DC and DENTAC-Japan.

10th Support Group

Here is an AFN Pacific Spotlight on Spc. Megan Williams, a Dental Specialist at the Torii Station Dental Clinic. Thanks for all you do, Spc. Williams!

Soldiers of Camp Zama fly over Tokyo

Soldiers of Camp Zama and Atsugi Navy Base were flown over Tokyo for a night flight on a Black hawk helicopter. The Aviation unit allowed 6 DENTAC Soldiers to ride with them to Tokyo as part of their night training and to boost morale for the unit. The Soldiers were flown over Tokyo Bay, Enoshima and around the Tokyo Tower.

Camp Zama NCOIC attends MRT

SSG Warner (NCOIC, Camp Zama DC) attended the two week Master Resilience Trainer course at Sagami Depot. Newly trained MRTs will serve as part of the cadre of Army Master Resilience Trainers. Additionally, an Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) of 8R will be awarded as a result of successful completion of this course. Trained MRTs will return to their unit and continue/enhance their unit MRT program. MRT’s stationed in Japan (Honshu or Okinawa) will be ready and available to provide MRT training in support of Camp Zama and Okinawa’s USARJ and installation MRT program when required.

Commander visits the JSDF Central Hospital

Pictured second from left, COL Wang (Commander, DENTAC-Japan) made an office call at the Japanese Self-Defense Forces Central Hospital, and met the Deputy Director, LG Satoshi Suzuki, Director, LG (Ret) Yasuhide Uwabe, second from right and COL Tsunoda, far right, Director of Dental Corps. The purpose of the visit is to keep reinforcing bilateral partnership with our Japanese counterparts.

Torii Station Red Cross Graduation

The American Red Cross - Kadena Station and American Red Cross MCB Butler student's graduated from the program administered by US Army Dental Health Activity - Japan Torii Station Dental Clinic with partnership from the 3rd Dental Battallion on 11 December 2018.

Congratulation to students: Aseaba Arnold, Alexander Asuquo, Misao Bjorge, Emily Bowdon, Fuyuko Carpenter, Kelly Grass, and Talisha Neal! These outstanding students completed 400 hours of voluntary service to the several Dental Clinics on Okinawa to complete the program requirements for the Red Cross Dental Assistant Program!

Camp Zama Red Cross Graduation

Pictured left to right, Mrs. Yuko Lopez (Red Cross Graduate-Atsugi) Mrs. Jennifer Boye (Red Cross Graduate-Atsugi) and Mrs. Nadia Torres (Red Cross Graduate-Camp Zama) receive their certificates during the graduation ceremony. The graduates met their requirement of 400 hours of training over a four month period that encompassed all aspects of dental assisting. COL Wang (Commander, DENTAC-J) LT CDR Hocker (Navy Atsugi Branch) and Mrs. Joy Marin (Program Manager, Red Cross) congratulated the graduates for their accomplishments and achievements.

Staff Presents Gift to OIC for their Appreciation at Torii Station DC

Pictured left, SFC Cokrlic (NCOIC, Torii Station DC) and SPC Williams (Dental Specialist), far right, presents MAJ Bjorge (OIC, Torii Station) with a plaque during a luncheon at Torii Station. Staff members wanted to honor MAJ Bjorge for his continued support to Soldiers, civilians, and patients of Torii Dental Clinic before the NCOIC, ANCOIC and Dental Tech PCS'd within the next couple of months.

Torii Station Soldier Receives Coin

1SG Dunbar, (53rd Signal BN) presents SPC Williams (Dental Specialist, Torii Station DC) with a coin of excellence for her support in dental readiness as the readiness coordinator for the unit. SPC Williams was able to sit down with the Soldiers and stress the importance of dental hygiene and prevention and increased the 53rd's readiness and wellness.

Pictured front row, second from right, COL Wang (Commander, DENTAC-J) attended and presented a lecture “Army Dental Care System” at the Bilateral Medical Conference on 14 NOV 18. This is a bilateral partnership event between the U.S. AMEDD personnel and the Medical Corps/Dental Corps leaders of Japanese Ground Self Defense Force. There were 25+ attendees at this event, including MG Kawaguchi (JGSDF Medical Corps Chief), MEDDAC-J Commander and PHA-J Commander.

Regional Dental Command visits DENTAC-Japan

COL Mott (Commander, DHC-P) and SGM Quaye (Sergeant Major, DHC-P) visited Torii Station and Camp Zama Dental Clinics. While at Torii Station, they got to see the newly renovated Dental Clinic and bid their farewells to SFC Cokrlic (NCOIC, TS DC), SSG Cortes (Supply NCO, TS DC) and SPC Williams (Dental Assistant, TS DC). COL Mott and SGM Quaye were also able to join the Camp Zama Dental Clinic staff for their holiday luncheon at Camp Zama's DFAC and SGM Quaye provided some mentorship to the Enlisted Soldiers at dinner.

AMEDD Receives Commander's Cup

COL Emerson, (Commander, MEDDAC-J), accepts the 2018 Commander's Cup Trophy from COL Gage, (Commander, USAG-J), on behalf of the combined Army Medical Department Team. The AMEDD leadership also there to accept are LTC Bell (Commander, PHA-J), 1SG Cruz (First Sergeant, PHA-J), MAJ Baker (OIC, Camp Zama DC), SFC Peterson (Senior Dental NCO, DENTAC-J), and SFC Cruz (Detachment Sergeant, MEDDAC-J).

The team, comprised of MEDDAC-Japan, DENTAC-Japan and PHA-Japan, earned 267 commander's cup points by participating in 30 different sports.

AMEDD took first-place trophies home from the Singles Badminton Tournament, Bench Press, Dodgeball, Golf, Labor Day 5K Run, and the Punt, Kick and Toss competition.

Physical Fitness Training at Camp Zama

Soliders of Camp Zama Dental Clinic pose after completing the 2.3 mile Camp Zama Golf Course run.

Camp Zama Dentist Provides Dental Support to Torii Station

CPT Gessner(General Dentist, Camp Zama DC) receives a small token of appreciation from MAJ Bjorge(OIC, Torii Station DC) and staff for providing patient care support due to limited manpower at Torii Station Dental Clinic.

Red Cross Graduation at Camp Zama

Camp Zama will host the American Red Cross Dental Assistant Program graduation on 7 Dec. Torii Station will complete their program as well and graduation will be on 11 Dec.

Red Cross Dental Assisting

Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Boye(Red Cross Dental Assistants, Atsugi DC) and Mrs. Torres (Red Cross Dental Assistants, Camp Zama DC) polish up their skills as dental assistants as they come closer to graduating the Army Red Cross Dental Assistant Program.

Sergeant's Time Training at Camp Zama

SGT Pistner (Healthcare SGT, MEDDAC- Japan) performs the EFMB standard of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCC)-Control bleeding using a tourniquet on PFC Williams (Dental Assistant, Camp Zama DC) during STT.

United States Army Garrison Japan

DENTAC-Japan conducts Officer Professional Development (OPD)

Centered, LTC Fukui from the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force Dental Corps, presented a case study lecture at the Camp Zama DC for a Bilateral Dental Continuing Education session. Present from left-right are MAJ Baker (OIC, Camp Zama DC), CPT Gessner (General Dentist, Camp Zama DC), COL Wang (Commander, DENTAC-J), and CPT Becker (General Dentist, Camp Zama DC). Not pictured are LTC Lee (General Dentist, Torii Station DC) and MAJ Bjorge (OIC, Torii Station DC) who observed via VTC.

Soldiers and Civilians at Torii Station learn Basic Rifle Marksmanship at the EST 2000

The Soldiers and civilians of Torii Station conducted training at the EST 2000 in Okinawa. After a block on instructions, the civilians experienced first hand on what it's like to zero and qualify on the M16/A2 rifle.

Baby Shower for Red Cross Volunteer at Camp Zama Dental Clinic

SGT Stringer (Health Physics NCOIC, PHC-P), observes as his wife Sarah Stringer (Red Cross Volunteer, Camp Zama DC) unwraps gifts during her baby shower hosted by the clinic staff. The Stringers are expecting a baby girl in Dec.

Camp Zama Soldier Attends ASIST Training

Pictured far left, PFC Williams (Dental Specialist, Camp Zama), along with other members of Camp Zama, attend the two day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). This hands-on course teaches in-depth methods on how to understand the risk factors of suicide, recognize the warning signs of possible impending suicide, how to communicate with someone at risk, how to intervene in a potential crisis, and what resources to refer to those at risk.

Public Health Activity's BWC of the QTR Board Presentation

The Camp Zama AMEDD 1SG team attended the PHA's Best Warrior Competition Award Ceremony at Camp Zama Community Club. Pictured on left, from front to rear, SFC Hannon (Lab NCOIC, MEDDAC-J), SFC Cruz (HHD, 1SG) and SFC Peterson (Senior Dental NCO, DENTAC-J) congratulate the winners and participants of the board.

Fall/Winter Safety & Health Fair at Camp Zama

CPT Gessner (Safety Officer, DENTAC-J) and SSG Warner (NCOIC, Camp Zama DC) provide the community information on dental fall/winter safety at Camp Zama. U.S. Army Japan held its 2018 Fall/Winter Safety Day and Health Fair at Camp Zama Community Club. The event promoted safety and health awareness for the upcoming fall/winter season through various stations around the center. Safety and health are paramount among the Army’s top priorities.



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To enhance dental readiness and oral health of all Soldiers and authorized beneficiaries throughout mainland Japan and Okinawa through the delivery of quality dental care and oral health promotion in becoming a premier Dental Team.


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