We are- Stillbliss Records. & a recording, mixing & mastering studio. As well as session playing services. We help you get your tunes from your head, all the way to major digital distribution companies ie, Itunes, Amazon, Google play, Spotify, etc.

Recording studio, session musician, mixing, & mastering services. And YouTube video creating helping.

Located twenty minutes by bus from Kanagawa`s Hashimoto station. Home to the Keio line, the JR line, and the Sagami line.

使命: Our mission is to help you get what you have in your head, onto tape, and help you distribute your tunes onto online distributors.


So today at the studios, we worked on syncing the tracks of a song called “Fart remix”.
It’s a funk version with some hip beats.
We added some funky guitars, replayed the synth, muted the Japanese vocals, and sent it off to Chris for checking.

Now all we gotta do is wait for his reaction to the mix.
This was a mistake session, due to my bad part of un-muting the vocals that weren’t supposed to be there. So he didn’t pay me, which is fair enough!

Anyways, that’s what we have been up to these days.
Stay blissed out! And stay cool, in this hot summer heat.
because- It Feels Like Summer! lol. ok enough talk.
Stay cool peeps~!


So Chris Commander has been busy at work with his new jolly little ditties.
This one is about how the politicians just think of themselves and speak nonsense so they can get richer.

We used Sonar for mixing and Sound forge and T-Racks 3 standard edition for mastering.

Listening through 1k$ studio monitors.

Again, we thank you Chris for using us!
If you personally want to use us, please free to contact me Jesse at [email protected] for bookings in the studio or mastering or mixing services.

We also can play drums, bass, guitar, and add elements such as strings and beats for your trax.

This will be released on all digital download sites on Stillbliss records.
Please wait till about a week from now.

We hope for your safety and health during these troubled times!
Drink water, and stay well!
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
The sun will return after every storm!


We just finished mastering Chris Commander’s new tune called “Wasps do not care” Which is a little ditty created for the pesty little flyers they are.

We used Sonar for recording and mixing. And for mastering we used IK-Multimedia’s T racks 3 standard edition.

We always offer this service for 20$ a track.

We are excited to see people using us as well as this new song from Chris Commander.

He will be releasing it very soon, all on our Independant label: Stillbliss Records.

Available (Very soon) on all digital download sites.

We had fun making it! We hope you enjoy it as well!


Hey there!
Nice to see you again!

Recently, we`ve been working with Chris Commander. He lives in Enlgand.
But, he has a small studio with a mic and DAW.

He recently has been sending us STEM`s to his two new aforementioned, in the Title Songs.

Recently it`s mainly been about Wasps, and how they don`t care about Shi%. And the recent Corvid Sh*tz, and how the Politicians are using the virus as a platform for their BullShi%.

Anyways, Chris pays us what he wants (Accordingly) for our expertise, and time.

And that is the recent Studios news. We also recently helped Indie Punk Band Slingshotmillion2 With writing English Lyrics for one of their original tunes.

Ok! Peeps, bliss out!
Summer is almost here!

Get out in the sun that is shining down on us these days!

Welcome to our little slice of heaven!

With Mrs.Covid screwing up our lives, there’s really nothing to do but get creative, making videos and hanging out inside.

#stayhome #Mr&MrsCovid

Stillblissstudios 2020 tour


So, we have recently made a 2020 studio tour right here!

Here is a studio tour of our studios, here in Kanagawa in Japan.


Dear Reader,

If you ever wonder what keeps us going on, no matter what?
Well, blame it on our ADD!

Maybe we`re a different breed. But honestly today`s session of two hours was a hell of a lot of fun. Got to record with Legend singer and songwriter Alfred Arroyo Jr.

We recorded just the guitars, acosutic, and bass as well as Classical, and electric.

We are still using Cakewalk`s Sonar DAW. 8.5. Running on a WINDOWS XP PC.

I mean if it works, why fix it right?

We are also working closely with music Aficionado Chris Commander, with his stems he sends us through the mail.
God bless his soul. He pays us well!

And we aren`t shutting down for as far as I can tell!

Another “normal” day here at Stillbliss!

Just, another day, here at the studios..

#boutiquegear #blacklionaudio #neve1073 #bla173 #b12aquad #cinemagtransformers #edcoretransformers #classleadinpreamps


We don`t choose how much we are paid. We just work for you and you decide what you want to pay me for my time.

That is what has been happening for the longest time between us and Chris Commander.

He lives all the way in the UK. He send`s us Stems from his studio, that he has recorded, then we run the stems through our analogue gear, and mix the songs with waves plugins.

We also use auto tune on the voice if needed. And replay the tracks if they need some TLC.

We have also recently been getting emails from singers saying they don`t have money to come to record.

Well, you either gotta be REAL GOOD to win us over. But for now, we just work on what comes to our doorstep, or through the internet mail.

So, just today I ran the STEMS for Chris Commander for his songs called “Baby Cow In A Field” And “Down To My Bed” Through the BLA 173, FMR audio PBC6a combo.

Baby Cow in a Field needed one more stem which he sent through Dropbox. Which is what we have been using with Chris for a long time now.

All that to say, we wish you well in this difficult time, because of the fear.

But fear not. You will not get bitten by the snake. As long as you don`t step on him.

So, anyways, stay cool, stay fit, and stay warm folks. Weird weather these days!


Well with the panicking happening about the Covid thingy, I`m finding myself more excited about the fact that we have a working studio here in Kanagawa.

I know this won`t last forever. Nothing does.
So, Without further nonsensical posts, here goes about the recent studio work.

Chris Commander recently asked me to finalize a track called “Sister Judas”. We had a problem with my previous DAW shutting down. So he asked another studio for the files, and found them. We were working on that today. As well as a new song called, “Veronica And The Sunset”. We played real drums for this tune.

So, stay tuned for these banger`s in the future!

This was all done in Sonar 8.5.

We`ve been using the BLA 173, PBC 6a Combo for warming things up. We run the quieter tracks through this signal chain re-amping stems that our clients send us.

So, yeah, we have been busy.
Drank a cup a joe,
and am writing this out for you to understand what we do here at Stillbliss.

Thanks for reading this far!
Enjoy your day/night. OK?!


Dear reader and fan of this blog, thank you for coming here in your busy time. Right now with this scare, everyone is all couped up in their rooms.

So, with that in mind why not give Chris Commander`s new tune a whirl?
Here is the song on YouTube!

You know, honestly, have you actually had any family member have Corona Virus? Nope right? Well, it`s just a media created fear. I hope you stay positive and not fear, for the future is as bright as the promises of God!

Enjoy your day people! And stay Blissed out!


Yesterday I had the pleasure of working on Chris Commander`s new tune called “The Corona Shake”.

I added a synth, bass, Guitars, and a beat, ran the stereo drums through the BLA 173. it really kicked the levels up quite a notch. The drums were lacking punch and volume. So with the BLA 173 PBC 6A Combo, we really added that extra silky smooth 1073 neve sound to the whole track.

We usually ask for 100$ for mixing a whole song. But I did this for Chris, as he is a very good client of ours and pays us well.

So, he is in the middle of redoing the vocals for this song.

I also added some acoustic playing for three acoustic songs of his acoustic numbers called:
“If this is peace”, “Smiling in the sun” and “Running Low”.

We mixed and sent off the mp3`s to him. now we just wait for him to answer us.
Thank you Chris, and thank you for reading, and tuning into our blissful channel.

He will be using Stillbliss Records as his label for release. So will Fando, after he contacts us about his mixes we sent him recently.

Bliss out folks!

Just sitting in my flat. #andywarhol #rox.


That`s our new artists name who came today to work on some tracks of his.

He brought over a lotsa stringed up small guitar and his backpack Martin all on his steady little bike.

We had about a good three hours of good fun!

After his album, which is Called `Tokyo Sessions` is Mastered here, he will use Stillbliss Records as his label!

All good fun!

Enjoy! You blissed out folk!


So, first off, this IS a Studio`s blog.
So if you want to know what we`ve been up to these past few years, then this is the post you want to read today.

With the Covid19/Corona virus, and people panic buying, there ain`t no time for tunes. But honestly Chris Commander made a song called “Corona Virus (The Song)” for this pandemic.

Here is the youtube video.

We`ve also been spending time with family as well as washing our hands and gargling after going outside.

So, we really wish that you can come over to our studio`s.

Very soon we will be recording Fando. An artist with a backpack Martin guitar, who works for CocaCola.

Whattaya know! We have retro written all over us.
He- Fando, is a Singersongwriter.
He came from Argentina. Lived in Australia, and now is living here in Japan.

We don`t know for how much longer this outbreak will be but we hope you all are washing your hands and gargling after you`ve gone out of your house.

And stay up to date by staying blissed out and visit our blog for things POP!!


Gonna be a whopper I tell ya!
He`s getting into the deep zone here with his take on the Corona Virus.
Yes! You heard me right. He wrote a song for the outbreak we are having here on this earth.

Yes, it might be scary, but actually it`s just a hoax that the media is trying to amplify the situation.
Yes there is Influenza, but still, just wash your hands and gargle when you get back home.

Honestly, is there anything more difficult then that?
Here in Japan, almost everyone is wearing a mask of some sorts.
It`s all over the news, wherever you look.

But honestly good people. Do we really need this histeria?!
That, is where Chris comes in with the soon to be released on Stillbliss Records: “The Corona Virus song/remix”.

This is actually a new take on his hit song, “Pretty Bitches”. Which is on his Going For the Pop Jugular EP.
This is a Remix using synths and beats from Sonar 8.5 Producer edition.

We ran his tracks through the creamy BLA 173. And that sorta heated up his tracks that he recorded at home.

For the most part we usually leave the tracks that we get alone. But these tracks could use some analogue juice. So we went for that option.

Anyways, keep an eye out for the soon to be released, “Corona Virus Song” From Chris Ekral/Commander/Larke.

Peace out brothers n` sisters!


We are coming out with another artist hailing from Argentina: Fando!

His album will be called `Tokyo Sessions.`

It is a mixture of POP/acoustic songs. All written by a guy from Argentina.
We have been working on this album now for over a year, and we are just beginning to finalize the last bits.

Fando is sending me his final tweaks he would like done on the album.
Then we will be uploading the EP onto all digital distributors ie: Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play, etc, etc.

We will be mixing and mastering this album entirely here at our studios.
The Stillbliss Factory!

We will also be soon re-releasing `Closer` by The Dandy Lionz, soon.
We are sorry for any hassle this may have been. We had a bit of a lockup with the logistics of the release. So Soon! VERY soon, we will have The Dandy Lionz, and Fando, released on Stillbliss Records.

Coming soon to you!!

5 channels of pure class leading preamps.


You heard me right!
It`s a semi secular semi Christian album. with vocalist Alika Arroyo.

We have amassed this selection from the past four or so years at the studios here in Kanagawa.

We will be releasing this EP hopefully before this coming Christmas.

We are waiting for an Ok from the singer.

Then we will master them. Then we will upoad them for your listening pleasure!

It was a 13 song EP. But we just got to working on one more song yesterday in the studios.

So, keep an eye out for this little gem of an album. With Crooning vocals from Alika.
And, long reverb tailed lead guitar tracks from Jesse Sou Pritchar

All available soon, on all Digital Formats ie: itunes, Amazon, google play, Spotify etc. You know.

All the good stuff!

Ok Peeps! Bliss out!

[12/13/19]   These past few days, we have been working with Music Aficianado Chris Commander/larke/Ekral/And the helpers.

He has been communicating with me through emails, and has been paying me well, for my services.

This is a Christmas song that he wrote. And I believe it will be done before this coming Christmas.
At least, that is what we are hoping for!

This has been a labour of love, and we hope that you can take a little bit of Stillblisss Christmas with you when you purchase this tune.

Available real soon on all digital download platforms!

13 song EP available real soon. By The Dandy Lionz.

Recently we`ve been working in the studios conjuring up some magic.
Getting songs mixed and mastered.

So far it looks like The Dandy Lionz will be releasing a 13 song EP real soon.

With Rock singer Alika Arroyo as the main singer. And I- Jesse Sou Pritchard as the Guitarist and Producer for this album.

We are having a blast with this album: As it is mainly a Christian Album.
but nonetheless POP.

Of course we don`t conjure up evil spirits like Billy Eilish.
We prefer to praise the Good Lord.

Yes I know, I will probably buy the 2020 Grammy Nominees with Billy Eilish in it. But who cares right?!

It`s the heart that matters!

So without further ado, Keep an eye out For `Closer` Which is the title of this new Rock/Christian/pop Album.

Available on all Digital formats REAL SOON!


So, folks. Take note: We are still rockin`!
We worked with Alika Arroyo from the band- Mother Slug Tokyo.

Why? You may ask.

We are working on a Semi Christian album. Being that we both love the good lord, and love rock and pop music, we have been in the Stillbliss factory recording Alika`s vocals, over the past few years.

Now, and very soon we will be releasing them under, The dandy Lionz band name!
Released on all Digital formats: itunes, Amazon, Google play, Spotify, and you know the rest.

So, without further ado, I will give you the low down- if ya know what I mean.

Today, I mixed the tracks, tommorow I will be sending the mixes to the main singer Alika: for further checking.

Then, we will master and release them!

We are also on the verge of releasing fernando Ezeberry`s originals on Stillbliss Records. We are waiting for him to come back from Australia.
And after a few tweaks to the lyrics and recordings- we will be ready to master and release.

So, if you are in need of blissful recordings, please pay attention to this blog, as we will let you know what is bliss in this digital realm.

Please. At least give us a 30 second listen.


the other day we worked with Alika in the studio on our new semi christian Album soon to be released digitally on all major platforms: itunes, Google play, Amazon, Spotify etc.

We will be naming our band- The Dandy lionz.

So keep an eye out for these new releases.
All I can say is it`s been real fun making these songs.

We are just waiting for my studio monitor`s amplifier (which is in repairs right now,) to be fixed, so I can mix and master the tracks.
Anyways that`s what`s bliss these days.

Here's a collage of my recent studio session with Alika Arroyo from the band mother Slug Tokyo.

We actually are in the process of making a semi Christian/secular EP for digital release soon!

We've got some great feedback from a music store owner, as well as friends, family and even a Christian friend.

We want to let you know all about this EP.

So stay tuned for more information on the details at:

OK, ya'll. Have a great day.

Fernando Ezeberry Studio Session. Private pictures.

Taken today with Fernando Ezeberry`s studio session from 9:00-12:00.

Taken today with Fernando Ezeberry`s studio session from 9:00-12:00.

---The Studios---

Recording artists since 04'

Dear reader, WELCOME!

Hey there!

We, are a recording studio, AND an Independent online publishing record label (Stillbliss Records), based thirty minutes by bus, from Hashimoto station, in Kanagawa Ken, Sagamihara shi.

AND just a three minute walk, from the Koshimizu bus stop.

& we are also..

The birthplace of; Toki Francis Shimizu, Crank killer-t, Suspect Zero, Adriano Zapatta, Slingshotmillion, Jago, Steve Hood, Shock!, Chris Larke/Ekral/Commander/and the helpers, Darren Chilton, Mike Kendra & Martin Leroux, Mother Slug (Tokyo), Takaki Longfield, Fando, Lone Wolf, Nature Airliner and, many people too numerous to count!

Location: We are 1 & a half hours from inner Tokyo, by train and bus. (20 mins, on the bus, and an hour and 10 minutes or so on the train.

The studio is 20 minutes away from Hashimoto station by bus.

The gear: The brands & gear that we use at our studios:

Black Lion audio– B12a Quad, Black lion audio– single channel preamp-BLA 173, Fender USA- 1987 Standard Strat, RME- Multiface AD/DA converters, Event- ASP6 Studio monitors, Cakewalk- Sonar Producer edition, Damage Control- Womanizer distortion pedal, Hiroshi Tamura,-Classical guitar, Yamaha- RBX bass guitar, Takamine PT106 acoustic guitar, FMR audio- PBC6a aka: Professional balanced compressor, Shure- KSM 32 SL studio capacitor microphone, Rode- NT5 small studio capacitor microphone: matched pair, Shure- Sm57x2, Beta 57a, beta 58a & Beta 52, Waves- power pack, Mackie– Big knob Studio, Antares,- Autotune tuning software, Sony- Soundforge editing software, IK Multimedia– T-racks standard 3. And some, Bongos, Shakers, Maracas, Tamborines, & even a bali finger piano.

We also own a full Pearl acoustic drum set, with a Yamaha acoustic snare, A double kick pedal, and Zildjan ZBT pro 4 cymbals.

Here is a demonstration of our studios drum mix quality

Our mission;

Is to cater to your needs! Whether it be recording vocals, online radio shows, recording guitar, or drums, or your band, or showcasing your work on our site, and helping you get your tunes onto most online retailers; ie, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google play, etc.


We also offer the service of online digital phat mastering! For only, 20$ per track! (We listen to your trax through 1K$ monitors, And German AD/DA conveters) Which is one of our hot services. We also use IK multimedia`s T-Racks standard edition for all mastering, as well as the Waves L2 to get your tracks or whole album, real hot & warm, ready for digital distribution.

-Analogue saturation/mixing.

We also offer the service of mixing through our analog gear.


We receive payment through PayPal, postal, cash on hand or bank transfer.

Free Record label use:

We let the artists who come full access to our Recurd label-

Stillbliss Records



you must have some relation, to our studio, whether through recording, or session or mixing & mastering services.

We can help you with your harmony parts, and also remix and add elements/beats etc, to your songs through session playing, (Either by playing Guitar, Bass, Drums, Strings, or anything musical.)

We also connect to our artists through the net, by sending STEMS back and forth for mixing or session work.

We have worked with artists from the likes of, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, U.S.A., Africa, & many more.

We can speak English and Japanese.

Success stories:

We’ve had two of our clientele tunes get onto Japanese Karaoke.

Also another artist that came here had his tune used on a Toronto Independent movie.

Also on another note- One of our first clients who came over seven years ago, has over 18,400 listens on one of his Soundcloud ulpoads. Completely done here.

Also indie rock band Slingshotmillion has had a track of theirs, (Completely done here) on High Beam Record`s 2018/11/28 release.

Also one of their trax, that were engineered here, other than mastering has over 19,000 views on YouTube.

And another client who used our mastering &- adding elements to a mix services, for a Japanese cultural festival tune: won first prize for best performance.

Thank you for reading this far!





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We are a recording studio with, a Producer with a degree in Music. We also can mix record and master.


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