Nightclub Cardio with Rodney

Nightclub Cardio with Rodney

Nightclub Cardio is a 1 hour class that helps you burn calories and get your groove on! If you like to dance, have fun, and smile, then this is the class!

Class every Thursday from 6:00-7:00. Please come a little early to sign in, class will start at scheduled time. There is plenty of parking.

Nightclub Cardio with Rodney

Great class on my farewell tour. My mind says I can keep going, but my body is like “oh hell naw!” Lol 😂 Come and join us every Wednesday until November 27 (My last class).

Well...all good things come to an end. I wanted to give you more insight to my decision. I have battled back pain for many years, and now I have to take medication just to teach class. After class, I’m in a lot of pain, but I just deal with it. I love dancing, but my body just can’t keep up with my desire to dance or most sports I love. I’m a little sad, but when I think about all the great times, people I’ve met, and things I’ve accomplished, I can walk away happily. I’m not going to stop dancing, I’m sure you’ll see me in a class somewhere, but it’s easier to be a student and not the teacher. Thank you for almost a decade of dancing.

Another great night with these ladies! We keep dancing and smiling, maybe you should join us.

We didn’t have any new students tonight, but we still managed to raise $12 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I also had a good friend donate $20 towards the cause.😱 That means $32 raised today and $84 overall! See you next week, and wear something pink.

Look at all this pink! Thanks ladies for helping me support Breast Cancer Awareness! This week we raised $30, which brings the total to $52 for the last 2 weeks!! Brings friends and make me spend more money!! ☺️

I’m donating $2 per returning student, and $5 for every new student who wears pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month...out of my own pocket. 😱👍

Whoop whoop!! Awesome ladies had me smiling tonight. The new room is much better, thanks for coming and helping me work out the kinks! Hope to see all of you next week plus a few extras. I think the newness that caused the extra shyness will be worn off by next week. Lol ✌️😎

It was like a Arnn Elementary Party tonight. The energy was flowing and the booties were dropping. Lol 😂

We had a great time tonight! We need more participation, come and join us! I don’t pay them to smile, but maybe should. Lol 🤔😁😂

Had a great time, but I usually do. I’m always in my own world. Lol.

Thanks to everyone who came out! We even had an extra guy shaking it up with us! ✌️😎

Nightclub Cardio with Rodney

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Daddy Got Fat (Baby Got Back Parody) Please Like and Share if you can relate also please subscribe to youtube channel


Sometimes you just gotta eat. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Daddy Got Fat (Baby Got Back Parody) Please Like and Share if you can relate also please subscribe to youtube channel

Poster is getting better. They added a guy, I guess they don’t have too many stock photos of black guys. Lol 😂

Sign up today at the CRC!

Me + Awesome Ladies + Nightclub Cardio =
1 hour of fun! Can’t wait until next week!

You missed a fun class tonight! I was happy to see the smiling faces ready to sweat and have some fun tonight.

Another fun night with these ladies! We always have room for more people to join us, we hope to see you next week!✌️😎

[08/12/19]   Here is a video commercial of my class from Okinawa. 😎

I do not own the rights to this music.

[08/12/19]   Thank you for coming to my classes! I hope you enjoy dancing with me. I look forward to seeing you each week! 😊😎❤️

We had a great time yesterday! Hope to see you next week. Summer is almost over, time to get back into your regular routines. ✌️😎

We had fun last week, but we we missed a lot of you guys. Remember that summer vacation isn’t a break from a healthy you! I hope to see you this week! Class is back in full effect on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30! Bring a friend, tell a friend, or just send a friend! Rookies, pros, and OGs welcome (no experience necessary). ✌️😎

I’m back in Japan! My friend ET just dropped me off. 😁. I missed Japan and my dance class, can’t wait to see everyone this week! See you on Wednesday. ✌️😎

Had a great time again at Minami-San’s class. Those ladies always bring the energy and even though we don’t speak the same language, they make me feel so welcomed! 😎🥰

My last class before my summer vacation and we had a blast! The next class will be July 17th. I’ll have plenty of time during the summer and I hope that I can teach some additional classes🤷🏾‍♂️.

Hanging with my friends. I love dancing and burning calories. I had a great time with Minami-San’s class.

Thanks everyone for coming to class tonight! I don’t know why, but it felt like class was a little harder tonight. Maybe I put too many multi directional moves. I had a good time, I hope you did too! See you next week!✌️😎

I finally made it, I’m in the Bugle (Zama magazine). I keep telling them that there has to be a stock photo of a guy, but I’m just happy to see and advertisement.😂. Can’t wait to see you guys at class! ✌️😎

I was just informed that they have a prior reservation for tomorrow, so there will not be a Nightclub Cardio class tomorrow May 29. I am sorry for the last minute notice. I will see everyone next week! 👌😎

Planning purposes:

No classes
June 19, 26
July 3, 10

Gimme 5 🖐🏾! Five beautiful ladies tonight sweating and dancing. We had fun, come and join us next time! 👌😎

We had 10 beautiful ladies tonight, but I was so busy talking that I forgot to take the picture. Luckily, I was reminded as students were leaving and I was able to get a few of the lovely ladies for a picture.😎👍

Come dance with us every Wednesday at the Zama Community Resource Center, starting at 5:30! Burn calories and have fun! Message me if you have any questions. 👌😎

Nightclub Cardio with Rodney

I forgot to take a picture at class tonight. We had seven lovely ladies dancing with me tonight. It was a small class, but we accomplished our goal of burning calories! I hope all of you can make it to class next week. ✌️😎

Get those faces ready for this week! Lol
See you wonderful people on Wednesday! ✌️😎

I’m trying to get better at editing my pictures. Lol.
There was a lot of sweat on the floor, but mostly mine. It’s not fair that women sweat less. ☺️. It was a hot and happy group tonight! Thanks for the extra male presence tonight! 😎👍

I love to dance with you, but I dance for me. You should do it for yourself. Do what you love, love what you do! 😎❤️

Good people make great classes. Hope to see all of you next week. Bring a friend too. 😎👍

Nightclub Cardio with Rodney's cover photo

First class in the books. I hope you ladies had a good time! See everyone next week. 😎👍

Wow!!! 7 years ago. Don’t try that Facebook account, I deleted it. Lol

[04/10/19]   April 17th, I start my new Journey in the Zama community! Time to get my inaugural playlist ready!😎🎶

Getting my practice in. Love teaching and seeing smiles on faces.

Camp Zama MWR

Come out and join the fun! Starts April 17 and will be every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Nightclub Cardio with Rodney

THE TIME HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!! Something new is coming to Camp Zama! Nightclub Cardio lands at the Community Recreation Center on Wednesday, April 17 at 5:30. Sacrifice that Starbucks money one time each week for 1 hour of fun!

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Nightclub Cardio with Rodney
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Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa


水曜日 17:30 - 18:30
フィットネスクラブのその他Sagamihara-shi (すべて表示)
Sagamihara-shi, 252-0321


K-1ジム相模大野KREST K-1ジム相模大野KREST
南区相模大野3-10-1 B1

Golf & Stretch Hearty相模大野店 - ゴルフ&ストレッチ ハーティー相模大野店 Golf & Stretch Hearty相模大野店 - ゴルフ&ストレッチ ハーティー相模大野店
南区上鶴間1-8-3 イーストキャピタル1F
Sagamihara-shi, 252-0302

ゴルファーはもちろんのこと、健康のためにストレッチだけのお客様も多数いらっしゃいます。 2016年4月24日に町田店がOPENしました!

エニタイムフィットネス相模原 エニタイムフィットネス相模原
中央区相模原5-9-3 1-2F
Sagamihara-shi, 252-0231

相模大野パーソナルトレーニングスタジオ FBODY 相模大野パーソナルトレーニングスタジオ FBODY
南区相模大野5-27-17 エミナンサガミ301
Sagamihara-shi, 252-0303


Sagamihara-shi, 252-0344

K-1選手HIROYAのキックボクシングジム 多数プロ選手が所属。 選手と一緒に楽しくキックボクシングにトライしましょう!

南区相模大野3-15-17 5F
Sagamihara-shi, 252-0303


メガロス相模大野 メガロス相模大野
南区相模大野3-2-1 ボーノショッピングセンター5階
Sagamihara-shi, 252-0303


Luminous マーシャルアーツ&フィットネス Luminous マーシャルアーツ&フィットネス
Sagamihara-shi, 252-0143