Tokyo Machida Relaxable Shared House

Tokyo Machida Relaxable Shared House


Thank you for everything wataru and sayaka especially for fetching me from the airport late at night..we had a very memorable and pleasant stay.we will never forget your kindness 😘 -amafe and Benjamin Lozano

こちらは泊まって頂いた皆さんとの楽しい思い出の記録です。こんな郊外に足を運んでくださって本当に有難う。 @rbbihh Summary ======= Our house is located in a suburb of Tokyo, called Machida, easily accessible from Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yokohama, Enoshima and Hakone.

You can use Shinkansen as well to go to Kyoto or Osaka area from Shin-yokohama station. (It takes about 15mins from Naruse station to get to Shin-yokohama) Free Parking (Only one car). Welcome to home travelers!! Hello My name is Wataru and I live in Machida with my wife and 2 kids (3yo girl and 2yo boy). I love meeting new people as I am also frequent traveler myself. About the house ============ The house is located a residential area of Machida, approx 7 minute walk from Naruse station on JR Yokohama line. After hectic tour in Tokyo I am sure that you can rest well with the nice bath in our place. Machida is conveniently situated to access to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yokohama, Enoshima, and Hakone. Hakone is famous for hot spring and one of the most popular destinations among Japanese and international tourists looking for a break from Tokyo. You can enjoy sightseeing of both of urban area and suburb area. Only a step to CVS (Seven-Eleven and Mini-Stop, 24hrs open), a Ramen restaurant (open till 2am), 2 Soba restaurants, and a Korean herbal tea cafe. 5min walk to Japanese Izakaya style restaurant, tenpura restaurant, Sushi restaurant, Chinese food restaurant. *Remark We have 2 little kids (3yo girl and 2yo boy) so there might be noisy situations in some cases. Guest bed rooms are on the 3rd floor and standapart from our bed room on the 2nd floor as the kids sleep so it is quiet at night though. Room ===== We will rent 2 10㎡ rooms with a queen bed and bunk beds. You can go directly to your room and bathroom/toilet* from the house entrance without going through living room so you can secure privacy if you wish so. We can provide internet connection as well. *Bathroom is shared by my family. Common places ============ We share common places like bathroom, Toilet, living room and kitchen. Please feel free to use the kitchen to make morning coffee tea, some simple cooking. We have hand-operated espresso maker. Breakfast ======= We can provide breakfast at the cost of 500yen. Please inform us by the day before if you would like to have it. I speak Japanese and shaky English and my wife can speak English. Guest access ========== 1F bath room 2F living room, bath room 3F bed room, laundry area, bath room Interaction with guests ================ We are friendly people and love to meet new people. Other things to note ============== There are some rules in our house which is quite simple. 1. Please respect quite neighborhood. We don't prefer big noise at night as we have 2 little kids. Please make sure that you don't enter master bed room on the second floor. We will explain you where to go and where NOT to go. 2. No smoking inside and outside of the house please. 3. We kindly ask you to refrain from incensing or perfuming in the bedroom. optional fees Mobile Wifi 500yen/ per day Laundry 100yen/per time BBQ Gril & Charcoal 3000yen About Machida! ============ Machida is a typical big town in the suburb of Tokyo, easily accessible from not only Shinjuku and Shibuya but also Yokohama, Enoshima(beach area), and Hakone (famous place for Hot springs). How to get to Naruse station from Narita airport =============================== Narita airport is about 100kms and about 1.5 hours by train from the city of Tokyo. 1) JR Narita express (Narita airport - Tokyo/Shinagawa/Shibuya/Shinjuku/Musashi-Kosugi/Yokohama) 2350yen + 64 mins - 90 mins (depending on the time of the day) Change to JR Yokohama line at Yokohama to go to Naruse (30 mins from Yokohama) or change to Toyoko line at Musashi-Kosugi and change to Yokohama line at Kikuna to go to Naruse (20mins from Kikuna). 3) Take limousine bus (3600yen) bound for Sagami-Ono/Machida, get off at Machida Bus center. From Machida Take JR Yokohama line to go to Naruse (Next to Machida station). It takes about 2.0 hrs to 3.0 hrs to reach the apartment from the airport. It may be easiest way concerning about the baggage. Or you can take a taxi from Machida Bus center (1200yen approx). If you need any more info please let us know! I would love to interact my guests if possible. if not I also respect privacy. We would be happy to make light meal for breakfast and eat them together. 概要 ===== 東京都町田市にある、3階建て一軒家の3階にある個室(5.5畳)を2部屋ご提供しています。私たちのプライベートスペースは2階です。その他の場所(リビング・キッチン・バスルームなど)は、私と妻・2人の子供たち(2歳と3歳)の計4人とでシェアする形になります。 玄関からリビングを通らずにお部屋に行くことは可能ですが、私を含め、子供たちも新しい方と知り合うことが好きですので、交流が好きな方は、気軽にリビングも使っていただけたら家族皆喜びます。 プロジェクターとステレオで大画面スポーツ観戦(WOWOW、スカパー!視聴可)などできますよ! 町田は、都心部(新宿・渋谷)へのアクセスと、港町・山間部(横浜・江の島・箱根)へのアクセスの両方が楽しめる立地にあり、東京近郊も楽しみたい方には最適な場所です。京都や大阪など関西方面へのアクセスも新横浜駅から新幹線で楽に行くことができます。1台のみ無料で駐車場をお貸出し可能です。 ぜひ一度お越しください☆ フェイスブック内の検索窓で@rbbihhで検索すると想い出の記録を見ることができます。 お部屋 ===== 一戸建ての三階に個室(5.5畳)が二部屋ありますので、そこをお貸出ししています。1部屋がクイーンサイズのベッドルーム、もう1部屋が2段ベッドのお部屋です。2段ベッドのお部屋には追加で2つまで布団が敷けます(かなり手狭になります)。木枠のベビーベッドもひとつございますので必要であれば事前にお知らせください。緊急時には、リビングにダブルのソファベッドがありますので、そちらでも就寝可能です。 ゲストの立ち入り範囲 ================= 1階 トイレ 2階 キッチン・リビングルーム・トイレ・書斎スペース 3階 浴室・化粧室、ランドリールーム ゲストとの交流 ============ キッチンやお風呂、リビングルームは、私ども家族とのシェアになりますので、我が家のようにお気軽にご利用ください。土地に不慣れな方には私たちの情報が役に立つ場合もあるかと思います。ぜひ交流の中でお役に立てればと思います。 プライバシーを大事にされる場合は、事前にお知らせ頂くことで必要以上の干渉を避けることもできます。その辺りは柔軟にご対応致しますのでご相談ください。各居室には、玄関からリビングを通らずにお越しいただけます。 その他の特記事項 ============== *モバイルWifを一台のみお貸出し可能です。別途500円/日を頂戴いたします。 *洗濯機を一回100円でご利用いただけます。 下記ご利用に際しては必ず事前にご連絡ください。 *バーベキューグリル台を3000円でご利用いただけます。(炭はこちらでご用意致します) *お車でお越しの方は、一台のみ無料駐車スペースをお貸出しできます。(ご予約されたプランによって変わります) 町田について ========== 町田市は、東京都の地図で見ると、魚の腹びれのように下にポコッと出た部分。東も西も南も、すぐそこは神奈川県。そのため、町田って東京都だったんですねと言われる場所です。実は過去に東京都から神奈川県、そしてまた東京都に戻った歴史があったりします。 新宿・渋谷エリア、横浜・江の島エリア、箱根などへのアクセスが良い立地です。町田駅界隈は典型的な地方都市で、小田急百貨店、ルミネ、109、東急百貨店、居酒屋やレストランなど、お買い物には困りません。 移動の足 ======= 最寄駅は、JR横浜線の「成瀬駅」になります。お部屋は駅から徒歩7分ほどです。 バスの場合は、成瀬駅から「つくし野駅行」か「(南中学校前経由)町田バスセンター行」に乗っていただき、3つ目のバス停(小川支所前)で降りると目の前です。 渋谷方面から来られる場合は、長津田で横浜線に乗り換えると成瀬に着きます。また、そのまま東急田園都市線「つくし野駅」で降りることもできます。 つくし野駅は快速は停まりませんのでご注意下さい。(長津田で各停にお乗り換えください。) つくし野駅からは徒歩だと約20分かかるのでバスかタクシーをお勧めします。バスは「成瀬駅経由成瀬台行」に乗って7, 8分です。小川支所前で降りると目の前です。


[06/20/18]   Thank you always for your support. Our house is now closed to follow a law amendment.

[06/15/18]   日本で本日より宿泊に関する新しい法律が施行されました。




Photos from Tokyo Machida Relaxable Shared House's post

Kinda miracle, 2 pregnant women as our guests at the same time. What a happy aura it is!

Our baby girl growing well. Thanks to Yuny, she’s wearing the bib from them.

Repeat guests from South Korea (thanks for coming again!) + dad and son staying for high school entrance exams.
Having a Japanese hot pot dish.

Counting down for 2018 on NYE!

Female college students’ Christmas Eve🎄
We wish a merry Christmas ! 🎅🎁🤶

Relaxable big bath in homish house

Relaxable big bath in homish house

Aussie chef cooked the special was WOW!!

With college girls from California and a couple from China :)

Welcome to the world, our 3rd baby!
Her name is Shiwori (秋紫). Delighted to greet you ;)

University girls from Okinawa came here to perform Okinawa traditional dance "Eisa-" for Festa Machida. The black costume is not for the dance by the way, they are now witches to head off to Tokyo Disney Land, It's held Halloween event!

Chinese girls starting to study in Uni near here. They made chinese cuisine for us. It's yummy! 謝謝(Thank you)!

BBQ at the rooftop with guests from Germany. Glad they enjoyed it :)

Kids of a guest from France enjoying trampoline and Kendama (traditional japanese toy) with other guest from Jamaica. Such a lovely scene

Odawara Castle in Kanagawa prefecture. You can go to the top of the castle tower. It takes about 1 hour from our house. Let us know if you wanna go there :)

Staying in the bunk room, Chloe from China. She's helping to wash the dishes after Okonomiyaki. Thank you Chloe ;)

Photos from Tokyo Machida Relaxable Shared House's post

Adachi-ku firework fes, held on the Arakawa riverside.

The place called Yuhi-no-oka (means hill of sunset) in Seiseki-Sakuragaoka, Tokyo. It has a nice night view as well :)
The town is modeled on the movie "Mimi o Sumaseba / Wisper of the Heart" by Studio Ghibli. If you like Hayao Miyazaki Movies, check it out!

Fishing and playing in the river at Okutama, Tokyo.
Tokyo prefecture is actually way bigger than everyone thinks. It has the nature:)

Birthday party for the host. Thank you girls 🎉







PS. To Mr. Ace
Congratulations on obtaining MBA certification!

One of Japanese traditional sweets, "Ogura Shiratama Anmitsu" and "Kori Anzu". If you visit to Ueno, try them ;)





We generally celebrate May 5 as "Children's day", which is one of Japanese national holidays.
The another name of "Children's day" is "Boy's festival".
"children's day" based on "the day for the prevention of cruelty to children" was established in 1948.

The purpose of "Children's day" was to celebrate children's happiness and to respect their individual.
In addition,the day was established as a "Thanks day" for their mother.

Boy's parents display "colorful carp banners" or "helmet".
Many people eat some famous sweets to celebrate the special day.
"colorful carp banners" and "helmet" are famous symbol to celebrate "Children's day".
Many parents display them hoping that children will grow up with courage and wisdom.

"Kashiwa-mochi", rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf, and " Chimaki" , rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves, are also famous as a Japanese sweets to celebrate "Children's day".
In Japan many people believe "kashiwa-mochi" is a symbol of prosperity of their descendants.
On the other hand "Chimaki" has been familiar among the people as a protective charm.




[04/26/17]   Joint Workshop Notice!😋



ビデオ (すべて表示)




Machida, Tokyo
その他 Machida ホテル (すべて表示)
Machida, 195-0064

「和」がコンセプトの全25室。 大胆にあしらわれた壁の絵画と、モダンなインテリアに設われた茶器のセットがお二人をお出迎えします。

東京 湯河原温泉 万葉の湯 東京 湯河原温泉 万葉の湯
Machida, 194-0004


振袖わらん町田店 振袖わらん町田店
原町田3-2-9 3F
Machida, 194-0013

振袖レンタル 振袖購入 卒業袴レンタル 髪飾り 和装小物 振袖 卒業袴 振袖コーデ 振袖選び

デリバリーヘルス トランプ デリバリーヘルス トランプ
Machida, -

横浜・町田・相模原 無店舗型デリバリーヘルス。綺麗どころから可愛いどころまでそろっております。ご予約の際は、電話、メールにて受付しております。

ホテル新宿屋 ホテル新宿屋
Machida, 194-0013

小田急町田駅から徒歩1分。 新宿、横浜へのアクセスに最適な拠点。 無料朝食サービス付き。

ラクシオ・イン ラクシオ・イン
Machida, 194-0215

こちらは ラクシオ・インの「公式facebookページ」です。 公式ホームページは、 よりアクセスください。

ほっぺのなかまほいくしつ ほっぺのなかまほいくしつ
Machida, 194-0042