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Marci is an intuitive business coach, web designer, and writer. Away from her desk, she loves discovering Spirit in all shapes and forms. Her upcoming book, Finding Yoyu, is about living with her Japanese father-in-law, and how they navigate Alzheimer's.

I own and run my company and am proud to say that my work is 90% location independent. This means I can work from my living room in Tokyo, a local coffee shop, my sister’s dining room in Michigan or a beach in Bali. In reality, I spend most of my time working from my desk at home. So, what do I do in my company? There are 3 main things I’m focused on right now: - I blog (Does that count? It’s more for my benefit than anyone else!) - I help people who have something special they want to share with the world and who need a website to do it. - I help people who are having trouble hearing their own inner wisdom and who want a clear message from their guides. And, because it’s a lot of fun and I’m good at it … - I help people living all over the world speak Japanese with more fluency by creating Japanese Chants - I help American educational organizations who want a presence in Japan and need help navigating the language and culture to make it happen.

One of my goals for this year both personally and professionally was to publish. I fully intended to have my book out in the world by now. Sometimes these things change. I talked to my accountability partner earlier this week. We've been over the topic many times. It turns out I have some major editing to do. The first draft of the memoir I thought I was finished writing needs to be divided into two. It's taken me a whole year to accept this. I could feel overwhelmed. I could feel like giving up. Instead, there is a feeling of hopeful anticipation. I have clarity! The one thing I learned for sure this year is that both writing and engaging with spirit (to me they are the same thing) is a daily habit. A habit I choose.

Finding Yoyu | Marci Kobayashi

I've been quiet here for most of the year. I needed the time and space to focus on a project dear to my soul - a book. Over the summer I finished writing the first draft (70,000 words!) and now I'm enjoying the ups and downs of editing the second draft. I might need some encouragement! :) If you would like to know more about the book and get notified when it comes out, head over to my website. Thank you for your interest in my upcoming book Finding Yoyu. | Learn more at

Yesterday we cycled up towards Mt Takao to try out a new-to-us soba restaurant - @sobatototo . So yummy! If you’re in the Hachioji area, I highly recommend it. Great homemade soba noodles and the atmosphere was perfect.

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Instagram Photos

Marci Kobayashi

I’m not the only one up early and out for a walk today!

I just ordered a copy! Many of the authors (including me!) are giving away gifts at the FB Launch Party. #goodnessabounds

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Thank you for blessing me with your presence, master manifestor! I finished paying bills, updating my spreadsheets and mapping out the next two months. I was feeling down because athough things are going great, I recently invested in myself and was feeling nervous. I decided to take a walk. A few minutes into the walk, I stopped to send a text to my sister. Standing there, it took several minutes for me to notice the incessant cawing. Crow was in the tree right in front of me. Alright, alright, I see you. I HEAR you. Thank you. I’ll stop worrying and get on with manifesting now!

The sunset was gorgeous tonight. For days I haven’t been able to see these mountains because of the rain.

The hydrangeas are in full bloom all over Hachioji - a telltale sign that the season is here. This one was especially vibrant!

The hydrangeas are in full bloom all over Hachioji - a telltale sign that the season is here. This one was especially vibrant!

Evening walk in Hachioji.

I took this just a few minutes ago on my walk home. I just barely made it home. It's now raining and we've got hail!

It's been 20 years since I last paid my respects to the Daibutsu in Kamakura. I wonder how long this ancient tree has been standing guard next to it?

Hello from Shinjuku! Yep, this beautiful park is just a few minutes walk from one of the busiest train stations in the world! Sometimes it's good to be a tourist in your own stomping ground!

I look out at Mt Takao from my home-office desk every day but rarely take the time to visit. Yesterday I was reminded again of why it draws so many people!

I no longer choose to stunt my growth. It doesn't serve me or anyone. I allow myself to grow everyday and unfurl all I have learned out through my branches. Can you see them? They are waving at you!

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Being attentive to my thoughts, I am ever evolving | Marci Kobayashi | Tokyo-based WordPress Website Consultant & Intuitive Sudden insights that radically shift our way of being are great but not necessary. When I am being attentive to my thoughts, I am ever evolving.

For Clara...they're all yours!

Organic daikon greens for dinner tonight! We found a new source for organically and equally important, LOCALLY grown veggies.

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I love how these flowers carpet the banks in front of so many homes. I don't know what they're called in English but the Japanese name, shibazakura - cherry blossom lawn, is so fitting.

While everyone else was looking up at the cherry blossoms, I heard these these cuties shout hello.

"You are charging too quickly through this period. Can you stop and rest? Can you stop and watch? You are charging too quickly. We are concerned. Your body can keep up but you will not be able to sustain this for long. You are charging too quickly. I must go, I must do it, I must be there, I must participate, I must…you say. Yes, you can do all of these things. Can you stop right now? Listen to the silence. Stop your charging for a few seconds. Every day. For a few seconds. Stop your charging."

Ta da! The message and quote card from the Free Intuitive Message drawing for March. Thank you, Peter, for letting me share!

Don't know what I'm talking about? Once a month one of my readers gets a message like this for free! What's included? A message from your guides and a quote card with one phrase to help anchor in the message. Though the full transcript is usually kept private, Peter kindly agreed to share the full transcript of his message.

Do you want to be including in the monthly drawing? You only need to sign up once. The link to get on the list is below. It's not too late for the April drawing!⠀

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Who knew flying into Nagoya could be so beautiful. I got back Wednesday afternoon from visiting relatives in Michigan. I love my family in the US but my heart is here in the mountains of Japan. Sorry, Mom!#lovelivinginjapan

I love these little white flowers popping up all over Hachioji. The ground is waking up!

When you are learning how to manage energy, remember that you can also ask for help. When you ask, be clear about the kind of energy you are wishing to transmit. Your guides will help you transmit energy and continue to make better choices about managing it. The clearer you are, the stronger your energy will be. Do not worry if you change. Do not worry if your energy shifts direction. The frequency you are aiming for is the key. Your energy vibrates out from all sides of you. In front of you, beside you, behind you, before you, after you… your energy vibrates through all.

How do you protect your energy?

I went to a graduation ceremony for preschoolers today. Being with kids brings me a lot of joy and usually a lot of energy. However, I'm usually exhausted after ceremonies. Today, I practiced protecting/shielding my energy and I felt great. It got me to wondering what other people do. I would love to hear!

Establishing boundaries and protection with the help of Shield Bug | Marci Kobayashi - Tokyo-based WordPress Web Designer & Intuitive

This started out as a post on Instagram and then I kept writing and it became a little bit more so it went out on the blog, too. Enjoy! Shield bug helps me remember the importance of establishing boundaries and protection around my energy and business so I can better serve my clients.

Not bad for my iPhone!

Shield bug is one of the energies I am partnering with this year. I often call on shield bug to help me before I begin a client call. As my business expands and I work with more and more people, shield bug reminds me to set boundaries and protect myself. I'm learning how to be mindful of the energy exchanged during the calls and how to return the energy to it's source when we are finished. I'm less tired and more grateful whenever I remember to do this. How about you? Do you have any special rituals you do before working with a client? How about when you begin working with a new contractor?

5 years ago today, I had my hip replaced - one of the best decisions of my adult life. I love my titanium hip joint because it allows me to take long walks. I never would have been able to walk to this bridge and see this heron before the surgery. Thank you Dr. Nozawa!

Signs of Spring in Hachioji.

Do you have any traditions? On the first of every month I have an in-person work date with a special friend of mine. Sometimes we meet at a restaurant, sometimes at home. Good food, laughter, and our computers are always present. Sometimes a few tears!

Spend Time Every Day Tending Your Web - An Excerpt from 365 Life Shifts - Marci Kobayashi | Tokyo-based WordPress Website Consultant & Intuitive

If you haven't picked up 365 Life Shifts yet, you can read my story about the spider over on my blog. Warning! I found the original photos of the spider. She's big! In 2014, I spent part of the summer living with my in-laws in the mountains of Hiroshima. I already shared about the frogs and the wild boar. Today, I have a story about a special spider. This story heads up the chapter on Animals & Nature in 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything,...

Thank you friends, family and especially Jodi and Dan!

A big thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of 365 Life Shifts yesterday on our launch day. You helped us hit #1 in 8 categories on Amazon!! Most of all a big thank you to Jodi and Dan for all your support and for giving many new authors, like me, a safe platform to begin.
Here are the stats from yesterday:
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#1 New Release in New Age & Spirituality/Self Help
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#1 New Release in Spirituality/Personal Transformation - Canada
#1 New Release in Self Help/Personal Transformation - Canada

You can purchase a copy at:

Looking for a new book to read? I’m excited to be a contributing author in 365 Life Shifts, a brand-new book out right now on Amazon!

365 Life Shifts Book Available Today!

I’m excited to be a contributing author in 365 Life Shifts, a brand-new book out right now on Amazon!
There is going to be a Launch Party on Facebook in a few hours and you can win free gifts!

I acknowledge the hallucination and what he is seeing because for him it is real - Marci Kobayashi | Tokyo-based WordPress Website Consultant & Intuitive

Living with someone who has Alzheimer's means everyday is different. I'm grateful to all of you who keep reminding me to write it down. I could hear a crackling of plastic as my father-in-law approached the table for breakfast on Sunday. He wasn’t holding anything and I couldn’t figure out what was making the sound. Then I looked down at his feet and stifled a gasp. I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh at his odd choice of footwear…

Woohoo! I'm so excited to be part of a brand-new book called 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything. I contributed 3 stories from my life here in Japan. Altogether, the book contains 365 personal stories (from over 250 contributing authors) of such life-changing moments – experiences that inspired, uplifted, shook us to our core, got us back on track (or onto a new track altogether), and led us toward our true selves. The book comes out in just a few days. Stay tuned for details! #365lifeshifts

Shadows in the sun feel more mysterious than shadows in the dark. They are somehow more alive!

Imagine there are many chords present and you are feeling the change in tension between them. Can you let them go? Step in and release the tension. You do not need to step back and break the tension. Step in. Step in and ease the tension.

Do you adjust your energy to others or hold your own space? - Marci Kobayashi | Tokyo-based WordPress Website Consultant & Intuitive

How about you? When do you adjust your energy to others and when do you hold your own space? I’m pretty good holding space but not necessarily my own space. One of my superpowers is adjusting my energy to other people – finding their frequency and matching mine to it. It is not something I think about consciously and it is not something I remember learning to do. I do it naturally. It puts…



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How do you protect your energy?
Thank you friends, family and especially Jodi and Dan!
365 Life Shifts Book Available Today!



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