Shonan Monorail

The Shonan Monorail is a suspended SAFEGE monorail in the cities of Kamakura and Fujisawa in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is operated by the Shonan Monorail Co., Ltd, and opened on March 7, 1970, the first monorail of its kind in Japan.travels 6.6km every seven to eight minutes between Ōfuna Station and Enoshima, making six stops.

The average length of a single trip is 14 minutes.The train is used by commuters that work in Tokyo or Yokohama, tourists visiting Enoshima, and, in summer months, city dwellers who are visiting the parks or baths of Enoshima.HistoryThe monorail was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and the line opened March 7, 1970 between Ōfuna and Nishi-Kamakura. The rest of the line opened on July 1, 1971.Stations* Track switching possible at these stationsRolling stock 5000 series 3-car sets , the line is operated using a fleet of seven three-car aluminium-bodied 5000 series trainsets.Former 300 series 2/3-car sets 400 series 500 series 3-car sets Services were initially operated using a fleet of six two-car 300 series trainsets built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Two sets were increased to three cars from February 1975 to provide additional capacity. The last of the 300 series sets were withdrawn by July 1992, following the introduction of new 500 series trains. The 500 series trains introduced in 1988 were the first air-conditioned trains on the line. The last 500 series train was withdrawn after its last day in service on 26 June 2016.





Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa
その他 Fujisawa-shi タクシー (すべて表示)
介護タクシー 湘南ウェーブ 介護タクシー 湘南ウェーブ
石川3丁目19-4 101
Fujisawa-shi, 252-0815

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江ノ島タクシー株式会社 江ノ島タクシー株式会社
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0035

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湘南モノレール 湘南モノレール
Fujisawa-shi, 251-0032