The University of Tokyo, abbreviated as Todai or UTokyo, is a public research university located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, often cited as the most prestigious university in Japan.The university has 10 faculties with a total of around 30,000 students, 2,100 of whom are foreign. Its five campuses are in Hongō, Komaba, Kashiwa, Shirokane and Nakano. It is the first of Japan's National Seven Universities.HistoryThe university was chartered by the Meiji government in 1877 under its current name by amalgamating older government schools for medicine and Western learning. It was renamed "the Imperial University" in 1886, and then Tokyo Imperial University in 1897 when the Imperial University system was created. In September 1923, an earthquake and the following fires destroyed about 700,000 volumes of the Imperial University Library. The books lost included the Hoshino Library, a collection of about 10,000 books. The books were the former possessions of Hoshino Hisashi before becoming part of the library of the university and were mainly about Chinese philosophy and history.


Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
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御菓子処 扇屋 御菓子処 扇屋
Bunkyo-ku, 113-0033

本郷東大赤門前 御菓子処 扇屋 和菓子製造販売 

Todai Todai

L', couramment abrégé en, est une université nationale japonaise, située à Tokyo. Elle a été fondée en 1877 comme l'une des universités impériales du Japon et appartient ...

Tokyo İmparatorluk Üniversitesi Tokyo İmparatorluk Üniversitesi

Tokyo Üniversitesi, Japonya'daki öncü araştırma üniversitelerinden biridir. Üniversite 10 fakülte ve 30.000 öğrenciye sahiptir. 30.000 öğrencinin 2100 kadarı yabancı ...

Japanese Baseball Hall-of-Fame Japanese Baseball Hall-of-Fame

The Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is a museum which includes a library, reference rooms and Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame.It first opened in 1959 next door to Korakuen...

Raw Wednesday Raw Wednesday

毎週、火曜日から土曜日限定のローフードカフェ。 Raw Food Cafe open every Tuesday to Saturday.

照隅 Terusumi 照隅 Terusumi
Bunkyo-ku, 113-0031

比内地鶏のやきとりをコース料理でご用意しております。 コースは2500円、3500円 21時以降はアラカルトメニューのみのご対応もいたします。

茗荷谷駅 茗荷谷駅
Bunkyo-ku, 112-0002

PetKing PetKing
Bunkyo-ku, 112-0012

ペッシェ - pesce ペッシェ - pesce
Bunkyo-ku, 1120002

Okinawa Restaurant Gosamaru Okinawa Restaurant Gosamaru
Bunkyo-ku, 112-0005


湯島ワンズラクレット  チーズと野菜とワインの店 湯島ワンズラクレット  チーズと野菜とワインの店
湯島3-36-10 永山ビル1F
Bunkyo-ku, 113-0034

ランチは2号店「湯島天神横ラクレットグリル」で営業(湯島駅徒歩2分) 東京都文京区湯島3-28-16 03-3839-0011

根津 釜竹 根津 釜竹
Bunkyo-ku, 113-0031

釜揚げうどん、ざるうどん、麺前酒、季節の肴少々、根津 釜竹