Stile Mediterraneo Food Academy

Stile Mediterraneo Food Academy

Cooking school in Puglia promoting the ancient and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Cooking & Wine School in Puglia Italy providing cooking classes and culinary/wine experiences.

We promote the authentic and Unesco heritage Mediterranean cuisine, one of the healthiest in the world according to Harvard Medical School.
We carefully select each artisan included in our tours.

All experiences are provided by local experts and are a unique chance to learn the Southern Italian culture through food.

The Mediterranean Diet: Is it the Food or the Lifestyle?

Someone else says it's not just about the's also about the ....Stile Mediterraneo The Mediterranean Diet has long been associated with better health, but now some researchers think the whole Mediterranean lifestyle may explain the longevity of people in the region.

I love March because I can finally have a Saint Joseph zeppola pastry!!!
So delicious. I hope March never ends.....

Best thing to do in Puglia Italy: learn about the culture of olive oil

Going inside a 2000 year old olive tree: a full immersion into the history and culture of Puglia

Francis Predicts His Papacy Will Be Brief

It's going to be an interesting year in Italy: international Food Expo in Milan (May 1st, - Oct 1st) and Jubilee in Rome from Dec 8th for a year (that was only announced last night!)..... Francis, marking the second anniversary of the start of his papacy, gave an interview in which he left open the possibility that he might someday step down.

Feeling very Stile Mediterraneo lifestyle today.......

Very happy the area near Matera is featured in the NYT! Their amazing bread is one of the things you should not miss when you go there

Happy Women's day to all our women friends!

When planning your trip to Italy you should consider Milan's enchanting streets

Are you planning to attend the 2015 Food Expo in Milan? You may find useful this post, that is the second of a series from our blog contributor (and very good friend!) in Milan. He will report about the food, events and life during this special event and help us uncover the beauty and secrets of Milan.

One of the things I miss about Milan.....
And you: what are your favorite restaurants in Milan?

What Italian words would you like to know before your next trip to Italy? Learn Italian online before traveling to Italy on vacation or holiday. Attend Italian language classes with native Italians in Italy

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Altro Lecce scuole (vedi tutte)
WFBS Universita' del Barman WFBS Universita' del Barman
Viale Oronzo Quarta 34, Lecce
Lecce, 46003

Scegli WFBS, per apprendere e mettere in pratica tutti i nostri insegnamenti, che serviranno per una carriera Professionale sicura in tutto il Mondo.

Liceo Scientifico "Giulietta Banzi Bazoli" - Lecce Liceo Scientifico "Giulietta Banzi Bazoli" - Lecce
Piazza Palio
Lecce, 73100

Liceo Scientifico Statale Giulietta Banzi Bazoli Piazza Palio 73100 Lecce 0832 393473

I.I.S.S. "A. De Pace" di Lecce I.I.S.S. "A. De Pace" di Lecce
Viale Marche, 18
Lecce, 73100

IISS "A.De Pace "Lecce

The Awaiting Table The Awaiting Table
Via Idomeneo, 41
Lecce, 73100

The Awaiting Table Cookery School in Lecce, Puglia, Southern Italy. Week long classes. Each day unique. Food, wine, Puglia. Come spend a week with us!

Via Merine 5
Lecce, 73100

L'istituto nonostante la riforma conferma la sua offerta formativa

Via Tiepolo, 13
Lecce, 73100


Arti Terapie Italia Arti Terapie Italia
Viale Oronzo Quarta, 24
Lecce, 73100

Corsi di Formazione in Musicoterapia, Arteterapia, Danzamovimentoterapia, Teatroterapia.

Scuola Edile della provincia di Lecce Scuola Edile della provincia di Lecce
Viale Belgio Zona Industriale
Lecce, 73100

Ente di formazione professionale

S.E.M. Scuola Estetica Moderna - Lecce S.E.M. Scuola Estetica Moderna - Lecce
Via Antonio Renzo, 2
Lecce, 73100

S.E.M. Scuola Estetica Moderna - Lecce è un Ente di Formazione Professionale che volge corsi di Qualifica Biennale e Specializzazione per Estetista

Via Belice
Lecce, 73100

Liceo Scientifico Sportivo "F. Calasso" Liceo Scientifico Sportivo "F. Calasso"
Via Bellice
Lecce, 73100

Notizie e attività del Liceo Scientifico Sportivo "F. Calasso" di Lecce

Assessorato Pubblica Istruzione Lecce Assessorato Pubblica Istruzione Lecce
Viale Ugo Foscolo 31/A
Lecce, 73100

PAGINA UFFICIALE dell'Assessorato Pubblica Istruzione del Comune di Lecce