AuroraShuttle is operated in Reykjavík, Iceland. The price of the tours is 12.500 kr. for each hour or 10.000 kr. each hour for more than 3 hours tours. The tours takes from 2 - 4 hours, or more if you like to.

We have a 1 - 8 person shuttle Opel Vivaro 2015 with a big space in the trunk for tools, tripods and cameras.

Pleace contact here in messages or email: or for orders. Phone 00354-845-3844

We look always to the forecast before the tour operation and we do not go if it shows overcast skies.

Great news!!! Big Aurora Show Tonight!!!
The Earth is inside of a big stream of fast blowing sunwind from Coronahole on the Suns atmosphere that hopefully will influence our planet next nights with bright Crazy dansing Auroras!


Great news!!! Big Aurora Show Tonight!!!
The Earth is inside of a big stream of fast blowing sunwind from Coronahole on the Suns atmosphere that hopefully will influence our planet next nights with bright Crazy dansing Auroras! New arrangement for tourist bus/coach traffic in Reykjavík city center has taken place. For the year 2017 it is as follows:

Aurora Show is on Ignition!!!
SOLAR STORM: A stream of solar wind flowing from a Coronal Hole in the Sun is heading directly to Earth's magnetic field. This stream have a speed for over 600 km/Sek and will hopefully influence our planet for the next nights with bright wild dansing Auroras.

Big Aurora Ignition is in the offer over Iceland!
Big CME from a filament of magnetism from northern hemisphere of the Sun exploded on 25.of nov. and is expected to give Earth a glansing blow in the days ahead with a good help from a Coronal Hole fast blowing stream.
The cloudforecast is exellent over all parts of Iceland in the days ahead.



Close to Laxnes.

Biggest Aurora Show in 12 years is on Ignition.
Now at the begining of the Season the 14. biggest Protonplasmacloud since 1976 is now heading directly to the Magnetic Field of Earth. Explosion in Sunspot 2673 is the sourse of the cloud that will be here at the magnetic field of Eart in 2-3 days sparking up one of the biggest Aurora show in decades.
More news later tonight.

Aurora Carnival is in the offer over Iceland!
Big CME from sunspot 2673 is heading straight to Earth with the arrive of 6.-7. sept.
The cloudforecast is exellent over all of the southern part of Iceland on thursday and there are lots of more events in the weeks ahead from numbers of coronal holes and sunspots that are the source of the Aurora Borealis.

The first Aurora this season - 19. august 2017. I have never seen them so early in august before :)

Aurora Show is on Ignition.
SOLAR STORM: Now at the very end of the Season - Just before the Midnight Sun takes completily over the Sky here in the North,
...A stream of big solar wind is buffeting the Earth's magnetic field. This is a a stream flowing from a Coronal hole in the Sun's atmosphere plus a Protonplasma from Unexpected Explosion in an old Sunspot.
The plasma from all this is now heading directly to the Magnetic Field of Earth.
Plus all that there are expectet to be some fireballs from a Shooting Star - The Lyrid meteor shower.
We here at EasyAurora will be surpriced if these events will not influence our Sky with Auroras in the nights ahead - Even if it will just be viseble for us at the darkest period of the night.
In a Country a little closer to the Equator we think it will be worth of it to look at the sky in the nights aheads. Auroras might be visible south to Scotland and South to Washington in the States or even in a more southern latitudes.

Auroratour to Þingvellir 27.03.2017 Activity only in 1 but so good lights.

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