Upper Room Baptist Church, Iceland

Upper Room Baptist Church serves the greater Reykjavik area. Location: Kefas church located in Kópavogur at Fagraþingi 2a

Upper Room Baptist Church serves the greater Reykjavik area. Location: Kefas church located in Kópavogur at Fagraþingi 2a

[02/11/18]   Service today will sadly be cancelled due to the weather 😞

[09/30/17]   Change of service times and meeting location:

From now on we meet at Fagrathing 2a (Kefas Church meeting place) at 1pm

[10/22/16]   A reminder, even though this page is inactive we still meet at Ingolfsstræti 19 in downtown Reykjavik at 2pm on Sundays, everyone welcome!
This is the English page for Loftstofan Baptistakirkja, all services are in Icelandic, but translated live for all attending from elsewhere, for more current facebook updates feel free to visit the Loftstofan page and see if you can get by with some Icelandic! :)

Looking forward to see you guys :)

[07/14/16]   When He has tried me--I shall come forth as gold!

(William Purton, "Lessons of Peace in the School of Affliction" 1868)

"Look, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have purified you in the furnace of affliction!" Isaiah 48:10

To purify gold or silver, the refiner puts it into a furnace. Great heat separates the dross from the precious metal. Out of the fire, comes forth the precious substance clean and pure.

So likewise with the child of God. The character may be true gold--yet not pure gold. And so the Lord's mercy says, "I will turn my hand upon you, and purely purge away your dross. I will purify you in the furnace of affliction!" Yes, even as in great heat gold is tried--so in the sharpness of pain and sorrow, does God test and purify His redeemed children.

Let me, then, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is afflicting me. This testing of my faith is the gracious dealing of the Refiner, who seeks to cleanse me. In the furnace of affliction, God's mercy wills to purify me. May I strive to say, as righteous Job said: "When He has tried me--I shall come forth as gold!"

The pain of passing through the fire is keen. The fiery test is not easily endured. Such is our nature, that we all shrink from the furnace of affliction. Indeed, it is very hard to bear the of pain of bodily weakness.
But the Refiner's love chooses the trial!
His wisdom limits it!
His power strengthens us to bear it!

O Lord God, sanctify this trial according to Your wisdom. From pride and self-will; from earthliness of temper; from carnal lusts and sensual imaginations--purify my soul. Make me humble, trustful, gentle, heavenly-minded. In suffering, may I know that You are blessing me. Free my soul from earthly baseness, and beautify it with holiness. Make me, O Lord, like unto pure gold--a vessel fit for Your use and bright with Your glory!

Almighty God, You sent this affliction--You measured it. O bless it, for Christ's sake. Amen.

[06/26/16]   Service at 2pm in English at Ingólfsstræti 19! :)

[10/31/15]   Services at Loftstofan Baptist Church have now been moved to 15:30 (3:30pm) on Sundays.
The meeting place is still the same, a school by the name of Fjölbrautaskólinn í Garðabæ, located at Skolabraut 6, 210, Gardabaer.

Real men read Pink (A.W. Pink)

"When a soul is truly brought into the presence of the living God, boasting ceases, our comeliness is turned into corruption (Dan 10:8), and we cry, “Woe is me! for I am undone” (Isa 6:5). When God makes to the soul a personal revelation of His wondrous perfections, that individual is effectually convinced of his own wretchedness.

The more we are given to discern the ineffable glory of the Lord, the more will our self- complacency wither. It is in God’s light, and in that only, “we see light” (Psa 36:9). When He shines into our understandings and hearts, and brings to light “the hidden things of darkness,” we perceive the utter corruption of our nature and are abominable in our own eyes.

While we measure ourselves by our fellows, we shall, most likely, think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think (Rom 12:3); but when we measure ourselves by the holy requirements of God’s nature, we cry “I am dust and ashes” (Gen 18:27). True repentance changes a man’s opinion of himself." ~ Arthur Pink, "Vile"

[05/11/15]   But it leads to the bottomless pit!

(Arthur Pink)

"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it." Matthew 7:13-14

There is another gate than the narrow one, altogether different therefrom, for it is wide and gives entrance into a broad way--but it leads to the bottomless pit! It is the course of this world (Ephesians 2:2), in which all its unregenerate citizens are found. It is the path of self-will and self-gratification. It is wide because those in it own no restrictions. They have broken down the commandments of God which were designed to be a hedge about them. It is therefore a pleasant and easy way to the flesh, for . . .
no inquiry or diligent search has to be made in order to find it,
no resolution and perseverance are called for in order to continue treading it,
no self-denial has to be practiced to remain therein.

A dead fish can float with the stream, but only a living one can swim against it. Just so, the unregenerate mechanically follow this road, for there is nothing in them to resist the law of gravity. The going is smooth and easy--because it is all downhill!

[01/24/15]   Emmanuel BC has become a part of Loftstofan church, all services are translated into english, and if you want to follow more closely the work going on in Loftstofan you can head on over to the other "like" page where everything is posted in both Icelandic and English :)

Services will continue to be at 1PM in Fjölbrautaskólinn í Garðabæ.

[01/03/15]   Loftstofan and Emmanuel Baptist Church will become one church tomorrow, 4th of January 2015, this will be the first service with changed times for Loftstofan but from here on out services will be at 1 PM.

Gunnar Ingi will take care of the preaching, Friðberg will lead us in singing and snacks and good fellowship after service. The service will be in Icelandic and translation will be provided for those english speaking.

Looking forward to seeing you all! :)

[12/27/14]   We will not be having a service tomorrow, December 28, due to illness. Loftstofan will have a service at 2:30 pm (14:30) in Icelandic.

Emmanuel Baptist Church and Loftstofan have decided to unite, and the first service of the united church will be on Sunday January 4, 2015 at 1 pm (13:00). Gunnar Ingi Gunnarsson will be preaching.

[12/20/14]   Welcome to the service tomorrow, December 21, at the usual time, 1:00 pm (13:00). We will be continuing our series in the Gospel of Matthew with chapter 5, verse 7. "Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy."

[12/12/14]   This coming Sunday, the 14th of December, there will be a combined service with Loftstofan at 2:30pm and light refreshments afterward. Gunnar Ingi will be preaching in English. (No service at 1:00pm).

J.R. Miller Quotes

"Defeat is the school in which most of us have to be trained. In all kinds of work, men learn by making mistakes.

The successful business man did not begin with success. He learned by experience and the experience was very costly. The true science of living—is not to make no mistakes—but not to repeat one's mistakes.

Defeat when one has done one's best, and when one takes a lesson from his defeat, is not something to be ashamed of—but something to be glad for, since it sets one's feet on a little higher plane. Defeat which makes us wiser and better—is a blessing to us."

JR Miller, The Beauty of the Imperfect

[12/06/14]   Welcome to the service tomorrow, December 7, at the usual time, 1:00 pm (13:00). We will be continuing our series in the Gospel of Matthew with chapter 5, verse 5.

[11/27/14]   This coming Sunday, 30th of Nov., there will be a combined service with Loftstofan at 2:30pm and light refreshments afterward. Gunnar Ingi will take care of the preaching from Matthew 5:4, looking at what Jesus meant when he said "blessed are those who mourn"

We hope you can join us at 2:30pm at the Fjölbrautaskólinn í Garðabæ.
(No service at 1:00pm this sunday).

[11/26/14]   In everything give thanks!

(Thomas Watson, "All Things for Good")

"We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

See what cause the saints have to be frequent in the work of thanksgiving! In this, Christians are defective; though they are much in supplication, yet they are little in thanksgiving. The apostle says. "In everything give thanks!" 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Why so? Because God makes everything work together for our good. We thank the physician, though he gives us a bitter medicine which makes us nauseated--because it is to make us well. We thank any man who does us a good turn; and shall we not be thankful to God--who makes everything work for good to us?

God loves a thankful Christian! Job thanked God when He took all away: "The Lord has taken away--blessed be the name of the Lord!" (Job 1:21). Many will thank God when He gives; Job thanks Him when He takes away, because he knew that God would work good out of it.

We read of saints with harps in their hands--an emblem of praise (Revelation 14:2). Yet we meet many Christians who have tears in their eyes, and complaints in their mouths! But there are few with their harps in their hands--who praise God in affliction.

To be thankful in affliction--is a work peculiar to a saint.
Every bird can sing in spring--but few birds will sing in the dead of winter!
Everyone, almost, can be thankful in prosperity--but a true saint can be thankful in adversity!

Well may we, in the worst that befalls us--have a psalm of thankfulness, because God works all things for our good. Oh, be much in giving thanks to God!

~ ~ ~ ~

And did the Holy and the Just,
The Sovereign of the skies,
Stoop down to wretchedness and dust,
That guilty worms might rise?

Yes, the Redeemer left His throne,
His radiant throne on high,
(Surprising mercy! love unknown!)
To suffer, bleed, and die!

He took the dying traitor's place,
And suffered in his stead;
For man (O miracle of grace!)
For man the Savior bled!

Dear Lord, what heavenly wonders dwell
In Your atoning blood!
By this are sinners snatched from Hell,
And rebels brought to God!

What glad return can I impart
For favors so divine?
O take my all, this worthless heart,
And make it wholly Thine!
Anne Steele, 1859

[11/25/14]   There will be a men's Bible study this week on Thursday evening at 8 pm at David's place.

[11/13/14]   There will not be a men's Bible study this week.

[11/11/14]   A holy antipathy against sin

(Thomas Watson, "Doctrine of Repentance")

There is no better sign of true repentance, than a holy antipathy against sin. Sound repentance begins in love to God--and ends in the hatred of sin.

How may true hatred of sin be known?

1. When a man's HEART is set against sin. Not only does the tongue protest against sin--but the heart abhors it. However lovely sin is painted, we find it odious--just as we abhor the picture of one whom we mortally hate, even though it may be well drawn.

Suppose a dish is finely cooked and the sauce good--yet if a man has an antipathy against the meat, he will not eat it. So let the devil cook and dress sin with pleasure and profit--yet a true penitent has a secret abhorrence of it, is disgusted by it, and will not meddle with it.

2. True hatred of sin is UNIVERSAL. There is a dislike of sin not only in the judgment--but in the will and affections. Many a one is convinced that sin is a vile thing, and in his judgment has an aversion to it--yet he tastes sweetness in it, and has a secret delight in it. Here is a disliking of sin in the judgment--and an embracing of it in the affections! Whereas in true repentance, the hatred of sin is in all the faculties, not only in the mind--but chiefly in the will: "I do the very thing I hate!" (Romans 7:15). Paul was not free from sin--yet his will was against it.

3. He who truly hates one sin--hates all sins. He who hates a serpent--hates all serpents. "I hate every false way!" (Psalm 119:104). Hypocrites will hate some sins which mar their credit. But a true convert hates all sins--gainful sins, complexion sins, the very stirrings of corruption.

4. A holy heart detests sin for its intrinsic pollution. Sin leaves a stain upon the soul. A regenerate person abhors sin not only for the curse--but for the contagion. He hates this serpent not only for its sting--but for its poison. He hates sin not only for Hell--but as Hell.

Those who have no antipathy against sin, are strangers to true repentance. Sin is in them--as poison in a serpent, which, being natural to it, affords delight. How far are they from repentance who, instead of hating sin--love sin! To the godly--sin is as a thorn in the eye; to the wicked--sin is as a crown on the head! "They actually rejoice in doing evil!" (Jeremiah 11:15).

Loving of sin is worse than committing it. What is it, which makes a swine love to tumble in the mire? Its love of filth. O how many there are--who love the forbidden fruit! They love their sin--and hate holiness.

There should be a deadly antipathy between the heart and sin. What is there in sin, which may make a penitent hate it?

Sin is the accursed thing, the most deformed monster! Look upon the origin of sin, from whence it comes. It fetches its pedigree from Hell: "He who commits sin is of the devil!" (1 John 3:8). Sin is the devil's special work. How hateful is it to be doing that which is the special work of the devil--indeed, that which makes men into devils!

[11/08/14]   Service will be at the regular time, 1 pm (13:00) this Sunday. Everyone welcome :)

[11/01/14]   Tomorrow (November 2) the service will be at 14:30 (instead of 13:00) together with Loftstofan, and Gunnar will be preaching on Matthew 4:1-11.

[10/29/14]   There will not be a men's Bible study this week.

Paul David Tripp

Corporate worship is designed to enthrall you with the ever-faithful, always-patient, still-abounding love of your Lord and Savior.

[10/15/14]   A holy man will follow after humility

(J.C. Ryle, "Holiness, Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots")

A holy man will follow after humility. He will desire, in lowliness of mind, to esteem all others better than himself. He will see more evil in his own heart--than in any other in the world.

He will understand something of Abraham's feeling, when he says, "I am dust and ashes!"

And Jacob's feeling, when he says, "I am unworthy of the least of all Your mercies!"

And Job's feeling, when he says, "Behold! I am vile!"

And Paul's feeling, when he says, "I am the chief of sinners!"

Holy John Bradford, that faithful martyr of Christ, would sometimes finish his letters with these words: "A most miserable sinner, John Bradford."

The godly William Grimshaw's last words, when he lay on his deathbed, were these: "Here goes an unprofitable servant!"

"By the grace of God I am what I am!" 1 Corinthians 15:10

[10/12/14]   The imperativeness of the new birth

(Arthur Pink, 1952)

"You must be born again!" John 3:7

The imperativeness of the new birth is evident from the fact that man is a fallen creature. Originally he was made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26), fitted to enjoy fellowship with Him. But upon his apostasy, he . . .
was alienated from his Maker,
became unsuited unto the Holy One,
and fled from Him.

The natural man is . . .
totally depraved,
a slave of Satan,
dead in sin,
and, therefore, it is no marvel that he needs to be born again.

He is devoid of . . .
any love to God,
any delight in Him,
any relish for heavenly things,
any ability to perform spiritual acts.

A miracle of grace, then, must be wrought upon him before he is qualified to enter the Father's house. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people--for those who have been made "fit to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light" (Colossians 1:12), for without holiness no man shall see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).

An unregenerated person would be entirely out of harmony with the ineffable purity of the celestial courts, and could no more enjoy their company and activities, than could a deaf man enjoy an oratorio, or a blind man enjoy the beauties of an exquisite sunset. A spiritual kingdom requires a spiritual nature, and in order to the acquisition of that, the natural man must be regenerated--divinely regenerated, for the creature can no more quicken himself than he could give himself a natural being.

Regeneration is no . . .
mere outward reformation,
process of education, or
even religious cultivation.
No, it consists of a radical change of heart and transformation of character--the communication of a gracious and holy principle, producing new desires, new capacities, and a new life. Then, do not marvel that in order thereto, a man must be born from above.

[10/11/14]   Welcome to the service tomorrow at 1 pm (13). We will be continuing our series in the Gospel of Matthew with chapter 1, verses 18-25.

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