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workshop on Right to information Act at Spandan Training Centre in Mymensingh
My own human right has been voileted i need your help as i am still lookking for my mother her Will she left for me inSwitzerland and a court case i won in Germany thanks
Sir i need your help how can i recover a Will my mother left for me in Switzerland Herself and a court case i won in Germany thanks
By amending the Prevention of Corruption Act, the govt may be taking a step back on the fight against #Corruption. What the Rajasthan govt has tried to do through its #ordinance isn't new. Central govt intends to do the same. Why is the requirement of sanction (approval of government) before investigating a charge of corruption against a public servant problematic? Explained here. Should the govt go ahead with this policy decision? Let us know. We will share your feedback with Members of Parliament when they deliberate on the Bill.
Did you know Australia is offering money to Rohingya who have been access as refugees to return home to face genocide Day 57 of peaceful protests on Manus Island Australia is using PNG's hands to kill us PNG not safe it is a dangerous country We are living under torture Please you can assist people granted refugee status on Manus and Nauru . They have been held in indefinite detention for 5 years because they escaped via a boat. Among many agencies UNHCR, Human Rights, Save the children and Amnesty International have documented the harsh nature of the conditions and noted the physical and mental health impacts of on the women, children and men who are asylum seekers . "Few other countries go to such lengths to deliberately inflict suffering on people seeking safety and freedom. Anna Neistat, Senior Director for Research at Amnesty International" There has been at least four deaths as a result of delays in medical treatment,Omid Masoumali ,Hamid Khazaei,Faysal Ishak Ahmed,Hamed Shamshiripour. There have been other multiple incidents evidencing woefully inadequate health care. Additionally LGBTQ+ asylum seekers detained in centres on Manus Island and Nauru are vulnerable to violence. Homosexuality is still criminalised in Papua New Guinea, and if LGBTQ+ asylum seekers were released in Papua New Guinea, they would face a strong likelihood of experiencing 'violence, intimidation, imprisonment and possible death', according to Human Rights Watch. Amir faces the choice of return to Iran, where homosexuality is punishable by execution, or stay to in Papua New Guinea, where homosexuality carries a sentence of up to 14 years in prison. Currently Water and power and cleaning services have been shut off, and buildings demolished, at the Manus Island regional processing centre ahead of its planned closure on October 31. This latest move is to coerce those granted refugee status to move from the centre and either return home or into the community . Another method Australia uses is to pay people money to return home. This includes Rohingya from Burma.where genocide is occurring . This is despite the fact many have been granted refugees status a recognition of having a well founded fear of persecution. This article gives a brief explanation as to why resettlement to PNG is not a viable option for either the people who are refugees on the local community The country of New Zealand has approach the Australian government three times and officially offered to resettle people. This offer has been refused each time. Please assist by ringing the Australian embassy .Tell them to evacuated people from Nauru and Manus, ana resettled them after 5 years of detention. Think about telling them you will boycott Australian tourism and products until they release this vunerable group who only want to rebuild their lives in safety
CHRI organised a brown bag lecture with the Chief Information Commissioner, Mr. R.K. Mathur on 29th May 2017. He discussed his experience about implementing RTI through the Commission.

​​The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organisation headquartered in New Delhi, with offices in London, United Kingdom and Accra, Ghana.

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is an independent, non-partisan, international non-governmental organisation, mandated to ensure the practical realisation of human rights in the countries of the Commonwealth. In 1987, several Commonwealth associations founded CHRI because they felt that while the member countries had both a common set of values and legal principles from which to work and a forum within which to promote human rights, there was relatively little focus on human rights issues. CHRI's objectives are to promote awareness of and adherence to the Harare Commonwealth Declaration, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other internationally recognised human rights instruments, as well as domestic instruments supporting human rights in Commonwealth member states. Through its biennial CHOGM reports and periodic fact finding missions CHRI continually draws attention to progress and setbacks in human rights in Commonwealth countries. In advocating for approaches and measures to prevent human rights abuses, CHRI addresses the Commonwealth Secretariat, member-state governments and civil society associations. By holding workshops and developing linkages, CHRI's approach throughout is to act as a catalyst for activity around its priority concerns. CHRI is accredited to the Commonwealth and, since 2002, also holds Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights. CHRI has also been granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in July 2005. CHRI Society Registration Certificate CHRI FCRA Registration Certificate CHRI IT u/s 12A Registration Certificate CHRI IT u/s 80G Registration Certificate CHRI PAN Number

Mission: CHRI's mandate is to promote awareness of and adherence to the Harare Principles, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other internationally recognised human rights instruments and declarations made by the Commonwealth Heads of Governments as well as domestic instruments supporting human rights in the Commonwealth. CHRI believes that the promotion and protection of human rights is the responsibility of governments but that the active participation of civil society acting in concert is vital to ensuring rule of law and the realisation of human rights.

Madhya Pradesh Prisons & Correctional Services & CHRI are jointly organising a virtual national consultation on prisons tomorrow at 10.00 am IST to deliberate on ways to curb the infections in prisons. More than 10 states are part of the consultation.

Access the live stream, here:

The United Nations Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) lays down the minimum international standards for the prohibition of torture. India signed the UNCAT in 1997.

On June 24, CHRI & OMCT are getting together an international panel to discuss the benefits of ratification.

Human Rights Law Network United Nations Fijian Government O.P. Jindal Global University Commonwealth Foundation Quill Foundation Project 39A, National Law University, Delhi International Court of Justice Amnesty International India United Nations Human Rights Human Rights Watch The Commonwealth

On CIC directive health ministry to make public details of all Covid-19 treatment facilities across states | India News - Times of India India News: NEW DELHI: Following the directions of the Central Information Commission, ministry of health and family welfare (MoH&FW) has designated a nodal o.

Health Ministry appoints nodal officer to disseminate district-wise details of COVID-19 facilities Read more about Health Ministry appoints nodal officer to disseminate district-wise details of COVID-19 facilities on Devdiscourse

Health Ministry appoints nodal officer to disseminate district-wise details of COVID-19 facilities Julka had issued an advisory to the ministry on a plea by Venkatesh Nayak to put out the information within 15 days.

District-wise details of COVID-19 hospitals to be put online Health Ministry appoints officer to compile info after being slammed by CIC order

Union Health Ministry appoints Nodal Officer to collect and publish country-wide COVID Hospitals List in compliance with CIC's recent Advisory

RTI IMPACT | Following CHRI's complaint to the Central Information Commission, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has appointed Saranga Dhar Nayak, Deputy Secretary in the Ministry as Nodal Officer to collect & publish country-wide COVID-19 hospital list.

Read the order, here: Readers might remember a despatch circulated on 07 June, 2020 regarding an advisory issued by the Central Information Commission (CIC) to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). The CIC had advised the Ministry to: "...designate an officer of an appropriate seniority as a Nodal Offi...

CHRI aims to strengthen the response of prison depts to the COVID-19 pandemic by facilitating a discussion on the learnings, challenges & experiences of prison administrators.

On June 20, 2020, we are getting together officials from more than 10 states across the country.

Checklist For Monitoring Prisons based on The Ministry Of Home Affair’s ‘Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Handling Arrested Persons, Detainees and Inmates During the Pandemic’

CHRI has prepared a Checklist for prison administrators to make monitoring processes of administrative preparedness, the establishment of precautionary frameworks & handling of suspected/confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection more effective & efficient.

The checklist is based on the advisory issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs on May 2, 2020.

Access it, here: CHRI has prepared a Checklist for prison administrators to follow and monitor the minimum standards of administrative preparedness, the establishment of a precautionary framework and handling of suspected/confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection. The Checklist is based on the Ministry of Home Affair’...

Help CHRI fight modern slavery during COVID-19

CHRI UK's fundraiser has 21 days left! Although COVID-19 may have halted our societies, modern slavery persists. Our office in London continues to work on this important issue with its network of over 60 anti-slavery civil society organisations from all five regions of the Commonwealth. You can support our work by donating with the link below. COVID-19 hasn't stopped the inhumane business of modern slavery. We need your help now to support those who support the most vulnerable.

An Update on CHRI's petition to the National Human Rights Commission, India on the deaths following alleged police excess force during Lockdown: The Commission has issued notices to district SP and DM in all 15 cases and has called for Action Taken reports within 4 weeks.

Access the petition here:

National Legal Services Authority & CHRI released 'Handbook of Formats’ with the aim to enhance legal services provided for marginalised sections.

Access the Handbook, here:

It's an effective tool for improving organizational practices required for providing legal services.

There are 2 sections in the publication. 1st section contains formats for legal aid providers i.e. panel, retainer, remand lawyers, paralegals, jail visiting lawyers etc. 2nd section includes formats for registers for the front office, attendance, monitoring & mentoring committees etc

RTI IMPACT | The Central Information Commission, in response to a complaint by CHRI's Venkatesh Nayak, has issued an advisory to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to designate a nodal officer & publish list of all COVID treatment facilities in the country within 15 days.

Labour Commissioner Puts Total Number of Migrant Workers at 26 Lakh, Says 10% in Relief Camps

Total Number of Migrant Workers at 26 Lakh, 10% in Relief Camps as per government.

CHRI's Venkatesh Nayak tells the data was nonetheless patchy and did not answer most of the queries that had been raised. The information uploaded by the government does not provide several essential details on the background of migrant workers.

Coronavirus lockdown | 26 lakh migrant workers in halfway houses, says official data This is an extreme underestimation, going by the other assessments made by Central and State governments, including Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s estimate of 8 crore stranded migrants.

26 lakh migrant labourers stranded across 33 states: Preliminary govt data

The preliminary data reveals most number of migrants 10.58 lakh are in Chhattisgarh followed by Kerala 2.87 lakh, Maharashtra 2.01 lakh, Tamil Nadu 1.93 lakh, Telangana 1.84 lakh and Andhra Pradesh 1 lakh." ​​The data has been released after a strongly-worded directive from Central Information Commission (CIC) following a complaint by Right to Information (RTI) activist Venkatesh Nayak. ​​The chief labour commissioner had initiated this enumeration exercise during Lockdown 1.0 with lakhs of lab...

[06/04/20]   Watch this video by the National Legal Services Authority to know more about the 'Handbook of Formats,' which aims to enhance legal services provided for marginalised and weaker sections.

‘Handbook of Formats: Ensuring Effective Legal Services’ is the result of a collaboration between CHRI & National Legal Services Authority NALSA.

It's a step towards NALSA’s priority of improving the quality of legal services by strengthening documentation & reporting by legal services institutions in India.

Human rights for public health

"The alarming rise in infections and deaths from the coronavirus reflects a worrying institutional inadequacy. Yet, defenders of public health, who have been critical of the institutional response to the crisis, continue to face action."

Aditya Sharma, Media and Advocacy Officer at CHRI, writes a column on the imbalance among ethics, human rights & public health. Those campaigning against socio-economic vulnerability have found that the State has turned against them

National Legal Services Authority NALSA and CHRI today released ‘Handbook of Formats: Ensuring Effective Legal Services.'

The Handbook, prepared by Raja Bagga, Amrita Paul & Madhurima Dhanuka in consultation with NALSA officials, was released by Hon’ble Justice NV Ramana.

CHRI in a letter has requested Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions to issue advisories to State Governments ensuring the resumption of work by State Information Commissions (SICs).

The letter included findings from CHRI's 2nd Rapid Survey:

CHRI's Venkatesh Nayak will be part of a panel discussion on the Supreme Court judgement:

[(2013) 1 SCC 212]

Date: Saturday, June 6, 2020
Time: 4:00 - 6:30 pm IST

Information gap

During lockdown 1 and 2, the SICs were largely non-functional. “The situation now is somewhat better, with them at least opening offices & issuing circulars on what is the status of hearing,” CHRI's Shikha Chibbar tells Soni Mishra. Experts say that citizens’ right to information has not been upheld during lockdown

3-member panel to assess mental health of prisoners | Bhubaneswar News - Times of India

As the pandemic continues to affect the mental health of many around the world, prisoners too are in a vulnerable spot.

CHRI is encouraged by the Odisha Human Rights Commission's initiative to form a committee. We hope other states also take this step. Bhubaneswar: The state government has constituted a three-member expert committee to find out condition of inmates suffering from psychiatric ailments.

Arunachal Pradesh State Legal Services Authority collaborated with CHRI to train Legal Aid Counsels on access to justice and the role of advocates as per the NALSA’s regulations and schemes.

CHRI's Raja Bagga & Amrita Paul took the training session.


CHRI & Boondh put together some recommendations on menstrual health management in prisons:

Interactions with women prisoners & prison staff in 3 states have revealed that many prisons either give a limited number of sanitary pads or require women to purchase pads from the canteen or procure it from outside during visits from family.

#MHDay2020 #PeriodsInPrisons

In CHRI's latest issue of Jail Mail, Programme Officer Anju Anna John discusses menstrual hygiene of women prisoners, forwards recommendations based on field interactions & shares a poster for awareness in prisons.


#PeriodsInPrisons #MHDay2020

In Feb 2020, CHRI & Boondh came together to conduct awareness programmes for women prisoners & training sessions for prison staff on menstrual health management in prisons.

Canada in India (High Commission of Canada) Feminism in India Saahas UNFPA India African Coalition for Menstrual Health Management WASH United Essar APWLD - Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development Women's Fund Asia FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund Women Deliver UN Women

Access to safe and dignified means for ensuring menstrual hygiene is a fundamental need of women everywhere. Even in prisons in India, where there are 19,242 women prisoners.

Read the Bangkok Rules, here:
Read the Model Prison Manual 2016, here:

#ItsTimeForAction #MHDay2020 #PeriodsInPrisons

May 28 is celebrated as Menstrual Hygiene Day to break the silence, raise awareness and change negative social norms around Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).

This year CHRI is starting a conversation around #PeriodsInPrisons

WASH United #ItsTimeForAction #MHDay2020

Help CHRI fight modern slavery during COVID-19

Help CHRI fight modern slavery during COVID-19!

COVID-19 hasn't stopped the inhumane business of modern slavery. COVID-19 is affecting the most vulnerable the hardest. Victims of contemporary forms of slavery continue to face exploitation, abuse and hardship.

Grassroots members of our international Commonwealth 8.7 Network, as well as the individuals and communities they support, are feeling the impact of both COVID-19 and emergency measures imposed by governments to halt it.

CHRI is committed to supporting this network of small, yet crucial organisations across the Commonwealth.

To continue to do this, we urgently seek funds to support this international network of grassroots leaders who provide essential services to those most in need. We don't want to let them down now when their need is greatest.

We need your help now to support those who support the most vulnerable. COVID-19 hasn't stopped the inhumane business of modern slavery. We need your help now to support those who support the most vulnerable.

South Asian journalists decry attacks on media persons By Matters India Reporter New Delhi, May 26, 2020: The South Asia Media Defenders Network (SAMDEN) on May 26 bemoaned a pattern of official and corporate arbitrariness against media in the region. …

Media group concerned over detention of media professionals in Bangladesh

“During a pandemic, jail is the last place for a person to be, especially media professionals who are most needed at this time to provide factual, independent critical information to the public and to government as well as fearless reporting." SAMDEN also points to cases filed against reporters in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat

[05/27/20]   “This is yet another sign that courts & other oversight bodies need to hold police accountable for excessive force in 'enforcing' the lockdown,” CHRI's Devika Prasad tells Hindustan Times

Read CHRI's petition to the National Human Rights Commission:

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