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Vega Schools

Vega is the most innovative CBSE K-12 school in Gurgaon. Here, learning happens by doing, through a methodology called PBL (endorsed by CBSE). We focus on giving children the skills needed to succeed in life. Registrations open for Pre-Nursery to Grade 6.

Vega school wants to create a desire to learn and discover the star within a child. Learning happens through learning leaders who are not just teachers, but creative partners of Vega students. Our curriculum is a 21st Century proof, it employs project-based learning and other engaging, innovative and 'individualized' learning techniques, that have been proven in many parts of the world. All this, over and above the traditional methods of learning. Vega School encourages its students to apply the knowledge acquired, and not merely memorize it. We at Vega School believe that Vega students will be ready to become 21st Century citizens anywhere in the world. They will have success and will be of great value to the society. Vega Students will be content and happy with their achievements and they will learn to build a society based on mutual respect. With this new more holistic approach they will be totally ready for the future that awaits them.

Mission: To build and establish 21st century schools where teachers are learning leaders trained to discover the star within each child. They nurture the star in each student by practicing and imparting values, skills, and encouraging discovery over instruction. Encouraging each one to leave that glinting Vega footprint in the society they inhabit. And in so doing, give and find fulfillment and contentment.

Today, on the occasion of Labor Day, Vega's Parent Community came together with the learners as well as Team Vega to thank Vega's Support Staff for their invaluable contribution in their lives. The Didis and Bhaiyyas reach school earlier than everyone, keep the campus premise hygienic and flawless, and take care of our safety and well-being at all times. They are the true epitomes of service and unconditional love.

The learners presented the staff with tokens of appreciation, words of acknowledgement, and entertained them with various activities. Many of our parents also came forward to deliver inspiring speeches about service and love and appreciated the learners for their efforts in organizing this special assembly for their beloved Didis and Bhaiyyas. We are especially thankful to them.

Look what we ran into this morning! Preparations for the 'Appreciation Ceremony' for our Didis and Bhaiyyas (support staff) to celebrate 'Labor Day' on 1st May are in full swing at Vega. Every grade is doing something special to thank them.

Take a look at our freshers of Grade 1 as they plan and prepare for tomorrow, with the guidance of their superstar learning leader Iqbal Kaur. Iqbal is encouraging learners to share what they would like to do for the Didis and Guard Bhaiyyas to show their gratitude towards them.
It's heartening to see these children get in touch with their humanity, be empathetic towards other people, as well as have the confidence to share their thoughts within a group.

Celebrating Uniqueness: Autism Awareness Festival | 22-23-27 Apr came to a successful completion with its finale on 27th April, 2019. The final day of this celebration moved us all and left us all with tears of joy and love, including the children, the participants, the panelists, as well as the organizing team.

The festival saw participation from various organizations such as Pure Hearts, Mom's Belief Soch, Heritage Xperiential Learning School - The Heritage School, Gurgaon, Vishwas Vidyalaya, Children First, Sparsh For Children, Step-by-Step-School-Noida, and panelists from esteemed organizations such as Lemon Tree Hotels etc. We thank you all for your support, participation, and sincere efforts.

The festival had a 'Treasure Hunt: Sensory activity' for children, a Life Skills Workshop, an Arts Therapy Workshop for children and parents, performances by learners, as well as a panel discussion. The festival was aimed at normalizing how we see disability, making people aware, as well as taking steps how to give more exposure and opportunities to the differently-abled.

Our confident learners introduce our expert panelists as they begin the long awaited panel discussion at Celebrating Uniqueness: An Autism Awareness Festival

We look forward to the active participation and engagement of learners, educators, and parents TODAY at #CelebratingUniqueness, the culmination event of our month long awareness campaign around autism and different abilities. SEE YOU THERE!

Want to hone your child's talents or discover a new passion? Want to provide the right direction to the innovator inside them? 'Funny Sunny Days - A Summer Camp' by Pop-Shala is the answer!

Funny Sunny Days is Gurgaon's 1st summer camp that is day-long, productive, fun, and will teach your child many skills and values that are beyond the school curriculum!
Interested? Fill this form:
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This summer campy by Pop-Shala offers the following activities for ages 2-14 years through expert and friendly trainers: -
- Music (guitar, keyboard, drums, etc)
- Dance
- Makerspace (D-I-Y, Robotics, Craft, Engineering)
- Theater
- Virtual Reality
- Day-Care
& more!

On 18th April 2019, another school-wide fire drill was organized at Vega. The drill was led by the representatives and firemen from the Haryana Fire and Emergency Services Department.

The experts from the fire department not only demonstrated the use of different methods to control fires but also how to save oneself from fire and rescue others trapped in the building that is under fire.

After the drill, many learning leaders as well as learners were also given hands-on experience of the same.

On 18th April 2019, another school-wide fire drill was organized at Vega. The drill was led by the representatives and firemen from the Haryana Fire and Emergency Services Department.

The experts from the fire department not only demonstrated the use of different methods to control fires but also how to save oneself from fire and rescue others trapped in the building that is under fire.

After the drill, many learning leaders as well as learners were also given hands-on experience of the same.

[04/24/19]   At Vega, we observed 22nd -27th April 2019 as Autism Awareness week. We utilized this time period to hold conversations, visits, and workshops for the whole school to get sensitized towards the differently abled.

On April 22nd & 23rd, our Special Education Department organized Arts and Occupational Therapy workshops for the staff as well as the learners in order to help us reach our inner humanity and manifest the values of love, acceptance, respect, inclusion, sensitization and support.
Watch this rewind video and tell us how you feel!

Vega Grade V Mime Performance | Shri Dhara, April 2019

22nd April is globally observed as 'Earth Day'. To commemorate this day, a team of Vega's Grade V learners participated in the 'MIME' category at 'Shri Dhara: an inter-school fest' organized by Shri Ram School (Aravali).

They gave a beautiful and enriching performance on the theme of 'Biomimicry: Learning from Nature'. With the help of coordinated gestures, they showcased evolution of man and how technology is inspired by nature. For example, the hunter-gatherer rituals, the passage of time, using animals for transportation, study of a bird's flight to design an aeroplane, etc.

Here, take a look and tell us what you feel!

Someone who loves discovering the voice of children through their play, and helping the inhibited ones find their hidden play, Soumini Menon is a Developmental Psychologist and Arts Based Therapist extraordinaire.

Through her personal journey of motherhood, she has been working as a Parenting Therapist, helping parents cope with their daily struggles and celebrate their personal victories.

Soumini will be a part of the panel of experts at Vega Schools’ event ‘Celebrating Uniqueness’ on 27 April 2019 from 9am-2pm. HURRY! FOR FREE REGISTRATION for the event click here-

“Empathy is...
seeing with the eyes of another,
listening with the ears of another
and feeling with the heart of another.”

In keeping with our theme of autism awareness and celebrating the differently-abled, our Grade IV learners visited Vishwas Vidyalaya, an inclusive school for learners from marginalised communities. Our entire Vega Community came together to donate dry rations and stationery which our learners distributed at the school. #CelebratingUniqueness and inclusion, our learners performed a dance and also ran an art and craft workshop for them.

At the end of the day, all Vega and Vishwas learners felt that this visit was a special one because....
CONNECTIONS were made and
JOY was spread.
There was only LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.
No pity. No judgement.

We are so proud of our learners and their families. You are taking big steps towards creating a shift and we thank you. #VegaValues #VegaCommunity #VegaShram

Easter is celebrated all around the world to mark the day when Lord Jesus Christ resurrected after he was crucified.

Vega wishes you a happy Easter and prays that you find the strength to rise above all your hardship.

Come, explore how to bring out the best in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and help them be 'career-ready' and socially independent at Celebrating Uniqueness: Autism Awareness Festival | 22-23-27 Apr on 27th April '19 (9 AM - 2 PM)
Register here:

A great learning opportunity for parents, psychology students, counselors, therapists, and teachers/educators.

Occupational therapy (OT) treatment focuses on helping people with a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives.

Celebrating Uniqueness: Autism Awareness Festival | 22-23-27 Apr brings an Occupational Therapy & Dance Movement workshop for adults on 23rd April '19 where you will get to experience how OT can help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders improve their fine and gross motor skills, mood stability, & social skills. Register here:

This workshop is highly recommended and valuable for parents, teachers, counselors, therapists, and college students interested in psychology. Brought to you by Vega Schools in association with Pure Hearts.

The new academic session has just begun and Grade 3 has already started its work in full swing! Through their new project 'What's in me?', students are delving deeper into the organs and functioning of their body as well as what causes disease.

To understand the common diseases that people suffer from, Grade 3 learners visited the nearby village 'Fazilpur' to survey its residents and ask them about their problems.
It was a great opportunity for them to interact with new people, learn surveying and critical thinking skills, build empathy as well as complex problem solving.

A sibling of an adult with Autism and a special educator by profession, John Jose is passionate about working with children and young adults with Autism and related neurological difficulties.

Let John show you how we can come together as parents and educators to bring POSITIVE CHANGE TO YOUR CHILD’S WORLD at
'Celebrating Uniqueness’: An event by Vega Schools on 27 April 2019, at Vega Schools, Gurgaon from 9am- 2pm.

A special educator with over 10 years experience, he is currently in charge of the Pre-vocational Programme at Step by Step School, Noida and was instrumental in developing the school's Life skills lab and the SBS Café, an initiative of the Centre for Special Education at Step by Step.

As a new academic year's semester begins, the parents of Vega's Grade 7 and 6 learners were invited to the school for a Parent Orientation organized by our learning leaders (teachers, LLs). Such orientations are often organized at Vega to make parents active participants in their child's education and character growth.

At the orientation, LLs lead workshops and presentations similar to Vega's everyday classroom practices to help parents understand what their children are learning, how they are being taught, and be more understanding towards their perspectives and experiences.
Share with us through comments if such sessions add value to parents, and how?

"I enjoy the captivating ways of teaching used at Vega. The workshops are so enjoyable and end up teaching you so much. I think I can understand why children have so much fun learning here," said the father of a Grade 7 learner at Vega.

Follow our Instagram handle @vegaschools to view videos from the Parent Orientation.

The first day of school can be an overwhelming experience, both for parents and children. For the very first time, an innocent child leaves the safety and familiarity of home to spend most of his waking day with people who are new to him.

At Vega, we understand the feeling of having butterflies in one's stomach. That's why, our learning leaders prepped up punctiliously for this day and made this day a wonderful one for our Nursery and Pre-Nursery learners. Here, take a look at this heart-warming video!

#firstdayofschool #backtoschool #firstdayinnursery #prenursery #firstprenurseryday

A Disability Rehabilitation Administrator and a licensed Physiotherapist, K S. Jeyashree works extensively with children with developmental disabilities. She often infuses Arts Based Therapy in her professional practice.

Jeyashree will be a part of the panel of experts at Vega Schools’ event ‘Celebrating Uniqueness’ on 27 April 2019 from 9am-2pm. HURRY! FOR FREE REGISTRATION for the event click here-

FOR ALL THE MOM’S AND DADS who waited longer to see a first step and hear a first word, who spent more time in doctors and therapists offices with their children than on playdates, who powered through countless ‘bad days’, who endured stares and whispers caused by their child’s ‘meltdowns’ and ‘bad behaviour’...

The life of parents and families of differently-abled children, is fraught with highs and lows, moments of elation and unbearable despair. Through it all they plod on driven by hope, awareness, human kindness, and yes sometimes even guilt, frustration and a sense of discrimination and isolation.

This autism month, Vega Schools would like to salute parents of differently-abled children and all those who support them in their quest to make a better life for these unique and special children.

[04/11/19]   Does a boring classroom really bring out the best in a child? Are teachers able to spark the natural curiosity and ability in them?

A study suggests that almost 60% of students find at least half their lectures boring. According to brain research, scrubbing out joy & comfort from learning and replacing it with conformity is the biggest reason why children lose motivation and struggle with lesson retention.

However, if you engage children by making education relevant to their life, that's when real learning happens. It is now time that we rethink and redesign classroom teaching. We now have access to proven techniques such as Problem Based Learning (PBL) that spark the love of learning in all children and also prepare them to thrive in the world beyond school.

Issued in public interest by Vega Schools, Gurugram.

A veteran in the field of special education with a career spanning over 30 years, Vijaya Dutt is a true legend. She was instrumental in the creation of a curriculum for children with multiple neurological disabilities – the only one of its kind in India.

Vijaya will be a part of the panel of experts at Vega Schools’ event ‘Celebrating Uniqueness’ on 27 April 2019 from 9am-2pm. HURRY! FOR FREE REGISTRATION for the event click here-

The first day of school is an overwhelming day for a young one, his teacher, as well as parents. Nevertheless, it's a day full of excitement and curiosity and the starting line of a new life-long journey for all.

The Pre-Nursery and Nursery sessions for 2019-2020 commenced today at Vega amidst some courageous and loving goodbyes, some fear and anxiety of new beginnings, and lots of support to the little ones from their teachers and parents. The Vega nursery welcomed our new little heroes with open arms, special activities, care, excitement and unconditional love. Some of our younger Pre-Nursery learners were back into their favorite familiar space, now as Nursery learners, and their learning leaders couldn't be happier to have them back!

Here's an emotional snapshot for you!

#vega #vegaschools #firstschoolday #newsession #nursery #prenursery #backtoschool @ Vega Schools

Surabhi Verma has been working with children with different abilities for over 17 years. She is the Director of Sparsh For Children. She has a wide range of experience working with children with neurological challenges like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Learning Difficulties. She is also affiliated with Vega Schools, and plays a large role in structuring our IEPs, adapting curriculum for SEN Learners and training staff.

Surabhi will be a part of the panel of experts at Vega Schools’ event ‘Celebrating Uniqueness’ on 27 April 2019 from 9am-2pm. HURRY! FOR FREE REGISTRATION for the event click here-

All children feel the need for constant re-affirmation and encouragement. They are intrinsically good and their natural inclination is to surround themselves with positivity.

This is especially true of differently-abled children. They face so many challenges and frustrations each day, whether it is trying to gain peer acceptance and friendship or to overcome their own insecurities, grapple with issues of confidence each day and rise above labels such as ‘badly behaved’, ‘hyper’, and ‘disruptive’.

We as a community, school or family need to put in that extra effort to build them from ground up, teach them resilience and always be there for them, to have their back. We need to focus on their unique qualities and help them shine in their own right. We need to convince them to dream big, and equip them to achieve their dreams. #CelebratingUniqueness

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