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Vega Schools

Vega is the most innovative CBSE K-12 school in Gurgaon. Here, learning happens by doing, through a methodology called PBL (endorsed by CBSE). We focus on giving children the skills needed to succeed in life.
Registrations open for Pre-Nursery to Grade 6.

Vega school wants to create a desire to learn and discover the star within a child. Learning happens through learning leaders who are not just teachers, but creative partners of Vega students. Our curriculum is a 21st Century proof, it employs project-based learning and other engaging, innovative and 'individualized' learning techniques, that have been proven in many parts of the world. All this, over and above the traditional methods of learning.

Vega School encourages its students to apply the knowledge acquired, and not merely memorize it. We at Vega School believe that Vega students will be ready to become 21st Century citizens anywhere in the world. They will have success and will be of great value to the society. Vega Students will be content and happy with their achievements and they will learn to build a society based on mutual respect. With this new more holistic approach they will be totally ready for the future that awaits them.

Mission: To build and establish 21st century schools where teachers are learning leaders trained to discover the star within each child. They nurture the star in each student by practicing and imparting values, skills, and encouraging discovery over instruction. Encouraging each one to leave that glinting Vega footprint in the society they inhabit. And in so doing, give and find fulfillment and contentment.


Children are born with the gift of curiosity, creativity, intelligence, and improvement with experience. Dr. Steven Edwards, cofounder of Vega Schools, says, "Different children may learn to walk at a different age, but have you ever seen any child give up and stop trying?"

The idea is to provide children with a genial environment, free of judgment and criticism, where their natural genius can be fostered and their vision can keep expanding. It's important to respect the individuality of each child and provide them with the ability to make connections and find new answers to old questions.

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Vega's recent 8-day study tour to Liger Leadership Academy (LLA), Cambodia is one of the most remarkable additions to our index of educational visits this year. LLA, a member of Global Schools' Alliance (GSA), was visited by team of four from Vega, which included our Heads of School Bhavna Tandon and Ruchi Rehan, and Anupama (Grade 1 Learning Leader), and Utkalika (Grade 6 Learning Leader).

Team Vega learned a lot from the way Liger Academy manifests 'Project Based Learning' through its community projects and builds 21st century skills in its learners. Since Cambodia is an economically underdeveloped nation which has just recovered from major political setbacks, Liger Academy's vision was to select some of the brightest children from underprivileged backgrounds and provide them with Leadership skills and academic knowledge so that they can contribute in Cambodia's future growth as a community.

The team interacted with the young and dynamic learners of LLA, their staff (majority of who are expats working voluntarily), as well as Trevor Gile, the founder of the school. The school aims at creating 'Change Agents' through its work, has a holistic and organic model of operation, and is a well-knit community of like-minded individuals.

Kasana N from BRAND BAK BAK is here at Vega leading a workshop on Stop Motion Animation with Grade 6 learners. Kasana is a graphic designer, animator, artist, and film-maker with more than a decade of experience in the industry. Brand Bak Bak, a creative agency, is his own brainchild!

Grade 6, along with Kasana, are going to create an animation film today which will be out on World Animation Day on 28th October! (YAYYYYY!!!)
These learners had in the recent past also created a documentary on discrimination, which is releasing tomorrow! (Another YAYYYYY!!!)
Today, they're learning about one of the various animation techniques, Stop Motion, and building on their learning from their documentary project.

#SpanishDay #HispanicDay #PBL #RealWorldLearning #RealWorldEducation #Vega #Celebrations
The 12th of October is celebrated as Hispanic Day, also popularly recognized as Spanish Day, in Spain as well as other countries with Spanish-speaking population and Latin influence. At Vega, the children observed this day by celebrating the Spanish culture and lifestyle through various performances for the staff and children. They sang Spanish songs, danced on Salsa and Flamenco beats, and also explored the popular sports as well as socio-economic struggles of Hispanic nations.

At Vega, we start introducing Spanish as the 3rd language to children from grade KG. Apart from the performances, our Spanish Learning Leaders Swati and Kritika, with the support of our superstar Admin and Culinary team, had also arranged a 'Spanish Food Workshop' for Grade 3 learners. All in all, we had a día lleno de actividades!

UNDERSTANDING DISCRIMINATION | A Documentary by Grade 6 Students | Official Teaser - 2018

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The learners of Grade 6 at Vega Schools, while learning about the great human rights revolutions around the world, decided to look deeper into their own lives and of the others and understand different ways discrimination prevails in our present systems. They took up a project named 'What's wrong, what's fair? Who will take care?' wherein they interviewed different people to create a documentary.

Enjoy the teaser, and watch this space to see the full documentary which is out on Sunday,14-Oct-2018!

During the process of making this documentary, the learners, merely 10-11 years old, practiced the art of photography, film-making, editing footage, and creating a film. They took interviews, asked authentic questions, and received equally bold answers. They reflected at their own lives, looking at various ways that they discriminate with their peers, staff, teachers, helpers etc. For the first time in their life, they were mindfully sensitized to the damage that discrimination causes in the life of the victim. Hope you like their effort!

About the Film
Discrimination is deeply rooted into our lives. We have all been discriminated against or have, intentionally or unintentionally, discriminated against someone. It happens at school, at work, in the streets, on the television, and everywhere else. But do we realize the impact that it has on the life of the victim as well as the perpetrators?
Listen to the experiences of people from different religions, caste, appearance, nationality, and socioeconomic backgrounds to understand more.

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In order to continuously enhance the quality of education that we impart, Vega conducts frequent study tours to other progressive institutions. This allows like-minded educators from both parties to initiate a dialogue and learn from each other's practices and experiences.

A Team from Vega, comprising of our Head of School Kyle Edwards, Head of Administration Sarika Singh, and some of our brightest Learning Leaders like Sukriti, Maria and Neha, recently toured American School of Bombay (ASB) and the NEXT School. The schools, located in Mumbai, are two of the most progressive schools in India.

Through their visit to the NEXT School, the team witnessed how the school focuses real-life learning rather than teaching and rote memorization. While at ASB, they observed their open learning spaces and how they're combined with a systematic PBL pedagogy. It re-enforced Vega's belief and ethos and showed that there are many schools in India successfully following the PBL approach.

Walking into such beautiful sights is one of the best things about being at #VegaSchool

The learners of Grade 6 and 5 are presenting Munshi Premchand. Where and when? That's a surprise. Stay tuned for it!

Dramatics is liberating, helps learners go deeper into their own selves and truly experience being human. Our Dramatics Learning Leader Ksh*tiz utilizes his classes to sensitise learners about the lives of others, improve their focus and consistency, and build their critical thinking skills as well.

#VegaSchools #champions #worldrugby #delhihurricanes #bholekabhaibum
It makes us proud that two of our most loved Vega Family members, Kyle Edwards (Head of School & Director of Sports) and Bhupendra Bokan (Sports Learning Leader) were a part of the Delhi Hurricanes Rugby Team that won the All India & South Asia Rugby Tournament, 2018 held at Mumbai this September, 2018.

Both Kyle and Bokan are international athletes. Kyle coaches the Delhi Hurricanes RFC which Bhupendra Bokan plays for. The Delhi Hurricanes RFC battled all odds and won the finals against the Mumbai Gymkhana Rugby team in a nail-biting match. We are proud that we have two wonderful athletes coaching Vega learners about life, sports, and determination, every single day.

"Playing a sport is more than technique, more than knowing the rules and winning, and more than being good at playing it. It takes mental and emotional conditioning, passion, learning to lose and knowing how to turn losses into victories. These are the life skills that we impart to our Vega Learners through Sports and Physical Ed," said Kyle, smilingly.

Chubby Cheeks, an online service and product store for children, were invited to Vega to conduct a 'Stuff-toy Making Workshop' for the learners of Spica (grade KG).

This workshop helped learners to develop empathy for those who put all the efforts in making toys. It gave them a sense of responsibility to take care of their toys. In the workshop, they worked in group with limited resources and exhibited skills that are required to work in a group such as collaboration, sharing, conflict resolution, waiting for their turn etc. This workshop encouraged them to think of new ways of making toys using different materials available to them.

This workshop by Chubby Cheeks was organized and executed impeccably. The Learners were provided with the cutouts to design and colour. The children were then introduced to the texture of cotton fiber for the first time,
and how to use it fill toys. Children enjoyed filling it in fishes and also saw how a sewing machine works. At the end, they enjoyed playing with the toys that they had created.

Team Vega organized a PTM on 6th October, 2018 for the parents and learners from all grades. PTM’s in Indian schools have traditionally been a dreaded occasion for most children, parents, teachers, and school teams alike as they are seen as an event where all of the involved parties usually point fingers at each other and remind them of their mistakes and failures. However, at Vega, events involving parents are frequent, highly anticipated, and seen as days of growth and learning by the Vega Family.

“I have worked in other educational organizations before, and PTM’s are usually about a child’s academic scores and outward behavior in class. However, at Vega, we do an in-depth analysis of the factors leading to a child’s involvement in class and share with parents ways that they can help them at home. We get ample support from parents in creating a better world for their child. What’s most satisfying for us as learning leaders is when parents share with us how their child is growing and transforming in little ways at home because of what he has learnt at school. That’s something exclusive to Vega,” shared Namrata, a Grade 1 Learning Leader.
@ Vega Schools

Unmukt by Vega Learners - Real Education, unchained.

Unmukt is the name of the voluntary organization created by young learners of Grades 5 and 3 at Vega, as a part of their journey of 'real-world, project-based learning'. The young 8 yrs and 10 yr old children partnered with 'Aarvy Hospitals - Gurgaon' to provide expert check-ups and relief to the under-privileged communities in Gurgaon region. Watch this short video about the journey that led to the creation of Unmukt and the experience of Vega learners through it.

The learners of Grade 3 and 5 were studying about body systems, diseases, why the body catches disease, the effect of health issues on the body, the reasons of spread of diseases etc, in their class. To give them a true understanding of the reality of all these concepts and not just empty text-book knowledge, the learning leaders (teachers) at Vega took these children on a visit to some under-privileged communities in Delhi-NCR. It was during these visits that learners observed the sorry state of hygiene and health facilities in our society. Through interviewing different people in the society, the children, probably for the first time in their life, got to truly understand the impact of disease and poor health on the lives of the under-privileged people.

The journey that led to the creation of 'Unmukt' was filled with deeply moving moments of reflection & realization, where these young children astounded us with their problem-solving, humanity, and deep understanding of the human condition. It's not often that children as young as these, hailing from privileged homes, come face-to-face with a real picture of the world and the struggles faced by its people. Stay tuned for the full account of the journey!

#LatePost #GandhiJayanti

The non-violent and peaceful way of protest followed by Mahatma Gandhi was in itself a great rebellion at the time when the land of India was engulfed in violence, oppression, exploitation, and a destructive status quo. His way of giving up physical comfort and delving into the lives of the common man, of being a humble leader of the masses, of leading the cause of the people circa the first half of the 19th century during the freedom struggle of India, stands as a major learning for the people of the world.

When you look back in time and study the most iconic revolutions in history, you will notice how a real change was made simply when a common man started to express his/her opinion and not bow down as 'helpless' in the face of oppression and injustice. From the great European to the American history, revolution was created when one man became fearless and inspired a million others to peacefully protest and not back down. Let's all follow in their footsteps and say 'NO' to oppression as well as oppressing others - a lesson that Vega Schools deeply inculcate in our young learners too.

The 2nd Day of our Project Exhibition (30th Sep, 2018) was an overwhelming day for all of us - the learners, the learning leaders, as well as the parents. The brilliant performances, the unmistakable humanity, and the mental acumen shown by the young learners left everyone deeply moved and transformed us all as human beings.

Some of the most touching presentation on Day 2 of the event were: -

1. 'Making the most of our limited resources' by Grade 3 - where they shared how they felt when they took on experiencing a few hours without electricity and clean drinking water to see how the under-privileged feel. They also shared how they built a low-cost water-purifier and conducted a workshop on how to build one at home.
Yes, these children are 7-8 years old!

2. 'What's wrong, what's fair? Who will take care?' was a project by Grade 6, where they presented a documentary filmed by them. At the end of the documentary, they conducted an interactive Panel Discussion on the topic 'Unnoticed Discrimination in our Daily Lives', which was almost like a therapeutic self-reflection session for each and every person present in the hall.
These 10 year old children showed vigor in understanding how to film a documentary, take interviews, conduct a panel discussion, meta-cognition and self-reflection, the confidence of presenting their knowledge in an efficient and crisp way to a much older audience, etc.

Stay tuned for our rewind video where you will get to see what happened and how parents felt!

The Day 1 of Vega's Project Exhibition was concluded successfully. Have a look at some snapshots we were able to grab. Never before have we seen children so excited, as opposed to nervous, for their 'Exam Day'!

We were touched and overwhelmed to see the confidence, collaboration, integrity and organization displayed by the learners - and that is the true impact of our pedagogy.
The biggest takeaway for all parents and educators through the event should be that it is important to trust a child and allow them the freedom to find their own answers through meaningful experiences.
Join us for Day 2, 30th Sep '18, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, and catch many more projects from Grades KG, 2, 3,5, and 6.

(More pictures and videos of the event coming soon)

Young learners of Grade 2 learned all about the different cultures of India this semester in their project 'Culture in a Box'. The product of this project are various artifacts from different Indian states - designed, built and collected by the children.

Catch this project, and many more...
at our half-yearly Project Exhibition!
29th & 30th Sep, 2018 | 9:00 AM - 1 PM |

Choose your visiting slot here: HTTPS://

The young learners of Grade III at Vega used their content knowledge, and skills such as innovation, empathy, and problem-solving to build a low-cost water purifier as a product of their project!

Witness their project, and many more projects from all grades, at our 3rd bi-annual Project Exhibition,
29-30 Sep | 9 AM - 1:30 PM | @ Vega schools, Sec 48, Gurgaon!
Choose your visiting slot here:

About the Project: -
To get a real understanding of the scope of their syllabus, the 8-year old learners of Grade 3 took up a problem 'How do we make the best use of limited resources?' and used their academic knowledge to actually create a product that would solve a real-world problem of the community.

Not just this, they will also conduct a workshop for the under-privileged communities in Fazilpur village, Gurgaon, on how to build this simple purifier at home.

This is the magic of Vega's 'Problem Based Learning'. It excites and motivates young children to use their natural curiosity and human skills. It makes them love learning because they know that this knowledge will help them make a contribution to the society.

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UNDERSTANDING DISCRIMINATION | A Documentary by Grade 6 Students | Official Teaser - 2018
Unmukt by Vega Learners - Real Education, unchained.
Vega School's MAKERSPACE: Innovation and Creativity in action
Vega Schools - Using Technology to Help the Community




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