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A look at how (and why) we built Ambee.
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Here's what our friends at had to say about air pollution. Please see how an Ambee device was used in the process. Agarbattis not only bring you spiritually closer to the Gods, they're also bringing you physically closer to them.
So the good people at Pluc interviewed us a couple of weeks ago. Here's what went down.

Do you know what you breathe? How air pollution is hurting you and your loved ones? Know all this and join us on our network to win the battle against this massive killer!

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6 Ways to Understand the Importance of Weather Data for 2020 | The Air Quality Blog

Weather is an everyday topic of conversation. The importance of data to weather-sensitive industries is easily demonstrated with real-life applications.

Pushya writes on how invaluable weather data is in history and in the present day to avoid weather-related loss and disasters by bringing in better planning and process efficiency.

#Ambee #airpollution #airquality #weatherdata #weatherforecast #airqualitydata #weatherapi #weatheralert #covid19prevention #cleanair #cleanandgreen Weather data accuracy is vital. Hyperlocal data is easily integrated into weather-related industry to ensure profitability, efficiency & avoid losses.

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution with Hyperlocal Air Quality data and Air Filters | | The Air Quality Blog

An average person spends 90% of their time indoors. Rising indoor air pollution has proven to be toxic to human health.

Pushya writes on how accurate air quality data and air filters can help reduce indoor air pollution.

#Ambee #airpollution #airquality #indoorairquality #airqualitydata #airpurifier #airfilters #covid19prevention #cleanair #cleanandgreen #workfromhome #indoorairpollution Most people spend the majority of their time indoors at homes, schools, offices. Rise poor indoor air quality has driven the need for accurate air quality data.

With Bengaluru’s improved air quality, Little Tiger Pierrot butterfly sighted | Bengaluru News - Times of India

The biome is disrupted as many fragile endangered species are unable to survive due to toxic air pollution levels.
Improved #airquality in #bengaluru has led to residents witnessing the never-seen-before Little Tiger Pierrot butterfly.

#Ambee #airpollution #lockdown #coronavirusindia #nature #postlockdown #natureconservation #butterflies #cleanair #pollutionfree #savetheplanet MANGALURU/BENGALURU: Butterfly experts are excited after spotting Little Tiger Pierrot (Tarucus balkanica nigra) butterfly.

Smart Cities India expo

Webinar: ‘Air Pollution: During and Beyond #COVID19’

#AirPollution is a global issue affecting human health and climate change. During the global lockdown, there has been a dramatic improvement in #AirQuality. Join the discussion on ‘How do we sustain this?’

Esteemed Speakers:

- Madhusudhan Anand, Co-Founder, CTO, and Data Scientist, AMBEE
- Prarthana Borah, India Director, Clean Air Asia
- Divya Datt, Programme Management Officer, UN Environment Programme
- Rhea Mazumdar Singhal, Founder & CEO, Ecoware
- Dr. Ajay Nagpure, Head-Air Pollution, WRI India

Air pollution is the single largest environmentally-related global health risk. One quarter of the global population is breathing unsafe air and 7 million people die annually from diseases related to air pollution (according to the WHO). Most of these emissions also contribute significantly to climate change. Evidence also suggests that COVID-19 fatality rates have been higher in areas with higher air pollution, such as northern Italy. There has also been dramatic improvement in air quality during the global lockdowns to contain the spread of Covid-19. But how do we sustain or do better than before instead of going back to 'normal'?

Discussion Points:
» Interrelation between Covid-19, Lockdown & Air Quality
» Risks for vulnerable citizens with easing of global lockdowns and how can they be safeguarded
» Making 'Clean Air' the 'New Normal'
» Effective Policies that have worked globally to reduce air pollution in cities
» Solutions & Innovations
» Role of Advocacy in expediting the adherence to NCAP (National Clean Air Program) and other regulatory notifications

Eminent Speakers -
• Moderator - Ashish Sachdeva, Founder President, Green Dream Foundation
• Madhusudhan Anand, CoFounder, CTO & Data Scientist, Ambee
• Prarthana Borah, India Director, Clean Air Asia India
• Divya Datt, Programme Management Officer at UN Environment Programme
• Rhea Mazumdar Singhal, Founder and CEO, Ecoware
• Dr. Ajay Nagpure, Head - Air Pollution, World Resources Institute

Madhusudhan, Co-Founder & Data Scientist at Ambee, is speaking on ‘Air Pollution: During and Beyond #COVID19 with expert panelists in an upcoming webinar on July 2nd at 3 PM.

#AirPollution is a global issue affecting human health and climate change. During the global lockdown, there has been a dramatic improvement in #AirQuality. Join the discussion on ‘How do we sustain this?’

What can be done to protect the future of our cities and prevent air pollution-related issues?

Register to find out:

Green Dream Foundation, Smart Cities India expo

[06/30/20]   What nobody is talking about right now amidst the trending #COVID19 topic is that India received 21% more than adequate rains. No recorded floods of mass destruction, reduced drought, and the agriculture look promising.

With the lockdown and reduced carbon emissions, a bit of slow down albeit negligible has added slight respite to farming. It looks like Rural India will lead the race of bringing Economy back into shape.

For more information on rainfall and related data visit:

#Ambee #AirPollution #airquality #pollution #agriculture #rainfall #covid19 #coronavirus #lockdown #ruraldevelopment #farmers

Air pollutants and population density increase childhood obesity risk – study

Children are more vulnerable to their surrounding environment as it can affect physical and mental health. Researchers have found that air pollutants increase the risk of childhood obesity in pollution dense areas. Read more here:

#Ambee #airpollution #airquality #airqualitydata #covid19 #scienceandenvironment #sustainability #cleanairmatters #innovation #innovativesolutions #businesssolutions #obesity Researchers found that air pollution, smoking and a person’s built environment may play role in obesity in children

Knowing what the #AirQuality around you is just one click away:

Maintaining the air quality levels after COVID-19 lockdown | The Air Quality Blog

During COVID-19 lockdown, we saw a silver lining with up to 80% reduction in air pollution levels in certain places due to low carbon emissions. Air quality monitoring and management is a high priority after the lockdown.

Pushya writes on the importance of air quality management in relation to human well-being. And 8 easy steps we can all follow to sustain healthy air levels.

Read the full blog here:

#Ambee #AirPollution #AirQuality #cleanair #indoorairquality #covid19 #coronavirus #lockdown #bangalore #postlockdown Due to low carbon emissions, we saw improvements in environmental pollution. Maintaining air quality levels after the lockdown is essential. How can you help?

No going back to pre-Covid air pollution levels - opinion poll finds - EPHA

People are willing to take preventative steps for better air quality post lockdown. What are the changes being implemented to give the people a better life?
Click below to read more.

#Ambee #AirPollution #AirQuality #Bethesolution #cleanair #indoorairquality #covid19 #coronavirus #lockdown #bangalore No going back to pre-Covid air pollution levels - New opinion poll finds surging support for cycling and walking to protect clean air in cities, even if it means less space for cars

40% of PM2.5 pollution arises from the transport sector.

The main reason for this is the overuse of private vehicles over public transport.

Rising air pollution levels have led to various Government initiatives such as using electric vehicles for public transport.

With the help of data, real-time tracking of vehicles, along with paying fares online through an app has reduced the hassle faced by travelers.

The government is also working towards providing clean public transport, better connectivity, faster travel with reasonable fares.

It is now up to the people to be the change for a new and better future.

#Ambee #AirPollution #AirQuality #cleanair #sustainabilty #bangalore #emissions

On this day we would like to thank all those who have taken steps towards making a cleaner, greener planet a reality, want to thank those who conserve water and energy resources, those who choose to reduce their carbon footprint, those who recycle, those who plant trees, those who say no to plastic, those who conserve forests and those who do not contribute to air pollution.

Thank you, for doing your bit to make the world a better place

Happy World Environment Day 2020.

#Ambee #airpollution #airquality #airqualitydata #WorldEnvironmentDay #nature #environment #environmentalawareness #climatechange #sustainability #conservation #biodiversity #zerowaste #bethechange

Life thrives on the harmony of Air, Water, and Soil.

We all hold the responsibility to preserve the biodiversity of our planet.

The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil we grow our food in, helps us to survive as a species. It’s time for us to take action towards a more sustainable planet.

This World Environment Day let us make a promise to be the change. A promise to plant more trees, to use water efficiently, to care for every other species on this planet.

#Ambee #airpollution #airquality #airqualitydata #WorldEnvironmentDay #nature #environment #environmentalawareness #climatechange #sustainability #conservation #biodiversity #zerowaste #bethechange

Improvement in air quality wears down with relaxation in lockdown

As the lockdown eases out, air quality levels are to increase!
Akshay Joshi speaks on why air quality levels were low and how these factors will lead to dampening of air quality as India moves to Unlock 1.
Click below to read more.

#Ambee #AirPollution #AirQuality #cleanair #covid19 #coronavirus #lockdown #bangalore But, the rains could help keep a check on micro particles rising out of dust

Air travel in India is risky during the pandemic, but it’s still the safest

Is air travel safe enough during this pandemic?

There is an apparent risk but Airbus experts state that the air quality inside an aircraft is much cleaner than many healthcare facilitates in India.

Know how your safety is being prioritized.

#Ambee #airpollution #airquality #airqualitydata #covid19 #lockdown #climatechange #sustainability #airtravel #airtransport #cleanairmatters #airlines #scienceandenvironment No easy answers.

The COVID-19 lockdown has made people more conscious of air pollution. They want to stay informed on their surrounding air quality levels for their safety.

The world will now be more than willing to invest in technology to aid their health.
Air quality data is already being integrated into smartwatches, apps, air purifiers, and car sensors. There are many more untouched sectors where this data can be used. For these technologies to work the data should be hyper-local, real-time, and accurate.

When it comes to integrating air quality data to your products, we at Ambee empower you to create and innovate products that will raise mass awareness. With our accurate data and real-time and hyperlocal technology, you can help revolutionize the future.

#Ambee #airpollution #airquality #airqualitydata #covid19 #lockdown #scienceandenvironment #climatechange #sustainability #cleanairmatters #scienceandenvironment #innovation #innovativesolutions #coronavirusindia #businesssolutions

In wake of global shutdowns, researchers expect water quality to improve

Air and water move in a cycle.
Water evaporates into vapor, where it mixes with air pollutants and pours down like rain.
A significant decline in air pollutants has led to improved water quality around the globe.
Click below to read more.

#Ambee #airpollution #airquality #covid19 #lockdown #waterquality #scienceandenvironment #climatechange #cleanwater #sustainability Researchers have mapped declines in air pollution after lockdowns were imposed around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but those are not the only environmental impacts they expect to see. They think the cleaner air could also mean cleaner water—at least in the short term.

Air Pollution: How It Affects Student Health and Academic Performance | Healthy Schools Campaign

Read how air quality is affecting the academic performance of students based on where their schools are located.

#Ambee #Cleanair #AirPollution #AirQuality #studentlife #schoolsafety #schools #academic #pollution #Cleanair Healthy Schools Campaign is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to healthy school environments where they can learn and thrive.

Amphan, the super cyclone, has left Kolkata devastated. Trees uprooted around every corner, homes flooded, cars destroyed. Five days have gone past but some areas are yet to receive electricity.

Studies suggest climate change was the reason for the storm to gain such intensity, and this is not the end of it. India will be more vulnerable to weather extremities like these due to poverty, overpopulation, and poor infrastructure. There will be more storms of higher intensity and rainfall patterns will become irregular leading to more floods and droughts

Climate change will affect the vast agricultural industry in India. Its coastlines will submerge by 2050 due to the rise of water level- affecting all those people whose lives depended on the sea or were living close to it.

We should aim to be sustainable right now. The need of the hour is to reduce global warming. Carbon emissions should be brought down, fuel and electricity consumption must be reduced and water should be conserved. There is still time for us to change the course of this planet.

#Ambee #Cleanair #AirPollution #AirQuality #climatechange #amphan #kolkata #cyclone #weather #pollution #covid19 #supercyclone #climatecrisis #globalwarming #sustainability

Here's wishing you all a very happy Eid al-Fitr.
May this Eid bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to everyone. #EidMubarak

Climate Change, Air Pollution May Have Impacted Cyclone Amphan: Experts | The Weather Channel

Climate change and reduction in air pollution have been identified as the key elements which led to the recent Super Cyclone Amphan.

#Ambee #Cleanair #AirPollution #AirQuality #climatechange #amphan #kolkata #cyclone #weather #pollution #covid19 #supercyclone Climate change appears to be increasing the damage that cyclones cause in many ways, including increasing sea surface temperatures, rising sea levels and causing storms to gain strength more quickly, among others.

Amidst COVID-19, pollution levels outside have dropped considerably. But what are we doing about indoor air pollution?
Air quality inside your home may become a risk as almost your entire day is spent inside.
Few things you can do to reduce the pollution level indoors is:
- Open windows while cooking or cleaning the house to help ventilation.
- Use natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda instead of chemicals.
- Bring potted plants like aloe vera, money plant, and Bamboo palm. These help clean your air.
- It always helps in installing air purifiers and humidifiers for better and safe breathing.

#Ambee #AirPollution #AirQuality #Bethesolution #cleanair #indoorairquality #covid19 #coronavirus #lockdown #bangalore

What India would look like if two wheelers did not exist. | The Air Quality Blog

Out of other sources, two-wheelers have also played a part in pollution levels to rise over the decades. Read how things would be different if two-wheelers did not exist and also what solutions are being provided to reduce two-wheeler pollution.

#Ambee #AirPollution #AirQuality #cleanair #sustainabilty #bangalore #emissions As a developing country, India looks more into curbing air pollution. But, the increased number of two- wheelers are not helping solve this problem.

Cleaner Air Amid Lockdown May Reduce Pollution Deaths By 6.5 Lakh In India: Study

Lockdown has had a huge impact on air pollution levels in India and thus has potentially saved 6.5 lakh lives.

#Ambee #AirPollution #AirQuality #covid19 #coronavirus #cleanair #pollution The nationwide lockdown which started from March 25 resulted in an interruption in economic activities during the first month of the lockdown, and led to a 52% average reduction in excessive risk...

Carbon dioxide levels are at a record high. Here's what you need to know.

Global greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise and its impact on climate change is more evident than ever before.

#Ambee #AirPollution #AirQuality #CleanAir #climatechange #climateaction #climatesolutions #environmentalsustainability Carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas that drives global climate change, continues to rise every month. Find out the dangerous role it and other gases play.

About Ambee

We are the Air quality Data Network.

Ambee aim to create a more environmentally informed society by providing access to data, and tools that enable a better living experience to individuals using the best of what science, humility and technology can offer.

“Ambee helped us save real-lives of children who were affected by Air Pollution”

Ambee’s inception was at IoT hackathon, at Amazon Development center in Bangalore. We won the hackathon, but little did we know that our lives were about to change.

For our prototype we used LinkitOne Grove starter Kit and MediaTek on an Arduino board. Ambee had a AQI sensor (Air Quality sensor), CO sensor, Temperature & Humidity, Dust, Noise and UV sensor hooked to a Bluetooth and a WiFi module to send data to our web server that would show all of this data on a web application that housed a nice looking dashboard.

Ambee helped us save real-lives of children who were affected by Air Pollution. Hence we always have had Doctors, Scientists, Academicians, Technology companies as partners, and we look forward to extend this connection, build on top of all the data and relationships so we co-innovate and build a better world for the next generation and the future generations to come.

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