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A look at how (and why) we built Ambee.
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Here's what our friends at had to say about air pollution. Please see how an Ambee device was used in the process. Agarbattis not only bring you spiritually closer to the Gods, they're also bringing you physically closer to them.
So the good people at Pluc interviewed us a couple of weeks ago. Here's what went down.

Do you know what you breathe? How air pollution is hurting you and your loved ones? Know all this and join us on our network to win the battle against this massive killer! We are taking Pre-orders for a very short time. Buy one

Understanding air quality better: How better air pollution data can impact us?

Akshay Joshi CEO and Co-founder of Ambee shares the importance of data in today's age and how better air quality data can impact us.

#Ambee #Yourstory #Airqualitydata #Airpollution #Airquality There’s an immense need to track and improve air quality and building technology that can also address other environmental factors, hyperlocally and real-time.

Emails are stored in servers that require huge amounts of electricity to operate and unfortunately, most of this electricity is produced by fossil fuels resulting in global carbon emissions.

Deleting spam mail saves 135 TWh of electricity per year which is the equivalent of 13 million cars off the road.

What you can do to help?
• Declutter and organize your mailbox delete all unwanted and spam mails
• Empty the spam folder on a daily basis
• Unsubscribe to notification emails for social media accounts you are not interested in.

Want to know more? Click below

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Is Coronavirus Airborne? The Answer May Not Be So Simple

Understanding the ways COVID-19 is spreading is the 1st step of prevention.
Read this article to know how Coronavirus can be latching itself to air pollutants.
To know more about air pollution in your area, feel free to contact us.

#COVID19 #Airpollution #Ambee #Airquality #cleanair #Lockdown #coronavirus While the WHO and CDC maintain that coronavirus is not airborne, researchers are currently exploring the possibility that COVID-19, could, on some level, be an airborne disease, too—and that may change both standards for healthcare professionals and recommendations for the general public.

Pollution Levels Go Down Due to COVID19 | The Air Quality Blog

A lot of you have asked us how the air quality has improved since the lockdown began. The short answer is -significantly.
For a more detailed analysis click on the link below.

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #Airpollution #Airquality #effectsofcovid19 #cleanair #lockdown2020 COVID19 has created a lot of problems for each and everyone in this world. As a consequence of the lockdown, air pollution levels have gone down. But how is each city performing?

On the 50th anniversary of #EarthDay, we at Ambee renew our pledge to fight #AirPollution.

This year's #EarthDay theme is climate action and it is time we all rose up to save our one home.

Join us in our endeavour to make our home a better, healthier, cleaner place, not just for ourselves, but for generations to come.

'Many Species, One Planet. One Future.'

#Ambee #Earthdayathome #EarthDay #Climateaction #climatechange #AirPollution #EarthDay2020

When the #quarantine is finally over, you'll be stepping out into a new India, with fresher cities.

We analyze PM2.5 levels for the busiest cities in India before and after the covid19 lockdown and the result is astonishing.

#ambee #airquality #covid19 #coronavirus #feelsafe #staysafe #airpollution #lockdown #lockdownindia #cleanair

[03/30/20]   To visualize the ongoing #Covid19 situation globally we have launched a simple tracking dashboard

We hope and pray that this situation will get better in time and that everything will return to normal.

#coronaviruspandemic #data #information #analytics #covid19 #covid19pandemic #covid19outbreak #reporting


1. It's all getting better, people are recovering
2. Air pollution has reduced
3. Ozone is recovering
4. Carbon emissions have reduced
5. Many are healthy at home spending time with their families
6. The world is healing, people are coming together, helping each other

For once, let's breathe clean air.

See how air quality has improved around you with this Chrome extension and stay positive: check aqi at your place

Bengaluru’s air quality improves | Bengaluru News - Times of India

A mention of our data in today's ToI news daily . #airqualitydata #data #Airpollution during #covid19 in #bengaluru There may be panic in the air, but there’s certainly a sharp dip in pollutants, thanks to the lockdown. The decrease in pollution levels has been reco

People residing in locations with high PM2.5, i.e., exceeding current National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), increase the risk for all-cause dementia by 92%.

Dementia causes a decline in memory, language, problem- solving and other thinking skills that affect a person's ability to perform daily activities.

Know what you breathe!

#ambee #airquality #pm2.5 #dementia

As a parent, your child is your joy and you do everything to ensure its safety.

Child-proofing your home is only the first step in this endeavor

Air pollution is a large risk factor for fertility problems, small gestational age, preterm birth, low birth weight and conditions like autism and asthma.

#ambee #airquality #pregnancy #children #health #airpollution #prevention

#stopthespread with these handy tips.

Follow these tips from the World Health Organization to keep yourself safe and help contain the spread of the virus.

#health #healthcare #worldhealthorganization #help #handy #coronavirus #covid19 #coronaviruspandemic

At Ambee, we are family. This means that we prioritize team safety above all else. During this global Coronavirus pandemic, we are adopting recommended protocols to stay safe and healthy, including working remotely.

At this time, we double down on our commitment to improving planetary health and helping you lead better lives.

Stay safe and healthy!

#airpollution #planetaryhealth #covid19 #workingfromhome #workingsmart #safety #staysafe

In low and middle-income countries,
98% of all children under five are exposed to particulate matter (PM) 2.5 levels above the World Health Organization's air quality guidelines.

We suggest the following measures:
- Air quality monitoring devices should be placed in schools to check particulate matter levels
- Air purifiers systems should be installed in the classroom of the schools in the polluted areas
- Schools and playgrounds should be located away from major sources of air pollution like factories, busy roads, and power plants
- Children with respiratory problems should wear masks during their commute to school or while in a park

Let's build a better world together

#ambee #WHO #airquality #children #respiratory #problems #cleanerair #airpollution

The most innovative companies of 2020 in India

It's a great feeling when your work gets recognized!

Thank you Fast Company, and cheers to fellow innovators Meesho Milk Mantra Cipla Locus Niki Urban Company Bira 91

Let's make the world a better place, with #cleanair for everyone.

#airquality #climatechange #sustainability #environment Meesho, Udaan, and B9 Beverages made the list this year.

Are your eyes always red while working?
Is that short break making you feel more lethargic?
Does everything around you irritate you further?

All of this could be the result of the air you’re breathing.
Indoor air quality affects your health, comfort, wellbeing, and productivity.

The immediate effects of exposure to unhealthy air are redness of eyes, headaches, and fatigue. These short term effects, while bad, are avoidable and curable.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of the long term consequences like heart diseases, respiratory problems, and cancer, which can prove fatal!

#ambee #indoorairquality #productivity #ambee #coginitive #airquality

How ground-level ozone exposure is affecting you?

- Reduces lung function and inflames the linings of the lungs and can worsen bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma.

- Effects on your skin - oxidative damage, impaired antioxidant defense and proinflammatory response in the skin

- Exposure of large amounts of ozone causes DNA strand breaks in alveolar macrophages which weakens immunity.

Its time we take active measures in monitoring the level of ozone in your ambiance.

#ozonelayer #ozonelayerdepletion #AMBEE #airpollution #savetheenvironment

In China, pollution monitoring satellites have captured a marked decrease in levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a gas mainly emitted by power plants, industrial plants, cars, and trucks, etc.

This is mainly due to the economic slowdown following the deadly #coronavirus outbreak.

During January & February, there is usually a drop in nitrogen dioxide across China as businesses close during the #Chinese new year.

This year, the reductions have continued long after the end of the festival.

#ambee #coronavirus #airpollution #airquality #cleanerair #nasa

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
ESA - European Space Agency

Environment intelligence startup Ambee is using data to improve air quality

Our Story in Yourstory :)

#Ambee #YourStory #AirPollution #AirQuality #CleanerAir
#environmentintelligence Bengaluru-based environment intelligence startup Ambee measures hyperlocal air quality data in real time, and makes it accessible to developers, consumers, health researchers, and media companies.

We are excited to work with #RBEI in enhancing their air monitoring sensor readings in extreme weather conditions using #AI, #ML, and satellite data.

Let us build a sustainable world together.

#Ambee #BoschDNA #environmentalintelligence #airqualitydata #airqualitymonitoring Bosch India

#Ambee, an environmental intelligence startup, part of #BoschDNA program, partnered with #RBEI to enhance their air-monitoring sensor readings, even in extreme weather conditions. The startup used #ML, #AI and satellite data to resolve the issue.

#DigitalProducts #startup #business #tech #SuccessStories #DNA #BoschDNA #StartupAccelerator #StartUpatBosch

50 Disruptive Startups of India - 2019 | YourStory

We are quite humbled to be on YourStory's list of the top 50 most disruptive startups in India.

#Disruptivetechnologies #ClimateChange #Ambee #Yourstory #Top50 #AirQuality #AirPollution #Tech #Startupnews #Startups YourStory presents 50 Disruptive Startups of 2019 that are breaking new ground to solve old problems. The founders of these Disruptive Startups are using technology to create a deep impact and change lives for the better.

Ambee was honoured at the The Economic Times
Impact Summit as one of 3 Indian startups using data and technology to further the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in India and across the world.
Akshay Joseph Maddy Jaideep Singh Bachher

#airpollution #ClimateChangeIsReal #India #healthy #health #UN #tech #startups

Air pollution and its affect on pregnancy

Pregnant women have an increased risk of underweight and premature delivery whenever they get exposed to harmful air pollutants in their environment.
The pollutant particles are so small they can affect the brain development of the fetus.

#AirPollution #pregnant #Pregnancy #health #pregnancythings #healthy #ClimateDebate #ClimateCrisis Air pollution is particularly detrimental to the foetus during pregnancy.

How climate change affects us physically, emotionally and socially

The mere fact that we have to stay indoors in our homes when the air quality is terrible shows us how #ClimateChange and #AirPollution have a far negative reaching impact on our physical and mental #health and our #social lives.

#Ambee #awareness Residents of New Delhi, India are battling a smog crisis, which for the past 2 weeks has endangered the respiratory health of millions. Last week, the government ordered schools closed for a second time as a result of severely poor air quality.

Air pollution is the world's greatest environmental threat. We need the right kind of data to make the right decisions and combat this threat.

Air pollution-including ambient and household pollution from biomass burning--is the primary cause of COPD and is responsible for more than half of all cases in India.

#Health #AirPollution #COPDday #AirQuality #WHO #Gurgaon #noidapollution #Mumbai #DelhiAirPollution #DelhiPollution #DelhiAirEmergency

In 2017, after heart disease the 2nd leading cause of death in India is COPD.
Today lets spread awareness and make a difference in the lives of those around us.
COPD is when your lungs become inflamed, damaged and narrowed. The main cause is smoking, although it can sometimes affect people who've never smoked just because of the air pollution in what they breathe.
#AirQuality #COPDday #COPD #COPDawareness #AirPollution #India #Health #Ambee #asthma

Public health emergency declared in Delhi as air quality worsens, schools to be shut till Tuesday

Public health emergency declared in Delhi as air quality worsens, schools to be shut till Tuesday!

If you are in #Delhi, please see what you breathe at your house on Stay safe, use purifiers. Subscribe to air quality alerts and please spread the word The Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority has banned construction activity in the city till November 5.

Ambee is the official community sponsor at Droidcon India 2019 @droidconIN
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Get free air quality and weather APIs, a chance to win a personal Ambee air monitor, Amazon Echodot, $25 playstore fees and more
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Hold your breath, the bad air days have just begun

"Growing traffic, garbage burning, construction, and population density contribute to deteriorating air. Only a clear action with data can clean up the air across the country” - Madhusudhan Anand B, CTO Ambee. Read more here.

Also visit to check the air quality in your location and follow us here for the latest updates.

Maddy #News #Pollution #Health #Airquality #Airpollution In most cities, PM10 and PM2.5 levels rose due to the prevailing weather and bursting of crackers.The air quality index on Tuesday read 'severe', touching 740 in Delhi, according to SAFAR

For a special Diwali segment on @etnow StartUp Central, Ambee's co-founder Akshay Joshi talks about the varying air pollution across cities in India and how Ambee collects air quality data to help fight this global threat.

#AirPollution #AirQuality #airqualityindex #Delhi #Bangalore #Hyderabad #diwali #ecodiwali #healthylifestyle #Etnow #exclusive #startupbusiness #startupcentral

PM 2.5 levels on rise in Bengaluru

Our CTO Maddy talks to India Today about how bad air pollution was on Diwali in Bengaluru and what is considered healthy air.

The sensor used in the video:

#News #Diwali #Bengaluru #Pollution #Health

ITGSocial This Deepavali even though it rained, air pollution levels spiked in #Bengaluru. In some areas, the PM 2.5 levels were more than 300. #ReporterDiar...

Air quality dips on first day of festival in Bengaluru | Bengaluru News - Times of India

Pollution levels doubled then dropped during Diwali in #Bangalore. Read this article to find out more

Also check out to see pollution levels in your area in near real-time.

#Airpollution #Diwali #Deepavali #Pollution #News #happydiwali2019 #happydeepavali2019 #Startupnews #Health Pollution levels in Bengaluru showed a steep hike — almost double in some localities — on Sunday, the first day of Diwali celebrations.

Hyderabad: Diwali doubles pollution

Pollution levels in #Hyderabad doubled during #Diwali. On Saturday, the AQI hovered between 65 and 80. On Sunday evening, it was 240 in some places. Read this article to find out more.

Also visit to check the air quality in your location and follow us here for the latest updates.

Jaideep Maddy

#Pollution #Airpollution #Deepavali #News #happydiwali2019 #happydeepavali2019 #Startupnews #Health According to data collated by the World Air Quality Index, the PM 2.5 level stood at 472 at Begumpet, near the US Consulate.

Ambee Tracks Air Pollution Levels | StartUp Central

Our CEO Akshay Joshi talks to ET NOW about #pollution on #Diwali, what affects pollution levels in different Indian cities and Ambee's data-based solutions. Watch it here:

Also check out to see pollution levels in your area in near real-time.

#News #happydiwali2019 #happydeepavali2019

We have 100 sensors in Bengaluru and 500 all over India. We plan to live stream data soon, says Akshay Joshi, Founder of Ambee. Tune in to for a special segm...

About Ambee

We are the Air quality Data Network.

Ambee aim to create a more environmentally informed society by providing access to data, and tools that enable a better living experience to individuals using the best of what science, humility and technology can offer.

“Ambee helped us save real-lives of children who were affected by Air Pollution”

Ambee’s inception was at IoT hackathon, at Amazon Development center in Bangalore. We won the hackathon, but little did we know that our lives were about to change.

For our prototype we used LinkitOne Grove starter Kit and MediaTek on an Arduino board. Ambee had a AQI sensor (Air Quality sensor), CO sensor, Temperature & Humidity, Dust, Noise and UV sensor hooked to a Bluetooth and a WiFi module to send data to our web server that would show all of this data on a web application that housed a nice looking dashboard.

Ambee helped us save real-lives of children who were affected by Air Pollution. Hence we always have had Doctors, Scientists, Academicians, Technology companies as partners, and we look forward to extend this connection, build on top of all the data and relationships so we co-innovate and build a better world for the next generation and the future generations to come.

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