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altFIRE Technologies, based in Dundalk, County Louth, provide enterprise level web solutions and managed services for small to medium business in Ireland.

As well as designing your websites, we can take care of search engine optimization (SEO) and integration with all your social media sites. All this guarantees you a high ranking which leads to a huge increase in business!

Operating as usual

Handmade Irish Pottery - Sarah McKenna Ceramics

Last but not least in our 3 busiest websites this year is Sarah McKenna Ceramics. Another online shop that was CRAZY busy in the run up to Christmas, but held up well thanks to the new VPS image we are using for #WordPress sites... Quirky contemporary handmade Irish pottery with a nostalgic feel. Each piece is hand built by Sarah in her 250 year old studio in Dundalk, Ireland.

SLATED | Personalised Slate Gifts and Tableware from Dublin, Ireland

The second busiest site of the year must be SLATED, particularly in the run up to Christmas. So many people decided to #shoplocal this year that they ran out of slate and had to close early for the holidays! A great family-run business... Slate Gifts and Tableware from Dublin, Ireland - Slated is an Irish family owned and run luxury artisan homeware brand handmade in Dublin, Ireland. Perfect for personalized gifts.

CILT Skillnet - Subsidised training for the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management sectors

We moved several high traffic #WordPress sites over to our new #OpenLiteSpeed VPS solution early this year, and they have all performed beyond expectations! The busiest by far, due to training requirements for #Brexit, was CILT Skillnet CILT Skillnet is a learning network for enterprises of all sizes within the transport, logistics and supply chain management sectors. We offer subsidised industry-led training courses to businesses in the Republic of Ireland as well as FREE Clear Customs training.

Rachel Tinniswood Textiles

The second #WordPress/#WooCommerce site we did this week was - Rachel is also taking part in Louth Craftmark "Virtual" Winter Fair this weekend, and reported a sale within mere minutes of the site going live (a new record we think!) After years of dabbling in various media Rachel has settled with the description of mixed media textile artist. This diverse area blurs the boundaries between disciplines and materials. This suits Rachel’s experimental nature and resonates with the idea that art can be made of anything

Mary Cowan Ceramics

The first of two E-Commerce sites pushed out this week, Just in time too, as Mary is taking part in the Louth Craftmark "Virtual" Winter Fair this weekend! Mary is inspired by both the natural world and the industrial. Her work is often a juxtaposition of these two influences.

Cushla of Gullion, Irish Landscape Textile Art, Wall Art and Irish Gifts

Caóilfíonn Murphy O’Hanlon availed of the recent LEO website grant, and got herself a nifty E-commerce upgrade, just in time for Christmas! Go check out her awesome Irish Landscape Prints Caóilfíonn Murphy O’Hanlon is an Irish Landscape Textile Artist, Photographer, visual storyteller and Feltmaker in the Ring Of Gullion AONB.

Welcome to Bridge Street Studios - Bridge Street Studios

Revamp of the Bridge Street Studios website complete ( This is the 3rd iteration of the studio website - we did the first one back in November 2003! You can view a cached copy of it at Bridge Street Studios is a thriving hub of art, design and craft in Dundalk, Co Louth. The studio houses eight artists workspaces, classroom space for hands-on workshops and a gallery and shop which is open to the public each Saturday afternoon. The Studios were founded by four ceramic artists in 19...

Need to give visitors to your #WordPress website more control over cookies than just ACCEPT or DECLINE? We know how to do that! Don't get caught with your pants down by the new EU ePrivacy Regulation, talk to us today...

Our Pre-installed WordPress VPS (with real-time monitoring and backups) has gone up in price a bit to €29.99 per month, but we've also DOUBLED the resources and the allowed traffic. These specs for this price is still half of what you would pay with the larger, well known providers.. and you STILL get a free 30GB mailbox!

Handmade Irish Pottery - Sarah McKenna Ceramics

Wonder how fast our new #OpenLiteSpeed #WordPress servers are? Let Sarah McKenna Ceramics show you (and maybe pick up some nice giftware while you are at it). This site has a GTmetrix PageSpeed score of 96% and is fully compliant for new EU Cookie Laws Quirky contemporary handmade Irish pottery with a nostalgic feel. Each piece is hand built by Sarah in her 250 year old studio in Dundalk, Ireland.

Why on earth would you connect an old Raspberry Pi to a Broadband Router like that? Because @The_Pi_Hole! This cool little project (running on @DietPi_ for best performance) sucks up ads before they even get to your phone or desktop. Great use for old kit!

Getting a lot of queries about the LEO grant for upgrading/building your E-Commerce website. We will build you a WordPress website for a flat rate of 600 euro. You will also need your own domain and to rent a VPS (first 12 months can be part of the quote). Contact [email protected]

Want to deliver your website content FASTER than ever before to a global audience? Talk to us today about integrating CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology with your #WordPress website. Served up from a VPS powered by #OpenLiteSpeed, the results are beyond impressive!

Speed test results from a #WordPress site we are currently developing on one of our new #OpenLiteSpeed servers. Not bad, not bad at all!

My WordPress VPS acquired by altFIRE Technologies | My WordPress VPS

My WordPress VPS acquired by altFIRE Technologies Irish business altFIRE Technologies, who specilize in website design and VPS hosting for small to medium business in Ireland and the UK, recently acquired My WordPress VPS for an undisclosed sum.

Dundalk Youth Centre

A recent revamp of the website for Dundalk Youth Centre, including migration to it's own Virtual Private Server Dundalk Youth Centre provide a creative Youth Service for young people 12-18 in Dundalk including a purpose built Youth Café, a programme of Art and Music workshops and a counseling and therapy…

After all the headache of GDPR compliance, here comes the ePrivacy Directive 2009/136/EC (ePR), aka "The Cookie Law" ( Fortunately, we know exactly how to make your website compliant and can do it for a moderately low fee. Get in touch!

Keeping #WordPress sites secure using Fail2Ban filters. See

Our new OpenLiteSpeed Server VMs are ready for use in production, with the new HTTP/3 and QUIC application protocols and speeds of up to 300 times faster than previous WordPress installs! All VMs are fully encrypted with a X.509 certificate and come with a dedicated 30GB mailbox.

Let's face it, if you are a business of any kind you are probably thinking "how can I trade online?" right about now. The good news is that altFIRE Technologies can help you with that - web design, server security, backups, training.. we do the lot, start to finish. Get in touch!

Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) now come with a FREE 30GB mailbox that is fully encrypted and has it's own mobile app. Gmail migration is even an option. See for how to signup.

Two Factor Auth List

Does a website support 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). If they do, you should switch it on! List of sites with Two Factor Auth support which includes SMS, email, phone calls, hardware, and software.

Today is #DataPrivacyDay2020, so we're letting you know how secure your data is with us. All customer websites we build are hosted securely on a @mywpvps instance (outside UK) behind @Cloudflare - in addition, we always use a @wordfence firewall and backup with @UpdraftPlus

LED Dance Floors | Give Your Day That Extra Sparkle

Not often we get website designs in January, but here's one we just completed! This is one of our standard #WordPress builds (on a @mywpvps instance) and took just 2 days as the user had all the content ready, domain registered etc We specialise is providing beautiful LED Dance Floors for a variety of events from weddings and birthday parties to corporate events.

Any customer sites that use @Cloudflare's "Authenticated Origin Pull" feature went offline last night (Error 400) because we missed an important email from them over Christmas. Thankfully @StatusCake alerted us to the issue and all sites were reconfigured this morning. Apologies!

SLATED | Personalised Slate Gifts and Tableware from Dublin, Ireland

It was very easy to resize the droplet on DigitalOcean for Slated and get them ready for the #Christmas rush. The whole process took less than 15 mins, and Cloudflare displayed a friendly message while the site was down Slate Gifts and Tableware from Dublin, Ireland - Slated is an Irish family owned and run luxury artisan homeware brand handmade in Dublin, Ireland. Perfect for personalized gifts.

0-RTT Connection Resumption allows the client’s first request to be sent before the #TLS or #QUIC connection is fully established, resulting in faster connection times, when the client is resuming a connection that was previously already established (9/9) #cybersecurity

HTTP/3 is another major revision of the Web’s protocol designed to take advantage of #QUIC, a new encrypted-by-default Internet transport protocol that provides a number of improvements designed to accelerate HTTP traffic as well as make it more secure (8/9) #cybersecurity

HTTP/2 is a major revision of the Web’s protocol designed for low-latency transport of content over the web. HTTP/2 improves the way HTTP requests and responses are sent allowing for faster page load times. We always use HTTP/2 for customer websites (7/9) #cybersecurity

HTTP Opportunistic Encryption provides a means of enabling #TLS when needed for other protocols such as HTTP/2, which we use for customer websites (6/9) #cybersecurity

#TLS aims primarily to provide privacy and data integrity between two or more communicating applications. When used, connections between a client and a server can be authenticated using public-key cryptography. We use at least TLS v1.2 on all customer sites (5/9) #cybersecurity

HTTP Strict Transport Security (#HSTS) is a header which allows a website to specify and enforce security policy in client web browsers. This policy enforcement protects secure websites from downgrade attacks, SSL stripping, and cookie hijacking (4/9) #cybersecurity

Authenticated Origin Pulls allow you to cryptographically verify that requests to your origin server have come from @cloudflare using a TLS client certificate. This prevents clients from bypassing security measures, such as Web Application Firewalls (3/9) #cybersecurity

Secure Sockets Layer (#SSL) is a technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and client, typically a website and a browser. It allows information such as credit card numbers to be transmitted securely and manifests as HTTPS in the site url (2/9) #cybersecurity

As #BlackFriday approaches and online shopping reaches peak, ask yourself.. is your site REALLY secure? We can assure customers that our sites ARE - first they are hosted by @mywpvps, and then we use the following technologies (8 Posts to Follow) (1/9) #cybersecurity

Cost-effective Web Design Solutions

The business is managed by Paul Scollon, who has worked with web technologies for over 20 years now. He holds an Honours Degree in IT Management (from Dundalk Institute of Technology) and has been certified by such companies as HP and Microsoft. Paul uses open source technology whenever possible, which makes solutions a lot more flexible and helps keeps costs down for the customer.

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