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Need to improve fitness and strength, lose weight, improve your balance and co-ordination? Haven’t the time or money for regular trips to the gym? It doesn’t have to be that complicated......... :)

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A Norfolk doctor found a treatment for sepsis. Now he's trying to get the ICU world to listen.

An interesting article describing a simple, very cheap treatment for sepsis, that seems effective. Cheap, of course, means a much lower profit margin which, sadly, appears to be the basis for challenging the widespread roll-out of this novel practice. Hopefully it’ll come to the attention of not-for-profit medical systems who care more for their patients than the profit margin.
Difficulties overcoming institutional conservatism are nothing new. Inspired by the work of Louis Pasteur, the pre-eminent 19th century surgeon Joseph Lister introduced effective antiseptic practices in the hospital where he worked in Glasgow, Scotland. His ideas attracted scornful derision from his colleagues, despite the dramatic and immediate reduction in death from sepsis which resulted from the simple practice of washing hands with carbolic soap and spraying wounds and surgical instruments with phenol.
In the course of his brilliant career, Lister was honoured with a Baronetcy for his outstanding contributions to medicine, and after his death from pneumonia at the age of 85 in 1912 he was awarded the rare privilege of being buried in Westminster Abbey. His name lives on to this day in the popular consciousness via Listerine commercial antiseptic products.
So ignore your critics in America Dr. Marik, and keep on saving lives. With any luck the rest of the world will catch up with you.

pilotonline.com When an EVMS doctor was faced with a patient on the brink of death, he decided to order a combination of Vitamin C infusions and steroids. By the next morning,


Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?

In my practice as a medical herbalist I regularly see patients with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Herbal medicines can be helpful to moderate and manage symptoms, but helping patients to unravel and understand the causes of their symptoms, and make constructive changes in their lives is often the key to getting a long-term result.
If you're starting out on a journey of trying to get to grips with, understand and resolve your depression, this article will likely help you put the pieces of your mental health jigsaw together.

theguardian.com In this extract from his new book, Johann Hari, who took antidepressants for 14 years, calls for a new approach


Here's an interesting article offering well reasoned alternative advice about nutritional supplements for supporting bone and cardiovascular health. Sunshine, eating plenty of greens and some fermented foods are big contributors to maintaining health in these departments, but there is a good argument for taking a supplement or two if you can't integrate natural sources of goodness into your diet and lifestyle. Have a read and see what you think.

"It saddens me to see older women diagnosed with “osteopenia” or “osteoporosis” listening to their doctors and taking supplemental calcium and even problematic drugs called bisphosphonates. These are irrational, dogmatic, harmful approaches to the problem of degrading bone as we age."


Have to say I find much to agree with in this article's interesting perspective on osteopenia and osteoporosis.

The present-day definitions of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis were arbitrarily conceived by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the early 90's are just plain WRONG...


Study: Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine

Food for thought....

healthimpactnews.com Conventional health authorities claim getting a flu shot each year is the best way to ward off influenza. But where's the actual science backing up...


Hungry Planet Family Food Portraits - Images | Peter Menzel

The majority of health problems in industrial societies are related to diet and lifestyle. Scroll the photos of different peoples' weekly shop, and you get an insight into why.



Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease Is Easier Than You Think

Diet and lifestyle can play a significant part in up to 80% of disease, so don't wait to fall ill - make the right choices now!This article gives good information and sound advice on addressing a big and rapidly increasing cause of ill health in the western world. Worth a read:)

psychologytoday.com Science shines new light on root cause of memory problems.


Six Non-Cannabis Plants That Are High In Healing Cannabinoids

Medicinal uses of cannabis attract a great deal of publicity, and rightly so. Unfortunately though, cannabis remains a forbidden plant in our culture. But plants are complex organisms, and cannabis is not the only plant to have healing cannabinoids.
While not a complete alternative, each of the plants mentioned in this article have some of the beneficial medicinal effects of cannabis, without carrying the risk of restricting your liberty.

enlightened-consciousness.com Even if you live in a place where access to medical marijuana is illegal, you can still reap the benefits of cancer-fighting cannabinoids by utilizing these other medicinal plants. As interest in Cannabis’ numerous medicinal uses continues to grow, research into the effects of... #cannabis

Acupuncture boosts effectiveness of standard medical care for chronic pain, depression

Interesting how acupuncture is so popular with medics - must be because it works! Always good to read of new research.
Acupuncture is available at the Evergreen Clinic in Cork all day Mondays and Wednesdays. If you're interested, 021 496 6209.

www.sciencedaily.com Acupuncture treatment can boost the effectiveness of standard medical care, lessening the severity of chronic pain and depression, health specialists have found.


High cholesterol 'does not cause heart disease' new research finds, so treating with statins a 'waste of time'

Refreshingly, the research in this article emphasises how health comes substantially from what you eat and do, not from the pills you pop.
As much as 80% of human illness is substantially affected by diet and lifestyle, so it is no surprise that the Evergreen Clinic's medical herbalist, Kevin Orbell-McSean, takes the time to include an in-depth look at these factors during a consultation.
Any recommendations for change are kept as simple and easy as possible, tailored to the circumstances of the patient.
Evergreen Clinic of Natural Medicine, 021 496 6209, - enquiries always welcome.

telegraph.co.uk Cholesterol does not cause heart disease in the elderly and trying to reduce it with drugs like statins is a waste of time, an international group of experts has claimed.


Project aims to end 'ambiguity' of plant-based medicine - BBC News

What a terrifically worthwhile project to take on. Good for Kew; fantastic institution.
Although folk / common names for plants can be full of charm and indicate how regional cultures interpret and use the plants, in professional practice we primarily use the latin names, precisely to avoid the ambiguity that can occur with common names.

www.bbc.com A team of scientists at Royal Botanical Gardens Kew embarks on the mammoth task of creating a single database of the world's medicinal plant species.


Mediterranean diet better than statins for tackling heart disease – study

theguardian.com Study finds people already suffering from heart problems are 37% less likely to die early if they eat a diet rich in vegetables, nuts and fish


Shocking New Role Found for the Immune System: Controlling Social Interactions

Inevitably, being a facet of the human condition, I have often seen patients who, as well as being ill, are to some extent consumed by guilt / regrets about choices they have made, or behavioural attitudes, which they feel are responsible, at least in part, for their condition. We do tend, after all, to feel that our conscious mind, our intellect / ego, exerts control over our passage through life.
In response, I've introduced the suggestion that in fact our possession of 'free will' is not nearly as free and comprehensive as we imagine. Our presumed freedom of conscious thought and consequent action can in fact be substantially governed by the obscure, almost esoteric shenanigans of our body chemistry, predisposing us to make unwise, perhaps irrational decisions, to feeling distress or fear, or the sense that we ' just can't cope' or being aggresive and antisocial.
There are many different physiological imbalances that can result in these behavioural traits, even though they are generally assumed to be within our conscious control.
Our body chemistry is something we can substantially affect simply by making sensible choices about what we eat and how we medicate ourselves. The old saying "A healthy body makes a healthy mind" has a great deal of truth behind it. So boot the guilt out the window, and instead make healthy diet and lifestyle choices. If you do fall ill, consider making herbal medicine your first choice, which will support a healthy internal environment rather wreaking havoc among your gut microbes - the article below describes why this makes good sense.
If you need guidance, seek professional help. A detailed inquiry into diet and lifestyle forms an important part of treatment by the Evergreen Clinic's medical herbalist, Kevin Orbell-McSean. A consultation or two can be an investment that lasts a life-time.

shar.es Following last year’s groundbreaking discovery of a direct link between the brain and the immune system, UVA researchers have determined that the immune system affects – and even controls – social behavior. Their discovery could profoundly affect treatment of several neurological disorders.


Big Pharma Suffers Major Blow: Study Says Treating High Cholesterol With Statins Is a Waste of Time

Humans - one big pharma cash crop? Why not opt out, save your cash, and be healthy instead? Tweak your diet and take more exercise.
If you're not quite getting the result you're looking for, consider taking professional advice on lifestyle and diet management, with perhaps a drop of herbal medicine to give your health a body-friendly nudge in the right direction:)

dailyhealthpost.com Now you know.

Todd Caldecott

In recent years vit D is being flagged up as a vital component for many aspects of health, including cancer resistance. After decades of paranoia over sun exposure, it's no wonder that such a large proportion of folk are vit D deficient. D3 supplements are inexpensive and well worth taking for background insurance, along with a more comprehensive anti-cancer diet and lifestyle approach.

But it's not just a matter of taking an oral supplement. Both sunshine and exercise is key...


That gut feeling

It is always interesting to see traditional herbal practice validated by modern research. This interesting article, about the latest research into the role played by gut bacteria in our health, illustrates the good sense of the traditional approach of herbal medicine, to always look after the gut and digestion when treating practically any patient.
Close to every herbal prescription I write includes a herb or two to promote healthy digestion, along with some appropriate dietary advice, depending on what shows up in the patient's dietary history.
Herbal medicine is fundamentally concerned with promoting honest, natural health. That is how, as medical herbalists, our profession works to overcome disease, without unwanted side-effects, in a manner that is safe for the patient.

apa.org Evidence has mounted that the gut microbiome can influence neural development, brain chemistry and a wide range of behavioral phenomena, including emotional behavior, pain perception and how the stress system responds.


9 Herbal Supplements Cancer Patients Use: Current Research and Considerations

The health-enhancing effects of appropriate medicinal herbs and diet have so much to offer the cancer sufferer. This article describes some of the herbs that one might prescribe.

reference.medscape.com Cancer patients often use complementary and alternative medicine, but a majority of oncologists believe they lack knowledge about these products. Learn about 9 herbal supplements and some important issues surrounding their use.


War in the Natural Health World

How not to get suckered....
Here's a very good article describing how to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to trying to make sense of all the claims for 'natural' remedies which you might come across.

modernherbalmedicine.com There is a silent war being waged in the natural health world. The battle is between those who are genuinely interested in helping people to improve their health and those who are just pushing products without good science or even a historical t...


Groundbreaking New Brain Study Reveals Miraculous Healing Power Loving Voices Have On Coma Patients

An interesting snippet about how loving voices significantly speed the healing of brain injuries, though I'd be surprised if loving voices don't always have a positive effect on brain health:)
Wishing everyone a healthy, kind, caring and loving 2016. Happy New Year!

feelguide.com Earlier this morning a groundbreaking new study was released by Northwestern Medicine and Hines VA, published in the journal Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair and broadcast in a special feature report on this morning’s broadcast of CBS This Morning. The study explored the possibility that the vo…


Simply because it works better: exploring motives for the use of medical herbalism in...

It couldn't be more straightforward really. As this study shows, people like herbal medicine because it works! If herbal medicine was no good, it would never have survived for the thousands of years since civilisation took root, and on into the modern era of the 21st century. Herbal medicine is still the most widely used therapy on the planet.
Extremely safe, and human-friendly:)

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Complement Ther Med. 2009 Oct-Dec;17(5-6):300-8. doi: 10.1016/j.ctim.2009.08.001. Epub 2009 Sep 9. Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't


What will save the frankincense tree?

Frankincense and myrrh are two valuable herbs, prized throughout history and quintessential to Christmas. This interesting article tells us a little about them, and the threats which modern-world-values pose to their survival.

telegraph.co.uk Science is coming to the rescue of the sacred frankincense tree, reports Ed Cumming.


Essential oils have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria

MRSA can be a nightmare post-op complication for patients, especially immuno-compromised patients, who struggle to summon their own natural resources to fight the infection.
The essential oils of ti tree, manuka and thyme have been shown to be potent against MRSA. For detailed info read Maggie Tisserand's 'Aromatherapy VS MRSA', an excellent little volume. Each of these oils is available for sale at our clinic, and other outlets that keep a wide range of essential oils.
For a more detailed approach to dealing with this condition, seek professional advice from a medical herbalist or aromatherapist. We are always happy to answer your queries here at the Evergreen Clinic of Natural Medicine.

www.news-medical.net Essential oils usually used in aromatherapy have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria according to research carried out at The University of Manchester.


Pupils 'need hand-washing lessons' to cut drug resistance - BBC News

Great advice. We've all heard the saying, 'Coughs and sneezes spread diseases', but guess what? Up to an astonishing eighty percent of colds and flu cases are caused by hand-to-mouth contamination! So simply by practicing good hand hygiene you can reduce your chances of contracting a respiratory infection dramatically. And as for stomach upsets, well it doesn't take a genius to work out that the same applies.
You don't have to get obsessive about it, but at least wash your hands properly before preparing and eating food. If your skin is sensitive to using soap, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, like they do in hospital - they're quite cheap if you shop around, and easier on the skin for frequent use.
If you do suffer a cold or the flu, do everyone a favour and make sure you cough and sneeze into a tissue or handkerchief.
These simple measures can make winter a much less hazardous season.

bbc.com Schoolchildren should be taught how to wash their hands to tackle the growing threat of drug resistant bacteria, say health officials.


The Magnesium-Diabetes Link

When it comes to what you eat, you don't have to be perfect all the time, just tip the balance in your favour. Keep it fresh, plenty of green leaves, berries, nuts and seeds. Try sprinkling a couple of desert spoons of nori flakes (seaweed) in your soup too - tastes great & super nutrition.
Just because the nutritional value of food is falling decade on decade, doesn't mean you can't win and be perfectly healthy.
That's the basic message of this interesting article on how useful magnesium is in the diet. Same goes for just about every other micro-nutrient too.

articles.mercola.com Several significant studies about magnesium have found that it may have benefits in preventing type 2 diabetes and improving insulin resistance.

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