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Hypnotherapy,Psychotherapy,Hypno-Psychotherapy,Hypno-Analysis,Psycho-Analysis:therapies performed in hypnosis by Magda O’Reilly-a Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist and Hypno-Analyst with an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Hypno-psychotherapy is using the state of hypnosis to treat a variety of medical and psychological problems. It is estimated that 85% of people will respond at some level to clinical hypnotherapy. It may even succeed where other more conventional methods of treatment have not produced the desired result. When carried out by a trained and qualified hypnotherapist the benefits can be long lasting and often permanent. It is natural and safe, with no harmful side effects. Going into a state of hypnosis is a perfectly normal activity. It appears differently to many people, but most people describe it as a restful, relaxing state where they are still aware and in control.No person can be hypnotized without his cooperation and willingness. The more a person allows themselves to cooperate and relax, the more benefits they will receive. No person can be hypnotized without his cooperation and willingness. The more a person allows themselves to cooperate and relax, the more benefits they will receive.
No person can be hypnotized without his cooperation and willingness. The more a person allows themselves to cooperate and relax, the more benefits they will receive. Some of the cases of hypnosis have shown what seemed to be miraculous results. Hypnosis is not a miraculous power, it is merely a technique that enables your mind to access and use your own natural healing abilities, to assist in healing any area of the mind or body. Hypnosis allows your subconscious mind (inner mind) to accept positive suggestions that can increase self confidence, self acceptance, self love and self esteem, to create success patterns for life, learning and health. Hypnotic suggestions can release your unwanted patterns and strengthen those parts of your personality that you desire. Various imagery techniques are used to augment particular modes of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural, Solution Focused, Systemic, and Psychodynamic approaches.Therapeutic techniques used during hypnotherapy include relaxation skills, desensitisation, imaginable exposure, aversion therapy, mental rehearsal, challenging unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, building on positive thoughts, ego-strengthening and self-esteem building, psycho-education, cue-controlled states and emotions ('anchoring'), ego-state or parts therapy, regression techniques (as part of therapy), dissociation, future pacing, visualisation, modifying distressing memories using imagery, direct and indirect suggestions, and use of metaphors.A research project in the UK found that 92% of those who had attended a hypnotherapist would recommend the experience to others. The Irish Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy claim an 80% success rate in treating clients for smoking.Hypnotherapy is not generally advisable for mentally disturbed or psychotic patients. Some psychiatric professionals do use hypnotherapy in conjunction with orthodox treatments for patients with such conditions, but always within an institutional environment where other forms of treatment are also available.Patients suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar conditions, suicidal tendencies, senility, alcohol or drug psychosis, pathological personalities or manic depression are generally advised not to undergo hypnotherapy.
While hypnotherapy is useful in alleviating mild cases of depression, it is contra-indicated for manic depression and bipolar conditions. It is also contraindicated in some cases of epilepsy.

I skeptically tried practicing gratitude. It completely changed my life. This whole positive psychology trend is really onto something.

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The Gottman Institute

Self-compassion means treating yourself just like you would your best friends, even when they (you) screw up.

The Gottman Institute

You are not defined by your darkest hour.

GoZen: Anxiety Relief for Children

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The Gottman Institute

We teach our children water safety and road safety, but we aren't taking the time to incorporate body safety into our parenting conversations.

The Gottman Institute

Instead of trying to change your partner, be the change you wish to see in your relationship.

The Gottman Institute

She’s watching how you treat her mom.

Hold Your Tongue and Offer Your Heart Instead We all want to help someone when they're having a hard time, but here is a better way to do that.



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