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Meet Amon, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog.

Have I ever told you how I just adore wolfdogs? I do. Besides tamaskans these might be my second favourites.

Amon is done in pastels on an A4 (12x9 in) paper.

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Meet the beautiful Ayana!

(Hrvatski niže)

A3 (16 x 12 in) graphite pencil portrait.

Sadly this lovely girl is no longer with us, but the memory remains.

I have tried hard to capture her true self from photos that were less than perfect but were the only thing available. I hope I have succeeded.

Ayana is done in pencils and it is a true PAIN to take a good photo of a pencil portrait! I had to seriously intervene on this one in photoshop, and I hope I've done it justice. The owner of the portrait will be able to tell.


Upoznajte prekrasnu Ayanu!

Na žalost, ova lijepa curica nije više među nama, ali sjećanje na nju ostaje.

Pokušala sam zarobiti na papiru njenu srž sa fotografija koje nisu bile savršene, ali su bile sve što je bilo dostupno. Nadam se da sam uspjela.

Ayana je nacrtana u olovci i zbilja je teško ufotografirati potret u olovci! Nadam se moje intervencije u photoshopu nisu umanjile kvalitetu potreta. Vlasnica će znati reći.

Something's cooking! Can you guess what breed??

#petportraits #petart #dogportraits #dogart

Here in Croatia our lifeguards are tall, handsome and blonde!

Edit: as pointed out by a follower, the beach and the dogs in photo are located in Italy.

Still handsome, wouldn't you agree? 😁

Lifeguard dogs in Croatia. 🐕😍👌
Picture Of The Day



This dog's reaction to his new trampoline has made my day 😂😂

Let's see it!! Mine is in the comments!

Finally some progress on the lovely Ayana.

My apologies for the absence, the private life was a bit crazy.

We are going on however, so stay tuned! I'm armed with the most important thing when doing art. Pencils? Naah. Coffee ☕🎨

Ma Baby Love

Kids getting dogs. Precious. Just remember, when gifting pets, it's for their whole life, not one Christmas or a birthday. ❤️

New dog who dis? 🐶🤗

I laughed too hard on these faces.

Photographer captures the perfect moment... 🐶😂❤️
Photographer- Veiler photography 📸

ღ Lovely Cats ღ

We love reading. So do our little beasts.

"I always enjoy the readings of my little human."

Some progress done on the beautiful Ayana. Pencil was my first love and I'm glad to be again drawing with it. ❤️

#workinprogress #dogportraits #petportraits

We understand.


Just imagine...

I've got one more, then I'll stop spamming my own very serious and professional page. Seriously.

I have one personal black hole just like it!

"Scientists have discovered a new kind of Black Hole that has a gravitational field so intense that no treats or dropped food scraps can escape." 😆🐶

Ever tried to take decent photos of your dogs? At the same time? Yeah, it didn't work for me either.

BUT, that's why I'm good at making portraits of more than one of your hairy family members: dogs, cats, fluffy bunnies or husbands and kids (I don't judge if they're on the hairier side), even when they didn't turn out good on one photo!! Trust this artist to make magic 😁

Good Tuesday!

Persistence payed off. After a lot of coughing and subsequent headache, Boni is finally done!

Boni is a typical beagle, hard headed and cheerful! He is painted on a white A3 (16x12in) paper in dry pastels.

#petportraits #petart #dogportraits #dogart #beagles #beagle

Did we get you??

Dog gets April fooled

Gooood Monday!

Allergy is still hitting hard and what do you do when pastel dust triggers it? You suck it up! Yep, that's what we, artists, do. Slime is our enemy but we WILL prevail!

Let's cheer and celebrate my new studio corner in the office! I've finally been able to set up a separate place/PC for designing and painting.


#petart #petportraits #dogportraits #dogart #dogs #beagles

Science Claims People Who Talk to Their Pets Are Way Smarter Than Those Who Don’t

See? We're not crazy. We're very, very.... Very intelligent! *says to her dog who nods understandingly* If you can’t help but tell your dog stories about an annoying colleague or discuss your food choice for dinner with your cat, you can breathe easy. This is not a sign of craziness like your other half or your parents might suspect. Science claims that talking to our furry friends is actually a sig...

Настоящее Страшное Телевидение

For all the underrepresented cats out there.


Good day! A little laugh for you on this sunny Tuesday.
This artist is having major allergy issues so drooling on the portraits is out of the question. Let's watch some funny videos instead, shall we?

People acting like dogs at the dog park... 😂

Being busy this Monday!

I hope there's no Monday blues today! How is your day going? Stay tuned for the finally finished Boni's portrait!

#petart #petportraits #dogportraits #dogart

7 companies that give staff paid time off when they get a puppy

Puppernity leave! Ha. Does it count when you work on portraiting said puppies? Puppies require a lot of care and attention, so some companies give their employees time off to help their new furry friend settle in.

Gooood Sunday to y'all!

I hope you are all enjoy the first days of Spring while I'm working on Boni.
Boni is taking a far far longer than I expected but that usually means the results will be quite good 😉

#petportraits #petart #dogportraits #dogart #beagle

BuzzFeed Animals

If only I could dance like that!

This dog is a better dancer than I am

Istanbul's Beloved Street Cat Immortalized With His Own Bronze Statue

And that is why art exists. What a wonderful thing to do ❤️ It seems only right that on a day like October 4th—World Animal Day—the people of Istanbul unveil a new bronze statue of their beloved local cat celebrity

Informative post: let your dogs sniff! ❤️


Good Sunday people!
I'm going on with Boni. What are you up to? Having nice walks with your four-legged kids? Snap a pic and share!

#petart #petportraits #dogportraits #dogart #beagle

Good Thursday to y'all!
Working on Boni in Art4Pets' studio. What's up with you? I hope your week is going OK!

Stay tuned for more fab pet portraits!

#petart #petportraits #dogportraits #dogart #beagle


We are ready to boldly hop into this work week!

This is what happens when you raise your dog with rabbits. :)


Poodles have loads of hair... 😂

Poodles have A LOT of hair... 😱

Pretty 52

Ah, those funny little (and big) fur balls.

The excitement of dogs outdoors 😂🤸‍♀️

Good morning world!

Cats are notoriously underrepresented on this site, so I thought posting some big kitties might help bring them back :D

All of these three cats were done in oils on canvas.

#catportraits #petportraits #animalportraits #bigcats #tigers #leopards

Dear past and future clients, I'm posting the updated PRICE LIST for PASTEL AND CHARCOAL portraits.

*EDIT - added the OIL ON STRETCHED CANVAS price list!

For all of you asking about portrait prices these days, there may have been some changes so please refer to this list!

Thank you and have a good day!

Ladies and gents, I would like you to meet a wonderful and beautiful husky girl I've had an immense pleasure painting.

Kylie lived in Poland and was extremely loved, the one and only soul-mate to her owner.

I always enjoy doing what I do, it is my calling, it comes from my soul. But every now and then a portrait touches me more than the others. Kylie's is one of them.

Kylie was painted in dry pastels on an A3 (16 x 12 inch) paper.

#petportraits #petart #dogportraits #dogart #husky

If cats run stores.

Gooood Sunday! Let's talk about portrait reference photo requirements!

If is very often I get less than good photos as references for a desired portrait. Sometimes it is, sadly, unavoidable, like in cases where the pet is deceased, but in most cases all we need to do is take another photo with a few things on our minds!

1. POSITION - keep in level with your pet. That means you'll have to crouch or place it on a higher ground. In that way you'll get the classic head-and-shoulders (and not the dandruff shampoo) position.

2. LIGHTING - try to use the natural light. And by natural I mean daylight. Avoid the direct sunlight as it can bring too many highlights, and by all that is holy do not use fire. I don't want you to burn yourself or your pet. The best would be taking photos outside in a shade or by a window at home.

3. SIZE - if you send me a thumbnail sized picture, I will do it. But I will do it badly. And I really like to keep my standards, so I can't stress it enough: good sized photos are a must. As you can see on the photos below, enlarging a small photo does not give more detail. Also, try to focus your camera on your pet and not the lady sitting behind it while you're drinking coffee in your favourite bar. Even though the lady is nice, I need to see your pet clearly.

Copyright © of the photos in this post is not mine, but of the respective photographers unless stated otherwise.

#petportraits #petart #dogportraits #dogart #dogs #cats

Humanity Life

Time for some horsing around! *laughs*

These horses love to horse around!

Eyes are my absolute favourite.

Some husky eyes in progress... Shhh. It's a secret!

#petart #petportraits #dogportraits #dogart

This one never gets old 😂

Goooooood Sunday! I present to you....


10 years of Rottweilers! Meet Ingo, Freddy and Roxy!

#petart #petportraits #dogportraits #rotweilers

I present to you... 12 years of Yorkshire Terriers! Meet some of the yorkies done throughout the years! ❤️

#petportraits #petart #dogportraits #yorkshireterrier

Noses are my favourite! Here's a 007 nose (a.k.a. a secret portrait).

Show me your fur babies' wet noses!

#petart #petportraits #dogportraits #dogart

Are there any horse lovers out there??

Watch out for a couple of horse portraits!

#petart #petportraits #horseportrait

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