Ladywell Rare and Pure Breed Poultry

Ladywell Rare and Pure Breed Poultry


I don’t think my messages are getting through and your hens are beautiful. I’m looking for 4 Pekin Bantams hens, an assortment of colours would be lovely if possible . I’m happy to have younger birds if that helps, thanks in advance 🐔👍

Breeders of quality pure and rare breed poultry

3 Welsummer Hens (Pullets) SOLD
Not even a year old, been laying since May, good dark strain
Message for more information

Pretending you’re not a cockerel and hiding........ level expert 🤦‍♀️

Quartet Rhode Island Red SSTC
Well grown, ideal to breed from over the winter
Coming up to point of lay
Unrelated cockerel
Previous interested party failed to collect

Two Pullets
1 x Rhode Island Red
1 x Rhode Island Red x Sussex
Be excellent layers
14 weeks

4 x Rhode Island Red Pullets
4 x Welsummer Pullets
7 weeks old
All female
Message for more information

I’ve had tonnes of messages about Pekins
My messages got wiped overnight by a random update so I have lost my list of people. I’ve mainly young pairs available, the odd young trio and a few spare young cockerels
(Pair = 1 x Cockerel, 1 x Pullet. Trio 1 x Cockerel, 2 x Pullets)

2 x Pair Buff (Pair sold SSTC)
2 x Pair Splash
1 x Pair White SOLD
1 x Blue Pair
1 x Blue Trio SOLD
1 x Trio Blue Mottled (you can have a black mottled or blue mottled cock) SOLD
There are a few spare cuckoo cockerels, these can be put over black/blue/lavender or cuckoo)
A frizzle millefleur cockerel and 2 spare white cockerels.
Mottled cockerels as well
All aged between 6 weeks to 9 weeks (mainly 9 weeks), off heat)
Please Message for more information

Another Dozen Welsummer Large Fowl Eggs available for collection

Rhode Island Reds
9/10 months old
Only 2 left SSTC

Dozen Welsummer Eggs
Still dark, they’ve been laying 5 months
Excellent fertility and hatch rate


Welsummer Cockerel (good dark egg strain)
Rhode Island Red cockerel
Both ready for breeding

Duck/Bantam House
Wire floor - been empty a while
£25 Ono

Poultry Arks
They’re wood and hard plastic sides (solway sheets)
Perches in the back
One has a solid floor in the back
Bob hole fronts so could easily be converted back
Ideal for quartets of Wyandotte Bantams and Pekins
£50 each

Welsummers still laying - last 4 left in lay

Barnevelder and Welsummer Bantams

18 weeks
Blue salmon and Salmon
Cocks and pullets
Message me

Trio Blue Brahma LF
12 weeks

Brand new
Egg candler
Brinsea - unopened £15

What an absolute #%##%%#! Clearly didn’t want me to reply again, so blocked me, at the end of the day, you know nothing about me, my personal circumstances, just how many years I’ve been doing this and my full reasons to quitting! This is just one of them, dealing with people like this!

Updated List
Plus a few others on the page, I will go through again on Saturday as there’s still some not listed and I will take more pictures

8 x Pekins
5 pullets 3 cocks
On heat at night

9 x Brahma
Various colours mainly light
Not sexed
Still on heat

Trio Light Sussex LF

Quartet Splash SSTC
2 x Blue Females SOLD
1 x Columbian
1 x black
2 x lemon SOLD
Please message

[09/16/19]   Thank you to everyone that messaged, I just need to take stock and work out what’s left, it was literally like a smash and grab here yesterday afternoon, I know my mum and dad are knackered as I spent the day away from there. I will update the list over the next couple of days with what’s left, thank you

[09/14/19]   Every breed I have is on the list, yes there are some additional ones but they’re the same breeds just younger and I haven’t gone through them yet, yes I had more last year but I’ve been winding down, so please don’t continually message asking for Cochins, Jersey Giants and flying unicorns because I just don’t have them, what is on the list are the breeds I have, every one that is left, thank you

Sussex and Brahmas

Barnevelder Bantams

Wyandotte Bantam Females

Faverolles -Blue Salmon and Salmon

Trio Pekins

Young Faverolles - a few different colours

Light Brahma
Currently moulting

Silver Duckwing Welsummer

Youngsters and Breeders - Cockerel is moulting

Light and Coronation Sussex Group
Currently moulting

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