David Cohen Endodontist and Dental Expert Witness

Dr David Cohen would like to welcome you to his page. He is a Specialist Endodontist with over 25 years experience.

What is root canal treatment?
Root Canal Therapy removes dead and infected material from the canals that run along the roots of the teeth. This treatment is used to stop the pain of toothache and dental abscesses.

Dr Cohen works using high powered magnification to ensure the best results.

This treatment enables you to keep teeth that might otherwise be lost.
Find out more here: http://www.endodontistmanchester.co.uk/root-canal-treatment-manchester.html

What is an Endodontist?
Endodontists are dentists who have had at least two years of advanced specialty training in root canal therapy techniques, and are registered on the specialty lists of the General Dental Council.

Because they limit their practices to endodontics, they treat difficult root canal problems every day. They are able to use their specialist training and experience in treating difficult cases, such as teeth with narrow or blocked canals, or unusual anatomy.

Dr Cohen uses state of the art technology, such as operating microscopes, ultrasonics and digital x-rays in order to carry out all our specialist services.
Find out more here: http://www.endodontistmanchester.co.uk/root-canal-treatment-manchester.html

Dr Cohen has also been producing medico-legal reports for many years, and have to date produced over 500 reports for solicitors, both claimant and defendant. His specific areas of expertise include facial and dental injuries caused by:- Accidents, Slip & trips, RTA’s, Accidents at work, Sports accidents. Find out more here:

[01/28/16]   Are you a solicitor and need a referral for a witness report? Having prepared over 500 I have a world of experience

Root canal treatment is usually successful. In about 9 out of 10 cases, a tooth can survive for up to 10 years after root canal treatment.

[01/13/16]   For over 20 years I have written witness reports, if you've had a slip or trip then let me write a report for you

Do you know how root canal treaments start? The infection is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and invade the tooth.

[11/29/15]   If you think you need a root canal, consult your dentist. Its better to be safe then sorry!

Have you had a sports accident and need a witness report written? I can do that for you

[11/22/15]   The term "root canal" comes from cleaning of the canals inside the tooth's root.

[11/19/15]   If you’re a solicitors and need to get in contact with someone who can write witness reports, I have 20 years of experience

The common reasons why you need Root canal Treatment might be because you have a cracked tooth, a deep cavity, repeated dental treatment to the tooth or trauma.

[11/12/15]   A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth.

[11/08/15]   Having prepared 500 expert witness reports, I have the experience and knowledge capable of preparing one for any situation!

[11/04/15]   Accidents always happen at work, my witness report will get you the claim you need


Dr David Cohen - Manchester Endo Dental Practice

If you want to know more about me then visit the link to my website below:

endodontistmanchester.co.uk Dr David Cohen is specialist endodontist, he has been helping general dental practitioners solve their endodontics problems.

[10/31/15]   Make sure you look after your teeth!

[10/30/15]   Teeth Fact: Saliva has many uses, including assisting you with your digestion and protects your teeth from bacteria in your mouth.

[10/30/15]   After your treatment, it's important to take care of your repaired tooth. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss between your teeth every day.

[10/29/15]   Teeth Fact: Your mouth produces over 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime—that’s enough to fill two swimming pools.

[10/29/15]   Show off your teeth while you still have them

[10/28/15]   A smile makes all the difference to your face!

Here's a video explaining how root canal treatment works: http://bit.ly/1GKFNRQ

[10/27/15]   Do you need an accredited dental expert witness to prepare a report?

[10/27/15]   Teeth Fact: No two people have the same set of teeth—your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint, so be proud of your unique set of teeth.

[10/26/15]   Teeth Fact: Humans have two sets of teeth during their lifetime, while sharks have around 40 sets of teeth.


Testimonials - Manchester Endo Dental Practice

See what my previous patients have to say:

endodontistmanchester.co.uk Manchester Endo Dental Practice included testimonial of real dental patients who had root canal treatments.

[10/25/15]   Teeth Fact: An average person spends 38.5 days brushing their teeth over their lifetime.

[10/25/15]   As an accredited expert, I am able to write reports and give evidence in dental injury cases

[10/24/15]   A local anaesthetic is used before root canal treatment meaning the process will be pain free!

[10/24/15]   Millions of teeth are treated and saved each year with root canal, or endodontic, treatment. Do your teeth need saving?

[10/23/15]   For over 25 years I have helped general dental practitioners with their endodontic problems. Do you need help with yours?

[10/23/15]   Root canal treatment doesn’t hurt as a local anaesthetic is used and it should feel no different to having an ordinary filling. We ensure the patient is comfortable throughout the process

[10/22/15]   Through Endodontics, it is now possible to predict, treat and save a tooth that, just years ago, would have needed to be removed.

[10/22/15]   We use the latest technology to ensure a quick and comfortable treatment. Call us on 0161 832 9400

[10/21/15]   With our contemporary technology and knowledge, root canal treatment is not painful, its purpose is to relieve pain, not cause it!

How It's Made Toothbrushes

Want to see how a toothbrush is made? Watch this video http://bit.ly/1GKFNBx

Discovery / Science Channel's "How It's Made" Toothbrushes episode

[10/20/15]   Teeth Fact: Many diseases are linked to your oral health, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

[10/20/15]   Root canal treatment and other procedures have evolved a great deal in the last few years.


Manchester Endo Dental Practice | www.endodontistmanchester.co.uk

For any information check my website to aid your understanding

www.endodontistmanchester.co.uk Endodontist Manchester offers root canal therapy techniques which are registered on the specialty lists of the General Dental Council.

[10/19/15]   We do everything possible to save teeth and maintain great dental health, preserving teeth that would otherwise need to be removed.

The vast majority of our treatments are now done in just one visit to get your teeth back to normal

[10/18/15]   Slips and trips, accidents at work or sports accident all fall within my expertise for witness reports

[10/17/15]   We now use high powered magnification. This gets us the best results.

[10/17/15]   Teeth Fact: If you get your tooth knocked out, put it in milk or hold it in your mouth—this will help your tooth to survive longer.

Email Us - Manchester Endo Dental Practice

Don’t hesitate to contact us, whatever the request we are happy to help

endodontistmanchester.co.uk Endodontist Manchester provides an online appointment facility and to get information on root canal treatments.


Contact Endodontist in Manchester Endo Dental Practice

I am based in Manchester, Nottingham, Crewe and Gibraltar, here's how to locate us:

www.endodontistmanchester.co.uk Find endodontist near Manchester for emergency dental care and treatments with quality level at affordable price rates.

[10/14/15]   We act with our clients best interests, understanding their issue, dealing with it carefully, professionally and efficiently.

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