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Last week Dan Walters set the record for the longest plank with a 2 minute 43 second hold.
Tonight Kevin Dieu made a staggering comeback and reclaimed his title.
Kevin made a storming return to victory, stopping halfway through his GVT session to rise to the challenge. Fuelled by Kanye West and a pre workout maoam (the soft fruit flavour chew) he succeeded a 2 minute 44 second plank!
When asked 'could you have held it any longer?' a calm and collected Dieu replied 'probably'.
Tune in this week to see if Dan Walters can take things to the next level with his promise of 3 minutes!!!

Kettlebell Training with Nicola Holt.

[06/26/14]   Tonight Dan Walters took the throne for the longest plank time with an impressive 2 minutes 43 seconds! Nice work Dan, stronger every session!

First GVT session for Kevin Dieu this evening. Smashed it! Even went as far as describing the session as 'easy' will eat your words Kevin. :-) Well done.

[06/15/14]   First 'Ladies that Lunge' class tonight. Nice to see everyone putting in 110%. Looking forward to next weeks class!

[04/23/14]   Fancy mixing it up a bit?

If you're fed up of the same old routine or spending your workout on a treadmill, why not try my full body circuit. The workout elevates the heart rate for an extended period increasing cardiovascular endurance and stamina offering a full body workout.

The order of exercises does not matter. Rest when you need to. Drink water if you're thirsty. Take a selfie if you're that way inclined. Take as many sets as you need to complete the target rep range. Jump between exercises. The only rule is to keep good form!

If you complete the circuit in under 45mins then you earn the right to refer to yourself as 'one bad mother'. You can use this in sentences such as 'Hey guys, I'm one bad mother' - or - 'No, I refuse to place my item in the bagging area because I'm one bad mother'.

So here it is:

oh and p.s don't forget to warm up!

Row (level 10) 1500meters
Mountain Climbers 200
Box Jumps 200
KB Swings 150
KB Squats 150
Bent over row 100
Lateral Raise 60
Leg raises 60

If you are unfamiliar with Kettlebells substitute KB squats for barbell squats and KB Swings for barbell lunges.

For weighted exercises select a weight you think will be challenging.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

[04/09/14]   PEGGY'S TIP OF THE DAY: Pump some iron!

...this ones for the ladies.

No one is knocking the treadmill, it does the job, along with the rowing machine, the stairmaster and the exercise bike. They are all great pieces of kit and are a good way of improving cardiovascular fitness and endurance. However, if you are looking to tone up, don't shy away from those free weights.

Hang on, if I start lifting weights am I going to bulk up? I don't want to end up like that woman over in the weights area screaming 'yeahhhh Boiiiii' as she squats three times her own body weight! The reality however, is her training, nutrition and supplementation will be focused around those muscle building goals. Testosterone is one of the main hormones responsible for increasing muscle size and women do not produce as much naturally as men therefore you won't suddenly pack on masses of muscle.

So you won't wake up one day looking like the hulk, but what will happen? Well, gym sessions may get a little more interesting for a start and you will also be working towards that toned look you may be after. It won't happen alone, nutrition and rest are still equally as important but you will definitely notice results once you start to include free weights into your programme. Need another reason? Muscle is metabolically active, this means it burns calories even during rest!

So give it a go, start with some basic exercises such as biceps curls and lateral raises and when you're feeling comfortable look into compound exercises such as squats, kettlebell swings and deadlifts.

Oh, and who is Peggy? Some say she once beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in an arm wrestle. All we know is her name is Peggy!

[03/27/14]   Think you don't have the time for Personal Training? How about training during your lunch break with 40 minute PT sessions from just £28!!

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