Ben Malton Personal Training

Ben Malton Personal Training

Get fit ready for January 2017 with Personal Training at Lifestyle Fitness in Manchester - Personalised Fitness Programmes and Online PT also available...

Advanced Level 4 Personal Trainer & Nutritionist available to offer a holistic approach to Personal Training including looking into Functional Nutrition & Health, finding the route cause of many health issues and irritations you'd often see a Doctor for. As your Personal Trainer, I will not only get you fit and into shape, but also help you become the healthiest and fittest you've ever been, whilst also resolving various health issues such as sleep problems, skin irritation, digestive issues, food intolerances, bloating, depression, anxiety, and many more. Book in for a Free Consultation to discover how I can help you reach your goals and more.

ADRENAL FATIGUE - Do you suffer from any of the following?

- Autoimmune Conditions
- Chronic Fatigue
- Brain Fog
- Hair Loss
- Hormone Imbalance
- Weakened Stress Responce
- Insulin Resistance
- Lightheadedness
- Decreased Sex Drive / Libido
- Moodiness and Irritability
- Depression
- Muscle or Bone Loss
- Skin Aliments
- Sleep Distrurbances
- Weight Gain
- Sweet and Salty Food Cravings

It's highly likely you are suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, which you can FIX and resolve many, if not all of the above issues...

The Secret - Original Documentary in English

Sometimes this film/documentary gets taken down, but here it is again, watch it while you can, learn from it, an apply it to your life...THE SECRET...

The Secret - Original Documentary in English

Sugar: The Bitter Truth - CondensedLectures

Serious about Fat Loss, Toning Up, Feeling Better, Solving Gut Issues, Improving Brain Function and more?

Set yourself aside 30 minutes to EDUCATE yourself on the one key thing that is holding you back on so many levels!

Also check out the full 90min Lecture here:

Originally Uploaded by 'University of California Television' (UCTV) in July 30th, 2009. Watch the original version here:

Healthy things I always keep on the kitchen side...

1. FILTERED WATER - Not only does it filter out impurities but it also reminds me to drink more water. Keeping it in the fridge will keep it cool, but keeping it on the kitchen side will REMIND you to keep drinking water regularly. If its there, you’ll drink it. If it’s not there, it’s highly likely you wont even think about it.

2. LEAN GREENS - A great way to start the day to get many of the essential nutrients most people are lacking in their diet. Even many fruits and vegetables are not as nutrient dense as they used to be 100 years ago through various different farming and fast growing methods.

3. AMRBONITE SUPERMEAL - More nutrition on the way here, great as a nutritious snack on the go, or a quick meal if you have no time. On a morning I combine in a shaker with lean greens as a high nutritious breakfast instead of a high carb cereal option.

4. MILK THISTLE - Take 15-20 droplets with a glass of water every morning and before bed for one full month. This will detoxify your liver, which stops Adrenalin being released from your adrenal glands while you sleep, when the liver is having a hard time detoxing your body. After one month, follow this same routine for the first 7 days of each month for a healthy liver and good quality sleep - resulting in far less stress!

5. BONE BROTH PROTEIN - A warm drink loaded with super health boosting proteins that will benefit you in so many ways, and great for those cold mornings which we’re experiencing now.

6. PROTEIN SHAKER - I top this up with water all the time and this is how I keep my water intake high. I’ll top this up all the time via the water filter and take this shaker where ever I go, my home desk, living room, bedroom, and seeing it will always prompt me to drink more regularly. I’ll sometimes mix it with amino acids (the blue) for additional taste and benefits for the gym.

Look out for more great health nutrition, health and fitness tips, and also visit my website:

Join Lifestyle Fitness on Deansgate for only £19.99/month with No Contract and No Joining Fee.

Free Personal Training Consultation available.

Fancy 3 months FREE Gym Membership? Visit my website to find out how...

During a Free Personal Training Consultation you can discuss your goals in more detail, talk through your Nutrition, receive a full body composition report, have a posture analysis & correction, and a show around the gym.

Check out just a few Body Transformations to discover how effective Fitness Training, a Healthy Lifestyle and Balanced Good Quality Nutrition can help transform the way you Look, and Feel, both physically and mentally.

Book in for your Free Consultation today at Lifestyle Fitness (Deansgate - M3 4EN) with me to discuss how I can help you transform your body.

Also visit my website for details on my January Welcome Promotion for new starters, including 3 months Free Gym Membership, a Food Intolerance Test and upto £200 worth of extra PT sessions included with your block/package...

Top 30 Nutrient Dence Foods with highest nutrient density first...

1. Collard, Mustard & Turnip Greens
2. Kale
3. Watercress
4. Bok Choy
5. Spinach
6. Bussel Sprouts
7. Swiss Chard
8. Arugula
9. Radish
10. Cabbage
11. Bean Sprouts
12. Red Peppers
13. Romaine Lettuce
14. Broccoli
15. Carrot Juice
16. Tomatoes + Tomato Products
17. Cauliflower
18. Strawberries
19. Pomegranate Juice
20. Blackberries
21. Plum
22. Raspberries
23. Blueberries
24. Papaya
25. Brazil Nuts
26. Oranges
27. Apple
28. Beans, Not Canned
29. Seeds Flaxseed, Sunflower
30. Walnuts

What will you be adding to your weekly nutritional intake to increase those essential vitamins, minerals, fibre & anti-oxidants.

Discover more useful tips here soon, or try Personal Training sessions which include Full Nutrition Coaching and more.

Halloween Personal Training Special Offer

Get fit and into shape at Lifestyle Fitness with a Block or 12 Week Transformation Package of Personal Training, including Food Intolerance Testing and Nutrition Coaching...

Halloween Personal Training Special Offer of 3 months FREE Gym Membership and NO Joining Fee, and a FREE Food Intolerance Test with any block of 10 or 20 ses...

MuscleFoods order arrived.... should last a while!

Fancy FOUR free chicken breasts with your order? Use referral code BM130650

An interesting birthday present from one of my gym PT clients outlining a few pet hates, yet I'm so tempted to wear it next time I train (although this may not be a wise idea 😂😇💥👊🏻) may upset a few people maybe 💪🏼

Summer Promotion Extended until Tuesday 1st August

- 3 Months FREE Gym Membership
- Food Intolerance Test
- Up to 5 Additional PT Sessions Included

Simply purchase a Block of 10 or 20 sessions or a 12 Week Transformation package before Tuesday 1st August and receive the above,

Mob: 0781 708 2745

Sessions take place at Lifestyle Fitness on Deansgate (M3 4EN) and can also take place locally Outdoors or at your Home.

Free Consultations available.

Not my preferred choice of Sunday Dinner but a healthy simple alternative of Steamed Broccoli with Smoked Haddock and herbs :)

Massive well done Chris for all your hard effort and determination, and a fantastic body transformation so far, keep up the excellent work, it's really paying off now :)

Need some Healthy Shopping Ideas? Check out my latest fridge and freezer buys ...mix and match what meal ideas you might create...

...or if you don't know where to start, message me. Or why not even take a photo of your weekly shop as I have, send it to me, and ask me what I think. Feel free to post your shots here or message them privately for feedback :)

I'll often have various other vegetables and plenty of herbs & slices on hand, and other lean meats already on top of these. These are only a few examples to give you some ideas. How does your shopping trolley look?

GET FIT with Guaranteed Results

at Lifestyle Fitness on Deansgate
including Home & Outdoors

- Up to 5 FREE PT Sessions (worth £200)
- Food Intolerance Test (worth £45)
- 3 Months Gym Membership Reimbursed (worth £75+)

Simply book a Block of 10 or 20 sessions
or book a 12 Week Transformation Package

Meet me, discuss your goals and see the gym
Full Health Check and Posture Analysis Included

Mob: 0781 708 2745

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