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Edward Hanson PT

Personal Trainer working out of Lifestyle Fitness Manchester. Email: edwardhanson.pt@gmail.com

Hows your bench? Some analysis of one of my 140kg lifts.

Paying particular attention to bar path you can see in the top left I bring the bar down to my sternum which shortens the range of motion and allows me to better utilise my lats to stabilize my shoulder joint.

On the way up, top right, I push the bar back off my chest towards my face, while keeping my elbows underneath the bar, which reduces flexion demands of the shoulder and generally makes for a much more efficient lift.

There still are a few things I need to improve such as my leg drive and overall set up, but observing the best and how they bench has really made my bench somewhat comfortable again!

5 Rules for Strength Training


5 things that have helped me progress over the past few years, which I feel many can relate to.
Check it out!


edwardhansonpt.wordpress.com This article focuses on 5 things that have helped me along my journey and I feel may help a number of others. While I know many other coaches differ in their beliefs, the points outlined here are s…

The Barbell Physio

Some good points brought up in this article.

Is knee valgus when squatting really that bad? Then why do elite lifters demonstrate this movement?


[08/01/16]   You know you're doing your job properly when you go through an entire session giving minimal instruction. Always educating clients on how to train better really paying off.

For about 9 months now after stalling on pretty much all my lifts I decided to make the shift away from exclusively percentage based training and employ a much more autoregulated approach. When training concurrently for a physically demanding sport such as BJJ, fatigue management can get quite tricky when you like to lift heavy.

This approach has allowed me to progress all of my lifts even during intensified periods of training for Jiu-Jitsu which can seriously hinder my readiness to train.

After some more research, I have started prescribing more autoregulated periodized plans for clients. Clients who often are the same position as me but as a result of personal and professional stress and yielding great results.

I have found with an autoregulated approach I can manage fatigue and ensure the quality of work week to week remains high as loads are derived from a current level of readiness rather than being prescribed exclusively as a percentage of a one rep max. From this I can be guaranteed a steady upward progression towards desired targets.

A super simple anterior core exercise I like to use. With your forearms on a medicine ball write the alphabet or numbers 1 through to 10 using your elbows. The subtle movements really engage your core musculature and teaches you to use that anterior core which is vital for pelvic stability.

Back with @thomasturner97 helping him get strong and ready for his upcoming football season with some posterior chain work. Accumulating some quality work improving his hip extension strength, lumbar spine strength and hip stability.

A little section of a new clients plan. Someone who is pretty fresh to weight training after many years doing very little. The load column is there as it is part of my strength programme template but I give it very little consideration in the first month or so of training. If they can push more weight great. If not, so what, my primary focus is to accumulate quality work and build efficient movement patterns that can be safely loaded once this initial block of training is completed. Progresssion is done through altering a variety of variables and methods which ensure more work and most importantly practice is done.

Here's a drill I like to use to help teach proper spine and pelvis postition. Using an appropriately sized box for feedback, roll your pelvis into the extremes of anterior and posterior pelvic tilt. As you continue reduce the amount you roll forward and back until you fibd the mid point between the two. This midpoint will be your neutral spine position. Once you have found this position stand up as you maintain this position.

There are plenty of markers which indicate progress. Load, which is the most common, doesn't always tell the full story especially when structural integrity is compromised. A big one for me is the quality of the lift and how it improves over time. Here's a lift from a couple years ago when low bar was life. It felt as rough as it looked. This is followed by a lift at the same weight last month after switching to high bar. Now after being setback with two big injuries in this time improvements in the quality of the lift are a big deal for me!

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