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Welcome! I graduated from a fine art degree and went on to acheive a qualification in makeup for fashion and photography...however far more has been learnt in my seven years of experience. Ive been lucky enough to work alongside some of the best in the business including Lisa Eldridge who I worked with backstage at London Fashion Week and Lisa Potter Dixon (head Makeup Artist and Brow Expert for Benefit UK) who selected me to be a key member of her Trend Team for events such as the Elle Magazine Style Awards and The White Gallery Bridal Couture Show. Shows are exciting but what I enjoy most is working on members of the general public and over the years have helped women (and even a few men!) of all ages, ethnicity, and ability with makeup to look and feel their absolute best. I firmly believe that age is no barrier to looking great and I want to teach mature women how to get the best out of makeup and what products are suitable for them in an industry that only really markets to youth. Help me do this by spreading the word and or if you live in the greater London area booking a personal session with me-my sessions are affordable as I want this service to be for everyone!

Mission: To share my knowledge and expertise on makeup with all the 40+ aged women of the world. I want them to get the best from makeup and to stop feeling excluded by an industry that only markets to youth.

Shirley Manson Is Turning 50 and DGAF About What You Think

'I'm tired of being told I must infantilise myself & pretend I'm younger than I am. I'm 50 & I have lived an incredible life' ALL of the love for Shirley Manson! With a gritty, aggressive new album and a transatlantic tour, Garbage's frontwoman takes her alt-rock revolution into its next phase.

Makeover with Helen

It's FRIDAY! start your weekend (if you're lucky enough to have one) with a little makeup freshen-up :) see my session with the lovely Helen on Makeup session with Helen! Hi Helen! Helen (61) likes a bit of makeup, she regularly wears foundation, blusher and mascara but would like to have more knowledge. 'There is so much out there it is difficult to know where to start- W...

Annabel Davis, 63, Who Crafted a New Image

Little bit of AGE-SPIRATION on a bank holiday Monday! (Maybe I should trademark that!?) ;) At 60, police officer Annabel Davis retired and thought this was high time for a new career. So she became an actress and a model…

Makeover with Fionnuala

Evening Ladies! Head over to for the inside scoop on some of the products I used when giving the lovely Fionnuala a mini makeup lesson recently... Today I had a makeup Session with Fionnuala.... BEFORE..... Fionnuala is 52, enjoys wearing makeup and has her eyebrows shaped regularly but wanted to learn a few techniques to allow he...

Is The Beauty Industry Ageist?

It may be Monday but I'm thrilled to bits as this little page has made it over 1000 likes! Thank you everyone so much for all your likes & shares! 😃Here's a little read from the about ageism in the beauty industry..... How often do you look in the mirror and have a panic attack about your face? The beauty industry would have us believe that, once you hit 21, your face turns into a battleground. The enemy? The wrinkles that will inevitably take up residence there. You have to wonder: Why is the industry so

Hey Guys! I'm SO close to 1000 likes and it would make my whole weekend to get there! If you have fabulous grown up women in your life who enjoy makeup and would appreciate some insider tips and tricks please share this page with them! Ive been doing some fantastic makeovers this week and cant wait to share them with you via new blog posts very soon....Have a great weekend! x

'Beauty should be for everyone who wants it': Sali Hughes introduces her best buys for all ages

Fantastic edit of products for every age from Sali Hughes for the guardian today 'Beauty should be for everyone that wants it' From teenage spots to grey hair, there’s a product for every stage of your life

Makeup Matured

[05/09/16]   BEAUTY TIP OF THE DAY!

So this is hair rather than makeup & I'm not a professional hair dresser but this is such a good tip I HAVE to share it with you all! If you take a high street hair mask (I used Toni&Guy nourish reconstruction mask from boots but you can do this with anything) and stir in two tablespoons of olive oil it will boost the mask to the level of a salon conditioning treatment! And when you wash out-no oily residue! Perfect for treating hair after a day in the sunshine 🌞

'Ageism is so last century': Harvey Nichols uses 100-year-old model

'Ageism is so last century' Department store marks Vogue centenary by running ad that ‘proves the older generation can be fearlessly stylish too’


Ive said it before and i'll say it again...BLEND! This applies to foundation of course but also to eye shadows, powder and cream blushers, highlighters etc. I know it seems so obvious but I see a lot of faces out and about who arent getting this quite right. A good tip is to take a large (ish) soft, dense makeup brush and gently buff over your complexion in circles once youve applied your foundation. This ensures everything is softened into the skin and looks airbrushed!

Bobbi Brown: My personal beauty routine and the products I always have in my make-up bag

I'm always fascinated to find out what makeup masters have in their own personal makeup bags! Here's Bobbi Brown chatting to about some of her favourite products... Bobbi Brown, 57, is a make-up expert and head of her own global brand. She reveals her beauty tips and what she uses to look radiant at 50-plus

Spring Trends 2016

NEW BLOG POST! Head over to for my round up of the most wearable Spring makeup trends! SPRING MAKEUP TRENDS! 2016 So spring has officially sprung now that the clocks have all sprung forward so now would be a great time to spring clean your makeup bags and try out some of the trends that hit the catwalks recently at New York and Paris Fashion weeks. I will admit that some of…

Alternative Ageing on Instagram: “Just had the most delicious #antiageing #facial - my first...

Those of you on Instagram go follow this inspirational beauty @AlternativeAgeing for colourful travel shots, beauty, fashion and general joy :) “Just had the most delicious #antiageing #facial - my first since December! Looking somewhat better on the right, despite light difference. Thank you…”

Nude By Nature

HAPPY FRIDAY! I wrote a little blog post about my recent makeup adventures at 800ft & the marvels of the Kakadu Plum... I was recently contacted by Nude By Nature... These guys are the number one mineral makeup brand in Australia but i'll admit they were new to me as a makeup artist. They are in the process of launching over here in the UK and so are doing various lovely PR events which they invited me to be one of t…

Back To Basics- BB Cream

NEW BLOG POST! We are going right Back to Basics with BB's this week... are you a fan? While it's true that BB creams are old news (we are now on to CC and even DD apparently!) a lot of women are still unsure as to what these are sopposed to be outside of all the hype... Quick beauty history lesson- 'BB' stands for 'Blemish Balm'. They were originally developed to be applied after a p…

ITS FINALLY HERE! I'm SO excited to finally be able to launch my brand new website/blog for you all to see! You can book a lesson with me, or just have a read of the articles. Please get in contact if there are any topics you would like me to cover in a blog post. ENJOY!

Advertising must stop making women over 35 feel invisible

THIS! Recruiting older women for fashion and beauty campaigns is a baby step, says Sali Hughes. Depicting women as mature and intelligent is a truth we must shout from the roof tops

Further to my tip about using half a false lash-here is the evidence! This is my eye, both these photos were taken a few seconds apart, the makeup is identical & no photoshop has been used-look at the difference the addition of half a strip lash on the outer corner makes! Send me your before & afters :)

MAKEUP TIP OF THE DAY! I know to some of you lashes are intimidating, and I'm not suggesting they be worn every day but for a special occasion they can REALLY open up the eye and add serious glamour! Tip of the day is...cut them in half at the band and only apply the now much shorter lash strip to the outside edge of your eye. This gives a fabulous 'flick' without looking un-natural or closing the eye in and its MUCH more comfortable. If applied right you wont even feel them! More to come in a blog post soon!...

#BREAKFREE Week Three: Ageism

Marie Claire Magazine's #BREAKFREE campaign is tackling ageing this week, namely how the cultural effects of it affect women more than men. There are some interesting statistics here!... It's the third week of our #BREAKFREE campaign - and we're tackling the misogyny that underlines ageism...

2016 is going to be the year you look GREAT!

MAKEUP TIP OF THE DAY... If you apply your foundation with your fingers why not try using a makeup sponge instead? A cosmetic sponge dampened with clean water will give you a dewy, even finish which you can customise (ie more product just where you need it!) More about this in my forthcoming blog...

Women over a certain age are often steered away from bright colours with mutterings of 'mutton' and 'lamb'- Well this is a load of rubbish! When it comes to lip colour a bolder tone can really brighten up your face. Wear with a minimal eye look (nothing too heavy or smokey) to keep it fresh and contemporary.

Hi Ladies! Hope you are all having a great week! Ive been a little slow with the makeup tips of late as im spending time building the brand new Makeup Matured blog! Its going to be great and im very excited to show you all so please bare with me while it's under construction......:)

Powder can be tricky for mature skin because we need it to set foundation and concealer but apply too much or use something too dense and it will gather and sit in lines making them appear deeper and more apparent-LAST thing we want right?! So the best solution is to use a very light textured Translucent powder (Translucent means without pigment) and apply lightly all over the face with a large soft brush NOT a sponge or puff. Go especially easy with it under the eyes :)

[11/06/15]   Happy Friday ladies! I've had a few enquiries about the price & location of a makeup lesson with me so here's the info- a personalised one-to-one session with me is £150 & I'm based in London. Pop any questions in an email to me & I'll get back to you. 💄🎁👍🏼

Makeup Matured's cover photo

Do you still do your makeup like you did in your 20s despite knowing your skin & requirements are different but you don't know where to start with the update?
This is a personalised service that is tailored to your lifestyle, skill level, skin type and the skills you want to learn. Its a hands on session where I will assist you in creating a gorgeous new you that makes you feel great and you can ask me as many questions as you like! We will go through your current makeup bag to work out whats working and whats not and you will receive a face chart & notes on our session so that you can recreate your look by yourself with confidence.

Makeup Matured

Makeup Matured's cover photo

Highlighters enhance cheek bones & make skin GLOW, go easy with them on mature skin-a little goes a long way! Here are two great ones, 'Girl Meets Pearl' from Benefit is a beautiful pinky gold liquid that you pat on with a finger or blend with a brush £24.99 or Instant Glow by Seventeen is a selection of different coloured highlighter shades that blend together for a soft glow without being glittery & it's a bargain at £4.99 Any questions give me a shout :)

Glowing,Youthful Day MakeUp Tutorial For Mature Skin

I'm working towards making some video tutorials so let me know what you would like included! In the meantime here's a good one by Lisa Eldridge, I was lucky enough to work on the team of makeup artists headed by Lisa at London Fashion Week-she is brilliant :)

Follow me on Instagram for all my latest news. The products Ive used in the film are: Face Bobbi Brown - Tinted Moist...

The 50 Most Beautiful Women Over 50

I like how positive this article is and that it highlights their achievements not just their beauty ⭐️ The 50 Most Beautiful Women over 50 are a diverse and undeniably glamorous crew! Read on for their textured and unique perspectives on beauty beyond the first half-century.

[10/14/15]   Please share this page with all the wonderful women in your life who don't see age as a barrier to looking great!

CC stands for Colour Correction as they contain pigments which neutralise discolouration such as redness. I love these for mature skin as they are often very moisturising, have a high SPF and sit comfortably & naturally on the skin. Here are two of my favourites- Clinique Moisture Surge CC £28.00 & Superdrug CC 6-in-1 Day Cream £8.99.

Who's watching Bakeoff?! Lets all take a minute to appreciate how fabulous Mary Berry looks. Lovely glowing skin, a pop of hot pink lipstick to brighten the face & I have suspicions she is rocking a strip lash....;)

MONDAY MAKEOVER! Caroline, 58. Caroline very kindly had this to say about our session...'I have always wanted to know how to make the best of myself & Eloise was fantastic in showing me how to use makeup in a way that suited my age & skin. Fabulous!'

Helen Mirren interview: My beauty tips and why the cosmetics industry is finally growing up

The Fabulous Dame Helen being interviewed for chatting about the beauty industry's gradually changing attitudes to the 50+ age group...she speaks her mind & even drops the 'F' bomb. #whatawoman Dame Helen dyes her own hair, uses cheap make-up and is fed up with teens in beauty adverts, but says the industry is waking up to older women

Ive been wanting to post some of my 'before&after' makeup looks and where better to start than on my fabulous mum! She was a very willing model! This is an un-edited image, no camera fakery here just real women with makeup accentuating their best features.

Shout out to Helen Mirren who at 69 is on the front page of yesterday's London Evening Standard looking absolutely fabulous! Age is #justanumber

20 Skincare Tips Every Woman Over 50 Should Know

Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin! This article does include info on Botox & fillers as it's a pretty thorough list, not something I specifically endorse or recommend but there is zero judgement here :) As skin ages, it has particular needs. Find out the secrets to keeping your skin in tip-top shape as you age.

[05/28/15]   This is a Pro Age Page not an 'Anti-ageing' page! Women are always pressured to look 'younger' as if youth is the only acceptable form of beauty. My aim is to make you look (and hopefully feel) fantastic-regardless of your age-laughter lines & all...or any other lines for that matter :)

64 Gorgeous Celebs Over 50

And what do all these gorgeous women have in common?.....A fabulous Makeup Artist of course! ;) Step aside for the Queens of Hollywood.

[05/26/15]   WELCOME! This is my Brand New Page for promoting my also Brand New (its all happening!) Makeup Initiative which is specialising in beautiful makeup for mature women. Age is no barrier to looking gorgeous and I hope to help my customers achieve this and feel great!

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