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Please straight teeth direct can you give me price. How much if I need 3 to 4.
On the left my journey so far, on the right what’s left of my journey! This has been incredible for me, my teeth are so much straighter and I am so much more confident when I smile. I used to have to think which side I had to stand so my teeth didn’t look bad, now you can take a pic on any side #mysmiledelivered
My last set of aligners. This has been life changing!!! ❤ Thank you xXx
Someone has found a different use for my StraightBox 🐈
Danielle Johnson
Can’t wait to get started #mysmiledelivered
Does anyone drink a cheeky alcoholic drink through a straw to not damage the retainers and is doing so ok?
#mysmiledelivered 💕💕💕 StraightTeethDirect

Put your trust, and your smile, in the hands of experts. Fully tracked treatment and guaranteed results in 5-9 months. At a fraction of the clinic cost.

To find out if it’s for you first, complete your Free E-Consultation so a dentist can let you know if you're suitable (+bonus demo video giving you a virtual tour of the entire process) 👉🏼

Mission: Straight Teeth Direct’s mission is to make orthodontics more accessible and affordable through technology.

Transformation Thursday 👊🔥⁣
Aligners may not be a one-day miracle, but results like Andy's are well worth the wait!
"Takes time but with every week it improves and you can see the difference. You begin to look forward to the next set of trays." 💕
More smile transformations on our website ➽

In short, teledentistry is a branch of telehealth that uses digital information, images, and communication to deliver dental care, assessments, diagnosis, transfer of information, monitoring, pain management, or even treatment remotely.⁠
Over the past few years, teledentistry services have boomed, mainly because they make dentistry:⁠
✅ More accessible⁠
✅ More affordable⁠
✅ More adapted to a modern lifestyle⁠
At Straight Teeth Direct, we're proud to have pioneered the way to affordable accessible smiles through our high tech teledentistry platform and innovative extra comfortable aligners.⁠
Our unique solution was made for people who are unhappy with their smiles, by expert clinicians who know how to transform smiles at home without compromising on quality, safety, and clinical outcomes.⁠
Most online aligner companies may look the same. We did some research and put together this blog detailing the Top 10 customer complaints and how we do things differently.⁠
Check it out to see how we use cutting edge technology and deep clinical expertise to bring you the closest thing to in-clinic aligner therapy, at home ➡️

Did you know that with Straight Teeth Direct you could start your journey in one country and conveniently end it in another without losing touch with your dentist?
All you have to do is keep us updated with your current address on your account's Profile tab, even if temporary or on holidays, ahead of a new delivery. We will get automatically notified of your change of address.
And the best news is that this additional service comes at no extra cost to you!
To check where we ship make sure to consult our website ➡️

At Straight Teeth Direct, we use technology to reduce cost and improve the overall orthodontic experience.
With the help of our expert digital dentists we have innovated to transform an old model of dentistry into a digital one to allow for safe and effective teeth straightening from the comfort of home.
📱 Complete your free e-consultation
😁 Take easy at-home dental impressions
🚚 Your Smile Delivered™ to your doorstep
Ready for your new smile? Check with a dentist first ➡️

Feedback like this puts a smile on OUR face 💕
"Thanks guys for always been so supportive, and such a great company! I have my invisible braces for about 6 month now, and I'm the happiest I ever been with my smile! It's turning out to look really good! Keep it up 😁" - 📸 @fabiooliveira194
Thank you, Fabio!

And May's #MySmileDelivered winner is⠀
Now that you’re on top of your daily oral care routine with aligners here’s a little upgrade for your skincare routine ✨🙌 with this Limited edition Pai Skincare hydration kit! 💧⠀
Who will be next month’s winner?! It’s simple: share a post about your Straight Teeth Direct experience and tag @straightteethdirect using the hashtag #MySmileDelivered⁠⠀
We select a winner every month and help you discover cool brands 😀

Transformation Thursday 👊🔥⁣
With a big new smile and only a few words, Abigail has hit the nail on the head with this one!
"Absolutely no regrets!!!" 💕
More smile transformations on our website ➽

Easily straighten teeth that stick out!

Wondering how we can help you straighten teeth that stick out?👇😬⁠⠀
Your custom invisible aligners are programmed to slowly and safely realign protruding teeth in 5-9 months, resulting in your naturally ideal smile. Keep watching to see more before/afters.⁠⠀
Ready to straighten your teeth? Why not spare a minute for your free e-consultation? A dentist will evaluate your case within 24h! ➡️

Our smiles are as colourful and diverse as we are!
At Straight teeth Direct, we are committed to creating your best smile while retaining your own individual beauty.
We don't think you should pay more if you were born with more crooked teeth or pay less if you have more followers on Instagram; that's why our price is fixed 🙂
Accessible, affordable, hassle-free teeth straightening for everyone, everywhere - because all smiles deserve to be cherished and shared.

"Teeth getting straighter, smile getting brighter ☀️ 😆 #happy" - #repost 📸 @laurenjanebrown_
Nothing brightens our weekend more than seeing your progress.

Transformation Thursday 👊🔥⁣
We're thrilled to hear about Karla's newfound smile confidence!
“This whole process has given me another level of confidence I didn’t know I could achieve, thank you!” 💕
More smile transformations on our website ➽

The first step on the journey to your most confident smile: Your free e-consultation!
When looking for the right at-home teeth straightening solution, it's so important to have an initial consultation with a real dentist to determine your suitability. At Straight Teeth Direct, our dentists take teeth seriously, this is why your photos and answers will be assessed by an experienced dentist first before you can go on to buy anything. This unique process doesn't compare with other websites where you'll find forms on that are automated to tell anyone you're suitable and can buy an impression kit.
This important first step gives you reassurance from a dentist and allows for a safe start. Simple answer some questions about your dental health and submit pictures of your teeth from 5 specific angles. A digital dentist will get back to you within 24 hours to advise you on your suitability!
Ready for your free e-consultation? We promise it will only take you 5 minutes 😉👉

A new smile, from our lab straight to your door. 😀🚪📦
Your aligners are safely delivered to you by courier without the need to go to the clinic every month.
Convenience is one of the top reasons why people love the Straight Teeth Direct process! #yoursmiledelivered
Did you get your aligners? Tag us using #mysmiledelivered !

Everybody knows it's important to keep your teeth and aligners clean, but aligner hygiene starts with your hands 👏
So, don't forget to wash your hands before putting in or removing your aligners!

Transformation Thursday 👊🔥⁣
Today, let's welcome Luke P. and his brand new smile!
"Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Great communication and you can’t beat the price." 💕
More smile transformations on our website ➽

Premium Teeth Whitening Upgrade

Many of you have opted for whitening during your teeth straightening journey!
With the world’s most effective teeth whitening system delivered to your door, it's safe and easy to achieve the desired shade.
Follow this simple regime for 3 to 14 consecutive nights while you sleep and straighten your teeth at the same time.
For more info, head over to ➡️

You've heard us say that our aligners are comfortable and invisible, but don't take our word for it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Straight Teeth Direct aligners are 50% more comfortable than regular ones. Produced through a multi-step process involving 3D printing in our state-of-the-art lab 🔬

They are then trimmed and hand finished following our unique soft and hard aligner sequence to ensure maximum clarity and comfort, so you can gently and effectively straighten your smile.

Take a look yourself 👉

Do you know what our most requested social media content is?
Posts created by YOU!
So, we thought we’d share some ideas on how you can help us create uplifting, motivational and educational content across our social media channels 💕
We're always open to your creative, out of the box ideas too!
If you’re interested in sharing your story, just send us a DM - we’ll even throw in a surprise treat for you 😉

We can't tell 👀 #repost
"Can you tell I'm wearing #braces 🤔🤪. First night in my new aligners and it's all a little strange.
A little bit of a lisp this morning but I'm sure it will pass ☺️.
Thank you @straightteethdirect for #mysmiledelivered 👌 also thank you @regenerate for my amazing full size toothpaste" - 📸 @hannahs_straight.teeth.journey
See how @hannahs_straight.teeth.journey is organising herself while embarking on her teeth straightening journey!

Transformation Thursday 👊🔥⁣
There’s nothing like a good surprise to bring a smile to your face, right? Just ask Daniele 😉
"I have been surprised by the final result!" 💕
More smile transformations on our website ➽

I can’t stop looking at my new smile! | Laura’s guest blog

Look out, there's a [NEW GUEST BLOG] about! 👀⁠
In this [GUEST BLOG], Laura gives you insights into her teeth straightening journey as a busy single mum of four kids, all while working two jobs! 👇
"For busy mums, I would highly recommend Straight Teeth Direct™: All from the convenience of your own home and at an amazing price - literally perfect for us! ... My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. I'd have had this smile 6 months ago if I jumped in when I found them. Just do it!" - @lauraspaldz Let me tell you about my perfect teeth straightening method as a busy single mum with 2 jobs and 4 kids. Here’s how I got my new smile so easily!

With governments all over the world announcing mandatory protective facemask use, we want to help you navigate this new situation by sharing some info that we hope you find useful!
There's a lot of confusing information going around regarding what types of face masks are efficient in protecting you and how to use them, so check out these great tips from Marie, a pharmacist who happens to be our founder’s sister 🤗

Just like caterpillars leave their cocoons as butterflies...let's leave lockdown with a bigger smile! 😁
What's the number 1 thing that'll make you smile post-lockdown?
Let us know below! 👇

How do online orthodontics work? We investigate

How does online orthodontics work?
Knowledge and product editor at MailOnline's This is Money, Sarah Davidson, reviewed our service. In her article, she outlines three important steps when looking into at-home teeth straightening solutions, and details her own journey with invisible aligners.
Read the full article here ➡️

Transformation Thursday 👊🔥⁣
This week , meet David D and his new smile!
"Good communication and good value for money" 💕
More smile transformations on our website ➽

We're dedicated to giving you all the information you need around teeth straightening - including what happens after your treatment!
Retainers and orthodontic aftercare are essential for maintaining your new smile, so here are some of our top resources to keep you smiling long after your last set of aligners:
✔️ Why can teeth move after having braces? ➡️
✔️ Pros and cons of fixed vs removable retainers? ➡️
✔️ Retainer Membership – Keep your teeth straight for life ➡️
✔️ Retainer cost beyond treatment with Straight Teeth Direct ➡️

And the April winner is … @straight_teeth_direct_jamie !⁣⁠
Congrats, you won this ultimate dental care pack to take your smile routine to the next level 😉⁠ It includes:⁠
√ A selfie light⁠
√ @Regenerate ultimate bundle that includes: the advanced toothpaste (large and small), the mouthwash, and the serum kit⁠
√ @Instant_Dentist Smartpower Ultrasonic toothbrush⁠
√ Electric oral irrigator⁠
Who will be next month’s winner?! It’s simple: share a post about your Straight Teeth Direct experience and tag @straightteethdirect using the hashtag #MySmileDelivered⁠
We select a winner every month and help you discover cool brands 😀

If you're wondering how invisible these aligners really are, Debbie has a message for you!
"Do my braces look big in this? Forever grateful that my braces are almost invisible! People don't even notice I am wearing them and then they are surprised when I show them! Set 2B has been my tightest set so far they are easing off and sittng comfortably now. Feeling changes already!!" - 📸 @straightteethdirectjourney #repost

We'd like to thank our production team who've worked incredibly hard to ensure few delays during the lockdown by working ahead of schedule prior to our temporary lab closure 👏
As you may know, production has resumed so we can allow a continuous service.
Since transparency is kind of our thing, here're some of the extra safety precautions we've taken:
- We've heightened cleaning protocol in addition to our customary high standards of hygiene
- We're monitoring signs of illness and if there's a suspicion someone may have been in contact with the virus they will be staying at home
- We have created reduced production teams with a new rota system to ensure minimum team members at a time in the lab
The impression stage has been uninterrupted and we don't anticipate current delays with the processing of your impressions. We're happy to report that deliveries with DHL have not been affected ensuring super fast and safe deliveries and our friendly clinical and support teams are available 7 days a week to digitally assist you, as always!

Every time you brush your teeth is an opportunity to give your enamel some love - take it from Jamie! #repost 📸 @straight_teeth_direct_jamie
"Regenerate toothpaste really is amazing and the perfect partner when wearing @straightteethdirect clear aligners. Ideal for the multiple brushes I'm doing nowadays!"
He started sharing his journey (not sponsored) and after completing the first two weeks reported: "Loving how invisible these aligners are! Its amazing to be on a journey to straight teeth with nobody noticing 😎[...]
• The customer service is incredible! I had a few questions and after sending a message to my personal dentist, they always replied the very same day! I was even able to send a video for them to review.
• The aligners are very comfortable! I am finding the whole EAT/BRUSH REPEAT routine not a problem at the minute.
• I have also stopped biting my nails (terrible habit I know) which is good and stopped snacking so much 🤣. I thought my oral hygiene was good before but it has definitely improved!
So far so good! I am thoroughly enjoying my experience with this incredible company. They make you feel appreciated as a customer! There online platform has really come into it's on during these troubling times. I see other people using different branded aligners posting about how they haven't heard from there ortho, whereas I have the ability to chat to mine 24/7."

Transformation Thursday 👊🔥⁣
Introducing Maria, her new smile and a lot of laughter!
"The aligners made me never wanna miss a joke again, not even the bad ones:)" 💕
More smile transformations on our website ➽

Teeth whitening kit: How to whiten your teeth at home

White teeth are often seen as the key to a perfect smile. But how can this be achieved safely and effectively?
Daily Express spoke to our Managing Director Lucie Marchelot Shukla to uncover the truth about popular teeth whitening techniques and the safest way to a brighter smile from home.
Read all about it in the ➡️

Did you know that 48% of young adults have untagged themselves from a photo on Facebook because they didn't like the look of their smile?
Together with our wellness platform InstantDentist our team of expert dentists is here to give you reassurance and professional advice conveniently and affordably, so you know all your options.
For more information ➡️

Evening aligner routine with Selina! ✨

Many of you ask how to best take care of your aligners - Selina kindly recorded her own evening routine showing just how easy aligner life is 😉
Do you have a similar aligner routine? Let us know below!👇

You know what they say:
The journey of a thousand smiles begins with the first StraightBox™ 😉 #repost
"New Smile Journey Begins 😁
#mysmiledelivered #newsmile #invisiblealigners #straightteethdirect #braces" - 📸 @dif0r

Say hi to easy & affordable teeth straightening!

We don’t think getting straight teeth should be painful, costly or inconvenient. That’s why we started Straight Teeth Direct™

Years of running our own dental practice told us that people need to be able to access treatments in a way that fits in with their busy lifestyles, so we worked with top dentists and experts in cosmetic orthodontics to create an app that delivers world-class teeth-straightening to your door, at a fraction of in-clinic prices.

We give people who’ve lived too long feeling unhappy and self-conscious about their teeth a world-class quality solution that’s also convenient and affordable. And we empower dentists all over the world to offer next generation dentistry, digitally. To find out if it’s for you first, complete your Free E-Consultation so a dentist can let you know if you're suitable (+bonus demo video giving you a virtual tour of the entire process) 👉🏼

Keep smiling,

Lucie & Aalok [Co-Founders]

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Easily straighten teeth that stick out!
Premium Teeth Whitening Upgrade
Kayleigh's Straight Teeth Direct Review
Amy's Straight Teeth Direct Review
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Sarah's Straight Teeth Journey


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