Jazztrain Shoreditch

Jazztrain Shoreditch


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All aboard daddios for our new weekly live music night JAZZTRAIN Shoreditch, starring the hip sonorities of London's finest players, every Wednesday. Expect quartets, trios, boop bop bing and bash, and some sounds we call 'modern'.


Bond 007 Thrillers mix

Lenny Beige performs 10 songs from the best of Bond to the influences. Songs, Stories and Succour. A must for Beige fans. Available via Facebook Live from 9pm on Tuesday 28th April 2020. Lockdown and loaded. Here's a little mix I've put together to keep the party going.

mixcloud.com A wonderful James Bond inspired Mix of classic spy thrilling songs



Hi folks it's been a tough time, keep well.

mixcloud.com Just a little flavour of the most London of all clubs. Freddie Hubbard, Rhythmagic Orchestra, Terje Teraasma, John Beltran and a host of other jazzy obscurities.

Tonite folks! warm up your Yuletide season by joining Dave Hammer's Little BigHorn at JazzTrain Shoreditch! It's going to be a swing-tacular Crimbo-peration as we hold forth for the holidays. LBH is the bantamweight band w the heavyweight punch - in this case some Christmas punch! We'll be playing our usual mix of classic swing, Blue Note heat and West Coast cool. If you need a mid-week jazz fix this is THE place to be the week before Xmas! As always, it's free entry - show starts at 8:30pm! Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland road E2 Lisa Hurley playing her selection of soul jazz tunes all night. https://facebook.com/events/573854786721389/?ti=cl

[12/18/19]   The train of jazz is a-choo-chooin', headin' round the corner in olde Shoreditch Town. Tonite we're diggin' Little Big Horn at Jazztrain. You know the deal with these cats - it's Dave Hammers' little big band playing it Modern with a mid-20th century cool come-on and heavily sonorous grooved out vibrations. It's always jazz time when these daddios. Expect Oliver Nelson, soul jazz orchestrafication and fab solos over cushiony beds of harmonious horned incantations. It's hip, it's the real deal - so you should come by. TONITE. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd. FREE ENTRY. 7 til late.


30 seconds of Jazztrain

[12/11/19]   Tonite! It's the get-down of the week with The Mayans at Jazztrain in good olde Shoreditch Town. If you like your nights out soulful and funky, the The Mayans are the groovers for you. Upbeat and on the move-your-body money, with plenty of funked-out cuts in the style of a good time street party. C'mon through for a happenin' time and a fab social. Point Blanc Djs too playing plenty of serious jazzuous vinyl. FREE ENTRY, not for profit Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd. 7 til late.

Another great social last nite at Jazztrain. Thanks to all those who swung by and dug the waves of Rory More's vintage Lowrey oscillations and the thoroughly diggible Filippo Gallli on drums and Aldevis Tibaldi on tenor. Huge shout too, to Greg Boraman and his vinyl disc collection and for keeping it moodsville. Reaching into out-there as always.

Jazztrain. Tonite. And this man here has the hands capable in which to put yourself in. We got Benjamin Croft on stage a 9pm with piano and Moog-led excursions into the outer reaches of outa sight. And DJ Colin Parnell with vinyl discs aplenty. Free entry. 48 Kingsland Rd Rolling Stock 7 til late

[11/25/19]   This Wednesday Nov 27 in-demand piano and electronic keys man Benjamin Croft is swinging through for some serious groove n' progressive jazz. Cats - this stuff is astral and out of sight and the jazzuous sonic groove-on therein will leave your ears truly stunned. Check out the Benjamin Croft at Jazztrain for the full low-down. C'mon by then for a midweek treat and expect the kind of aural pleasures not heard since the days when jazz left the 60s and entered the 70s. It's gonna be far out. Plus Dj Colin Parnell will keep the vinyl discs hot. You know the joint.. FREE ENTRY, not for profit Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd E2 7 ti late. Reaching into out-there.

[11/23/19]   Reaching into out-there®

Twospeak last week a great super jazzed out experience.


Looking forward two this.

Next gig 20/11/19 at @jazztrain_shoreditch, free entry, music at 9pm. Little clip from our last gig of a new tune called ‘hymn in layers’

Live Jazz Wednesday 20th November with Twospeak Quintet.
'Intricate rhythms, strong melodies and intricate arrangements abound.. fresh & contemporary jazz absorbing influences from home & abroad' - Music is my Sanctuary

Twospeak will be performing tunes from their latest release ‘Twoism’ as well as music which will feature on their upcoming album which is set to be released next year.

Their music is based around groovy guitar, keyboard and drum riffs with strong melodies layered on top by saxophonist and bandleader Ronan Perrett.

‘Upbeat tunes and infectious energy’ (LondonJazzNews)

PLUS!! Special vinyl guest DJ Rich Besta playing a selection of rare jazz dancing vibe.Doors 7pm band at 9pm Rolling Stock, 48 Kingsland Rd E2. Free entry.
Cha Cha food now to enjoy.

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Thanks to Ben Somers 4tet for some great tunes last night and Mark Ellis djing an impressive set.

[11/13/19]   Mellifluous sonorities of a soulfully jazzuous nature in east central tonite as we get it on with Ben Somers 4tet at Jazztrain Shoreditch. Tenor horn-led grooves and a slick combo in tow will make your mid-week hip n' happenin' in that 20th century jazz kinda way. Swing on by then for our FREE ENTRY fan-TAB-ulous social. On vinyl record-playing duty it's Mark Ellis whose record bag knows no ordinary bounds. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd, E2 7 ti late

This Wednesday 13th Nov "Acclaimed folk and jazz musician Ben Somers brings his new quartet to Jazztrain Shoreditch - His original music is heavily influenced by the street music of New Orleans, American, Scandinavian and English roots music.
Guest Dj Mark Ellis jazzing the joint with rare original amazing vinyl records.
Doors 7pm band at 9pm, Rolling Stock, 48 Kingsland Rd E2. Free entry. Amazing!

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What's on the jazz cards well, hip Joe Diodato, Italian Jazz Vocalist and Composer whose music mixes classical jazz & swing with funk, soul and folk music. Original compositions are the result of his musical influences, from the Great American Songbook to South-American Latin jazz, including the Classical Neapolitan Songbook and Italian folk music. his debut EP "Ma Groove", combines classical and modern jazz, influenced by Joe's collaboration with emerging artists from the South-East London jazz scene.
PLUS!! teaming up on the decks DJ Florence Joelle playing a selection of rare jazz for a dancing vibe.

Doors 7pm band at 9pm, Rolling Stock, 48 Kingsland Rd E2. Free entry. Amazing!

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Yes indeed daddios, Wednesday is here with Machimbombo at Jazztrain Shoreditch. Last time these moodscapers played, a strange ambience overcame the Jazztrain arches and we were collectively enveloped in their sound oasis of hypnotic groove and aural incandescence. In other words, the jazzuous groove-on that is so familiar to our midweek regulars was in full flight as these swingers soared with their percussion heavy guitar-led jazz expedition. Come n' hear it for yourselves tonite. Plus Freestyle Records legend Greg Boraman is playing choice cues from his excellent record bag - this means a joyous spectrum of jazz sounds will keep your ears happy. Come on through - 7 til late. Rolling Stock FREE ENTRY 48 Kingsland Rd E2

Machimbombo (pronounced ‘Mah-shim-bombo’) back to bring on joyously jazzuous textures, like a warm evening breeze over South African plains. Lightly billowing percussion over harmoniously rich guitar motifery and a gently pulsing electric bass should give you some idea where these groovers are coming from. Moodsville, that's where. And it's gonna be Shoreditch moodsville on Wednesday 30th Oct when these strange jazz animals deliver their lilting soundscapes. Think Bill Frisell channeled through Machimbombo's own improvisational meditations and guitarist Pedro Velasco's personal African echoes. Add to this a combo of hot London players that includes drums, percussion and tenor horn you'll be assured outstanding auras and hues. You know the place. JAZZTRAIN!
DJ Greg Boraman.......!
Rolling Stock 48 Kingland Rd. Doors 7pm band 9pm til late. Free entry
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Yeah. Tomorrow night it's virtuoso bassist Paul Carmichael at Jazztrain and his lava-hot combo. It's gonna be killer-diller and groovin' virtuosity shall abound. Swing on by and get it on for our hip social in our loungey joint with tangy cocktails and where it's all FREE ENTRY. And on vinyl duty it's Rich Besta whose proper record collection will keep the dancefloor smokingly down home. And we've checked the weather and it's MILD!. Come on through for happy jazzuous times. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd E2. 7 til late.Band on a 9.

PaulCarmichaelBand promoOct23 19

Live jazz, this Wednesday Oct 23rd. Doors 7pm, band 9pm. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd E2. Free entry,

Band is performing live on October 23 at ROLLING STOCK, "JazzTrain" @jazztrainshoreditch London 48 Kingsland Rd, Hackney, London E2 8DN

Yeeeha! It's Wednesday - thank the Lord. Tonite it's Little Big Horn at Jazztrain. You know what that means? That means Dave Hammer's compact big band with a big sound. A BIG sound mind you, and totally FAB-u-lous takes on the Modern jazzbook. Some smouldering Oliver Nelson, cool Jobim and even Count Basie. it's hip and it's upbeat and Wednesdays just aren't as good as this anywhere else.C'mon on through to our FREE ENTRY midweeker. Vinyl DJs too keeping in hot on the floor. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd.E2. 7 til late.

Jazztrain Shoreditch - taster

Get along to Jazztrain, free tickets available.

Jazztrain Shoreditch, a look at some of the live JAzz performed weekly every Wednesday at Rolling Stock in Shoreditch, London.

[10/02/19]   And the weather is mild. Swing on through then to Shoreditch and Ruta Di Trio at Jazztrain. Indulge your ears in the easy-on-the-senses cool waves of hip tonality that will pervade the airwaves as Ruta lays on the mellow groove in jazzuous form. Be bedazzled too by the deftness of touch of Ruta's fab guitarness and the groovacious cuts therein. Original compositions and a loungeful vibration is what's in store. Vinyl DJs too. You know the joint - head on through whilst skies are blue. Rolling Stock 7 til late.FREE ENTRY

Looking forward to another performance from Ruta Di and her hip and swingin' songs. Tonite 2nd Oct... Free entry, doors at 7 and some super groovy tunes from your hosts Alan and Rory.

[09/25/19]   Shoreditch cats. It's Wednesday. Tonite we got otherworldiness and journeys through the plasma courtesy of 7 piece Rhinoceros at Jazztrain. It's gonna be meltin'. So groove on by. Plus vinyl Dj man Brian Lindsay playing hot discs. Your midweek just got ace. Free entry. Rolling Stock 48 Kingland rd. 7 til late.

Your Wednesday night just got polyphonic, but polyphonic in that way that you only see on fancy YouTube vids where you think 'How come I wasn't there, lapping up all those expansive jazzuous sounds with their strastospheric vibes?' And no, we're not talking Snarky Puppy, we're talking RHINOCEROSE. Lots of members, lots of instruments that play serious Modern modal mayhem. Giant grooves and far out sounds that are way beyond your horizon of expectation. Triumphant jazz vibrations seeking out higher plains of listening. Piano, horns, guitar and all round out-thereness will lift off the roof in our jazz station. Come on by. Vinyl Djs too, and cocktails if you wan' 'em.
Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd. FREE ENTRY. 7 til late

Raising the roof. Aldevis and Greg Boraman made it a great night. Thanks for swinging by everyone!

The weather is mild! The social is JAZZTRAIN. Tony Kofi and Jonathan Gee hit the stage tonite, and it's gonna be radioactive. Hard cookin' groove and down home jazz is what's gonna blow your minds this Weds. You know the joint, you know the get-down. Plus DJ action too. Mid-week rumbles don't get better than this, so set the controls for Shoreditch. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd. E2. FREE ENTRY. 7 til late.

Jazz of a far-out nature this Wednesday, so why not swing on by to our weekly live jazz session. 48 Kingsland Rd, 7-late. Free entry.

Thanks to all the cats who swung through last nite for Jazztrain - a happy menagerie of like minds and good vibrations. Jazz shoutouts to Florence Joelle and combo and Brian Lindsay for making the joint hipply happenin'. Next week on the 11 Sept it's Tony Kofi - Jonathan Gee trio. My oh my... they're gonna cook the roof off. These giants of the deep must not be missed. You know the place - JAZZTRAIN - Rolling Stock, 48 Kingsland Rd. FREE ENTRY

[09/04/19]   Swing on through tonite for Florence Joelle at Jazztrain. This means a real ding! POW! Mid twentieth century rhythm n' groove is what's on the jazz cards featuring a hip combo in tow that bring on happenin' flute n' clarinet n' vintage organ in a cookin' way. We're pretty sure we're where it's at, and where it's at is here - and where is here! Confused? Don't be. It'll make sense when you jive in off the street and check out Brian Lindsay laying down dusty vinyl for you inter-set pleasure and take in our comfortable surrounds - that's comfortable with a capital K. See you tonite Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd. 7 til late.FREE ENTRY

[08/28/19]   The soft jazz breezes of late summer shall pervade waftily tonite as we head out for another Wednesday social and indulge our senses to the sounds of modernity.. this week courtesy of Guido Spannochi Quintet at Jazztrain. Exporatory and outta sight are two adjectives we like to use when talking about Guido and where he's at. Horn-led jazzuous avant gardism with a top combo sittin' in is in store. Plus, on nites like these, we all dig a beer garden, a jazz beer garden no less... so come on through and soak up the cool waves of outsidom. Rich Besta is playing records too... fab jazz ones mind you. You know the joint, so swing by. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd E2. 7 til late. FREE ENTRY

[08/21/19]   Tonite! Get on down to our mid-week moody trip with ESE & The Vooduu People and hear for yourself the intoxicated take on soulified and electrified rhythm, groove n' rock. Funky is another word that says where these cats are at. Funky and far-out that is, with an upbeat sound and cookin' sonics that will find their spiritual home at Jazztrain. Come on by then, for our hip Wednesday wigwam of cool and partake in the comfort therein. Plus, DJ Colin Parnell plays records - great jazz records mind you that will keep the floor heated. You know the place... Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd. E2. And it's FREE ENTRY. 7 til late.

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Greg Foat Quintet at Jazztrain Shoreditch
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Wednesday 19:00 - 23:50
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