Jazztrain Shoreditch

All aboard daddios for our new weekly live music night JAZZTRAIN Shoreditch, starring the hip sonorities of London's finest players, every Wednesday. Expect quartets, trios, boop bop bing and bash, and some sounds we call 'modern'.

Jazztrain it is! Tom Olsen checking the sonics. Swing on through if ur local.

Yeah. Weds! Here we is. It's the Tom Olsen Quartet tonite laying on the jet-set sambas and the kinda tunes you heard at Copacabana Palace all those years ago. So expect some very extremely cool breezes wafting through the Jazztrain arches this eve. Come on through and take and listen - it'll be jazzuous horn-led grooverama to keep your summer cookin'. Vinyl DJs too lay on the good groove.. 7pm til late - Rolling Stock, 48 Kingsland Rd, E2. Free entry.

Lovely beer garden. Tonite!

It's Wednesday. The weather is mild. The mood is summery. So swing on through to Jazztrain tonite with vibraphone man Dave Hammers and his full-on big group combo. It's gonna be cookin' and upbeat and jazzuous. You know the drill - Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd. 7 til late. FREE ENTRY

Greg Foat Quintet at Jazztrain Shoreditch

Shoreditch Town had an outta sight groove-on last nite - so huge thanks to all those who swung by. And a big shout to Greg Foat for swinging through with a killer quartet with an outstanding palette of tones and colours. A superb jazzuous evening indeed with an almighty gamut of heavy moods and sounds. And Colin Parnell on vinyl duty kept the dancefloor sweet. You know the score by now with our hipply happenin' jazz menagerie - free entry every Wednesday in a cool joint, wicked bar staff and an all-round great little get-down. See you next week. @Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd E2

Tomorrow! It's gonna be on the money as we welcome back the Greg Foat Quartet at Jazztrain. Greg is one of the travellers of our time, sometimes going back to reclaim our superb British jazz heritage, but going forward too, to a sonic place that our children will listen to and say, Man, this sound is now. Groove on by then and hear for yourself the driving piano-led combo that is Greg's celestial jazz station. At times cerebral, other times upbeat and hard swingin', this is a quartet that lays on the soul vibrations. Plus, DJing of jazz records courtesy of Colin Parnell. Another great mid-weeker at Jazztrain. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd E2. 8 til late. FREE ENTRY

Jazztrain Shoreditch

Tonight. Tonite. To-nite! Jazztrain on a mid-summer's eve. The Olli Martin Quintet are breezin' through for our weekly jazz social. And what a breeze.Twentieth century sounds with horn-laden grooves and killer compostions. Swing on through if you like your jazz big and hot sounding. And on vinyl duty it's Greg Boraman of Freestyle Records. He'll be diggin' out and diggin into some choice de la choice of jazz sounds from his love box. See y'all later. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd. 7 til late. FREE ENTRY

NA'CA... in the plasma last nite at Jazztrain.

Yeah! Jazztrain! Keepin' it Lowrey last nite with Rory More n' cohorts Fillipo Galli and Guido Spannocchi. Great vinyling by Alan Miller too. Don't forget. Every Weds. Shoreditch. 48 Kinglsland Rd. Free entry and out-there vibrations.

[06/24/19]   Wednesday is near. That means the train of jazz we call Jazztrain. Electronicists NACA will be doing a rare show laying on live sounds over bleeps and bips. Young jazz gun and drums man Filippo Galli will be leading the groove into the jazz plasma. Plus, a little later organ man Rory More will be indulging in electronics of a dustier time via the direct current coursing through his Lowrey organ. And, vinyl djs too. Plenty of things cookin' on our jazz stove. See you then, then, for mid-week good times. 7.30 til late. Rolling Stock. 48 Kingsland Rd. FREE ENTRY.

blossom dearie/i like london in the rain

Yeah, it's raining. And it ain't gonna stop any time soon. Take some comfort then, and go the Blossom Dearie way and love the rain. By Wednesday, you'll 've had enough of stayin' in. So get yr jazz umbrellas out and swing on through to Jazztrain Shoreditch 7 til late where we'll have Ruta Di Trio at Jazztrain bringin' on tones that aren't a million miles from our Blossom's (who we miss and love) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY8SxpX0BRs

http://mixi.jp/show_friend.pl?id=3187823 マイミク募集中♪

[06/04/19]   Tomorrow is Wednesday, that means hip happenin', which also means free entry to a great jazz club in very extremely tasteful surroundings with a live set from Gravity's Rainbow at Jazztrain Shoreditch plus vinyl DJ. Cool moods and modes, sweet bar staff and a cookin' hang out for chillin' with your fave friends. It's Shoreditch. It's mid-week. It's **thee** zone for a resplendent get-down. If you haven't been, now's the time swingers. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd. Bar open from 5pm til late. Band on at 9.

Liam from Toe Rag Studios is treating us to some rare jazz and Latin vinyl records tonight from 8pm free entry at Rolling Stock, 48 Kingsland road E2

Yeah. Jazztrain. Tonite! And it's vibraphone-led soul jazz giants Little Big Horn. If you haven't seen these cats before, well, now's yr chance as they deliver big funky exotic grooves that you hear on those mid-century Cal Tjader-esque recordings. Johnny Lyttle springs to mind too. Hot sounds, plenty of groove and a real good feelin' will be order of the night. C'mon by if you like your mid-week sophisticated by ear-candy improvisations and killer catchy jazzy top lines. JAZZTRAIN. Rolling Stock.48 Kingsland rd. E2. 7.30 til late FREE ENTRY

Big jazz shout-out to those who swung by to Jazztrain last nite.... And young bucks the Tom Olsen Trio ±1 did our return to Rolling Stock real justice with a lyrical set of jazz modernism. Thanks also to Geoff Leonard of Totally Wired Radio for a blinding DJ set of aural oddities, sound libraries and OST goodness. We're here every Weds folks keepin' it out-there and unusual. Next week it's vibes-led showstoppers Little Big Horn with their cookin' take on soul jazz and the Latin American song book. So swing on through. Free entry. 7.30 til late.

[05/13/19]   Jazztrain returns to its original spiritual home this Wednesday 15 May, that place being Rolling Stock at 48 Kingsland Rd. And it's even more lounge-glorious than before with velvet lighting and Amazonias foliage from neaby Columbia Rd. Joining us for a seriously out-there jazz trip is Tom Olsen Trio at Jazztrain Shoreditch - a feverishly cookin' combo with a serious take on jazz modernism. That's right. Serious. Full-on heavy jazz and hip sonorities with a down home groove and a big, jazz sound. Plus, from the recently born Totally Wired Radio it's Geoff Leonard with his collection of vinyl that will fill the airwaves with rare Italian sound libraries, the best of original soundtrack recordings, strange jazz and orchestral soul. Join us then, back in the spiritual home of Shoreditch for what will be a refined and chic live-listening experience. Sweet bar staff and a friendly mood. 7.30 til late.Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd E2. FREE ENTRY

[05/08/19]   Yeah! Jazztrain tonite. You know the place, you know the mood. Marco Tranchina Quartet at Jazztrain hits the stage in a few hours' time with his crew of good-time groovers laying on today's sound with a full hit of Modernism. C'mon by for our mid-week jazzuous social with swing aplenty. Basing House 25 Kingsland Rd 8 til late. Free entry

[05/05/19]   Set the controls for the mid-week and Kingsland Rd, Shoreditch! Returning to our stage is the hard groovin' piano man Marco Tranchina Quartet at Jazztrain. So expect tough sounds played in a high octane fashion with killer horn breaks, hot flute and post bopification. Also, a little later Marco invites you to the stage for a jazz love-in (some people call it a jam) where you can try out that standard you've spent weeks getting your head around. So now's the time! Swing on by this Wednesday for our weekly happy social, brought to you by people who care about your sophisticated social life. JAZZTRAIN! 25 Basing House Shoreditch E2. FREE ENTRY.

[05/01/19]   Yeah! Wednesday. There's jazz and there's trains running by every minute... hence: JAZZTRAIN. Now you know. And it's Howl Quartet at Jazztrain tonite. A warm woody bunch of jazz brothers with sonorous sounds on their mellifluous saxophones. Good vibrations guaranteed. And Florence Joelle is playing records.. and boy has she got records. Swing on by for hip times. Basing House, 25 Kingsland Rd E2. 8 til late. FREE ENTRY

Jazztrain Shoreditch

C'mon by to Jazztrain tonite Weds 10 April for the revisionist sounds of the Rory More Electric Organ Duo. This is a man who lays on the heavy and groovin' tones via the dusty circuitry of his just-about-still-functioning Lowrey organ. Expect some viscerally redefined standards, trips to Rio and down home-style jazzuosity. Joining him on drums is rhythm ruminator Filippo Galli. It's gonna be unusual and happenin' at the same time - which is how it used to be in Shoreditch, and is again now. 7.30 til late, Basing House 25 Kingsland Rd E2. FREE ENTRY

Sweet on the feet, Jazztrain social every Wednesday, free entry, doors 7pm

Sweet on the feet, Jazztrain social every Wednesday, free entry, doors 7pm

Jazztrain is heading out to West Sussex, Loxwood for the Jazz & Gin festival, get your early tickets now.

The Flyer

Tonite we get serious with the Greg Foat Quartet. C'mon by for sounds that reach into 'in'. From 7.30, free entry. 25 Kingsland Rd, E2.

Thanks to Ruta Di Trio for a great set last night at Jazztrain don't miss next week with Greg Foat

Tonite it is the Quartet of Marco Tranchina - piano fronted jazz modernism with a super high fidelity groove-on. And a little later, local players get to sit in too. C'mon by for two-for-one cocktails, vinyl Djs and all-round splendid mid-week jazzerama, in the heart of Shoreditch... 7.30 til late. FREE ENTRY Basing House 25 Kingsland Rd E2.

Tomorrow! Nite! Jazz in Shoreditch with JAZZTRAIN. Special guests this week are guitar-led mood trippers Moosak Trio with their grooveful take on aqueous, free-flowing jazz sounds. And, the Rhythm Doctor from Love Vinyl Records is our DJ man, bringing on the choice recordings. Weds 13 March 7.30 til late. Basing House 25 Kingsland Rd E2. FREE ENTRY

Thanks to Perry Louis for DJing last night. Way out on a Wednesday with deeply dug sounds.

Another outstanding performance from Dave Hammers Jet Stream, thanks to everyone who swung by. Already lookin' forward to their next happenin' at Jazztrain.

Dave Hammer returns for a fabulous latin jazz party at JazzTrain. As if that weren't enough, we're absolutely excited to have along
the marvelous percussion master Roberto Pla to stoke the boiler!
So come on down tomorrow night in Shoreditch as Dave hammer's Jet Stream flies the flag and fans the fires of Latin Jazz !
Dave Hammer - vibraphone
Ben Croft - piano
Paul Carmichael - Bass
Mike Horne - Drums
TBC - congas
Featured Guest - Roberto Pla - timbale

[02/20/19]   It's Wednesday. It's you know what. Head on by to JAZZTRAIN tonite for a heady take on the rhythm n' groove n' grind vibe with Future Shape of Sound - a rattle bag ensemble of horns, hollerin' and bluesy roots. Plus, guest Dj Ian Jackson brings on the soul and jazz vibrations via the splendidness of his record box. All kicks off at 8, so see you then. Basing House 25 Kingsland Rd, E2. FREE ENTRY

Make the most of the mellow skies and head down to JAZZTRAIN, tonite! Radical Mediterranean marauders Yiasena bring on the other worldly horn n' guitar nomadery with dissonance and directness. First set from them at 8.30. Before that tho, DJ Martin Green and his superlative collection of vinyl oddities will get on the good groove from 8. See you later then, for jazzificatious times. Basing House, 25 Kingsland rd, E2. Free entry.

JAZZTRAIN is on the Wednesday (13 Feb) horizon, so make some space in your jazz diaries as this week's combo Yiasena will be sure to take you beyond your usual borders. Think of north African modes, the chimings of Greece and Turkey and then even hints of Ethiopiques, channeled through Yusef Lateef circa Eastern Sounds on Prestige, and that should give you an idea of where this group is at. Bold and adventurous sounds shall abound in Shoreditch. Plus, on vinyl DJ duty, it's the original man-about-town Martin Green, famed for releasing some of the best selling compilations of the 1990s that featured jazzuous lounge classics, and more recently compilations like Britxotica where Brit jazz meets East. it all sounds like another hip happenin' at JAZZTRAIN - this Wednesday 7.30 til late. Please note temporary new address: Basing House 25 Kingsland Rd E2 (across the road from the usual joint). FREE ENTRY

[02/07/19]   Big shout to an appreciative audience who swung by JAZZTRAIN last nite. Daring sounds were on display courtesy of Guido Spannocchi and his quintet and the vibrations were moodful with some great originals and brave reinterpretations of classics. Next week promises to be equally out-there with Aegean sound explorers Yiasena plus DJ and musicologist Martin Green. C'mon by for hip sounds and grooves. 48 Kingsland Rd, Shoreditch E2. Free entry.

It's midweek. It's JAZZTRAIN. And the weather is mild. C'mon through tonite and check out this week's instalment with the Guido Spannocchi Quintet. Alto sax, voice, piano and drums in a style that's free flowing and free thinking and pretty out there. And, there's jazz records being DJ'd too by one of our weekly record collectors. It's hip n' happening' and it's in Shoreditch from 7.30 pm. Swing by! 48 Kingsland Rd, E2. FREE ENTRY.

Comin' up at JAZZTRAIN - the weekliest jazz weekly in jazzville! 48 Kingsland rd, E2. Free entry. Here's February's line-up....

Weds Feb 6 - Guido Spannocchi Quintet: A radical horn-driven avantly gard exploratory outfit that combines voice, vibraphone, trumpet and alto sax. it's gonna be in-yer-face, in a very extremely positive hard groovin' way.

Weds Feb 13 - Yiasena: Gloriously crafted Aegean sonorities from this young combo, mixing moods from Greece, Turkey and beyond utilising sparse jazzuous guitar motifs with fabulously eastern horn refrains. Other-worldly and outta sight!

Weds Feb 20 - Future Shape of Sound: R n' b, sax n' guitar and down home grooverama from these local swing troopers.

Weds Feb 27 - Dave Hammers' Jet Stream: They're back, thank god. High octane, stratospheric vibraphone-led conga-heavy latin jazz with a sound as big as a small country. Superbly crafted and highly funked up takes on the South American song book... unmissable stuff.

JAZZTRAIN! Tonite! Swing by, coz the weather is fine and midweek London is always more fun than the weekend. We all know this! And this eve we have Rory More official at the Lowrey electric organ with Filippo Galli on drums and Guido Spannocchi on alto saxophone. There'll be jazz mixed with bits of mondo mixed with the odd standard and some exploratory sonic adventures. The real deal, right here. And on Dj duty is our favourite 45 rpm-loving dark horse Mark Ellis with vinyl aplenty. Groove on by for our sophisticated mid-weeker. 48 Kingsland Rd, E2 8 til late. FREE ENTRY

Continuing with and championing progressive vibrations, this week at JAZZTRAIN the Rory More Electric Organ Duo brings on the moody groove. C'mon by and hear what 330v of direct current sounds like when channeled through uptempo jazz and moderato swing, moments of modal and funkish cuts. He'll be joined by Filippo Galli on jazzinating drums, and guest horn traveler Guido Spannocchi on alto. DJ Mark Ellis will maintain our Shoreditch midweek happenin' with curated vinyl jazz gems. See you then. Weds 30 Jan, 48 Kingsland Rd, e2. 8 til late. FREE ENTRY

JAZZTRAIN! Tonite! It's gonna be cookin' with our mood crusader Greg Foat on electric piano with a superb trio of players getting down to business with him. And, Norway's favourite jazz dj Espen Horne will be keeping the general atmosphere suitably rarified. It all kicks off around 8, but doors will open earlier if you wanna come down and grab a seat or hang loose with the calm before the groove. See you later then. Rolling Stock 48 Kingsland Rd, E2. FREE ENTRY

Set the controls for JAZZTRAIN and Wednesday 23 Jan when we have live on stage sonic adventurer Greg Foat and his quartet. Forward-thinking and exploratory, Greg's music calls to mind the radicalism of early 70s Brit jazz and the arcane moods of continental library recordings. Combine that with a distinctive jazz voice that is definitely 'now' and we're set for a show that's a large blip on the cool radar. Plus, special guest DJ Espen Horne joins us from JASSBOX in Oslo - Norway's most happenin' jazz club and groove get-down. Espen's taste is out-there and floor-filling with a collection that reaches into 'in'... count on unheard finds, unusual sounds and proper jazz curios. Ladies and gents, this is a high-octane Shoreditch groove-in not to be missed. Tell your jazz friends and disseminate the love and hit the 'like' button. JAZZTRAIN, 23 Jan, 48 Kingsland Rd, E2. 8pm til late. FREE ENTRY

[01/17/19]   Jazztrain pulled into groovesville last night and had a happenin' time, thanks to Marco Tranchina and his Quartett. Magnifico vibrations and extreme modernism kept our happy punters abuzz... we're looking forward to revisitation from these hard-hittin' cookers. Big shout too, to Chris Lane for a deft selection of jazz 45s, so deft in fact that we didn't notice the odd reggae cut disguised as jazz. Next week it's the Greg Foat Quartett, so that means more fabulousness, and more cool times midweek in Shoreditch. Swing by for the best social in town. 48 Kingsland Rd, E2. 8 til late. FREE ENTRY

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Greg Foat Quintet at Jazztrain Shoreditch
Dave Hammers Jet Stream



48 Kingsland Road
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Wednesday 19:00 - 23:50
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