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Hi, we're Marianne and Sharon. We're dedicated to helping you achieve the positive changes you want in your life.

I love this man's if your feeling stuck depressed or down it might be because your missing risk and new learning....

This is too true...we learn most effectively by trial an error...bur only as long as we forgive our errors...


This is good advice.....


Positive Focus

Ok so we all have days and weeks that are not great...but if you regularly indulge in any of these and feel vaguely unhappy then take some time for you with us to reset your focus..

Are you happy? Sometimes the best way to learn what to do, is by knowing what not to do.

The Law Of Attraction

A little reflection on life's ups and downs.......

Life is like an elevator...

Too true less is more...


We are all at risk here is the solution......

This is how to set healthy boundaries with others.

Something the storm might shake free needs to be heard...... what are you holding back?

A thought for today......

Power of Positivity

Ok now we know that negative thoughts affect our physical health and our day to day experience....this has scientific evidence behind it....time to decide if we want those old out dated beliefs and emotions..... if not hypnotherapy can what are you waiting for...your life is now.

Spirit Of Buddhism And Science

In the face of profound wisdom there is moo thing to be said....I am listening....

Find Your Life...
Share It On...

(Y) Us @ Spirit Of Buddhism And Science

So feeling stuck, locked in wanting to change....then we can help you...wr are only a call what are you waiting for....

Think Positive words

Ok if this is does it work when the object of abuse is me if I don't have a good relationship with me.....who will. Be your own supporter...need help...ring us asap!!

Think Positive words

[04/07/17]   Life is like running the Grand National everyone gets off to a cracking start and going is good. Then came the fences and ditches !! Some panicked and gave up, some fell, some continued to run without any rider , but most carried on. It was a long, hard, tiring race but everyone had a purpose, target, desire or a goal- to reach finish line . Recently we've jumped Mothers Day , reset our clocks and approaching Easter holidays. Whatever your goal , dreams, wishes, or desires are the finish line is your target. Don't look back, keep going forward, focus on clearing those fences and ditches see the finish line and go for it

Rethink Mental Illness

One in four of us will suffer mental illness in our lives all of us will have people who we love and who are suffering too. The more awareness the better. Please share.

"Talking about mental illness helps – but we need money more than words." - A great piece written by Rachel Kelly

Positive Focus

It just requires a lot of practice...

Make sure to take care of yourself.

Nobel Prize

For all the women of the world...

Women who changed the world.

Literary mastery, pioneering science, life-saving discoveries and actions for peace and human rights – achievements of women around the world awarded the Nobel Prize.

Learn more about the impactful work of these Laureates at

#InternationalWomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth

Photos: Ulla Montan, Alexander Mahmoud, Music: Epidemic Sound.

The Ayurveda Experience

Interesting ...

“Hello. This kansa wand is nothing short of a miracle. It took 10 years off my face in 20 minute(s). I have to post a review somewhere... where would I do that? Thanks so much,
-Sabrina Kisch
“They work, I can assure you... The results are great on myself so far. I found a reduction of lines and wrinkles after the very first treatment. They also have a truly detoxing effect, often on only one side of the face (usually the right side). The relaxing effect is almost instant and I can feel the Meridian and the lymphatic system stimulation. Quite amazing! ”
- Angelika Hilden
“I love mine!!! I use it daily on myself with my morning tea J” – Debbie Heath Sankus
“I use mine in pretty much every facial…best tool I’ve purchased” – Donna Pappagallo
..........Need we say more?
These are some of the messages that users of our Kansa Wands have shared with us on email and through social media. We have received lots of such comments from across the globe.
It's unbelievable how this little tool has touched so many lives!
If you don’t already know what the Kansa Wand is and how it works on Marma points, check it out now.
If you have any questions or need to look at reviews or more info, we are just a ping away!

#OriginalKansawand #UKKansa

Ideas For Life

So when the going gets tough...the tough keep on going...

The color of your aura can tell a lot about you. Click here to see yours:

Billy Cox Motivation

So if there are only two true emotions....Love and hate.....which one is the only choice...I am with love all the way even though it might be hard. First love yourself and then you can be there for others...honestly, truly and without bias. When you feel down, bad, sad,...especially when you are angry with others....focus within...and you will see where you are stuck. That is the path to go what are you waiting all that you are....

[02/19/17]   Don't look back unless you are planning to go that way.

Enjoy your weekend.

So .. how is your relationship with you.....

On what is traditionally called blue Monday take a moment or two to check in on your own inner climate. How still are you and what would help you gain that peace.

[09/02/16]   I don't remember where I came across this idea, probably because it blew me away so much!! Basically, the argument suggests that at the root of all our emotions there are only two primal emotions...Love and Fear. When you think about fear it brings to mind anxiety, hate, any ...ism you like. In fact it's driven by our thinking. Love on the other hand produces creativity, fun, trust, does not ask for a return condition. Most important of all though, fear cannot exist in the presence of love any more than darkness remain once the light is switched on.
So, which one are you choseing to bring into your life...and would you like to change? It's as easy a flipping a switch.
Best wishes
Marianne x

[07/15/16]   “I have lived my life according to this principle: If I'm afraid of it, then I must do it.”
― Erica Jong

Dr Wayne W. Dyer sharing some wisdom for today!

Always good to think before anything!!!

Very true and powerful. How come we forget this so often?

Global Expert Space

We're feeling really motivated after an afternoon brainstorming about how to spread the word about what we do and reach more clients. We're not the most tech savvy so sorting out our social media has been somewhat of a challenge. But, as the video says: it's never too late!

It's never too late to start, it's always too early to give up!

It's messages like this that keep us doing what we do! So great to hear that hypnotherapy from Marianne made a difference to our client Charlotte.

"Marianne I thought I would give you a text to let you know I had the most magical holiday, flight was super, kept myself really calm it was great even our flight was cancelled yesterday so got home today and even with all that disruption I was very calm and for sure conquered the fear. I can't Thank you enough I feel like a new person. Thankyou again"

Does the thought of boarding a plane fill you with dread? Hypnotherapy can help you conquer your fear so you can get excited for your summer hols. Contact us today to book a consultation!

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