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Guardian Wills and Estate Planning

So National Statistics run accurate. If you are of the 40% with a Will, well done.

But has any life events happened since it was written? Children split from partners, New family members to name just 2?

60% without a Will!

If you have children under 18 they could face being wards of court!

Living with someone but not married? Your partner will get nothing!

I come to you, give “Free Initial Advice” and make recommendations, Single Will from £99 Couples Will from £179. Fixed Fee Quotes include, Home Visits, Draft and Completed Documents, Full Commentary of meetings for record in case of contention.

Seriously we all know we are going to die but in general we don’t know when. Without a Will a sudden unexpected passing can cause untold pain financial loss & sideways inheritance.

Ring/Message NOW for an early appointment to secure your Estate.

Who has a Will?

[02/14/19]   Who has a Will?

[02/13/19]   All, appointments are 100% Confidential. At a Time to suit you. Payment upon completion of or submission of documents.

[01/24/19]   A very busy start to 2019 thank you.
Remember we offer a FREE home visit and Fact Find before we give a no obligation Quote.
At least make an informed decision with no risk?
Mind the weather its another White one and some of the back roads are dodgy at best......

[01/10/19]   We see many people who sadly find out they have a terminal illness or people who have lost a loved one recently from such an illness. In the first instance the facing of death is often accepted but it is the realisation of what has been missed. A panic over getting "Affairs" in order of which given notice of a serious illness just about everyone wants to do. In the second instance people can not believe the problems the "unexpected" passing caused with no Will and now wish to ensure it is not the same for them.
Considering death is life's only certainty should we all perhaps not ensure we prepare for the "unexpected"?
A FREE home visit and fact find is our 1st action then we make recommendations based on your wishes.
It is NEVER to early but can be to late.

[01/03/19]   Happy New Year. Have you made your resolutions? Well good luck and we wish you every success in keeping and exceeding them.
In the time honoured tradition of "New Year Sales" we have an offer. BUT, first I asked a relatively comfortable in a financial manner friend the other day who still has not sorted out a Will why not? The answer im not planning to die yet! OK, so why have you said you are interested in a Free Will?
Seriously the conversation lasted a while, the result was the perception of value. A Will for many is something we know we need but put off. A Will can save your estate £0000's and your loved ones much hurt and pain, financial and emotional.
A Will is something it is never to early to do but can be too late!
Please message us on FB or [email protected]

Single Will from £ 69
Couples Will from £ 138

We believe passionately that EVERY Adult should have a Will, sadly we earn our living writing Wills so can not do them for Free. We hear it most days "NOTHING" is Free. Surely if this is true a "Free Will" is something you should be wary of, after all you cannot challenge its interpretation or the results!

Again Happy New Year, may 2019 bring all you need along with health & happiness.

[11/24/18]   Excellent response to our Black Friday offer (not surprisingly) this is about the best deal around for a Full Fact Find with Home Visits. Runs until Monday Midnight.

[11/09/18]   Being involved in later life planning can be challenging but I saw a quote the other day that really sums it up and should be a message to us all;

When you Die others have to find a way to Live Without You:

[11/07/18]   I read the other day;

Remembering you are going to die one day is the best way to not waste a day or think you have some think to lose?

[11/05/18]   Lets Change Today rather than worry about what happened Yesterday?

[11/05/18]   A comment i hear regularly is we do not need to worry we have put the house in our children's name!

Sadly this has so many ways to wrong it is scary but to show a few;

The Child/Children get into Financial Difficulties and the house is viewed as an asset.
A Marriage breaks down and the house is viewed as an asset.
An addiction is hidden or develops and the house becomes part of the many casualties of addiction.
You remain living in the house but do not pay rent to your child/children thus in most cases meaning it would not be recognized legally and would be seen as a deliberate attempt to avoid.

Just a few of not what may happen but what does happen on a daily basis across the UK.

[11/04/18]   Well it is Sunday afternoon Roast is cooking and I am doing some admin tasks after a horrible 2 week + chest infection. Doing some reading and updating, its a long read but please take a few mins to read it may hit a note.

Just read someone's post that the things we regret the most are the things we didn't do? Have heard this many a time over my years and tend to agree? I think we all strive to get it right and will take that chance to obtain this.
Most things in life we get the chance to have that 2nd chance and to try again. But, what happens when we do not? How often have you heard of an old acquaintance who has made good on an idea you had? Many other examples that make us think, Wish We Had?

Again you still have a chance to make a change. Unlike with Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Funeral Plans that all have a "Use by Date" as such.
A Will is how we decide who gets what we have accrued in life, financial or attachment. It reduces stress and in many cases saves thousands in dispute and sometimes completely lost inheritances.
YET, how often does someone pass unexpectedly? How often have we all experienced Human Nature not at its best? Heard the Words He/She would turn in the grave? Why take a chance, why risk leaving loved ones in turmoil, take advice and take action?

A Lasting Power of Attorney decides what happens to you in 1 of 2 ways either Financial & Property or Health & Welfare, you can of course take both out. If you do not have an "LPA" and you have an accident, are taken ill, fall victim to any of a number of medical circumstances then who decide's who looks after your affairs. Who makes decisions regarding your care and well being, the place that you live? Who can access your bank account, who has authority to ensure utilities are dealt with? The list is quite endless. Without an LPA it is the Courts and the Local Authorities who will make many if not most decisions!
Have you ever asked the question who would you want to make decisions for you and heard the answer, Local Authority or Courts! No, neither have we. Of course you could still do nothing and should the worst happen you could apply for Deputyship, do you know anyone who has done this? Ask them the costs and the detail involved, the ongoing costs and expectations. It can cost much more than a LPA take months to put in place and require much more ongoing work and responsibility and that is if it is not refused as , it is the courts decision!

Lastly I mentioned Funeral Plans. They have been in the press quite a bit lately and are greatly misunderstood.
In a nutshell if say you had purchased a Funeral Plan, NOT a something life policy with the Free Pen but a Funeral Plan 10 years ago and paid say £2700. You would have paid for a top line Funeral Plan that today would cost you perhaps £4000 today and in say another 10 years possibly £7000. But you bought a Funeral Plan, so it is not worth £2700 then, today or in 10 years time it is worth a top line funeral. At 2% interest(Be nice wouldn't it)! £2700 in 10 years is around £3300 and in 20 years £4050. That is at 2% return. So much less return than the cost Funerals have risen by. With the estimated rises in the cost of Funerals predicted over the coming years buying a Funeral Plan is like receiving some 5% + return as a plan @ £4000 today will buy you a Quality Plan now and for ever yet the same £4000 invested at 5% return in 10 years would achieve £6500 ish.
This is in addition to ensuring your wishes are met. That you are buried or cremated, have a religious or humanist service, flowers or donations and to who.? Again the list goes on.

In setting up Guardian Wills I thought I was launching an interesting business. It has in fact been something I struggle at times to refrain from getting on the soapbox about. In the year since we launched I have witnessed so many people wishing they could "Turn Back Time". I am here to help, yes like any role I need to earn a living but so many of us in the UK just do not like talking about our mortality it is so often to late. Please do not be, To Late.

Well Sunday Roast is smelling lovely, hope you have a great Sunday no matter what you are doing.

Please remember, my 1st visit, advice and quote costs you nothing more than your time and a cup of tea.

[10/12/18]   Many Reviews are carried out in regard to dying and bereavement. The Co-op recently released some figures which are quite staggering

30,000 people responded to the survey.
Just 27% said they had a Will.
Just 6% said they had a Lasting Power of Attorney.
91% said they thought about their own mortality Weekly.

Without a Will in place your Estate is decided by Law. Simple. Without a Lasting Power of Attorney NO ONE has legal responsibility to step in and make decisions about your finances or medical care if you are unable to.

Average UK family spends around £4800 a year on Holidays.

We could put in place Wills to include Guardianship, Trusts, Bloodline Issues and any other complex Will areas along with Lasting Powers of Attorney to Cover both Financial & Health & Welfare for a Couple. Even for the most complex of Wills and circumstances you can be covered for around a Qtr of your holiday cost. More Simple matters for much less.
Start the Future for you and your Loved Ones. What Value is Peace of Mind?
A home visit and a no obligation quote? You only need to view the news of recent to realise life can be turned upside.

[10/11/18]   Some matters to think on? When you go to an office to make plans for your Will think of all the information you need to remember? That is without the problems of Parking, Weather, Traffic to name but a few. How much extra will it cost if you have to return with any extra documents or forgotten ones? Much easier to make a Cuppa and receive a Professional into your own home? All information is to hand and very little stress. Home Visits are the usual for us and cost no extra. A quick call and it is all sorted. Worth thinking about?

[09/28/18]   A well needed break draws to an end. The Appointment book is open from Monday 1st October. So get in touch for your Wills, LPA’s, Funeral Plans, Estate Administration Appointments or simply Free Advice.

[09/18/18]   Unclaimed Estates in the U.K. could be worth Billions ££££££’s.

According to the latest figures, there are currently 9,254 unclaimed estates in the UK. With the average value of an estate worth around £150,000, the total amount of this unclaimed inheritance could be worth billions.

Property, money, personal belongings and other assets are being left in limbo instead of being passed on to relatives or friends. To prevent this from happening, it is vital to make a Will.

What happens when you die without a Will?

When someone dies without a Will, and there are no known heirs, their estate will be passed on to the Government (the Crown). Unclaimed assets include property, including buildings, money and personal possessions. And, while in some cases these unclaimed estates are of very little value, they can be worth millions.

Every day the Government publishes an updated list of unclaimed estates. The newest estates are added to the top of the list. An estate remains on the list for a maximum of 30 years, and during this time, relatives can make a claim against it. However, where no heirs are found, the estate is eventually transferred to the Treasury.

Who can claim an estate?

Under the UK’s inheritance laws (Rules of Intestacy), people who are blood relatives of the deceased could be entitled to a share of an estate. Even distant relations could be in for a windfall. However, partners are not recognised if they were not married or in a civil partnership and neither are stepchildren.

If you want to make a claim, you will need to contact the Government’s Bona Vacantia Division (BVD) with a family tree detailing how you are related to the person who has died. You may be asked to prove how you are related to the deceased, so the more details you can include (e.g. birth and marriage certificates), the better.

While this process is complex and can take a long time, with millions going unclaimed the result could be worth it.

Avoid leaving an unclaimed estate

The best way to make sure that your estate doesn’t end up going to the Government is to create a Will. Making a Will is especially important if you have no or few living relatives. But despite the importance of having a Will, too many people never get around to this inexpensive and simple task.

You don’t have to leave your estate to your family. You can decide to leave your home, money and possessions to whoever you want, including friends and charities. But, only by creating a properly drafted Will can you be sure that your estate will be left as you choose when the

For any help or advice on this or any other matter get in touch, Free Advice and 1st Appointment to make sure you make informed decisions.

[09/17/18]   Happy to take appointments for when I return. Already got bookings for early October. Great Value and knowledgable service. 1st Appointment is free so nothing to lose.

[09/17/18]   We work in partnership with Golden Charter who offer the widest range of Funeral Plans and Directors locally and nationally to carry out your wishes.

PLEASE READ Below it takes a few mins to read max, thank you.

Top 3 reasons you should have the chance to consider a funeral plan:

- Funeral prices have risen 112% since 2004, so why not secure a funeral plan at today’s prices reducing the financial drain on family members.

- By having a plan your clients have the peace of mind knowing that they’ll get the funeral they want, saving the emotional pain on family members

- Golden Charter has the widest choice of independent funeral directors in the UK with over 3,000 to choose from

I cover the East Anglian region and Kent. Plans available from only £49 deposit and only £15 a month(dependant on age and plan chosen) Save money and protect your loved ones from emotional and financial hardships.

Remember to LIKE and SHARE... thank you.

[09/13/18]   Well it’s time for a break. The phones will still be manned so no problems with getting in touch, emails and messages will also be responded to but I am away for 2 weeks. I return for appointments starting October 1st. Take Care see you in 2 weeks.

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