SPAR Bridport

SPAR Bridport


I have just witnessed half a dozen people enter this store at West Bay without face masks and unchallenged
I won’t be returning

There for you in the Historic Market town of Bridport, just a mile from Dorset’s Jurassic Coastline

Operating as usual


One of our Spartans was lucky enough yesterday to spend the day enjoying a nice walk up Colmer's Hill and couldn't resist the urge to have a Top o' the Hill from Dorset Nectar Cider on top of the very Hill itself. The weather has been kind to us lately, long may it last!

Whats your favourite local tipple?



The Bridport and Lyme Regis News reckon it shouldn't all be bad news and so to give little back to their readers they've asked us to hand out a small gift they've prepared to each reader of the local literature.

When you pop in to buy your copy ask one of the Spartans about it and they'll hand it right over, if you prefer contact free and want to go to self service just let them know and they'll pop one over for you to pick up. (subject to availability)

Happy Thursday Bridport!


The man with the funny hair has spoken! Restrictions in England are going to ease with the first steps towards this starting next month as schools open again, then in April we Spartans get to welcome some retailers back into the High Street!

We'll all still need to be careful though, contact free shopping will still be available with our Self Service checkouts and of course for those who feel more comfortable at home or can't make it out we're there for you too with Snappy Shopper

It will be nice to see a little normality in the town but before you rush to get your haircuts and new shorts for the summer be sure to remember the local Superstars that have helped us all through these lockdowns like DarkBear & Prohibition Pizza Club Bridport or the heroic efforts of Sophie Mears and many more! We Spartans thank you!


Aaaaaand thats time! 🥞🥞🥞

Its the 14th today and love is in the air just like the pancakes will be as they fly all over the kitchen in a messy but fun whirlwind of flavour next Tuesday

Its time then to announce the winner of the latest giveaway which was a collection of goodies perfect for Pancake Day! The winner is... 🥞🥞🥞

Victoria Churchill! 🎉

Congratulations Victoria! Come in and grab your prize when you're ready!

To the rest of you, happy Valentines Bridport. We loves ya! ❤

Stay safe and don't forget, Mothers Day is just around the corner



You'd batter believe it's time for another flippin' give away!

This time we're looking at Pancake Day, we've got just 1 prize up for grabs this time but it'll stretch to a family so the whole house can enjoy some pancakes!

Well, once the first broken practice one is out of the way at least. 😅

This will work the same as last time, all you gotta do to enter is Like the Page and Share this post, the winner will be chosen at random.

The closing date is the 13th and the winner will be announced on the following day.

Have a nice day Bridport! We'll be busy sorting through the Easter Eggs that have already arrived! 🥚🐣🍫



Bob Marley used to have his wi' Jammin... and now it's time for you to decide how you like yours as Dunkin' Donuts have arrived in store!

You guys just donut know what you're missing till you've glazed over at these sweet marvels and tried em so pop in and grab a box during your next visit!

And no, you can't return your doughnut because it has a hole in it!

Keeping smiling Bridport, its pancake day soon!


After much salad slicing and tiger bread toasting Subway have come up with this!

Its their new T.L.C Sub! Called so because it... wait for it... Tastes.Like.Chicken!

However theres not a single beaky beauty in sight here, its all plant based and is their effort at supporting the Veganuary theme of the month alongside us with our Vegan range in store.

They've also got some vegan chocolate cookies for a treat after but only if you eat all your free from feathers delight first!

Grab one in store and let us know what you think down below, did the TLC trick your pallette into thinking there was poultry or not?


Was anyone else a bit worried that the clock was going to go back a year this time?

Thankfully it didn't and we entered the New Year 2021 but already Boris has said the L word!

Well we thought it was January but we've since been corrected, apparently it's Veganuary! Thats fine, we can do that. We've got quite the range of Vegan products to help you get involved so pop in and give em a try!

We'll be there for you throughout the lockdown and beyond both in store and on Snappy Shopper!

Dont let the lockdown get you down.
Try to focus on the positives, family around the Cooks Meal laden dinner table, extra time off and no bumping into THAT neighbour who won't stop talking. 🤣

Keep your eyes peeled, we're told Subway are rustling up something special for Veganuary, we'll let ya know when we know!



Something a bit different just came through the door today!

Not everyone has the likes of Netflix so when you're considering a gift for a loved one why not try one of these movies for their viewing pleasure so they can enjoy them on Christmas Day whilst chomping on some of our Award Winning Luxury Mince Pies.

Stock is limited so you'll have to be quick off the mark to avoid missing out!

We hope you're all enjoying your festive period!

See you soon!


🎶 Jingle Pig, Jingle Pig, Jingle Pig Sub!
🎵 Tigerbread and Baaacooon.

... Sorry 😅

Subway is getting into the festive spirit by launching an almighty Pigs'n'Blanket sub which gets wrapped up nice and warm in their new Tiger Bread! 🥖🎄

Its now available on Snappy as well as in store!

We thought the Chicken Pizziola was nice but we can't even look at it now that this substantial sub is available. We put Chipotle sauce on ours! 😋

What're you putting on yours?


Times up! 🎄🍫 🗓

Its the 27th so as promised its time to announce the winners from our latest giveaway for the Lindt Calendars so here they are...

Mark Tozer ❄
You have won the Luxury Teddy Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar!

Rachel Hughes ☃️
You have won the assorted shapes Lindt Chocolate Advent Calendar!

Congratulations to you both!!! 🎉⭐🎄
Come in and grab your prizes when you're ready, failure to do so will result in us eating them! 😁😋

We hope you'll enjoy counting down the days til Santa comes and to those of you who weren't so lucky, fear not there'll be another chance for you to get your hands on a freebie in the new year so keep your eyes peeled! 🎅 🛷 🎄

Keep Smiling!!!

Oh yeah! Almost forgot! Subway tell us they've got something up their festive sleeves for Crimbo, we'll let you all know more soon! 🎄🥖😋☃️


Theres no beating bubbles at Christmas so we're getting Festive with Furleigh Estate this year. 🥂🍾

Some great opportunities to get a premium gift for your loved ones this year in store!

Come in and grab some award winning wine thats not just of a quality you all deserve but of course, local!

Speaking of local, if you find yourself fancying something beautifully pressed to go with your mince pies this year then we have got you covered for that too, we've got some Mulled Cider from Dorset Nectar Cider available in store which you guessed it, is also local! 🍎🥧🍏

Local, quality, festive... Happy Days 😎


We want to cast your minds back to a time full of chocolaty smiles and eggs that are too big to have come from any chicken we've seen. Easter they call it.

You may remember that at Easter we did a giveaway in the hope of putting a few smiles on a few faces as we began the first lockdown period. It went quite well, so we're going to do it again.

We've got 2 fantastic prizes up for grabs the first is a Luxury Lindt Advent Calendar with the treat on the 24th being a Lindt Chocolate Bear and the second is another Lindt Advent Calendar with different shapes of gorgeous chocolate throughout the month!

Much like last time it's easy to enter: just Like the Page and Share this Post and the 2 winners will be chosen at random.

The closing date is Friday the 27th, this gives the lucky winners time to collect their prize in time for the 1st of December.

Hope you're all well and warm. See you soon!



How are you all doing?

You may have heard a little piece about us on the Radio (yep, we're basically famous now 😎)

There's been a load of fuss made about our Luxury Mince pies and rightfully so because they're BBC Good Food Award winning shortcrust sensations 🥧

They're not the only treat in store mind you, now that the Ghost of Woolworths has left the store room for another year we've been able to get to the likes of Advent Calendars, Lindt Chocolates and even some superb Christmas cakes from Foxcombe Bakehouse

All of the above and more will be available as we keep to our standard opening hours throughout the Lockdown period, we'll be there for you until 10pm everyday.

Dont forget to keep smiling, for now, I've gotta go and see a man just down the road about some Mulled Cider 🍎🎄🍏🎄


BOO! 🕸🕷

How've you lot been then? Its october which means we're finally allowed to start banging on about sweets of which we have plenty and it wont be long til there's pumpkins bowling around the shop floor either!!! 🎃🎃

We had hoped to dig out some sparklers we had left over from last years Guy Fawkes but the Ghost of Woolworths has taken over the store room again as it does every year so thats not happening now, not til November at least 🎆 it'll be safe then 👻

Anyway, there was some worry that all the little witches and vampires might not be able to go trick or treating this year, so why not consider some fun at home, carving pumpkins is one thing but watching your dad get a face full of flour trying to find gummy spiders with his face is way funnier especially if hes already been apple bobbing! 🎃🤪🍎

See you all soon, we've got vials of blood to price... 🩸 nightmare honestly 🕸


SPAR Bridport's cover photo


Afternoon Bridport! How are we today!?

Given its Friday I suspect we're all a bit thirsty? 😋🍸

Some of you will have noticed that we've given the Gin a little bit of attention in store, the range was extended and we threw in a load of delicious mixers to really set them off.

So before you all get yourselves ready for a night on the town why not consider sipping on some botanical bliss in a glass, we'll even bring it to you if you hit us up on Snappy Shopper!

We've gone for Pink Gordon's and Aromatic Fevertree Tonic ourselves. Show us what you're having tonight in the comments!

Have a nice night guys and be happy!


Come on Bridport, own up, who's turned the sun up!?

Those are some mighty rays in the sky ☀️🌞☀️

Just as well then that we've got a sugar free solution to beat the heat and stay cool 😋😎

Come and get one of these beauties!

This ones a mix of all 3 flavours through the middle and an Apple flavoured Straw tucked in for good measure!

Right, best be off before the Boss catches us eating it all 🤫

Have a nice day 😁


No better way to beat the heat!!! Can't recommend the edible straws enough!

🙋𝗪𝗵𝗼 𝘄𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘀𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗳𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 𝗦𝗸𝘄𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗲𝗲 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵?!🙋‍♂️
❄ 🐧🥤 Skwishee has landed at SPAR Bridport!!! 😋🥶
🥤3 Awesome Flavours (Frozen Raspberry, Mad Mango 🥭 & Millions Summertime Strawb!🍓) All sugar free!
🥤Edible Straws (🍓, 🍋, 🍏 & lime) ♻️



How many of you eagle eyed Snappy Shoppers spotted Subway on the app yesterday? 🚚

That's right, ask and you shall receive! We had a word with Subway about joining us and they loved the idea! 💡

They've whacked the full menu on so anything you can grab in store you can get delivered to your home, or even your place of work if you need something for lunch but don't have the time. ⌚

We highly recommend the Chicken Pizziola! 🍕🥪😋


Hey Bridport! How've you been?

We got a nice card today from another store on the highstreet with some kind words and we thought we ought to express the same kindness to you all. So thank you, to all of you!

You've cooperated very well with each other and kept to the guidelines which has helped us serve you all.

It's been a trying time for everyone and the spirit you've all shown is nothing short of beautiful!

So we're proud to be there for you in as many ways as we can, not just in store because if you can't get here we're more than happy to come to you with our Snappy Shopper service.

Have a smashing night you lot, it will get better and don't forget to smile! Makes it aaaaaall a bit better :)


Not just a Local Cider... this is an Award winning Local Cider and we’re so proud to feature this brand in store! Well done to the Strong Family 🍎🥇🍏

We're very pleased to have recieved this in the post today. Our Dabinett Single Variety apple Cider won Cider of the Festival at the 16th Pendle Beer & Cider Festival earlier this year before Lockdown! #craftdrinks #craftcider #CAMRA #Dorset #awards #finecider


Alright Bridport? How’re you getting on?

As time is going on more and more parts of the completed refit are coming together, we’ve had our Costa and Rollover Hot Dogs Machines, we’ve had our Cooks Meals and we’ve launched a Snappy Shopper service too amongst so much more!

It’s time for another addition, you know that wooden bay amongst all the wine that stood out from the rest? That is or Premium wines bay and now you’ll find it stocked with absolutely fabulous (darling) Furleigh Estate Wines.

We try to listen to you all where possible, we wanted a premium wine and you wanted to see more Local products in store now if that’s not ticking both boxes we don’t know what is.

You’ll find cards beside each wine giving you recommendations for food pairings and a small blurb about the wine itself. If you’d like to know more about this vineyard you’ll find some leaflets to the left of the wines too.

Please join us in welcoming Rebecca and the rest of her team into our store joining an ever growing list of local suppliers.


Guess who’s back? Back again...
Subway’s back... tell a friend 😎 🎶

Finally it’s time for the sandwich artists to get back to work as Subway is now open again at the back of our store.

Come and say hello for lunch! It is a take away service only at the moment cause we can’t have you lot mingling but you’re all welcome just as you are in the store itself. 🥪 😋

Have a nice day! We’ll be busy with our delivery and eating all of the cookies in Subway 😇


What a smashing sunny Sunday! Be even better if it was a Snappy Shopping Smashing Sunny Sunday though wouldn’t it?

Well, he have a little something something that can help with that! If you haven’t used the service before then now is the time. We’ve got a code you can use in the app that gives you free delivery on your first shop! 🚚

What’s more is one of the nice girls in the office tells us that it’s been extended and it can now be used until the 28th! 👌🏻

It’s so pretty outside we’d love to come to you but remember that you are always welcome through the store doors if you wanna have a look at how handsome the store is inside now!

Time for lunch I reckon. 🥪🍎🥤 Gonna grab a meal deal for £3.75, enjoy your day and smile! 😁☀️


Alright you lot?

It’s hot isn’t it? Might be too hot... ☀️ 🥵😎

If you wanna cool down we’ve heard that a hot drink like a Costa Coffee (which arrived in store today!) will cool you down quicker than a cold one. 🤔 ☕️

Don’t take our word for it, get yourself in here an give it a try.

Of course, if you’re not “cool” enough then you can chill out with a F’Real Milkshake or a Skwishee Slush. 🥶😁😋

They’re all up and running, they’re all so damn tasty and they’re all waiting for you!

That’s of course, if you can make it past the individually wrapped ice creams in the freezer by the front door. Must’ve had about 3 Twisters already today! 😋 🍦

When you’ve made your choice and you get to the till ask the Spartan serving you about a bottle of sunscreen 🧴 No one wants that awkward sunglasses tan right? 😎

Finally! If you can’t brave the heat then don’t worry we love being out in this sun. Place an order with us on the Snappy Shopper app and we’ll bring the Tiramasu flavoured ice cream to your door! Free delivery too! 🚚

The code is still: SPARBRIDPORT 👌🏻

Stay safe, stay cool and smile. It’s sunny!!! ☀️ 😁☀️



We’re definitely having a nice local cider tonight, that sun is gorgeously relentless! 🍻 ☀️

Anyway, we’re now up and running with our Snappy Shopper service! We’ve had a couple of cheeky orders already, so far so good! 🚚👌🏻

Just a couple of things...

At this time, please pay with card, you can do this at the point of purchase and you can save your details to your account if you want to so future Snappy Shopping is Simply Snappier! 🙃 💳

If you’re treating yourself to a bottle of Prosecco or other age restricted products, the driver will challenge you for ID at the door if you’re lucky enough to look under 25. 🥂

Orders can be placed between 10am and 7pm 7 days a week. We’re serving a 4 mile radius of our store and it is a pleasure in this weather! ⏰ ☀️

Oh yeah! One other thing. For new online customers we are offering free delivery for a limited time! Code is SPARBRIDPORT💡😁

Right, got some nice magnums to get into the freezer, talk to ya later! 🤗 🍦



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