Syllabes Agency

Syllabes is a foreign rights agency based in Lyon and specialized in children's books. We also represent publishers in Russia & Russian-speaking countries.

This morning I felt just like this grumpy rabbit Mr. Franklin on the cover of Shh! (Chut!) by Morgane de Cadier and Florian Pigé😁😁😁 it’s much much better after three cups of coffee! Korean edition by BIR (French ed. @editionshongfei) and some other resent foreign translations into Korean, Danish, Russian, Chinese for Le Grand Jardin @legrandjardin, Le lièvre de mars @le_lievre_de_mars, Mazurka

Just arrived in my mail box: Spanish and Catalan editions of a very summery title Surprise in a park (Au parc il y a...). Thank you, @latoperaeditorial ! By @marta_orzel (French edition by @belinjeunesse) #foreignrights #livrejeunesse #belinjeunesse #internationalpublishing #translations #bookstagram #kidsbooks #childrensbooks #syllbesagency @ Lyon, France

Some of the books approved for publication in the last couple of weeks: Turkish edition of The tree told me (L’arbre m’a dit), American edition of It’s not so complicated (Ce n’est pas très compliqué) and Russian edition of Ancient Egypt comic book (Égypte Ancienne en BD). So impatient to see printed copies!!! @ Lyon, France

Italian cover of How do animals sleep? to be printed very soon. Original edition in Russian published by @peshkombooks. So impatient to see the finished copies! #foreignrights #kidsbooks #nonfiction #translation

Bologna Children's Book Fair

So Bologna is finally here!
A great opening overview of the current situation by publishers from around the globe.

Diamo ufficialmente il via alla Bologna Children's Online Special Edition Book Fair, aprendo le porte (virtuali) a illustratori, traduttori, editori, autori, agenti, librai, insegnanti... Insomma, proprio tutta la grande comunità solitamente affolla i nostri padiglioni, nessuno escluso! 🥳

Ed esattamente come se fossimo a Bologna, sta per iniziare la conferenza d'inaugurazione, presentata da Maria Russo (Children's Book Editor, New York Times), con il benvenuto di Elena Pasoli (Exhibition Manager di BCBF), e a seguire gli interventi di Bodour Al Qasimi, (Kalimat Group, UAE, Vice President IPA, International Publishers Association); Sophie Giraud (Hélium Éditions, France); Jack Jensen (Chronicle Books, USA); Cecilia Silva-Díaz (Ediciones Ekaré, Spain – Venezuela); Gaia Stock (Edizioni EL-Einaudi Ragazzi, Italy); Sahar Tarhandeh (Tuti Books, Iran); Roger Thorp (Thames & Hudson, UK); Gita Wolf (Tara Books, India) e Zhang Yuntao (Daylight, China).


And it's finally here! 🥳
Today, the Bologna Children's Online Special Edition Book Fair opens its (virtual) doors to illustrators, translators, editors, authors, agents, booksellers, teachers... the whole large community that usually crowds our pavilions, without leaving anyone out!

And exactly as if we were in Bologna, the inauguration conference is about to begin, hosted by Maria Russo (Children's Book Editor, New York Times), with welcoming regards by Elena Pasoli (Exhibition Manager di BCBF), in conversation with Bodour Al Qasimi, (Kalimat Group, UAE, Vice President IPA, International Publishers Association); Sophie Giraud (Hélium Éditions, France); Jack Jensen (Chronicle Books, USA); Cecilia Silva-Díaz (Ediciones Ekaré, Spain – Venezuela); Gaia Stock (Edizioni EL-Einaudi Ragazzi, Italy); Sahar Tarhandeh (Tuti Books, Iran); Roger Thorp (Thames & Hudson, UK); Gita Wolf (Tara Books, India) e Zhang Yuntao (Daylight, China).


This Sunday morning instead of
getting up: dreaming of a voyage with Anne Laval’s Nombril du Monde (World’s Navel). Fantastic and deep story. For @rouergue_jeunesse

Danish edition of Sunakali who made it despite the lock-down💪💪💪 French edition by @editionscepages @ Lyon, France

Amusing with PhotoBooth while waiting for a zoom meeting with a publisher😀😀😀 not like in Bologna, but video meetings are quite fun too! have a great week! @bolognachildrensbookfair #foreignrights #internationalpublishing #stayathome @ Lyon, France

Just a quick visit to the office to get some things before the general lock-up of tue whole country for at least 15 days. And these wonderful copies in Arabic language waiting there🤗 by HBKU (Qatar). The bird book originally published by @belinjeunesse and All about The Bee, The Shark and The Bear for Le Pommier. #foreignrights #internationalpublishing #syllabesagency #belinjeunesse #lepommier @ Lyon, France

I had a hard time to chose the right image to illustrate my sadness about the definitive cancellation of the Bologna Book Fair @bolognachildrensbookfair ... here’s the one! But actually if we turn the page (or swipe the image😄) we’ll realize that life always have some good surprises in stock for us. And not only in children’s books. So cheer up! Illustration from De l’autre côté by Maylis Daufresne and Nathalie Paulhiac for @editionscepages @ Lyon, France

With wonderful publishers from Turkey, UAE, Kosovo, Serbia and... from all over the world! #internationalpublishing #foreignrights #publishing #istanbulfellowship @ Istanbul, Turkey

Day two of the ISTANBUL Fellowship program! #istanbulfellowship #istanbul #internationalpublishing @ Noir Pit Coffee Co. Pera

Off we go for the Istanbul Fellowship program today! Many years ago I fell in love with this bright city, its colors and flavors. This time I have a chance to rediscover it in a professional context. Illustration from Mr. Francisco’s suitcase by Lisa Biggi and Leticia Esteban publisher by @editionscepages #fellowshipistanbul #istanbul #internationalpublishing #editionscepages @ Lyon, France

Suddenly the winter is back in Lyon. No snow but frosty and ice-cold wind. And a pale winter blue sky ❄️❄️❄️ illustration from The wolf’s secret by Morgane de Cadier and Florian Pigé published by @editionshongfei. Italian rights sold #picturebook #wolf #winter #loup #albumjeunesse #foreignrights #syllabesagency @ Lyon, France

Today a focus on a little image book that I love a lot for its fresh style, colors, idea but also tactile qualities (soft touch cover and beautiful thick paper). It invites us to spend one day in a park and look at it through a child’s eyes. Seeing a big picture but also focusing on small details that adults don’t pay attention to. By Marta Orzel, published by Belin Jeunesse @belinjeunesse. Rights sold to Italian, Spanish and Catalan languages. #internationalpublishing #foreignrights #imagier #syllabesagency #martaorzel #translations @ Lyon, France

Just received a wonderful book The Bees’ Secrets (Secrets d’Abeilles) by Pierre-Olivier Bannwarth @pierreolivierbannwarth, illustrated by Fanny Ducassé @ducasse.fanny. A little gem for my personal collection! And the occasion to show other books illustrated by Fanny Ducassé that own. For @albinmicheljeunesse @ Librairie Ouvrir L'oeil

Chinese cover of The tree told me (L’arbre m’a dit) and photos of French edition originally published by Le Grand Jardin @legrandjardin. Thank you @calinkagency for making this beautiful book travel to China! Written by Sophie Lescaut, illustrated by Thanh Portal. Rights also sold to Korean language

#foreignrights #internationalpublishing #translations #bookstagram #kidsbooks #childrensbooks #livrejeunesse #litteraturejeunesse #childrensbookillustration #albumjeunesse #syllabesagency #thanhportal #sophielescaut @ Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France

Chinese cover of The tree told me (L’arbre m’a dit) and photos of French edition originally published by Le Grand Jardin @legrandjardin. Thank you @calinkagency for making this beautiful book travel to China! Written by Sophie Lescaut, illustrated by Thanh Portal. Rights also sold to Korean language @ Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France

New foreign editions just arrived into my mail box : Sirius by Stéphane Servant (French edition @rouergue_jeunesse, Russian edition @mif.proza) and Vet for life by Sylvie Baussier (French edition @belinjeunesse, Hungarian edition @konyvmolykepzo). Thank you, publishers! #foreignrights #litteraturejeunesse #romanjeunesse #youngadult #bookstagram #sylviebaussier #stephaneservant #evachatelain #belinjeunesse #rouerguejeunesse #rouergue #syllabesagency @ Lyon, France

A really nice Korean edition of Le livre aux oiseaux (The birds book) made it from Seoul! By Time education, originally published by @belinjeunesse #foreignrights #internationalpublishing #translations #bookstagram #kidsbooks #nonfiction #livrejeunesse #belinjeunesse #humensis #documentaire #juliannorwood #nathalietordjman #judithgueyfier #syllabesagency @ Lyon, France

None of the books I’m working with today but just a favorite one of the personal collection - Hedgehog in the fog after a classic Soviet cartoon (1975) with the same title by Yuri Norstein @norstein_norshteyn. Illustrations by Franchesca Yarbusova. Published in 2016 #childrensbookillustration #yurinorstein #illustration #юрийнорштейн #франческаярбусова #ежиквтумане #syllabesagency #bookstagram @ Lyon, France

It’s not so complicated (Ce n’es pas très compliqué) by Samuel Ribeyron invites us to look inside ourselves. A good thing to to during the holidays season before a new busy year starts. Rights sold to Korean, simplified and complex Chinese, Italian and English (world) languages. #samuelribeyron #foreignrights #translations #kidsbooks #childrensbooks #albumjeunesse #hongfei #syllabesagency @ Lyon, France

Our stand during the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019!

Syllabes Agency

Day 1 of the Moscow Book Fair @non_fiction_fair - done✅. It was intense! The coziest and sweetest Samokat @samokatbook new offices visited. Two contracts got signed. Sounds like lots of things done!💪 to be continued #moscowbookfair #bookfair #foreignrights #bookstagram #books

Second day of the Frankfurt book fair✅ after a long day full of meetings, my face doesn’t look so happy... but I actually am😁😁😁 #fbm2019 #frankfurtbookfair #buchmessefrankfurt @ Frankfurt, Germany

Illustrations are by Isabelle Simler @isabellesimler for a gorgeous Book if Trees (Le livre aux arbres) to be published next spring by @belinjeunesse. It will also be launched in Czech and Slovak languages in 2020 and in Spanish in spring 2021! #isabellesimler #arbres #trees #belinjeunesse #documentaire #non-fiction #jeunesse #livrejeunesse #kidsbook #illustration #nature

Copies received this morning! Jojo l’ombrelle by Didier Lévy and Nathalie Dieterlé ans La Mission by Juliette Parachini-Deny and Thierry Manes by Hansol Education for @belinjeunesse and @editionscepages #foreignrights #picturebook #albumjeunesse #illustration #kidsbook #livrejeunesse #books #korea @ NoZe

Seek and find with squirrel postman and his forest friends - a new 2-in-1 (picture book + activity seek-and-find book) to be published in October by @belinjeunesse. A story to read, lots of words to learn and 150 objects to find - all that in one, in a company of sweet and cheeky characters! Korean version to be also published in December! #belinjeunesse #livrejeunesse #chercheettrouve #seekandfind #picturebook #foreignrights #lauredorsemaine #alicedepage

The summer is now almost over and as most of us I’m a bit nostalgic of all this light and heat and luminous blue sky that we leave behind. It’s a kind of positive sadness that is perfectly reflected in a new book by Florian Pigé Summer Bubble (Bulle d’été). Going back to school in September (or back to the office😄) is the end of something good but also the beginning of a new chapter which may have some unexpected surprises in stock. New experiences. New encounters. New places to see. New good habits too (for me, among other things, it will be posting more here as I have lots of things to share😄). So it’s always better to start a new season/school year on a positive note. And the book, by the way, is just AMAZING. #publishing #foreignrights #kidsbooks #childrensbooks #picturebook #albumjeunesse #rentree #rentree2019 #editionshongfei #hongfei #florianpige #illustration #crayons

Some of the French translations spotted during the Seoul book fair (for @balivernes.editions, @heliumeditions, @belinjeunesse, @editionsamaterra, @editionsduseuil, @editionscepages, @ecoledesloisirs and many more!). In one word, there are A LOT! #bookfair #childrensbooks #kidsbooks #seoulinternationalbookfair #foreignrights @ Seoul, Korea

Finally some pictures of the Seoul International Book Fair last week! #seoulinternationalbookfair #seoulinternationalbookfair2019 #bookfair #korea #southkorea #foreignrights #seoul #coex @ Coex Seoul

New arrivals of some foreign editions - all for @editionscepages: four first volumes of My Tender Leaves series in simplified Chinese by Trust Bridge Publishing and Hugo's Gift in Russian by @mifdetstvo #translations #foreignrights #picturebooks #childrensbooks #kidsbooks #editonscepages #juliettelagrange #morganedecadier @ France, Lyon

Richard Charkin: A Year of Running of Mensch Publishing

Great article telling the first year of managing a small publishing house in UK by Richard Charkin (former executive director of Bloomsbury and more). Anniversary assessment: Richard Charkin reveals some of the lessons he's learning a year into running his small press, Mensch Publishing.

Current reading on the long way from Lyon to Marseille. Et la lune, là-haut ("And the moon up there") by Muriel Zürcher - new spring YA novel published by Éditions Thierry Magnier @editionsthierrymagnier is an absolutely captivating reading from the very first pages. I think that the almost 4h trop will be fast! #thierrymagnier #murielzurcher #youngadult #reading #travelling #romanjeunesse #livrejeunesse #ado #lecture

Children’s that books travel around the world!

Here at Syllabes Agency we help children’s books to travel around the word. We are based in Lyon (France) and collaborate with medium and small publishers specialised on literature for kids of ages between 2 and 16 with the objective of granting rights on their books to publishers from all over the world. Do not hesitate to consult our webpage for a complete list of projects and publishers. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you are have a great but not (yet!) published project for kids, maybe together we can make your book travel around the world!

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