La Romantica Colmar

Votre restaurant italien situé en plein centre historique de Colmar vous accueille pour déguster, sur assiette, toutes les saveurs traditionnelles de l'Italie. La cuisine italienne, un goût de liberté.

Votre restaurant italien situé en plein centre historique de Colmar vous accueille pour déguster, sur assiette, toutes les saveurs traditionnelles de l'Italie. La cuisine italienne, un goût de liberté.

What a pleasure to have a good aperitif on a terrace with a beautiful view!

Find our martini fiero at La Romantica Colmar! 🍹

A cocktail composed of fiero martini, cremant, an orange ring and extended with Perrier, perfect before a delicious Italian meal!

Enjoy it on your next visit to the city centre!

🎻 Celebrate the music day with us tonight! 🎤

Enjoy a good Italian meal in the heart of the city centre of #Colmar and in the middle of the animations!

We are pleased to welcome you at La Romantica Colmar until 11.30 pm to make you enjoy this beautiful evening! 🎸

Find all our dishes and suggestions of the moment!

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At La Romantica Colmar, we have the sacred fire! 🔥🔥

For our team cooking is not a profession, it's a passion!

This is why during each of your meals in our restaurant, we always have the same requirement to offer you delicious dishes!
Whether they are on the menu or in suggestions, our only goal is your satisfaction!

Come and discover our kitchen, and book your table at +

What a pleasure to eat a good salad when it's sunny! ☀️

We offer you to discover our latest suggestion!

The Italian salad! 🥗

This good recipe is composed of green salad, fresh peppers, Parma ham, mozzarella mozzarella, artichoke hearts, and parmesan shavings!

Come and taste it at La Romantica Colmar, we are open every day, lunch and evening!

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For Father's day this sunday, we have prepared a delicious surprise for you! 👨 👧 👦

Come and taste our delicious cordon bleu with chorizo and mozzarella buffalo!

It is served with the accompaniment of your choice!

Enjoy this beautiful day to discover this good dish and have a wonderful time with your family!

We welcome you sunday, noon and evening! Book your table at +

Enjoy our terrace during the whole summer! ☀️

Settle down quietly with a beautiful view of the old town of #Colmar and choose your favorite dish to accompany this beautiful moment!

Whether it's between friends or family, we welcome you every day lunch and nights until 11pm and 11.30pm on fridays and saturdays!

See you at La Romantica Colmar!

Finish your meal with gluttony and freshness!

In suggestion of dessert, we offer you at this moment our good strawberries from Alsace!

Taste them with your favorite recipe: sugar, whipped cream or melba! It's a delight! 🍓

Discover them at La Romantica Colmar and book your table at +

When it comes to summer, it's the return of rosé!

To make you enjoy when you come to La Romantica Colmar, we have selected you this delicious rosé zangre from the domaine du Château Grezan - Famille Cros Pujol!

This wine from the country of OC, served fresh, is dry and gourmet! 🍷

You will be able to enjoy it with your meal or an aperitif!

Book your table at + and discover it!

Enjoying a wonderful bottle of wine while watching the night fall on the city, what's better? 🍷

Discover our wine list and our suggestions during your meal at La Romantica Colmar and do not hesitate to ask our servers for advice that will do everything to find the perfect bottle in agreement with your tastes and your dish!

Book your table at + and enjoy a magical moment! 🌇

With the beautiful weather of this weekend, we have everything planned for your meal to be wonderful!

Come and install yourself on our terrace and enjoy an extraordinary view of #Colmar, and to make this moment even better we offer you our new suggestion!

Taste our caprese penne!

A recipe composed of penne back in garlic, olive oil, with a caviar and a crushed of fresh tomatoes, as well as mozzarella bufala and arugula!

It's a delight to come and discover at La Romantica Colmar!
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Good weather always rhymes with good time!

Our terrace is available to install you comfortably and be at the front row to enjoy a beautiful view of the old town!

And to accompany this moment, we offer you to toast with one of our Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte France!

Enjoy La Romantica Colmar our whole team is always happy to welcome you!

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On behalf of our entire team, we wish a happy mother's day to all the moms out there!

Take advantage of this beautiful day to make you happy!

On our side, we are open this noon and tonight to welcome you with your family and offer you a good meal!

Book your table at La Romantica Colmar at +

This Sunday, we offer you a good suggestion for mother's day! 👩 👧 👦

Created by our cooks, enjoy our strawberry pie revisited!

This dessert will be the perfect finishing touch for a great family moment!

Book your table at La Romantica Colmar at + and offer a beautiful gift to your moms!

Find all the flavors of La Romantica Colmar at home!

All our dishes, and especially our pizzas are available to take away!

Choose what will make you happy and enjoy a good meal like at the restaurant!

To place your order, call us at + or directly at the restaurant!

We are open 7 days a week!

This year, mother's day will take place on sunday, may 26th!

Make a nice surprise to your mom by inviting her to La Romantica Colmar for a delicious Italian meal!

In addition, good suggestions are planned for this party! We will introduce them to you during the week!

Have a great time with your family and book your table at +, we take care of the rest!

Spend an unforgettable moment at La Romantica Colmar!

Treat yourself to a getaway out of time in your restaurant and enjoy an excellent meal in a romantic setting! 💘

A beautiful view of #Colmar, your favorite dishes, and our team taking care of you!
The perfect recipe for a good weekend!

Book your table at +, we are delighted to welcome you and to make you happy!

A new suggestion straight out of the kitchens of La Romantica Colmar!

Enjoy our delicious linguines chorizo!

An original idea, developed by our cooks for your greatest pleasure!

Enjoy this good dish in the room or on our terrace and pair it with your favorite drink!

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Your restaurant La Romantica Colmar offers you our new Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte France!

We have three delicious boatles at your disposal!

A rosé champagne, an exclusive brut cuvée, and a white of white! 🥂

Three unique flavors, and the same search for excellence!

To choose the one who will go best with your meal, trust our team, always good advice and at your service!

Book your table at +

Start your meal with a very good aperitif! 🍹

Our Fiero Martini is waiting for you at La Romantica Colmar!

A cocktail composed of fiero martini, crémant, an Orange slice and extended to perrier that will put your taste buds in awakening before a delicious Italian meal!

Book your table at la romantica colmar at + and enjoy a good time with friends or family!

Nous continuons à vous présenter nos nouveaux champagnes !

Partons aujourd'hui à la découverte de ce délicieux champagne Nicolas Feuillatte ! 🍾

Cette cuvée réserve exclusive brut est un champagne dynamique et frais, aux fruits francs et intenses. Les notes de poire juteuse et d'abricot croquant se mêlent dans une jolie fusion, autour d'une bulle fine.

Prompt à toutes les associations, de l'apéritif à la table, il incarne à merveille l'esprit du champagne ! 🥂

Venez le savourer dans votre restaurant et réservez votre table au

Tomorrow, wednesday, may 8th is a public holiday, the opportunity for you to rest and enjoy!

At La Romantica Colmar, we will be delighted to welcome you at noon and evening so you can have a good time!

Settle down comfortably and our team is taking care of the rest, you just have to choose your favorite dish and enjoy your delicious meal!

Book your table at +

To start the month of may, we offer you to discover an exceptional cuvée!

Our new champagne Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte France has arrived! 🍾

This Vintage White of Whites Collection is a sleek and graceful champagne, with its delicate scents of dried flowers that melt with delight in a silky mouth.

The depth and dynamism of the vintage give to this cuvée 100 % Chardonnay an supplement of soul!

A subtle charm to enjoy the aperitif at the table!

Book your table at + and enjoy it!

Pour célébrer le 1er mai, nous vous accueillerons demain pour le service de midi et du soir !

Venez fêter le travail avec nous, et goutez nos délicieux plats italiens à la carte et en suggestions !

Réservez votre table au, et profitez bien de cette journée de repos !

A trip to the restaurant is especially a moment of sharing!

Come and enjoy your weekend with friends or family at La Romantica Colmar!

We offer you tasty italian dishes on the menu and in suggestions! Treat yourself and have a pleasant meal, our whole team is delighted to welcome you!

Book your table at +, we are open every day, lunch and evening until 11 pm, and even 11.30 pm on friday and saturday!

Celebrate your birthdays and all your festive events at La Romantica Colmar! �

Our whole staff will be happy to welcome you and will be delighted to be at the little care for you throughout the evening!

We can create on demand your cake, according to your tastes and preferences, so that this moment is unforgettable with friends or family! �

To organize your event, contact us contact at +

We wish you a very happy Easter!

Enjoy this weekend to spend some good time with your family!

And for your meal, we are here!

Come and enjoy a delicious meal at La Romantica Colmar and enjoy!

Book your table at +

The last week-end of the spring market begins in #Colmar!

Take the opportunity to discover it and to walk in the city center!

To sublimate this moment, discover our mushrooms stuffed with mushrooms, a generous and infinitely tasty dish!

Enjoy this good recipe with an exceptional view of the Koïfhus place and its market!

Book your table at La Romantica Colmar at +

Our cooks are always inspired to prepare you good seasonal recipes!

We offer you in suggestion our delicious pie of the moment, at the rhubarb meringue! 🥧

A great mix of flavors and sweetness to come taste in your restaurant La Romantica Colmar!

Book your table at +, we welcome you with great pleasure throughout the week!

Enjoy your visit to the spring market of #colmar to make you happy with a good meal at La Romantica Colmar!

And to start it in a beautiful way, discover our Lillet Spritz! 🥂

A recipe composed of white lillet, crémant, a cucumber puck, a piece of lemon, and ice cubes!

Book your table at + and have a pleasant time with our team!

To start your weekend, go to the discovery of our new creation!

We offer you in suggestion an excellent tagada tiramisu! 🍓

A good dessert reinvented with tagada strawberries for an original and gourmet recipe!

Book your table at + and taste it tonight at La Romantica Colmar!

Treat yourself with an Italian beer 🍺!

The Brasserie Birrificio Angelo Poretti is all set at La Romantica Colmar!

Discover this wonderful, typical Italian pressure beer, authentic and tasty as an aperitif or to accompany your meal!

Book your table at +, we can't wait to welcome you and make you discover this beer!

Enjoy an extraordinary view of the spring market from our restaurant!

Start your meal with a good aperitif 🍹!

From our menu, or in suggestions, we offer you a wide choice of drinks to start your meal!

Ask for advice to our team who always has a good idea to find the recipe that will make you happy!

Book your table at + and have a great time!

At La Romantica Colmar we will bring all our dishes with passion, and want to bring our touch on all our recipes!

Come and taste our delicious linguine bolognese 🍝, a great classic of Italian gastronomy but a dish always so delicious!

To accompany them, we suggest our Masi Brolo, a red wine that will fit perfectly with these pasta!

Book your table at +

The spring market organized by the city of #Colmar starts this thursday, April 4th, until April 22th!

Come and discover the city centre, the decorations and the sheds of the spring market!

During your journey, don't forget to make your taste buds happy! Enjoy an excellent meal at La Romantica Colmar and enjoy the pleasures of italian gastronomy!

Our restaurant is located in the historic centre, and will offer you a beautiful view of the events!

For more information:

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À La Romantica Colmar, nous vous accueillons 7 jours sur 7 !

Que ce soit le midi ou le soir, nous sommes toujours ouvert pour vous faire profiter des saveurs de l'Italie ! 🇮🇹

En salle, ou en terrasse dès que la météo le permet, notre équipe est toujours ravie de vous recevoir !
Nous sommes également toujours heureux de vous conseiller, que ce soit pour le choix d'un plat qui vous fera plaisir, ou d'une boisson pour l'accompagner ! 🍝🍾

Réservez votre table au et profitez d'un bon moment, nous nous occupons du reste !

The beautiful days are back, and when the sun comes out, it rhymes with good aperitifs with friends! 🥂

We offer you to enjoy a delicious Bianco Fizz Martini!

This original drink is made of white martini, lime, cane sugar and crémant!

Start your meal with this good drink!

Book your table at La Romantica Colmar at

[03/28/19]   Bonjour à l'équipe de Colmar Frais Distribution,

Nous tenions mes équipes et moi, par ce message, à vous transmettre nos remerciements les plus sincères pour la qualité de votre accueil durant les trois jours au salon Chr pro Expo Alsace Colmar 2019.

Nous avons particulièrement apprécié les rencontres avec des personnes passionnés des produits du terroirs et ceci témoigne une fois de plus de votre savoir-faire et de votre conscience professionnelle, qualités qui est toujours au rendez-vous dans votre entreprise.

Aussi tenons-nous à exprimer nos remerciements à tous les collaborateurs de Colmar Frais Distribution et à leurs partenaires Alba Glaces Mathieu Calligaro et notre plaisir à collaborer avec vous.

Soyez rassuré de notre fidélité.

L'équipe des Restaurants la Romantica et Filo Tempo

Sébastien Pierrez

To start this new season, we present you the unmissable spring beer!

This year, we offer you the spring cuvée of the Brasserie Grimbergen!

A rich and fruity beer, intense in aromas of apple and spices!

Beltin at the arrival of the beautiful days at La Romantica Colmar! 🍻

Book your table at +

At La Romantica Colmar we want each of your meals to be a unique experience!

Come and enjoy every day delicious dishes, cooked with passion, in an idyllic setting!

Our restaurant is located in the heart of the historic centre of #Colmar and offers you an amazing view of the famous place du Koïfhus!

Treat yourself to a wonderful gourmet parenthesis during your visit!

Book your table at +

For this first weekend of spring and the return of the beautiful days, this is the opportunity to treat yourself! ☀️

And what's better than a good champagne to accompany a good time? 🍾

Our champagne rosé Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte France will be perfect to start your meal!

See you at La Romantica Colmar and start this new season in beauty!

Book your table at +

Discover an authentic Italian pressure beer!

La Romantica Colmar offers you to taste the beer beer!

Refreshing and unique flavors, this beer will match perfectly with our good Italian dishes!

The Brewery Birrificio Angelo Poretti is based in the city of Valganna, a few kilometers from Milan, and offers its beers for more than 130 years!

We are proud to offer you this beer anchored in the Italian tradition for so many years!

Book your table at +

Our new suggestion has arrived for your greatest pleasure!

We offer you our delicious sliced veal with its cream sauce and accompanied by linguine!

Come and discover it in your restaurant La Romantica Colmar!

Book your table at +

Nous avons eu l'immense plaisir d'accueillir le Chef Norbert Tarayre à La Romantica Colmar !

Norbert était en visite à #Colmar dans le cadre de sa pièce de théâtre "C'est pas du tout ce que tu crois !" et a choisi notre restaurant pour son repas d'après spectacle !

Il a eu la gentillesse de prendre le temps de faire des photos avec notre équipe, qui était ravie et honorée de rencontrer cet illustre cuisinier !

Merci Norbert pour votre visite, votre bonne humeur ainsi que toutes nos félicitations à vous, vos partenaires de jeu, et toute l'équipe de cette belle pièce qui connait un immense succès !

Vous voulez que votre entreprise soit Restaurant la plus cotée à Colmar?

Cliquez ici pour réclamer votre Listage Commercial.

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