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CEFA Aviation develops innovative software and services for flight safety and pilot training. This page is particularly meant to share our #cefalife with you: everyday-life in the office and our latest activities as a team #employerbrand

CEFA Aviation is dedicated to making the sky safer by developing virtual reality software and services for flight safety and pilot training. The innovative solutions developed by its experts recreate flights with the highest accuracy, based on data from flight recorders, making the company the leader in flight data animation. With headquarters based in Alsace, France, this independent human-sized company counts among its 80 clients located on the 5 continents a majority of the largest airlines worldwide, from regional to long haul as well as cargo companies and aircraft investigation organizations. Founded in 2000 by Dominique Mineo, passionate about aviation, the key to its 17 years of long-lasting success lies in the thrive to innovate by listening to its clients and delivering a first class support in order to propose the best technology on the market – easy-to-use & state-of-the-art.

CEFA Aviation develops innovative software and services for flight safety and pilot training. This page is particularly meant to share our #cefalife with you: everyday-life in the office and our latest activities as a team #employerbrand

#Team Immediate #boarding for our #TeamBuilding! Let's go to #Paris 🗼 to reach for the sky at #ParisAirShow. Maïté brings the #croissants 🥐 with us! #CEFAlife #PAS2019 #EmployerBrand

#Team Embarquement immédiat pour notre sortie de groupe ! Direction Paris pour le salon du Bourget. Maïté apporte les croissants !

#AviationJobs Vous avez la fibre commerciale et les aspects techniques vous attirent ? Devenez notre chargé de mission technico-commercial ! Décollez pour de nouvelles aventure avec cette nouvelle création de poste. #recrutement #aeronautique #commercial

#Training completed, now let's all make the sky safer together! Congratulations on your diplomas for the CEFA FAS initial course, China Southern Airlines ! 👏 We hope you enjoyed your stay, thanks for the nice comments in the guest book! #ForASaferSky #FlightSafety

Cycling 🛴🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️is not only fun and good for the #environment🌍🌱, it is also good for the #health 💪! Our team members participate in the regional challenge "I go to the office with my bicycle!" this month. We also use scoots, train, bus and even an electric car! What about you, how do you go to the office every morning? #CEFAlife #sports #jyvaisavelo

#Innovation Did you know? CEFA AMS is mentioned in All Nippon Airways Group Corporate Strategy 2018-2020! One of this strategy's 3 pillars is to "utilize open innovation and information and communications technology (ICT) to contribute to a super-smart society by improving the competitiveness of our products and promoting work-style reform." This Super-Smart society, the Society 5.0, "solves social issues through services tailored to each individual through innovative technologies." CEFA AMS was implemented in a project called "Furikaeri" and is mentioned in the chapter "How [ANA] Ensures Safety and Develops Stellar People": "With an evolving aviation industry and diverse work-styles among pilots, the ANA Group is aware of the need for an environment that supports ongoing skills development for pilots. This environment must include (...) the use of data to be effective & sustainable. The post-flight review video application (...) fosters a culture of communication among pilots in a new format, helping the ANA Group become even more unified behind safe flight operations."
https://www.ana.co.jp/group/en/investors/irdata/annual/pdf/18/18_E_05.pdf (page 46)
#IoT #BigData #SuperSmartSociety #Safety #corporate #strategy #CultureChange #PilotTraining #FlightDebrief

#Welcome aboard our #ForASaferSky crew, El Canah! 🙌 New day, new week, new month and new face in the R&D team! We wish you a beautiful career in our crew, as sunny as today, to make the sky safer together! In order to remain innovative and constantly enhance our #software and mobile services with the newest trends and more and more user-friendly functionalities, CEFA Aviation invests more than 40% of its turnover in R&D. El Canah is fond of mathematics, which fits perfect into his job specialization: 3D development! Working with us: https://lnkd.in/gMkSBH5
#engineer #EmployerBrand #NewColleague #TeamSpirit #CEFAlife #AviationJob #ILoveMyJob #development

#WEBINAR Thanks a lot to all the participants who were so numerous to attend our 1st webinar yesterday! 🙌🙏 Did you miss it? No worry, we will set a date for a 2nd session, keep your eyes peeled! https://www.cefa-aviation.com/company/news/
#PilotTraining #FlightDebrief #FlightDataAnimation #innovation

#WEBINAR Behind the scenes: all set to begin in 5 mn! with Dominique Mineo and Capt. Pierre Wannaz #PilotTraining https://lnkd.in/gJxW-iM

#WEBINAR Forgot to register? 😮Last chance! Less than 2 hours left, get the very last seats to discover 3 concrete examples of how #PilotTraining, #CrewDebriefing and life-long #learning can definitely change! #innovation https://lnkd.in/gJxW-iM

#WEBINAR Enter our waiting room to read all about tomorrow's schedule, the webinar's objectives 👨‍💻👩‍💻 and a bio of the presenters Dominique Mineo and Captain Pierre Wannaz! https://account-panel.clickmeeting.com/2123544#agenda #PilotTraining #innovation

#WEBINAR Few seats left, take 30 minutes next Tuesday 28 May at 9 AM UTC to get to know 3 concrete ways about how to enhance pilot training and flight debrief with the latest technology! https://lnkd.in/gJxW-iM
#PilotTraining #ForASaferSky Dominique Mineo and Pierre Wannaz will be here for you!

#NoSpoiler Why do we mention Game of Thrones #GOT during our training for #FlightDataAnimation? No, this has nothing to do with the sky being safer with or without #dragons... 🦖😉 You'll find out when you come and get our CEFA FAS initial course too! Register! #ForASaferSky

Did you know that our #FlightDataAnimation #software CEFA FAS is also used by #MRO maintenance teams to better understand incidents during flights, like aborted take-offs and tail strikes? 👨‍💻✈️ It is the case of our client China Southern Airlines who is using CEFA FAS on a daily basis for its more than 610 aircraft fleet (all types of Airbus, The Boeing Company & Embraer), currently at our headquarters to deepen their knowledge of all functionalities. Welcome to #Colmar! #AviationTraining


您是否知道我们的#飞行数据动画 #软件 CEFA FAS👨‍💻✈️也用于维修团队#MRO 用于更好地了解飞行期间的事件,例如中止的起飞和擦机尾等等? 我们的客户中国南方航空公司每天都在使用CEFA FAS,其610多架飞机机队(空客,波音和巴航的各类飞机),目前在我们的总部,以加深他们对所有功能的了解。 欢迎来到科尔马!#航空培训

#CATES2019 CEFA Aviation's team from West 🇧🇪... to East 🇨🇳!
Pierre Wannaz, Xavier Colognac and Jiming He are happy to welcome you for the 1st day of conference in Shanghai! Our stand is full, come to get a demo of CEFA AMS allowing pilots to replay their flights on their tablet right after landing! #PilotTraining #ForASaferSky

#CATES2019 🇨🇳 Pierre,Xavier和 Jiming很高兴欢迎您参加第一天的会议! 我们的展位很受欢迎,请光临我们的展位以观看CEFA AMS演示,让飞行员在降落后即时在平板电脑上回看他们的航班!#飞行员训练 #为了更安全的天空


Last day at EASA - European Aviation Safety Agency's conference SAFE (Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe): still some opportunities to meet the team after the 6-year contract for CEFA AMS was signed with Ryanair. Dominique MINEO, CEO and founder, Carlos Ricarte, R&D director and Bertrand de Courville, Senior Advisor for Safety remain at your disposal. #ForASaferSky #FlightSafety #FlightDataAnimation

Ryanair chooses CEFA AMS! 🤝 Europe’s No. 1 airline becomes the 1st company in Europe to introduce the breakthrough innovation developed by CEFA Aviation, the only app in the world allowing pilots to replay their flights on their tablet after landing. 👨‍✈️👩‍✈️ 🛬
#FlightAnimation #PilotTraining #PilotDebrief #ForASaferSky

#CATES2019 One day left before CATES opens in Shanghai! Stand E07 all waiting for you, catch a glimpse of it! 👀 #PilotTraining #China #ForASaferSky

#WATS2019 A conference we really found extremely interesting by Eamonn Powers: Presentation of a research currently being done on how important “informal learning” is in a pilot’s career, then finding a way to objectify experience, map it and measure it. Unexpected and unplanned events & everything that happens outside the class is experiential learning as opposed to formal training, accounting for 80% of pilots' skills, enhancing flight safety day by day. Building a community of shared practices to utilize life & line experience is a great idea. We aim at bringing our contribution to strengthen this type of learning…
#Experience #Skills #LineTraining #Learning #FlightSafety #PilotTraining #ForASaferSky

#WEBINAR Book you seat now to our 1st webinar👩‍💻👨‍💻! Let’s have a look together with Dominique Mineo, CEO and founder, and Captain Pierre Wannaz, Senior Advisor, at 3 concrete examples to inspire you about how to enhance flight debrief, thus pilot training, and save money at the same time, with an innovative tool based on flight animation at your fingertips! Save the date: 28 May 2019 at 11 AM (UTC+2)! #PilotTraining #innovation #ForASaferSky

#CATES2019 After North America, let's move on to another continent! For all our clients and #airlines in #Asia interested in offering pilots a brand new tool for self-learning and objective debriefing, come & meet us at CATES (China Aviation Training & Education Summit) on May 15-16, 2019 in Shanghai stand E07! Speakers now announced. #PilotTraining #FlightAnimation #ForASaferSky

#WATS2019 Thanks a lot for visiting us and many thanks to the organizers for a great conference, Halldale Media Group ! Have you already had a TCAS and wanted to understand it better? Have you once needed to debrief with your copilot on a near-incident based on facts? Wanted to replay some difficult airport approaches? If you did not have the chance to come to our stand, request a demo: https://bit.ly/2GIYAGV
#PilotTraining #FlightDebrief #FlightAnimation

#WATS2019 With the opening of the World Aviation Training Summit, flight safety & pilot training are more than ever on everybody’s lips. In Captain Pierre Wannaz blog "A pilot's view"👁✈️, let's have a look at new ideas and discuss openly about how flight data animation can be brought to its full potential #ForASaferSky #FlightDataAnimation #PilotTraining #PilotDebriefing #LifeLongLearning #APilotsView

#WATS2019 Stand all set, looking forward to seeing you! From today until May 2nd, now is the time to get a demo of the only app allowing pilots to replay their flight right after landing on their tablets #ForASaferSky, CEFA AMS ! Wishing a great show to everybody! #PilotTraining

#WATS2019 Work in progress... Among the flight cases & installation crews, here's a sneak peek 👀 before the curtain rises above our stand 210 at the world's largest pilot training event in #Orlando. You can't miss us, we're right in front The Boeing Company!

#WATS2019 Surely, you must have heard of the world-1st app allowing pilots👩‍✈️👨‍✈️ to replay their flights ✈️ on their tablet after landing: CEFA AMS. Now experience this mobile service for real, animating flight data at your fingertips! Get a demo on our stand #210 in Orlando, Florida 👁️👂. Have you already seen it? Come & discover the latest version, we constantly enhance our services with new features! #aviationtraining #pilottraining #pilots #innovation #app

What can the just culture and a reporting culture combined with flight data animation in airlines bring to flight safety? How to cope with the "iceberg" of events? Share & comment Pierre Wannaz new blog article in "A pilot's view" 👁✈️!
#Perception #APilotsView #ForASaferSky

Happy Easter with these eggs 🥚- no, these chocolate planes ✈️🍫 for #avgeeks! Did you know that during the Antiquity, Egyptians, Persians and Romans were already offering eggs to each other at this period of the year, as a symbol of life, fertility and renewal 🌱? In the18th century, with the new passion for chocolate, the idea came to fill the eggs with chocolate. The next century, they were molded. French people eat more than 13 000 tons of chocolate at Easter!
>> What about you, did you receive original Easter chocolates? Hsare them in the comments! Or did you go and get them to some places in particular, by plane?

From now on, the✈️#aviation world relies on 9 more experts in #FlightDataAnimation! Congratulations 👏to the participants from China Eastern Airlines, Vietnam Airlines& TAP Air Portugal of last #CEFAFAS training, all successful! #ForASaferSky
As a reward, we had the 🥨Alsatian traditional dish together, #choucroute - and some of us, frog legs! Do you also like to eat traditional dishes?
Wishing to become an expert in #FlightSafety too? Register!
https://lnkd.in/eF3HqhX #aviationtraining

With the recent major air incidents & #accidents, it is time to discuss openly again about the need to strengthen pilots' #resilience. What is it exactly? Can it be trained in simulators only? Coping with the startle effect and enhancing situational awareness in the cockpit are not the only ways to enhance flight safety, but it can greatly contribute to it. Let's comment Pierre Wannaz blog article #APilotsView! ✈️👁
#PilotTraining #improvement #experience #competences #confidence

So proud to be quoted in LARA's (Low Fare and Regional Airlines magazine 📰) report about "smart pilot training" and to be in line with the Flight Safety Foundation! Page 32.
#PilotTraining #SmartTraining #innovation #ForASaferSky

VietnamAirlines commercial Ads on TV [English version]

Flying to 64 destinations in 17 countries, Vietnam's flagship air carrier 🇻🇳✈️operates a modern fleet of about 100 aircraft including #A350-900 and #B787. A long-term client, using #CEFAFAS since 2008, the airline has chosen a golden lotus as logo. This #flower is often cited in the country's folk songs & poems. To the Vietnamese, lotus 🌸 is known as an exquisite flower, symbolizing purity, serenity, commitment & optimism of the future as it grows in muddy water & blooms above the surface with beauty.
#FlightSafety #AviationTraining #FlightAnimation #ForASaferSky #ClientsFirst #logo #symbol

Experience Vietnam's beautiful culture with Vietnam Airlines Trải nghiệm vẻ đẹp non sông Việt Nam cùng Vietnam Airlines Mời bạn ghé thăm website chính thức c...

TAP Air Portugal: 2018 a year of achievements

Portugal's 🇵🇹 flag carrier TAP Air Portugal, whose flight data analysts are today with us, is the1st airline in the world flying the new #A330neo and its 1st #A321LR arrived last week! The Star Alliance member operates on average 2,500 flights a week to more than 85 destinations in over 30 countries worldwide with a fleet of about 100 planes.
#FlightSafety #AviationTraining #FlightAnimation #ForASaferSky #ClientsFirst

2018 marked a new era for TAP. An era with an improved fleet, with new destinations to explore and a better flight experience for everyone. And this is just ...

China Eastern Promo Video

Currently in Colmar to get trained on our #CEFAFAS software 👨‍💻👩‍💻, our client China Eastern Airlines, the headquarters of which are located in #Shanghai, like our new office in #China! Did you know that this #airline is in the TOP3 in this country with a fleet of more than 600 #aircraft - recently including #A350, operating over 100 million passengers globally to more than 1050 destinations in 177 countries with its network? Welcome, huānyíng!
#FlightSafety #AviationTraining #FlightAnimation #ForASaferSky

After the numerous comments on Captain Pierre Wannaz 👮‍♂️ 1st blog article in "a pilot's view"✈️👁, discover the 2nd part: Analyzing a tragic accident under the Safety-II approach & drawing some lessons learned. Let's continue the discussion to move things forward #ForASaferSky!
#PilotTraining #LineTraining #SafetyII #SwissCheese #CRM #investigation #FlightDebriefing #CockpitAutomation #incident #accident #prevention

Back to school! Our classroom is all set for tomorrow. It will welcome 9 people responsible for #FlightSafety coming from #China 🇨🇳, #Portugal 🇵🇹 and #Vietnam 🇻🇳 to master our #FightDataAnimation software #CEFAFAS allowing to visualize flights based on the data from the flight recorders. Guess which airlines will come out of our clients' list: https://lnkd.in/gdPZs_2 ! Our training also gives the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of #Colmar with its traditional colorful half-timbered houses.
#AviationTraining #FlightSafety #ForASaferSky #FlightData #FlightAnimation #pilots #VisitAlsace #Alsace


Bing Maps

#China 🇨🇳How to come to our new office in #Shanghai? The nearest subway stations 🚇are Yili Road Station line 10 & Loushanguan Road station line 2.
#CEFAlife #NewOffice


bing.com Map multiple locations, get transit/walking/driving directions, view live traffic conditions, plan trips, view satellite, aerial and street side imagery. Do more with Bing Maps.

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Register to our next training session in Los Angeles at USC!
CEFAnniversaire / CEFA Aviation 18th birthday!
#APATS 2018: about the necessity to implement a “human-in-system” safety protection
#APATS2018: follow us to find our stand!
B2Run: 2e entraînement / 2nd running session
#WATS2018 Stand 408: make yourself comfortable!
Voyage au-dessus des nuages dans un cockpit SWISS
CEFA Aviation at #IASS2017
IASS 2017: sneak preview!



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