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Dear Sir, We are setting up "Industry Resource Center" (BKIT + Trade Hose) (FRANCE 0 KM Platform) for capturing upcoming business opportunities due to infrastructure development under CPEC, covering: i. Professional services BKIT (Banks/Investment companies, Knowledge shop - R&D org/Universities, ICT/IT Co, Training) under one roof for 7 potential sectors in particular for SME's by taking relevant organizations on board. ii. Networking with overseas Pakistanis for association; as professionals and investors (partner or collaborators). iii. Trade house by taking 7 potential sectors FRANCE based equipment manufacturers on board as collaborators or partners. The presentation with video description at link below is attached. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEEbdzs-dNY Looking forward to hear from your side. Cell/Whatsapp: 0092-300-8461297 Email: [email protected]
N'oubliez pas de passer nous voir pour une démo de notre innovation CEFA AMS ! #FormationDesPilotes don't forget to come & see us to get a demo of our CEFA AMS innovation! #PilotTraining
Chère CEFA AVIATION Team! Je vous souhaite un merveilleux Dubai Air Show et me réjouis d'avance de l'impact de votre présence aux UAE / Amitiés / Didier WOLFF

CEFA Aviation develops innovative software and services for flight safety and pilot training. This page is particularly meant to share our #cefalife with you: everyday-life in the office and our latest activities as a team #employerbrand

CEFA Aviation is dedicated to making the sky safer by developing virtual reality software and services for flight safety and pilot training. The innovative solutions developed by its experts recreate flights with the highest accuracy, based on data from flight recorders, making the company the leader in flight data animation. With headquarters based in Alsace, France, this independent human-sized company counts among its 90 clients located on the 5 continents a majority of the largest airlines worldwide, from regional to long haul as well as cargo companies and aircraft investigation organizations. Founded in 2000 by Dominique Mineo, passionate about aviation, the key to its 17 years of long-lasting success lies in the thrive to innovate by listening to its clients and delivering a first class support in order to propose the best technology on the market – easy-to-use & state-of-the-art.

CEFA Aviation develops innovative software and services for flight safety and pilot training. This page is particularly meant to share our #cefalife with you: everyday-life in the office and our latest activities as a team #employerbrand

Mission: CEFA Aviation makes the sky safer with flight data animation. Better analyzing flights - based on real-life data - enables to understand all events happening during flights, and thus train better pilots. #ForASaferSky #PilotTraining

"Today, QARs tool are not only there to detect FDM events, they are pilot training aids,” explained Captain Bertrand de Courville in his conference at the #IASS2019 in Taipei. This is made possible thanks to instant flight data animation, which brings a solution to every pilot, with a new tool enhancing aviation training and safety.
#ForASaferSky #FlightSafety #pilottraining

Qatar Airways, new client of CEFA Aviation! 🤝The safety department of the renowned flag carrier 🇶🇦 will animate the data of its 250 aircraft quickly and easily thanks to the CEFA FAS software.✈️ https://bit.ly/2NgLIeh

How to break FDM barriers? This year at the #IASS2019, go & listen to Bertrand de Courville's conference with a 👮‍♀️👮‍♂️pilot's perspective on the subject - on 6 Nov. 2019 at 10:55AM! #ForASaferSky

#EATS2019 Come & get a demo of #CEFAAMS ✈️👮‍♂️at stand #409! The 18th European Airline Training Symposium taking place in Berlin welcomes this year more than 750 attendees! #PilotTraining

Evidence Based Training (#EBT) and #FlightDataAnimation: How can it be linked? Discover Pierre's proposals for the opening day of #EATS2019 in his new blog article, "A pilot's view"​👁✈️! Let’s discuss this together during the summit or in the comments!
#FlightData #FlightSafety #PilotTraining

Today, Captain Pierre Wannaz comes back to the concept that he calls "Digital Age Debriefing 2.0". Discover additional information in the related article he updated from his blog "A pilot's view". A subject to discuss before or during #EATS2019!
#PilotTraning #ForASaferSky

Pegasus Airlines becomes a new client of CEFA Aviation! The leading Turkish low-cost airline now uses the high-end software CEFA FAS ✈️👨‍💻to strengthen flight safety by visualizing the data issued from the flights.
#ForASaferSky #PilotTraining

Is there a pilot onboard the plane? Captain Pierre 👮‍♂️exposes his personnal comments on an article about the pros and cons of single-pilot aircraft in his blog #APilotsView ✈️👁. Ever thought of the consequences for #PilotTraining? Let's discuss the topic further at #EATS2019! #ForASaferSky #SinglePilot #aircraft https://bit.ly/35uvF3H

Only 2 weeks left before #EATS2019 by Halldale Media Group! Get a demo of the 1st tool to replay flights on tablets 🛬 an meet us stand #409! #PilotTraining #ForASaferSky

Congratulations for their success to the September participants of the CEFA FAS training session which took place in Colmar! Additional sessions are available, check the dates! #AviationTraining #software #ForASaferSky #FlightSafety

Développeurs logiciel: montez à bord de CEFA Aviation ! Embarquement immédiat avec une équipe dynamique et à taille humaine, dans le domaine fascinant de l'aéronautique, au cœur de l'Alsace ! #développeur #jobs #carrière #emploi #Alsace


aéronautique. CEFA Aviation veut un ciel plus sûr

CEFA Aviation innove… et recrute ! Pour mieux nous connaître et avoir un aperçu de nos actions, lisez cet article qui vient de paraître dans les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace - DNA et Journal L'Alsace – et venez déployer vos ailes au sein de notre équipe R&D !
#AviationJobs #jobs #emploi #carrière #Alsace

dna.fr L’application s’appelle CEFA AMS (Aviation mobile service). Une fois leur avion posé, les pilotes peuvent visionner leur vol sur leur tablette grâce, ...

Don't miss the last dates of the year📅 2019 for our CEFA FAS training sessions and get the certificate! You are a few clicks away of becoming an expert in flight data animation this October in beautiful Colmar... #FlightSafety #ForASaferSky #AviationTraining

[09/16/19]   Vous participez à toutes les phases du développement de nos solutions d’animation de données de vol :
Analyse et conception
Mise au point : tests, corrections
Maintenance et évolutions

En mettant en œuvre différentes technologies :
Framework .NET (ASP.NET / C# / Xamarin)
Web Services (API REST)
Base de données MS SQL Server
Cloud (AWS / Azure)

Pour ce poste, basé en Alsace, à Colmar ou à Strasbourg, nous recherchons des candidats issus d’une formation Bac+5 (Ecole d’Ingénieur/Master). Au-delà de l’expérience, c’est votre intérêt pour les nouvelles technologies, votre passion pour l’informatique et votre capacité à amener des solutions qui retiendront notre attention. Nous recherchons donc aussi bien de jeunes diplômés que des candidats dotés de plusieurs années d’expérience.

Salaire: A partir de 35k brut/an + mutelle+intéressement
Convention collective SYNTEC


How to Develop Resilience? - Civil Aviation Training

How to train #resilience development for #pilots?👩‍✈️👨‍✈️ A must-read, very useful feature article! #PilotTraining

civilaviation.training How to Develop Resilience? Article - Civil Aviation Training

"Future Safety: Has the past become irrelevant?” Under this main theme, the #ISASI annual conference started on 1st September in The Hague, also celebrating 50 years. Remember to go to Capt. Bertrand de Courville’s conference tomorrow at 11 AM!
#ForASaferSky ”

Many thanks 👍👏to all the people who came in such large numbers to our stand at #APATS2019! Capt. Pierre Wannaz & Xavier Colognac really enjoyed showing you CEFA AMS and its new features! Missed this opportunity? Let's meet at #EATS2019 in Berlin and #IASS2019 in Taipei! Or just contact us: https://www.cefa-aviation.com/request-a-demo/
#PilotTraining #ForASaferSky #innovation #FlightDebrief #FlightAnimation

Digitalization in aviation: the 3rd article of Capt. Pierre Wannaz in his blog "A pilot's view"👨‍✈️👁, for the opening day of #APATS2019, proposes ways to improve pilots' performances through an optimization of EFBs. Let's discuss!
#EFB #PilotTraining #FlightSafety #digitalization

This Thursday, on Sept. 5 at 11 AM, we recommend that you don't miss the conference "Breaking Airlines FDM Barriers: A Pilot's Perspective" held by Bertrand de Courville during the ISASI annual conference in The Hague! #FlightSafety #ForASaferSky #investigation

Ready to welcome you at #APATS2019 with Pierre Wannaz and Xavier Colognac! Notice the new brochure to explain the ins and outs of our innovative tool CEFA AMS allowing pilots to replay their flights right after landing. Come by stand #404 or contact us for more info! #ForASaferSky
#PilotTraining #CEFAAMS


Children get lift to school on 96 second flight

Wishing good luck to everyone starting school this week! 96 seconds: Did you know that this is the world's shortest flight, taken by some children to get a lift to school!? #backtoschool #avgeeks 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫🎒🛫🛬🏫 https://lnkd.in/g34NwkG

telegraph.co.uk Children living on a remote Scottish island are getting a lift to school on what is said to be the world's shortest flight.

All Nippon Airways hails CEFA mobile app a gamechanger for aviation safety

"CEFA AMS gives opportunities of new communication within crews and between crew and instructors 👩‍✈️👨‍✈️ 🛬 just after their flight," said Hideo Morioka, All Nippon Airways. Tomorrow, get a demo of this innovative app by our VP Sales Xavier Colognac and our Senior Advisor Captain Pierre Wannaz in Singapore at #APATS2019! Read also more testimonials from our clients about our self-training service on our new webpage : https://bit.ly/2kmIaeS
#PilotTraining #FlightDebrief #FlightDataAnimation #ForASaferSky

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is a first adopter of CEFA's new Aviation Mobile Services system. Hideo Morioka, Safety Promotion Division, ANA said: “It will chang...

See you next week at #APATS2019 ! On Sept. 3-4 in Singapore, stand No. 404, a summit organized by Halldale Group. A great opportunity to test CEFA AMS live!
#PilotTraining #ForASaferSky

Airplane Pictures ✈ - Boeing 737 time lapse! ✈️

Very nice video! But this also testifies that such videos are not enough to analyze a flight after landing. Only flight data animation can show very detailed and accurate selected parts of flights, allowing to zoom in and showing all cockpit instruments & avionics in a clear way! Get the white paper about the benefits of flight animation: https://bit.ly/2LfSvTq
#FlightDataAnimation #ForASaferSky

Airplane Pictures: "Boeing 737 time lapse! https://t.co/cRgGduleAl"

Fin de stage pour Florent ! Il nous a rendu un grand service au sein de l'équipe R&D en travaillant sur les données des aéroports. 🛬🛫 Un grand merci Florent, et plein succès dans la poursuite de tes études à Toulouse ! Les croissants étaient très bons... 🥐☕️
#aviation #stage #aéronautique #informatique #croissants


Remembering Al Haynes, the pilot who guided United Flight 232 to its crash-landing at Sioux Gateway Airport

Today, we want to give tribute to Al Haynes who died at the age of 87. After suffering a catastrophic failure of the tail-mounted engine of its DC-10, he was the Captain who led United Flight 232 to land in Sioux City in July 1989, saving 184 of 296 passengers on board. After the crash, he dedicated his life #ForASaferSky, giving conferences on emergency preparedness. For him, 5 elements are crucial: luck, communication, preparation, execution and cooperation. #FlightSafety

ktiv.com The man who piloted United Airlines Flight 232 to a crash landing at Sioux Gateway Airport 30 years ago died Sunday in Seattle at the age of 87. Haynes had a big impact both in and out of the cockpit.

Save the dates!🗓️ Where to meet us in the 2nd semester 2019? Discover the next #events and #summits we attend in Europe and Asia🌏 in order to get your personal live #demo of #CEFAAMS and #CEFAFAS with our experts for #FlightSafety and #PilotTraining! 🛫👨‍✈️👩‍✈️

Big data for pilots: how to make it a real game changer in performance improvement? Captain Pierre Wannaz proposes a concrete way in an updated blog article “a pilot’s view”, based on case studies like short landings and take-off rotation rates.
#FlightData #BigData #Aviation #PilotTraining #Digitalization

Come & meet us ✈️🤝stand #404 in Singapore from 3rd to 4th September 2019! #APATS2019 #PilotTraining #FlightAnimation #innovation

We're less than 30 days away from the Asia Pacific Airline Training Summit! Have you registered to attend the largest and most influential aviation training event in the Asia Pacific Region?

Register today! https://buff.ly/2Iq6BSO

Evidence Based Training (EBT) is today on everyone’s lips. But is it used to its full potential, especially in line training? ✈️👩‍✈️👨‍✈️What about bringing it to an individual level? New blog article! Let's discuss: We need to be reactive to keep the sky safe and give accurate answers to the global pilot shortage!
#EBT #PilotTraining


Congratulations to our 2 #cargo clients using #CEFAFAS, for their code share! Japan Airlines and Kalitta Air, LLC ✈️

Kalitta is pleased to announce the start of its scheduled code share freighter service between Chicago and Tokyo with Japan Airlines!

“An important advantage of CEFA FAS is that it is very reactive and quick." NEW WEB PAGE!🖥️ Discover more #testimonials 📣 from our 80+ clients like this quote from Captain Gonzalez Curzio from Aeromexico on our website! #ClientsFirst #FlightDataAnimation #ForASaferSky #aviation

#NewClient Aloha! Everything is coming up roses for us…💐 Or let’s say Pualani, known as “the flower of the sky”! Adding a nice flower-logo to our clients’ list with Hawaiian Airlines, the flag carrier of Hawaii! The Honolulu-based 🏝company flying more than 50 aircraft to 30 destinations and with excellent safety records now makes the best out of our #FlightDataAnimation software CEFA FAS

#Training Are you a new FOQA/FDM team member? Do you want to deepen your knowledge in #FlightDataAnimation, to better master all the features of CEFA FAS to visualize flights? 👩‍💻👨‍💻✈️ Client or not client yet, register to one of our autumn 2019 training sessions 👩‍💼👨‍💼 in beautiful Colmar, we propose 3 sessions now! Also an opportunity to discover our beautiful Alsace region... #AviationTraining #VisitAlsace

#CEFAlife A meeting of a different kind today... Pizza party! 🍕🤤 What about you, do you organize sometimes lunches between colleagues at the office?

We make the sky safer, together with our 90+ clients

CEFA Aviation develops world-leading 3D animation software and services for flight safety and pilot training for the past 19 years.

This page is particularly meant to share our #CEFAlife with you: everyday-life in the office and our latest activities as a team. #employerbrand

To become the next talent to join our dynamic team, send us your CV - all job offers are published on this page! #AviationJobs

The innovative solutions developed by our experts recreate flights with high detail and accuracy based on data from aircraft flight recorders.

More than 90 major and regional airlines, cargo operators and investigative authorities on five continents are using the core software of the company, CEFA FAS (Flight Animation System) for pilot training and safety analysis.

At the Dubai Airshow in 2017, we launched a world premiere: a tool allowing pilots to replay their flights on their tablets right after landing, CEFA AMS (Aviation Mobile Services).

Translating flight data into precise visualization requires in-depth understanding of the complexity of aircraft systems and software engineering. CEFA Aviation has been a pioneer in easy-to-use flight data animation since Dominique Mineo founded the company in 2000. Its long-lasting success is attributable to a passion for aviation and innovation, listening to its clients, and delivering gold-standard support.

Our team is headquartered in the Alsace region of France, in Colmar.

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Airplane Pictures ✈ - Boeing 737 time lapse! ✈️
Register to our next training session in Los Angeles at USC!
CEFAnniversaire / CEFA Aviation 18th birthday!
#APATS 2018: about the necessity to implement a “human-in-system” safety protection
#APATS2018: follow us to find our stand!
B2Run: 2e entraînement / 2nd running session
#WATS2018 Stand 408: make yourself comfortable!
Voyage au-dessus des nuages dans un cockpit SWISS
CEFA Aviation at #IASS2017



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