At Advanced Beauty, you will not only feel the difference, moreover you will see the difference.

Treatments :

Capillary Treatment
Skin Pigmentation Treatment
Rosacea Treatment
IPL Treatment for Acne
Chemical Facial Peels
Mesoéclat Rejuvenation Treatment
Cosmelan Depigmentation
Vitamin C Infusion Treatment

You can be assured that Advanced Beauty uses only the most advanced, pharmaceutical strength cosmetics and modern techniques to restore and repair your skin’s optimal health. This advantage gives you the edge on providing the best possible treatments for maximum results. We customize all treatments to your individual skin type.

At Advanced Beauty, you will not only feel the difference, moreover you will see the difference.

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The skin around your eyes ages 36% faster than your face. Invest in a good eye cream and wear it faithfully.

Treat your skin to a luxurious and pampering facial treatment. You deserve it.

Do you know why you must wash your skin at night? To remove oil, bacteria and environmental debris to help repair and restore while you sleep.


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At Advanced Beauty, you will not only feel the difference, moreover you will see the difference.

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Myth: Chocolate causes breakouts.

Reality: "No food gives you acne," Acne is mostly due to heredity and hormones. Dairy and sugar, however, trigger an increase in insulin levels, which increases the amount of androgens (male hormones) in your system, says Dr. Rodan. These are the hormones that can cause the large, painful cysts that tend to cluster around the jawline.

Avoid the bad starchy and sugary foods, and to try to eat organic, hormone-free dairy. Accordingly, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in unhealthy carbs will help your body fight the effects of inflammation, one of which is acne.

There is good news: Chocolate does not appear to be linked to acne. But to be safe, stick to dark chocolate low in sugar and dairy content.

What goes on inside your body shows on the outside



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