EIKYU Apparel

EIKYU Apparel

EIKYU is a premium e-commerce apparel brand - Made in Japan.

EIKYU (www.eikyu-apparel.com) is a premium e-commerce apparel brand, made in Japan. EIKYU works with artisans in Japan to create apparel of real quality; supremely comfortable yet also durable- a must for everyday wear. The brand´s minimalistic yet elegant design, the quality of material, and the age-old artisan production all combine to create a truly unique garment that EIKYU´s customers love and cherish. EIKYU distributes its pieces primarily through its website and selected partner shops worldwide.


[01/27/16]   EIKYU is currently clearing out remaining inventory: use the voucher code "Facebook" to save 30% on your EIKYU order. Make sure not to miss out on the bargain for our socks too!


EIKYU´s black bamboo undershirt was featured in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung lifestyle magazine. Check it out!



Adler Altona

EIKYU is now available at Adler Altona, the progressive, luxury select shop for men in the heart of Hamburg.

More infos about Adler Altona here: http://www.adler-altona.de/

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adler-altona.de Altona Authentisch ist ein Foto-Projekt, in welchem wir Jungs aus unserem Stadtteil einladen, Teile der Kollektionen von ADLER Altona zu präsentieren. Den Anfang macht Yemi - er ist Streetworker in Altona und bietet Jugendlichen Hilfe und Unterstützung an.

EIKYU made it to Los Angeles. @thorstengohr with the white Bamboo briefs from our current Collection.

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One of EIKYU’s favorite bloggers, Stylnoxe by Matthias Cornilleau adds our cotton socks to his business ready Parisian outfit. You can get your own pair by visiting http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/ #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU likes how Kristian Korlevski pairs our just released v-neck bamboo undershirt with Boda Skins Luxury Leather leather jacket for an effortless look. Get your own by visiting http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/ #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU bamboo undershirt is unisex. Comfort everyone can enjoy. Shop by visiting http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/ #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU Chief Creative Hiro is gathering inspiration from Paris this weekend. What are your plans? #EIKYUinspiration #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU model casting. When wearing EIKYU, don’t forget to tag #EIKYUapparel for your chance to be featured. #tbt #MadeInJapan

Don’t let the holiday’s get the best of you. Allow EIKYU to help make your shopping easy with our fine undergarments. Shop by visiting http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/ #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU bamboo undershirts, now available for purchase. Shop by visiting http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/ #EIKYUapparel

We are excited to announce our bamboo undershirts #MadeInJapan are ready for purchase just in time for Christmas. Shop by visiting http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/ #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU’s #MCM goes to Kristian Korlevski, sporting our bamboo boxer briefs and just released undershirt. Tag #EIKYUapparel for your chance to be featured. #MadeInJapan

EIKYU bamboo undershirt. Arriving next week, http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/! #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU’s executive assistant in Tokyo, Makiko and Miloš Karadaglić in Tokyo as he received his first product. We are happy to hear Milo thinks our product is, “truly amazing!” #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU is counting down the days until our bamboo undershirts are available. Starting next week you can shop by visiting http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/ #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU likes how blogger Stylnoxe by Matthias Cornilleaue incorporates our cotton socks in his holiday appropriate outfit. Tag your outfit, #EIKYUapparel for you chance to be featured. #MadeinJapan

EIKYU #MCM goes to Steven Lettnin again for showing us how he casually wears our bamboo boxer briefs during test photo-shoots. #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU throwback to German Elit Model Thorsten Gohr wearing our bamboo boxer briefs. Shop: http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/collection/ #tbt #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU Chief Creative finds inspiration from clean minimalism found on the streets of Tokyo. #EIKYUinspiration #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU would like to announce our bamboo shirts will be available for purchase starting December 13th. Just in time for Christmas arrival! #EIKYUapparel

Happy 1st of December from EIKYU! There are only a few days left before Christmas, remember you can shop our products online: http://www.eikyu-apparel.com/ #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU wants to know, what’s your favorite holiday getaway? #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU throwback to German Elit Model Thorsten Gohr wearing our bamboo boxer briefs. Shop: http://bit.ly/1sd99p6 #tbt #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU Chief Creative Hiro mixes Parisian culture with Japanese heritage for our products. What’s your favorite city for inspiration outside of your home country? #EIKYUinspiration

EIKYU is counting down the days until our bamboo v-neck shirt is available. Shop: http://bit.ly/eikyuapparel #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU would like to thank, Gala.de for featuring us in their November issue. #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU #MCM this week goes to @StevenLettnin, sporting our bamboo boxer briefs. Tag #EIKYUapparel for your chance to be featured. #MadeInJapan Shop: http://bit.ly/1sd99p6

EIKYU is planning for a busy week ahead. What are you most excited for? #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU wishes you all a great Friday! What’re your weekend plans? #EIKYUapparel

EIKYU in Osaka from our Chief Creative Hiro’s photo archive. #EIKYUinspiration

EIKYU is preparing for the holiday’s. Leave a comment for your friends if you’d like to receive EIKYU as a gift.

EIKYU. Forever endowed to our customers. http://bit.ly/eikyuapparel

Each EIKYU v-neck shirt is made from fine bamboo specially woven in Japan from artisan techniques. http://bit.ly/eikyuapparel

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