Swingspiration, Kreuzberg Video November 1, 2019, 9:09am

Videos by Swingspiration in Kreuzberg. Swingspiration, die Tanzschule für Lindy Hop, Charleston und Blues in Berlin! Komm und Swing!

Recap vs Louis

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Ana & Samu doing the Shim Sham
If Ana or Samu ElMisterio is teaching a Shim Sham class, you can be sure, it won't be ordinary and things will be spiced up! Our real life classes are filling up and we already have some waiting lists. 🚨 CLASSES WITH OPEN SPOTS 🚨 ⚠️ REGISTRATION CLOSES ON SATURDAY ⚠️ ⭐️ MONDAYS w/ Elle ⭐️ 19:30 Solo Blues Beg/Int - Int 21:00 Solo Jazz Adv ⭐️ TUESDAYS w/ Samu ElMisterio ⭐️ 19:30 Shim Sham With Cool Variations 21:00 Rhythm & Soul ⭐️ WEDNESDAYS w/ Samu ElMisterio ⭐️ 18:00 Leaders Training (Body Work & Styling) Class descriptions and registration via www.Swingspiration.com We are sooo looking forward to have you in classes again!

We‘re in preparation mode and back with analog classes soon!! Stay tuned for more info, sweet dancing folks.

Ana & Samu short Tranky Doo clip
Ana & Samu ElMisterio giving a short glance at the classic Tranky Doo routine they're gonna teach you this weekend! Join them: Fri Feb 14th Musical Theory & Practice at Lindy Lab Fridays www.facebook.com/events/2587899441431562/ Sat & Sun Feb 15th & 16th GET YOUR BLUES ON! for Int/Adv Bluesies www.facebook.com/events/2602376853421042/ Tranky Doo Workshop www.facebook.com/events/534835013793202/

Ana & Samu doing their thang @ Swingspiration
Ana & Samu ElMisterio doing their thang at Swingspiration last night. Looking forward to see you at the Lindy Lab Fridays class with this week's topic: MUSICAL THEORY & PRACTICE. This is a must-have topic for every dancer! ATTENTION: It's happening at 19:00 - 21:00 this Friday! www.facebook.com/events/2587899441431562/

Samu & Duc teaching the "Power Rangers" level
Samu ElMisterio & Duc teaching "supercool sh*t" at the "Power Rangers" level together for the first time at Swingspiration. 🤣

Recap vs Louis 1:0

We have a waiting list for followers in our Musicality class tonight and the next 3 Mondays at 18:00. LEADERS, who plan to join in: please REGISTER ASAP, so we can make those desperate followers happy! 4 sessions of mind opening ideas about music and dance for 40€ or include this in your All-You-Can-Dance pass from only 65€/month! Ana & Samu ElMisterio will play the right songs for you. Promised! 🤣 Register at www.Swingspiration.com/registration

So Ana is actually sick since yesternight, but she's so pumped to teach you some awesome new Solo Jazz material tonight and therefore will rock all classes for you! Join this power house today (Thursday): 🤜 18:00 Int+ (leaders & couples) 🤜 19:05 Int (followers & couples) 🤜 21:15 Solo Jazz Adv drop-in 💵 Single class 12EUR 💸 4 sessions 40EUR 🔥 All-You-Can-Dance from only 65EUR/month www.Swingspiration.com // 01577 1567851

Swingin' the Kiez
Ana & Samu ElMisterio having some fun Swingin in the streets of Berlin and showing you some material of the Beg/Int level for this week. Join our Beg/Int level: • Mondays 21:15 (space for leaders & couples) • Tuesdays 19:05 (just a few spots left) • Wednesdays 18:00 (space for leaders & couples) • Sundays 18:05 (space for leaders & couples) Single class 12EUR 4er ticket 40EUR All-You-Can-Dance from only 65EUR/month www.Swingspiration.com // 015771567851

Blues in the Kiez
Ana & Samu ElMisterio dancing and dreaming the Blues in the streets. If you also feel bluesy, then you can still join their Blues Beg/Int class Wednesday 20:10! 3 sessions 30EUR // All-You-Can-Dance rate from only 65EUR/month Register: www.Swingspiration.com/registration or 015771567851

⭐️ L E A D E R S W A N T E D ⭐️ MONDAYS 18:00 Lindy Styling (from Int) 19:05 Fast Swing (from Int/Adv) You can still join in. There is space for couples, too! 3 sessions 30€ All-You-Can-Dance from only 65€/month Please, contact us ASAP!! www.swingspiration.com

Night time is the right time for some cozy blues with your dance partner! Watch Ana & Samu taking things slow at the end of the day or better: join them. Register at www.swingspiration.com

A perfect class is like a perfect meal with the right amount of different fine ingredients that you can spice up the way you like. Here is an example of that class with Ana, which included ... ... a good amount of moves different in feels, shapes, complexity and rhythms ... fundamental techniques and quality of movements addressed ... development for musicality and sense for artistic freedom What a yummy dish all done in only an hour and aimed for Beginners and up! ________________ Solo Jazz Beginners Tuesdays 18:00 Solo Jazz Advanced from Sep Thursdays 21:15 www.swingspiration.com

FREAKIN‘ SWIVELS YESSSS!! If you ever dreamed of those hips twisting deep swivels, then join Ana‘s Swivels class today at 19:05 and stay for the Solo Blues afterwards! And again we have SPACE FOR FOLLOWERS in our Swing Beg/Int class with Samu (Tiembla ElMisterio) at 18:00! Single class 12€ 4er ticket 40€ All-You-Can-Dance from only 65€/month Registration: www.swingspiration.com or 01577 15 678 51 PS: Snippet from the "Jammin' the Blues" clip. One of the grooooviest Swing Dance clip EVER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88PwJX5gyxU

Next stop: Jazz station! Ana pulling off some slick Jazz moves at U Bahnhof Südstern to express her joy for this dance. Join her in the Solo Jazz Beginners drop-in today and every Tuesday at 18:00! We also still have FOLLOWER SPOTS in our Swing Beg/Int class at 19:05! Single class 12€ 4er ticket 40€ All-You-Can-Dance from only 65€ per month Registration: www.swingspiration.com or 01577 15 678 51

We challenged our students to do one handed swing outs yesternight and ended up challenging ourselves with overrated one handed swing outs. Well, yeah, see the results... 🤣 Are you challenging yourself enough to push your boundaries? #EmbraceTheFailure

We did the Frog Jump last week and wanna continue with more jumps including the flying swing out! If you wanna learn to do safe jumps and lifts, then join our Swing Int+ class today at 19:05 by contacting us!


Just another cake lesson yesternight due to Tabea’s birthday! Happy birthday to you, Tabea!! 🎂 👸🏻❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thanks to our baking loving students!! 👌👍🙏👩‍🍳 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #swingandcake #birthdayprincess #ilikepieilikecake #happybirthday #thebeststudentsever #swingspiration

The students in our Swing Advanced class have a new tradition: every week somebody bakes a cake for the whole class. 🥧😍 No idea, how they came up with this, but there already is a long queue for who is going to bake next! 😂 Yesternight it was a Ricardo’s turn. Many thanks Ricardo! 😘 #beststudentsever #ilikepieilikecake #swingdancerslife #swingspiration

Hardworking dance bees practicing Lindy, 20s Charleston, Balboa and Solo Jazz. 🐝💃🏽🕺🏿 Join our Free Swing Practice every Saturday 15:00-17:00. Have a nice weekend everyone! #practicepracticepractice #lindyhop #charleston #balboa #solojazz #swingspiration

Shortcase Competition 2018 - Baran & Michele
Higher quality video here: http://bit.ly/2BreD63 Shortcase Competition performance at our New Year's Ball at Radialsystem V by Baran Oelzap & Michele Cerioni Thanks to everyone! Mamas and papas, be proud of your sons & daughters! :D For more info about awesome events and classes check out: www.Swingspiration.com

Shortcase Competition 2018 - Rose & Tabea
Higher quality video here: http://bit.ly/2GbvHRf Shortcase Competition performance at our New Year's Ball at Radialsystem V by Rose Reinhold & Tabea Naujoks Thanks to everyone! Mamas and papas, be proud of your sons & daughters! :D For more info about awesome events and classes check out: www.Swingspiration.com

Shortcase Competition 2018 - Christin & Clément
Higher quality video here: http://bit.ly/2rDq4YS Shortcase Competition performance at our New Year's Ball at Radialsystem V by Christin Kögel & Clément Madeline Thanks to everyone! Mamas and papas, be proud of your sons & daughters! :D For more info about awesome events and classes check out: www.Swingspiration.com

Full house at our Free Swing Practice and everyone’s training so passionately! 😍 The floor is yours every Saturday 15:00-17:00. Yes, also if you’re not a student of us. Everybody’s welcome. The more the merrier!

Laura Glaess on Why Solo Jazz is important for you!
We at Swingspiration can't emphasise often enough, how important Solo Jazz is for you and all your partner dance styles! It improves your body awareness, rhythm, musicality and creativity making you a more confident dancer with an own voice. Super star Lindy Hopper & Solo Jazz dancer Laura Glaess gives you her opinion about why Solo Dancing is important for you in the video below. In case you get itchy in your feet, join our Solo Jazz 8 weeks block for Beginners with our amazing Lana today at 19:05! Register online to reserve your spot: www.Swingspiration.com/registration Full video: http://bit.ly/2yMhhGF #SoloJazzzz #SoloJazzMakesYouBeautiful #Swingspiration

😻 Solo Jazz time at Swingspiration 😻
😻 Solo Jazz time at Swingspiration tonight, cool cats 😻 Let's sweat a lil' bit in our cold season by dancing this amazing routine by Adam & Joshua! Join our drop-in class at 20:10 downstairs, everyone. 👉Also, we have Follower spots in our Swing Int+ class at 18:00. 🚕You can #TaxiDance for free as Swingspiration students, otherwise only 5EUR. First come, first served. So contact us, please. :)

Al Minns doing the Camel Walk
Join our Solo Jazz Beginners class tonight at 18:00! First we're gonna learn some basic steps (incl. the camel walk) and then will create a routine on our own. Drop-in for a single class or save some money and take a whole block course/All-You-Can-Dance offer. #SoloJazzzz #CamelWalk #TheOneAndOnlyAlMinns #Swingspiration

Solo Jazz with Lana @Swingspiration
Our wonderful Lana is teaching the Balboa Beg/Int class and the Solo Jazz Int/Adv class tonight at 20:10! 😍 At the moment we have open spots in following Thursday classes: • 18:00 Swing Int/Adv (followers & couples) • 19:05 Balboa Beg/Int (leaders & couples) • 19:05 Swing Int (leaders & couples) • 20:10 & 21:15 Swing Beg/Int (couples) 👍 Join us for single classes of 12EUR, a whole course block of 40EUR or take as many classes as you want with the All-You-Can-Dance rate from only 65EUR! 🤑 😋 More info at www.swingspiration.com See full video here: http://bit.ly/2yvu9Nt

The Blues Monkeys @Balboa am Badesee September 2017
Beginning of September we were invited to "Balboa am Badesee", a lovely lovely Balboa workshop right at the beautiful Kleiner Wukensee in Biesenthal. The workshop's tradition is to have all attendees learning a Solo routine during the weekend in order to perform it in the end. This time Eva & Duc decided to choreograph a Blues routine and here is finally the video. Many thanks to everyone joining us! Less bad quality here: youtu.be/_MPkhcBERWA Video: Photo Duke

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