Hello 🙂 I’m looking for a leader to sign up for an int/adv course from September onwards!!
Welche version von Hamptons Flying home haben wir denn gestern gehört? Ich finde alle möglichen, nur nicht diese.
After the workshop yesterday I couldn't find my beloved hat. If you have seen it, could you pleaase put it somewhere safe, as I will not make it to Swingspiration before next Thursday - Thank you! 💕
We truly love you guys for donating to our Berlin-Palestine swing exchange festival! Thank you!!!! We can't wait to meet you all in Berlin. Peace and love to the global swing dancing community :) https://www.gofundme.com/berlin-palestine-swing-exchange
Two worldly pleasures that everyone knows and loves are music and food. So when these two duet together, this can be a magical experience. In the swing era, songs about food were often written, a kind of longing in a poor, barren time. For example- Hey Sweet Potato - Buddy Johnson & Hold Tight (Sidney Bechet) In the swing food cookbook the songs get a culinary look.
hodi Maputo afro swing kids is now looking for support to re-establish their final event for children in the suborbian zone of maputo city, see our event at the link
Gibt es Morgen Blues?
Hi! I am staying in Berlin for this weekend. Is there a Swinggarten social dance tonight? Or something else?
Is there anyone looking for a swing partner? I am a beginner:) Thanks:)
Is there anyone looking for a swing partner? I am a beginner :)

Swingspiration, die Tanzschule für Lindy Hop, Charleston und Blues in Berlin! Komm und Swing!

[02/20/20]   ⭐️ OPEN SPOTS at Swingspiration ⭐️

👞 Wed, 18:00 Swing Beg/Int
👞 Thu, 18:00 Swing Int+ (leaders & couples)
👞 Fri, 18:00 Lindy Lab Fridays

[02/18/20]   We still NEED LEADERS in our new SWITCHING ROLES TRACK at Swingspiration tonight 20:10. Couples also welcome!

If you wanna have more fun surprises and creativity on the dance floor, you should join Ana & Samu ElMisterio tonight!

More info here:


Swingspiration has jobs for you in exchange for classes!

If you’re a kind and cool person, then join our team. We're professional and serious and we have absolutely no sense of humour. ;)

Here are all our recent classes & workshops: www.swingspiration.com/nicht-beginner-kurse

If you're interested, then PM to Swingspiration and tell us about you and your:
∙ skill sets you think are needed at our school
∙ availabilities
∙ dance level & role
∙ class wishes

Thank you and we're looking forward to get to know you soon!

Swingspiration's cover photo

[02/14/20]   Join Ana & Samu ElMisterio to a weekend full of Blues!

Sat & Sun 11:00 - 14:30
GET YOUR BLUES ON! workshop for Int/Adv Bluesies.

Sat & Sun 15:00 - 17:00
Tranky Doo Workshop

If you wanna start your weekend with some Swing today, then let Ana open your mind with this week's Lindy Lab Fridays topic about "Musical Theory & Practice"!

Ana & Samu short Tranky Doo clip

Ana & Samu ElMisterio giving a short glance at the classic Tranky Doo routine they're gonna teach you this weekend!

Join them:
Fri Feb 14th
Musical Theory & Practice at Lindy Lab Fridays

Sat & Sun Feb 15th & 16th
GET YOUR BLUES ON! for Int/Adv Bluesies

Tranky Doo Workshop

Ana & Samu doing their thang @ Swingspiration

Ana & Samu ElMisterio doing their thang at Swingspiration last night.

Looking forward to see you at the Lindy Lab Fridays class with this week's topic: MUSICAL THEORY & PRACTICE.
This is a must-have topic for every dancer!

ATTENTION: It's happening at 19:00 - 21:00 this Friday!

Samu & Duc teaching the "Power Rangers" level

Samu ElMisterio & Duc teaching "supercool sh*t" at the "Power Rangers" level together for the first time at Swingspiration. 🤣

We're extremely happy to have this long awaited workshop for you, where the follower is in focus!

Join Ana, Elle and Marie and learn to improve your follower skills and develop your "voice" with solo and partner drills.


So we sat down to forge plans for you and what we came up for you at Swingspiration within the next months are ...


Good thing is that most of those classes are included in our All-You-Can-Dance package!

It's a lot of stuff, people. So take your time to read carefully.

✨ MAGIC MONDAYS 18:00 - 19:00 ✨
1 cool topic 4 weeks long to spice your dance up!

🤜 TECHNIQUE TUESDAYS 20:10 - 21:10 🤛
Dive deep into a technique topic over 4 weeks for your long term progress!

🎉LINDY LAB FRIDAYS 18:00 - 20:00 🎉
Mini fun workshops to get you inspired for your Swing weekend!

♬ Balboa Beg ELEF Sun 17:00 (late registration)
♬ Solo Jazz Troupe Int Level from Mon Feb 3rd 21:15
♬ Blues Beginners Course Thu Feb 13th - Mar 5th 21:15

More workshops to be announced very soon!

Save your spots at:

First time Samu ElMisterio and Duc teaching together a class full of first time Swing dancers yesternight and it was aaamazing! 😍
Thanks to everyone for the good energy!

Lookylook who’s back for classes at Swingspiration ! 😀
Freakin’ Frieda in da house for you today.

15:00 Free Swing Practice
17:00 NEW! Balboa Beg ELEF (everybody leads - everybody follows)
18:05 Swing Beg/Int (space for leaders and couples)

So, how much are you practicing outside of classes? Are you practicing at all?

Often neglected, but oh-so-crucial: practice and training!

Ana & Samu ElMisterio will teach you how to train and get better to achieve your goals in dancing and get inspired.

Thursdays, Jan 23rd - Feb 13th 21:15 - 22:15

🎟 4 sessions for 40EUR or All-You-Can-Dance from 65EUR/month

✏️ www.Swingspiration.com/registration

Brand new week - brand new courses at Swingspiration ...


Come on, leaders, register for the courses and save some followers from the waiting list.
Besides, the topics are really cool and pretty this this fancy fella over here will teach quite a few things!

⭐️ Super Followers - Super Leaders (Int and up) ⭐️
Mondays, Jan 20th - Feb 10th 18:00 - 19:00
Individual variations in partner dancing.

⭐️ 1001 Swing outs (Int/Adv) ⭐️
Tuesdays, Jan 21st - Feb 11th 20:10 - 21:10
Each week a different type of swing out.

4 sessions 40EUR // All-You-Can-Dance from 65EUR/month

REGISTER at www.Swingspiration.com/registration

[01/18/20]   ATTENTION: NO Free Swing Practice this Sunday, but next we’ll be back with ...

15:00 - 17:00 Free Swing Practice
17:00 - 18:00 NEW Balboa Beginners ELEF course (everybody leads, everyone follows)
18:05 - 19:05 Swing Beg/Int

Have a nice weekend everyone.

[01/16/20]   Finally we show you the performance by Haus of Rhythm, our Solo Jazz troupe guided by Ana!
We're absolutely delighted and surprised about what the group came up with within the last weeks. 🙌👏🍾

As we feel like Solo Jazz is such an important aspect in our (partnered) Swing dancing, we decided to offer more opportunities for you to bring Jazz into your dance.

⭐️ So there'll be 2 NEW SOLO JAZZ TROUPES starting next week ⭐️

👞 Monday 21:15-22:15 for Beg to Int
👞 Wednesday 20:10-22:15 for Int/Adv and up

🚨 IMPORTANT: For the Wednesday class, you gotta participate in the audition happening on the first session on Jan 22nd.

Please register here: www.Swingspiration.com/registration

❤️❤️❤️ Tons of new special classes at Swingspiration ❤️❤️❤️

⭐️ Super Followers - Super Leaders
18:00 - 19:00 | Jan 20th - Feb 10th
Individual variations in partner dancing (for Int and up).

⭐️ Solo Jazz Troupe Beg to Int
21:15 - 22:15 | from Jan 20th
Learn to Jazz in the shortest time by setting the goal of dancing a choreography!

⭐️ 1001 Swing outs (Int/Adv)
20:10 - 21:10 | Jan 21st - Feb 11th
Each week we work on different types of swing out.

⭐️ Solo Jazz Troupe (Int/Adv & up)
20:10 - 22:15 | from Jan 22nd
The new round of our Haus of Rhythm will be double hours this time. There will be an audition on the first session.

⭐️ How To Train
21:15 - 22:15 | Jan 23rd - Feb 13th
All your classes will need time to be digested.

⭐️ Balboa Beginners ELEF
17:00 - 18:00 | Jan 26th - Feb 16th
Finally your long awaited Balboa course is here! This time with the concept of everybody learning to dance both roles.

4 sessions 40EUR // All-You-Can-Dance from 65EUR/month

REGISTER at www.Swingspiration.com/registration

We just spontaneously decided, that Ana will do a SOLO BLUES class tonight (Wednesday) at 20:10.

Would you be in? Write us!

Single class 12EUR // All-You-Can-Dance from 65EUR

[12/29/19]   So you had an amazing Christmas time with your love ones and now want to burn calories of all the good food?

Then join the New Year's Kick Off w/ Elle & Samu - a workshop all dedicated to Charleston moves!

Don't miss the chance for the early bird discount only available till Dec 31st 2019:

Also, don't forget our X-MAS SPECIAL vouchers only until Dec 31st!

🎁 6 weeks Swing Beginners course or 1 weekend workshop for only 45EUR instead of 65EUR *
🎁 60min private class for only 45EUR instead of 60EUR **

Buy the vouchers now and use them anytime in 2020.

Get them here at www.Swingspiration.com
* Only for new students to Swingspiration
** Max. 120min per person

[12/23/19]   It's been a while since we posted our last video, but it's Christmas Eve soon and we can't keep this awesomeness away from you!

The one and only Ana Maeso dancing impro Solo Jazz to Duke Ellington's epic "Koko". Enjoy!

More classes with Ana and many other talents at Swingspiration next year again. Check out www.Swingspiration.com

[12/01/19]   ATTENTION
NO Free Swing Practice in 2019 anymore.
It will be back for you in 2020!

BCN SHAG Festival

Last call for FOLLOWERS in our Shag workshop w/ Ana Maeso & Samu Tiembla ElMisterio starting TODAY 18:00!


Don't miss this opportunity to learn this energetic dance.
Below an example of Samu "exploding" in his winning performance. :D

PM or call 015771567851 to participate!

Showcase Finalists - Samu & Lotte

And all videos from Showcase Prelims you can find in our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSTDkurbVMhiRwTZCG82qbejUrZFs2dmg
camera: Lina Martinkėnaitė


📣 Tonight lovely Elle Brenecki and Samu ElMisterio have cool stuff ready for you, but we NEED LEADERS! 😎

❤ 18:00 Charleston Moves from Int (leaders & couples)
❤ 19:05 Int/Adv (leaders & couples)
❤ 21:15 Beg/Int (space for everyone)

🎟 Single class 12€
🎟 4er ticket 40€
🔥 All-You-Can-Dance from only 65€/month

Save your spot!
www.Swingspiration.com // 015771567851

We haven't announced it before, but here it is - the official welcome to the newest team member of the Swingspiration family: Elle Brenecki!

We're happy to have her with us and totally are amazed by her warm-hearted personality and incredible talent.

As a busy traveling international teacher with her home base in Berlin we'll have the chance to have special topic classes and workshops with her in every once in a while.


❤️ Swingspiration has 2 SPECIAL COURSES STARTING NEXT WEEK and classes are filling up, since the topics are pretty nice ❤️

⭐️ CHARLESTON MOVES (from Int level) Join this course, if you want to dance something else than the same old Charleston patterns and explore new creative moves & shapes in Charleston manner!
4x Mondays 18:00 - 19:00 Nov 25th - Dec 16th

⭐️ TECHNIQUE TUESDAY - CONNECTION TECHNIQUE (from Int+) We continue with our Technique Tuesday series with one of the topics that makes Lindy Hop so special. Join this course to be more connected to your partner, but also your one body and open new doors to more fun and creativity in your dancing.
4x Tuesdays 20:10 - 21:10 Nov 26th - Dec 17th

🎟 4-weeks course for 40EUR
🎟 These & many more other classes with All-You-Can-Dance from only 65EUR/month

Reserve your spots here: www.Swingspiration.com/registration

Dance like nobody is watching ... or forget there is a camera, when you do a short social.

Watch until the end to see the hilarious reactions of Ana & Samu ElMisterio! 😂 ❤️

🎄 🎅 Schenkt euren Liebsten oder euch selbst zu Weihnachten Freude, die lange währt! 🤶 🎄

Swing-Tanzkurse als Gutschein jetzt im XMAS-SPECIAL Angebot bei Swingspiration:

🎁 6 Wochen Swing Beginner Kurs oder 1 Workshop Wochenende für nur 45EUR statt 65EUR *
🎁 60 Min Privatunterricht für nur 45EUR statt 60EUR **

Angebot gilt nur bis 31.12.19, also jetzt sichern und jederzeit in 2020 einlösen!

Ihr könnt die schön ausgedruckten Gutscheine entweder im Swingspiration Studio erwerben oder online bestellen und selber ausdrucken: www.swingspiration.com/registration

Kein Partner notwendig.

Bei Fragen gerne anrufen (tgl. 10-17 Uhr): 01577 15 678 51


* Gilt einmalig nur für Schüler, die bisher noch keine Kurse bei uns genommen haben.
** Pro Person maximal 120 Min.

[11/17/19]   ATTENTION: NO Free Swing Practice at Swingspiration today!

[11/03/19]   Here it is, Berlin's contribution to the Global Trickeration Project ~ Honoring the life of Norma Miller!

In celebration of the 100th birthday of the legendary Queen of Swing Norma Miller Swing dancers around the globe perform her signature choreography called Trickeration to create a dance video together.

We decided to join in kind of last minute, but we are super happy that it worked out so well and appreciate everyone joining in to represent our wonderful Swing scene in Berlin - on wet grass!

Let's keep on swingin', dancin' and spreadin' the spirit, folks!

Diana Birenytė
Elle Brenecki
Eva Hafemann
Karolina Anna
Katja Höpfner
Karim El-Abshihy
Marie Juana Jimenez
Rose Marba
Selena Kruse
Stephanie O'Connor

Photo Duke



Congrats to Samu ElMisterio and Charlotte for hitting the 1st place at the BCN SHAG Festival showcase competition!!

Aaaaaah! We just got the news that your lovely teacher Samu ElMisterio got into the top 3 finals for the Showcase division at the BCN SHAG Festival!!

We’re so proud of him and so happy, because we know how hard he and his choreo partner Charlotte worked on this and how much nervousness there was.

We saw the routine already, but won’t spoil anything. So let’s wait for the official video.

[11/01/19]   Hey Berlin!
If you wanna join the Berlin goes Global Trickeration Project, don’t forget:
👞 Today (Friday) 18:00 - 20:00 | Free rehearsal at our studio
🎥 Sat Nov 2nd 15:30 | Video shooting
Filming location will be Museumsinsel, we'll meet by the colonnade in front of ALTE NATIONALGALERIE!
Let's do this, the more the betterloveliergreaterboom!

Notice: This project is not linked to our school, but supposed to be a joint-venture of the Berliner Swing scene to express everyone's joy of Swing dancing and the admiration for Norma Miller. We won't add any logos or promote classes/events in the video.

Recap vs Louis

[10/31/19]   Toooonight (Thursday) we'll have Eva teaching with Duc again and we have SPACE FOR FOLLOWERS!

📌 18:00 Swing Int/Adv - Challenging Smooth Rhythm Sequence
📌 19:05 Swing Int - Swingin' Hallelujah!
📌 21:15 Solo Jazz Adv - Trickeration part 2

🎟 Single class 12EUR
🎟 4 sessions ticket 40EUR
🔥 All-You-Can-Dance from only 65EUR/month

📞 Text or call 015771567851 to join!

[10/30/19]   We haven't announced it before, but here it is - the official welcome to the newest team member of the Swingspiration family: Elle Brenecki!

We're happy to have her with us and totally are amazed by her warm-hearted personality and incredible talent.

As a busy traveling international teacher with her home base in Berlin we'll have the chance to have special topic classes and workshops with her in every once in a while.

We have a waiting list for followers in our Musicality class tonight and the next 3 Mondays at 18:00.

LEADERS, who plan to join in: please REGISTER ASAP, so we can make those desperate followers happy!

4 sessions of mind opening ideas about music and dance for 40€ or include this in your All-You-Can-Dance pass from only 65€/month!

Ana & Samu ElMisterio will play the right songs for you. Promised! 🤣

Register at www.Swingspiration.com/registration

[10/27/19]   Yep, we take our class recaps quite serious! 🤣

[10/22/19]   Dance like nobody is watching ... or forget there is a camera, when you do a short social.

Watch until the end to see the hilarious reactions of Ana & Samu ElMisterio! 😂 ❤️

[10/20/19]   Free Swing Practice
is ON today.
See you 16:00-18:00!

So Ana is actually sick since yesternight, but she's so pumped to teach you some awesome new Solo Jazz material tonight and therefore will rock all classes for you!

Join this power house today (Thursday):

🤜 18:00 Int+ (leaders & couples)
🤜 19:05 Int (followers & couples)
🤜 21:15 Solo Jazz Adv drop-in

💵 Single class 12EUR
💸 4 sessions 40EUR
🔥 All-You-Can-Dance from only 65EUR/month

www.Swingspiration.com // 01577 1567851

[10/16/19]   Say hi to our newest project:

A series to rebuild your strong foundation and push you out of the plateau.

Our first block out of many will be BOUNCE, RHYTHM & FINDING THE BEAT!

We'll learn the different types of bounce, the integrity of rhythm (triples, kicks, syncopations) and how to transfer information to our partner through the rhythm of our body.

Oct 22nd - Nov 12th each 20:10-21:10

Week 1: Triples
Week 2: Kicks
Week 3: Different kinds of bounce
Week 4: Playing with the different intensities of our bounce

LEVEL: For Int/Adv dancers and above!

4 sessions for 40EUR
All-You-Can-Dance from 65EUR/month

Save your spot here: www.Swingspiration.com/registration

Wollen Sie Ihr Service zum Top-Fitness-Studio in Kreuzberg machen?

Klicken Sie hier, um Ihren Gesponserten Eintrag zu erhalten.



Körtestr. 10 (2nd Backyard, Entrance 1, 2nd Floor)


Montag 18:00 - 22:15
Dienstag 18:00 - 22:15
Mittwoch 18:00 - 22:15
Donnerstag 18:00 - 22:15
Freitag 18:00 - 21:10
Samstag 15:00 - 17:00
Sonntag 17:00 - 20:10
Andere Tanzstudio in Kreuzberg (alles anzeigen)
Cumbancha Salsa Tanzschule in Berlin Cumbancha Salsa Tanzschule in Berlin
Kreuzberg, 10965

www.cumbancha.de - Salsa Tanzschule Berlin - Salsa lernen in Berlin ?

ART.13 TANGO Berlin ART.13 TANGO Berlin
Dresdener Strasse 11
Kreuzberg, 10999

ART.13 TANGO Berlin - zum Impressum

a compás Studio & Location a compás Studio & Location
Hasenheide 54 Hof 3
Kreuzberg, 10967

Flamencotanzschule Laura la Risa, Unterricht, Auftritte, Aktionen für Kinder und Erwachsene, und für Menschen mit geistigen u. psychischen Behinderungen

IVA Berlin - Studio für Pole & Aerial Arts IVA Berlin - Studio für Pole & Aerial Arts
Mittenwalder Str. 6, 2.Hinterhof
Kreuzberg, 10961

Studio für Pole Sport, Aerial Akrobatik und Zirkus. Training in sehr kleinen Gruppen bei professionellen Trainern und 90 Minuten Klassen.

Moderner Tanz mit Isabelle Linden Moderner Tanz mit Isabelle Linden
LaborgrasPaul-Lincke-Ufer 44A, Hof II
Kreuzberg, 10999

Kurse in Modernem Tanz für Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittene

Salsa in Berlin Salsa in Berlin
Möckernstr. 68
Kreuzberg, 12209

Salsa in Berlin

Hayal - Oriental Moves Hayal - Oriental Moves
Körtestraße 10
Kreuzberg, 10967

Hayal - Sarrazin und Schramm GbR, Körtestraße 10, 10967 Berlin