Arman Emami

Produktdesigner, Autor und Erfinder

2005 Gründung der Berliner Designagentur EMAMIDESIGN. EMAMIDESIGN wurde international 70-fach für seine Produktkonzepte und -innovationen ausgezeichnet. In Berlin ansässig, kreiert der Gründer von EMAMIDESIGN, Arman Emami stetig neue Innovationen.

My new project: reusable smart drinking straws. More information under and

#mehrwegstrohhalm #emamidesign #design #industrialdesign #produktdesign #environmantallyfriendly #reusabledrinkingstraw #reusablestraw #sustainability

Our Jurors

Dear Friends, I feel honoured to be chosen by iF Design Award as member of the jury for international iF product Design Award 2018:

#PRODUCTDESIGN For six decades, the iF jury has given awards to the very best of international design. The jury members – leading international design experts – change on a regular basis. The jury carefully scrutinizes each individual entry in order to reach an independent verdict.

Arman Emami

EMAMIDESIGN receives highest accolade "iF GOLD AWARD 2017"
5575 entries from 59 countries in total

The jury comprising 58 international design experts decided that the "iF GOLD AWARD 2017", one of the most significant prizes, should go to the people counter APS-90 in the category "Product".
We are extremely pleased to accept this award!
#EMAMIDESIGN #iFgoldaward #peoplecounter #APS-90 #HellaAglaia


Showcasing design excellence:
The top in rankings for the Red Dot Design Ranking 2016

The Red Dot Institute releases the Red Dot Design Ranking annually, honouring the leading organisations who have continuously invested in design and innovation. The Red Dot Design Ranking 2016 recognises the top 15 companies, design studios and universities with unceasing pursuance towards design excellence.

This is cobra - watch here:

Cobra - moiré effect watch of EMAMIDESIGN

This is cobra - a man's watch with moiré effect. #watch here:

Cobra visualizes the link between movement and the passing of time. Two patterned discs are positioned on top of each other. One of them rotates eccentricall...

Arman Emami

red dot design award & Green Product Award for "DTSE9 G2"

red dot design award & Green Product Award for "DTSE9 G2"

The USB-Stick can easily be connected to objects (like a key ring) through a single large eyelet. The shape is reduced to its functionality and handling.

The geometry of the connector adapts to the whole case to overcome the visual separation between case and plug connection. The sticks innovation is its ergonomic form.

It adapts the form of a thumb and allows intuitive handling through the clear assignment of the top and bottom side, so the user will instantly plug in the USB-stick correctly.

red dot design award & iF Design Award for "Kristall"

red dot design award & iF Design Award for "Kristall"

Spellbinding and masterful, the Kristall sink is every bit as beautiful as its name suggests. Light refracts from its many facets like sun glittering on clean, natural crystal. Kristall‘s high-gloss top captures the delicate elegance of a brilliantly polished stone, while silk matte sides embody the feel of raw, unpolished crystal. Sani-Q technology allows the Kristall to sport finely rounded edges for easy upkeep, while looking crisp as a freshly cut stone. Just as in nature no two crystals take exactly the same shape, no two facets of this centerpiece sink are alike. Individuality is a natural perfection.

THIS IS KRISTALL. Spellbinding and masterful. #industrialdesign #designthinking #emamidesign #bathroom

This is CHA-CHA. Salting another way. #designthinking #design #emamidesign #industrialdesign

ICSID | Over 80 Projects Nominated for Icsid’s World Design Impact Prize 2015-2016

Many thank's International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) for the honour of nominating #windflock. #wdip

The world’s first 3-D printed violin sounds like the real thing The first ever 3-D printed electric violin, named the 3Dvarius, is here and it plays like a dream.

Innovative USB-CLIP from Verbatim Americas, LLC. The #paperclip of the 21st century. #tech #designthinking #emamidesign #design

Simple and pure. This is DUNE. #designthinking #basin #design #emamidesign

Cool Hunting

Studio Ayaskan's GROWTH Planter is an origami-like pot that grows with your plant

This is Zipper. A flying indoor camera and recording device. #tech #industrialdesign #innovation

Lexus unveils Back to the Future-style hoverboard

Lexus unveils Back to the Future-style hoverboard via Dezeen Japanese auto brand Lexus has revealed its eagerly anticipated hoverboard, which uses magnets to carry its rider without touching the ground

Motor Authority

Is this the future? Will our lives really be like this? Mercedes-Benz thinks it's possible.

More -->

Innovative USB-Stick: DTSE9 G2 from Kingston Technology. It adapts the form of a thumb and allows intuitive handling through the clear assignment of the top and bottom side. You will instantly plug in the USB-stick correctly.

Arman Emami's cover photo

Paper-thin printed solar cells could provide power for 1.3 billion people Thanks to inexpensive printed solar cells, 1.3 billion people currently without electricity may be able to plug in for the first time.

KLM and TU Delft propose aircraft of the future

What a nice concept created by TU Delft and KLM #aheadaircraft #innovation #tech #designthinking KLM and TU Delft have released designs for an aircraft with a "blended wing" that could transport passengers from London to Perth in one flight

Lego Makes Everything Better—Even a Prosthetic for Kids

This is cool! … via @WIRED Iko is the kid-equivalent of a bionic limb.

This is Higgs Intelligent mini cam @FraunhoferIIS #emamidesign #designthinking #tech

14 Iconic Modern Buildings That Will Be Saved with the Help of the Getty Foundation The organization has announced its second round of funding via the Keeping It Modern initiative to restore structures by Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Gerrit Rietveld, Pierre Jeanneret, and others. Scroll through to see the complete list of recipients of the $1.75 million in grants.

Product Innovation: USB Memory Stick "file/it"

This is file/it: Product design for a USB memory can be archived and filed directly into folders or binders to make digital content and documents. Multiple award winner with Design Awards.

World’s First Airborne Wind Turbine to Bring Renewable Energy and WiFi to Alaska A huge helium-filled wind turbine, designed and built by Altaeros Energies, will float over the city of Fairbanks, Alaska,

This is Padpoint. It will make the daily use of the Ipad easier and more comfortable. It is possible to get every desired angle, just playing with the flexible material which fills the holder.

Egyptian Teenager Creates Next-Generation Quantum Space Propulsion System An Egyptain teenager has patented a next generation propulsion system that could send spacecraft to other solar systems — without using a single drop of fuel.

The Cube – Capture Color: Der Würfel, mit dem man Farben “einsammeln” kann Welchen Farbtöne hat die Pflanze, die Wand oder das Gemälde? Wer das wissen möchte, kriegt mit The Cube die benötigten Antworten ganz genau in RGB- und CMYK-Werten ausgedrückt.

Design Magazine

Magazine founded and directed by professional journalist Tiago Krusse

Chinese company ‘builds’ 3D-printed villa in less than 3 hours

Darling, let's print a home! Chinese company ZhuoDa “built” a two-story villa in less than three hours in XIan, China.

Crystal Clear Solar Panels Could Turn Your Windows into Energy Generators

That would be awesome! Solar power technology innovation keeps on rolling out new revolutionary developments, the latest being transparent solar panels that could allow windows to harvest energy from the sun.

Ohio Scientists Invent World’s First Rechargeable Solar Battery Ohio State University scientists have invented the world's first rechargeable solar battery. It's also more efficient and cheaper than current designs.

Brilliant new app may help the blind safely navigate the New York subway system Lantern, designed by New York-based copywriter Eugene Gao, is an indoor navigation system that is designed to send audible information to users' smart phones.

3D-Printed Osteoid Cast Deniz Karahasin’s mindbending Osteoid cast looks like a thing from a sci-fi movie.

Fledgling startups want to suck greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere

9 Year-Old Girl Starts BeeSweet Lemonade Business in an Effort to Save the Honey Bees When most 9 year-olds are racing home after school to play outside with their friends, Mikaila Ulmer is negotiating contracts with national natural food retail stores. The young entrepreneur is the creator of BeeSweet Lemonade—a tasty, natural lemonade drink inspired by her great grandmother H ...

Wilson Solar Grill Stores the Sun’s Energy for Nighttime Fuel-Free Grilling

#Windflock published by the Science & Vie Merci Beaucoup!

Wind Turbine Bridge transforms an Italian Viaduct into a powerhouse of clean energy

Danielle Trofe’s LED Hourglass Lamps Are Powered by Falling Sand Danielle Trofe designed a new series of off-the-grid LED lamps which use kinetic and solar energy to illuminate interiors.

Futuristic Headset Translates Your Dog’s Thoughts Into Human Language No More Woof uses EEG sensors to detect a dog's brain waves and translate them into human speech.

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