Grinberg Methode Berlin - Bärbel Singer qual. Praktikerin und Trainerin

Grinberg Methode Berlin - Bärbel Singer qual. Praktikerin und Trainerin

Bärbel Singer, qualifizierte Praktikerin und lizenzierte Trainerin + Mitglied im Internationalen Berufsverband „IAGMP“ der Grinberg Methode

Die Grinberg Methode® ist eine Methode, die alles beinhaltet, was die Wahrnehmung des menschlichen Lebens ausmacht. Sie beinhaltet ein Lernen und eine Entwicklung in deinem Denken und Verhalten, auf einer emotionalen und körperlichen Ebene. Sie beinhaltet und lehrt Klarheit von Gedanken und Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten, Konzentration, Körperlichkeit, Körperwahrnehmung, Selbstbeobachtung, Mitgefühl, Distanz, Selbstvertrauen und die Möglichkeit etwas zu wollen. Mit mehr Verantwortung, Achtsamkeit und Unabhängigkeit lernst Du dein Potenzial auszuleben.

Hi Berliners. Stopping Movement LEVEL 3 will start! We do the training fridays afternoon in Kreuzberg.
When you are interested send me a PM.
Happy to have you with us, weekly (not in school holidays).
Best, Bärbel (

Hallo Berliner, Freitags Nachmittag LEVEL 3 in Kreuzberg! Fängt demnächst an, wenn Du Interesse hast, melde Dich, wir freuen uns.

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Grinberg Method

An excerpt from the book about fulfilling potential:
Like every living creature we were created to fulfill our potential. We need enough energy and attention to move, grow, and thrive in a world that is not necessarily supportive of our development.

All living creatures have the ability to control their energy and attention in order to invest in the moment when it is needed. A lion will not run after an antelope that is too far away because he will just lose energy and become even more hungry and tired. We are constantly aware of our energy, of our limits, or in the case of humans of our believed limits.

It was always fascinating to me that small animals are so much stronger, wilder, and more powerful than humans in the way they jump, hunt, and give themselves fully to the moment thereby fulfilling their own nature. On the other hand, humans are often unable to allow such a level of freedom of expression. We deny ourselves such investment and devotion to living in the moment itself, giving it all that we are.
When we ask, so where is all of our potential, our energy, and attention that we cannot access? Then the answer is simple: it is invested in the routines we have created and maintain all of our lives. Routines in thought, routines in action, routines in feeling, and routines in sensing the world. We lost the ‘freedom to become’ to our routines. As with our governments, all of our power is invested in our infrastructure rather than the actual flow of life.

Grinberg Method

A FREE 2-DAY SEMINAR 26-27.05.18
last time with Avi Hands On led by Avi Grinberg, will include lectures and discussions about the main concepts of the Grinberg Method, the demonstration and practice of certain techniques, and exercises to increase your body attention.

Grinberg Method

LAST opportunity to experience the Grinberg Method practitioner profession with Avi Grinberg, next weekend 26-27.5, in Vienna, for anyone who wants a fulfilling, healthy, challenging, joyful work!

It's been a wonderful ride that is soon over!

11 Hands On seminars, with people from all over the world, all curios to experience what it is like to be a Grinberg Method practitioner.

Click here to join us in the last seminar on 26-27.05.

In a couple of months, Avi Grinberg will start teaching the last professional training of the Grinberg Method. This is your opportunity to get an exciting firsthand try out of the profession.

Grinberg Method

After the celebration for the publishing of the new Hebrew edition of Fear, Pain and Other Friends, a few words from Avi Grinberg:

It’s a great honor to have this book, which came out first in 1994, published again.

Many of those who came to have their book signed told me amazing stories about their successes and achievements through their processes with the Grinberg Method.

In more than 25 years thousands of practitioners were trained to work with the methodology. It’s a rare and precious opportunity for me to speak directly with their clients and I am impressed and proud by what I've heard about their work.

Soon I’ll start teaching the professional training, it will be the last group that I will personally teach. My intention to bring out remarkable professionals got reinforced by all that I've heard and the people I've met.

Click here to join the Hands On seminar before the professional training.

Grinberg Method

Love... is that how you relate to it?

Click here to hear more from Avi Grinberg's lecture about the Fire in us, during the second year of the professional studies.

April Stop & Roll - jetzt Level 1 in Berlin - Samstags Kempten, Berlin Mitte... -

Grinberg Method

Happy Holidays!
A short excerpt from the new book about fulfilling potential that is completed and is now being edited:
...Fear doesn’t cause anxiety. The way we respond to fear causes anxiety. Our bodies were designed for and are perfectly capable of practicing fear. Somewhere along the way, we learned to do things for the sole purpose of avoiding fear. We are more afraid of fear than of the danger in the situation. This reaction blocks the natural flow of fear and turns it from bodyguard into an enemy. Instead of fighting to survive, we end up fighting our own power to survive; our own fear....

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Movement is life: Anna Halprin believes dance can heal anything, from cancer to racism. RTD met with the 97-year-old dance icon to find out how she’s been treating people for decades.

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Grinberg Method

An excerpt from the book I almost finished writing about fulfilling personal potential, this time about repeated difficult emotions (like anger), introducing the possibility to stop through a process I named PASSION. Please tell me what you thought of the idea, Avi Grinberg

"...Most people have a set of feelings and emotions that are produced by similar triggers and situations and each time it happens it feels like it is the first time. Emotional patterns basically mean that we feel the same thing again and again in similar situations. Those patterns act as recordings that usually play until the circumstance changes or another strong emotion takes its place.

For example, angry people will be angry in the same way. They will feel the same wishes to hurt others, the same tightness and contraction in their lower belly, the same flow of energy in their bodies, and the same feeling of being justified and righteous in their anger. The unwillingness to stop the cycle leaves us trapped in those recorded feelings and at their mercy.

In the moment, this reactive part of us feels terribly important but once it is over we often feel hopeless and unable to do anything about this pattern.

When I think about our bodies and how they are designed to feel and emote we are designed to feel the moment. What is around us. And our responses will not be because of a recording but fresh and fitting to the situation. Instead our attention got trained to focus on what we felt in the past.

When we do the process of PASSION our aim is to focus on recorded emotions and feelings so that we can stop them and not have to relive them again and again and free the space to fresh feelings that are corresponding to the moment....."



Grinberg Method

Whether you are younger or older, man or woman, pregnant or not... you are welcome to Stop Movement with the Grinberg Method,
Open Training: Stop & Roll, every Wednesday 19 o clock in Berlin. Come and join! We are happy to welcome you.

Just before new life are about to start...

We always knew it was possible, that it would give an energy boost and a better state of being and wellness. But we’ve never seen it done so beautifully that close to giving birth.

Hats off Inbar – the years of practicing and teaching the Stopping Movement Training are evident.

Whether you are younger or older, man or woman, pregnant or not... you are welcome to Stop Movement with the Grinberg Method, with one of the people we trained. They are not everywhere (yet) but you could find them in Austria, Germany, France, Holland, Israel, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

BREAK FREE - BÄRBEL SINGER WORKSHOPS BREAK FREE - STOPPING MOVEMENT WORKSHOP - 4-stündiger Workshop für einen kleinen Durchbruch hin zu mehr persönlicher Freiheit.

To be in the NOW.....pull my attention from trying to fix the past and from worrying about the future so I can access all of my attention to become aware of the moment. To achieve this I have to be incredibly alive and fully unified. .....
read more here:

From the future book about Fulfilling Your Potential, here is a short extract from chapter 16:

Let the Past Pass

One of my favorite authors, Steven Erikson, wrote about three types of time: frozen, fluid, and unknown. He described the past as frozen time because whatever happened there stands forever unchanging and forever unchangeable.
For every moment that exists in the past, there is nothing anyone can ever do to erase it, alter it, or make it different. For our minds it is a terrible thing to accept something as unchangeable, unsolvable, or nonnegotiable. We cannot make a deal to make it better. We cannot pray, or beg, or bribe a forgiving god to make the past different. Our minds withdraw from such a situation because they are designed to have a constant bargaining dialogue. We are used to thinking that we can negotiate, make deals, manipulate, trick, and lie, all to make our situation better.
A lot of us are doing exactly that with our minds. We are picking at the bones of the past trying to make it more palatable for ourselves. We invent ideas like forgiveness for what happened in order to make it more acceptable for us. The thing is, whether the past was horrendous or fantastic. we find it incredibly difficult to accept that it died, that it is over and we cannot fix or change it.
In many people’s minds there is a structure of attention we will call, “The Story about Life” in which I’m telling myself the story of myself. I take my history and I make highlights of different things, erase others, and give it an angle…

The second type of time is fluid time; the now. It feels like holding water in your hand as it slips from between your fingers. The moment has hardly happened and already it is the next moment and the moment before became history and was frozen. Fluid time is the time where it is the most difficult to pay attention. The ability to be fully attentive at the moment when something happens means I have to pull my attention from trying to fix the past and from worrying about the future so I can access all of my attention to become aware of the moment. To achieve this I have to be incredibly alive and fully unified. On a deeper level it means that I manage to really let go of my past and my attention is not wandering in the museum of my glorious experiences, getting rid of dust, rearranging the pictures on the wall or sulking, hating, or harboring resentment about what happened.
If you do manage to be there when it happens you’ll be living a magical moment. An unforgettable experience. A moment of true living.

Grinberg Method

Our body knows best. Given the right conditions it can do its natural work to heal and recuperate.

During the professional studies, our students learn to teach their clients to let their body work.

Here is an extract from a lecture about that, taken from the current training.

Once more, a professional training with Avi Grinberg, will starts next year.

Click on the links below and join us in the Hands On seminar, where you could experience the profession and see if you’d like to make it your own.
Tel Aviv:

Here is what Avi says about his work with people: “An hour of work is an hour of meditation. It’s an hour free from being busy with myself, being in the now and in the moment, with my client, paying attention to what fits them best in every moment of the session.”

Stop and Roll - Stopping Movement Training

Stop and Roll - Stopping Movement Training

Grinberg Method

שבוע לפני סמינר Hands On בתל אביב עם אבי גרינברג, לפני פתיחת מסלול הלימודים המקצועיים להכשרת מדריכים בשיטת גרינברג.
נשארו מספר מקומות, ואתם מוזמנים להרשם כאן
ובינתיים כמה תמונות מהסמינר האחרון בוינה: מהרצאות, תרגולים בעבודה במגע ואבחון בכפות הרגליים, ועד אימון בתרגילים וסיום מלהיב עם עצירת תנועה.

Grinberg Method

Ein wirklich schönes Video, ein Eindruck über den Beruf als Grinberg Praktiker......Neugierig geworden? Geht zum "Hands on" Seminar nach Wien! Ein weitere Ausbildung mit Avi Grinberg wird demnächst starten.

In Berlin gebe ich Workshops, Vorträge und Einzelsitzungen (

Join us in Hands On!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of another professional training with Avi Grinberg.

There are so many lives to be touched, pains to be dealt with, fears to befriend, potentials to be fulfilled, joy and contentment to be enhanced.

We are in the process of training Grinberg Method teachers, who will teach the profession in the future. But now, you can still learn straight from the source, with the method’s founder.

Join us in Hands On, a free, 2-day seminar with Avi Grinberg, for an active preview of the studies.

Click on the links below to register for the seminar in:
Tel Aviv:

This is your opportunity to get a taste of the profession so that you can confidently decide, through your own experience, about making it your own.

We were honored and touched by what the students, who just completed their first year of training, had to say about their motivation for learning the profession and what it has already given them.

See if it speaks to you too and try it out for yourself in the upcoming seminar. We promise you’ll be happy you did.

See you there!

PS: the video was created by Adi Toledano a very talented filmmaker, who surprised us with these beautiful interviews. Thank you, Adi.

You love Stopping Movement Training and you want to teach it? Here is the change! Read this....

Did you have the chance to participate in the Stopping Movement class?
Did you enjoy it, loved it, found it beneficial and wished that one day YOU’LL TEACH IT too?
Now you have the opportunity to participate in the training that will teach you exactly that and more!
The course starts soon. Interested? Contact us at [email protected] for details.

Grinberg Methode Berlin - Bärbel Singer qual. Praktikerin und Trainerin

mit Bewegung zur Musik Energie und Freude auftanken. Jeder ist herzlich willkommen, es gibt keine Voraussetzungen.
Mittwochs 19 Uhr

Newsletter Berlin Grinberg Methode

Newsletter Berlin Grinberg Methode Ein weiteres mal freue ich mich, diesen Workshop zu unterrichten. Wir wollen Wut nutzbar machen. Wut als körperliche Energie erkennen lernen, macht es möglich diese nicht gegen sich selbst, sondern FÜR sich zu nutzen. Das ist letztendlich oft nur ungewohnt, jedoch natürlich und gesund. Deswegen könn...


mit Bewegung zur Musik Energie und Freude auftanken. Jeder ist herzlich willkommen, es gibt keine Voraussetzungen.
Mittwochs 19 Uhr Stop & Roll - STOPPING MOVEMENT TRAINING - Zu Musik richten wir unsere Aufmerksamkeit auf verschiedene Körperbereiche


Morgen geht es weiter - wöchentliches offenes Training in Kreuzberg. Stop & Roll - STOPPING MOVEMENT TRAINING - Zu Musik richten wir unsere Aufmerksamkeit auf verschiedene Körperbereiche

Divine Arts

Advice on overcoming Parkinson's - An interview with Alex Kerten.
Clip 2: Breaking Down The Movements

Watch the full 35-minute interview with Alex Kerten, as he provides advice and techniques on overcoming Parkinson's -

Delve further into these techniques in Alex's groundbreaking book Goodbye Parkinson's, Hello Life - 25% Discount on our store:



Grinberg Method

It’s been quite a few years since I wrote my last book “Fear, Pain and Other Friends” and now I am bursting with the urge to share my knowledge in writing again.

There are 10 subjects I am currently thinking of. To ensure that the one I choose will benefit as many people as possible, please tell me which subjects would be the most valuable for you.

Click on this link to see all the options (the titles are not final), and for three out of the 10 mark your 1st, 2nd and 3rd priority.

I’d be grateful to hear from you. And as a thank you, I will be happy to give you a copy of the printed book as soon as it is published.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Avi Grinberg

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