The YogaMonkey Massage Swing can be hung in any door with or without a bar and will decompress your spine, relax your muscles and do yoga poses passively.

Hang upside down in any door with no screws and no assembly. Let gravity and the 100% cotton strap massage your buttocks and decompress your spine, creating space and relieving pain in the lower back instantly.

Everything you need to hang comes in the box. You can either buy the swing alone and hang it over a pull up bar you already have or get the best deal by buying the swing together with the cleverly designed Powerbar, which slots into the door and uses counter force to securely hold the bar and swing in place.

You can even hang the YogaMonkey Massage Swing without a bar. Just put the wooden monkey sticks through the loops of the swing, hang the swing over an open door and then close the door. The sticks will stop the strap from falling through the door and you can then hang against the door. You have less freedom of movement but you still get the traction.

If you're a YogaMonkey, you can do nearly all yoga poses in a passive way: with your body hanging, your muscles do not have to work to support the body and so can stretch without muscle tension.

YogaMonkey Massage Swing - chosen poses (2) with Malwina

Check out some YogaMonkey moves :)

Dear friends! I'm excited to introduce you to amazing YogaMonkey Massage Swing which I am simply crazy about. It helps me so much with inverted yoga postures...

Yoga Monkey Massage Swing - Malwina's Workout

Sun is shining, it's time to let your inner monkey out ;)

Do you have your Yoga Monkey Massage Swing already?

If not then you can get it from me, plus free training :)

Contact me on 07947442499 or on Fb: Malwina Stach (Teacher).


With Love,
Your Miss Yoga Monkey ;)

Contact me if you want to buy one :) Malwina Benefits Spinal decompression Better posture Straightened scoliosis Re-...

[03/27/17]   The best person to get a YogaMonkey swing from is Miss YogaMonkey herself Malwina Stach: You can find her on Facebook or her website :)


To all YogaMonkeys! I'm exciting to be launching BioMonkey to correspond with my journey into becoming a Bulletproof Coach!
So what happens with YogaMonkey? YogaMonkey still exists and will be relaunched as part of the broader BioMonkey launch. I have decided on BioMonkey as my main brand because yoga is now only one part of a holistic approach focused on nutrition, movement, fitness, strength training and mindfulness style coaching. I'm thrilled!

This video is just a fun teaser as I continue to build the site. Watch this space for much more coming soon. Paul : )

Hello to everyone interested in nutrition, happiness, performance and love! Welcome to my new page! I will be posting lots of relevant articles and videos here, on my brand new G+ page and on

It's all being built as we speak but for the moment here is a fun video for how to get a litre of Bulletproof Brain Octane through airport security.


Hang a yogamonkey swing in a door without a bar!

How to set up the YogaMonkey Swing in a door just by tying a couple of knots. This workd in almost any door!

No screws, no bar, no tools! Just a YogaMonkey swing and you can hang upside down in almost any door to relieve back pain.

Hanging upside down in your door with no bar!

A quick video for a monkey customer for how to hang in the YogaMonkey swing in a door with no bar : )

How to get into the YogaMonkey Swing when it is just held in place by the door and the doorframe. This is the perfect solution for hotel room inversions. Www...

A single yoga pose each day may improve spine curvature for scoliosis patients

Tackle scoliosis with just a side plank?? Go on....
Yoga is always going on about balancing the two sides of the body. A good strategy generally but here is an interesting and simple approach to treating scoliosis by doing the side plank on just one side. A brief summary is here: and the full article can be found via this link:

In my personal experience, a side plank is great for strengthening the core, but can be too much if you have inflamed lumbar nerves that begin to twinge as a result of the increased muscle tension.

One of YogaMonkey key principles is that of creating space and reducing excessive electromyographic activity before exercise.

The YogaMonkey Massage Swing can provide some help in straightening scoliosis by shaking out the spine to provide more space for corrections to happen. It can also relax and stretch muscles to reduce resistance to structural change. A simple yoga pose, known as the side plank, performed for 1.5 minutes a day may reduce spine curvature in patients with scoliosis, according to a new study.

Is it OK to do YogaMonkey inversions with high blood pressure? - YogaMonkey Learn how medicated high blood pressure reacts to inversions in yoga swings.

Monkey Savasana - YogaMonkey

Test 2 of's sharing capacity... Monkey Savasana: Put your feet up and have a savasana after a YogaMonkey session! Elevating the legs takes the pressure off the lower back so it can relax!

YogaMonkey Massage Swing - chosen poses (2) with Malwina

Another great video from YogaMonkey London 's Malwina Stach :) Check her out if you're near London. She's available for sell and show and YogaMonkey 1 on 1s!

Dear friends! I'm excited to introduce you to amazing YogaMonkey Massage Swing which I am simply crazy about. It helps me so much with inverted yoga postures...

YogaMonkey Massage Swing - chosen poses with Malwina

A beautiful video by Malwinamonkey, who is now selling YogaMonkey Massage Swings in London :)

Dear friends! I'm excited to introduce you to amazing YogaMonkey Massage Swing which I am simply crazy about. It helps me so much with inverted yoga postures...

[04/26/14]   Want to know what inversions can do for you? Here is an in-depth article I wrote for Om Yoga Magazine : )

[04/15/14]   Welcome to YogaMonkey's office!

AcroYoga: AcroYogis at TEDxUNC

Great and loquacious acromonkeys :)

AcroYoga blends elements of yoga, acrobatics and healing. We were fortunate to have AcroYogis Bethania Bacigalupe, Christine Soykal and Josh Young perform. "...

Healthier Spinal Disc's - Step 1 Water your Disc's

Water your discs!

This is a very interesting little piece on the importance of 'watering your spinal discs' . When upside down in the YogaMonkey Massage Swing, your discs decompress and have more space, allowing them to absorb moisture into the gel inner layer, keep them bouncy and absorb shocks.

YogaMonkey...Because life's better upside down!

Here is the script from the video:

"Did you know that the discs in your spine need watering every day. Your discs (Intervertebral disks) are made up of an outer layer of really strong fibres (annulus fibrosis) and an inner layer of gel like substance (nucleus palposis). This inner layer is like the gel in a pair of "ASICS Gel" runners. it is designed to distribute your body weight evenly across the vertebra it attaches to as well as absorb the shocks of daily living. It is made up of a lot of water. If you are dehydrated one of the first tissues in the body to suffer is your musculoskeletal system i.e. your joints and muscles. When your discs start to dehydrate the gel volume decreases and your discs become unstable and no longer absorb the shocks. (Its like going for a run after your have taken out the shock absorbing material in your runners)
The solution is keep well hydrated. drink regularly throughout the day, more on hot days and days where you might be spending some time in an air-conditioned building. Remember that you often don't feel dehydrated until its too late. Get yourself a water bottle to sip at throughout the day."

4 Steps to healthier spinal Discs. Step 1 - Water your disc's I was out in the garden this morning giving my plants a much needed watering. In Mt Eliza for t...

Human Loop the Loop with Damien Walters - Pepsi Max. Unbelievable #LiveForNow

The YogaMonkey Massage Swing works WITH gravity. This guy defies it : )

Pepsi Max brings you the Unbelievable Unbelievable feats and experiences created for you by Pepsi Max Could one man run a loop the loop? Daredevils throughou...

N**e Yoga Instructor Poses in Her Favorite Positions (NSFW) |

A beautiful YogaMonkey! Wow! Photographer Peter Hegre posted these stunning images on Reddit, featuring his wife in some of her most perfected yoga positions. For those who aren't experienced yoga buffs, it's often hard to see the muscles being affected by the poses, especially when the instructor is fully clothed. These photos...

Yoga, Meditation und Aryuveda vom 18.01.2014: Fachmesse in München | BR Mediathek VIDEO

YogaMonkey on German TV!! (for 2 seconds) Internationale Lehrer, zahlreiche Workshops zum Mitmachen und Vorträge über Yoga, Meditation und Aryuveda: All das bietet die Yoga Expo in München, eine der größten Messen ihrer Art. Noch bis morgen Abend können sich die Besucher bei mehr als 100 Ausstellern über Fitness, Gesundheit, Ernährung und d…


Retweeted UpliftingStunts (@upliftingstunts):

Back from a long drive to Coventry, Best way to stretch out! #yogamonkeyswing #inversion upliftingstunts's photo on Instagram

Make a healthy back your easily achievable New Year's Resolution with YogaMonkey!

Have a YogaMonkey New Year! Make a healthy back your easily achievable New Year's Resolution wi... -

Make a healthy back your easily achievable New Year's Resolution with YogaMonkey!

Have a YogaMonkey New Year! Make a healthy back your easily achievable New Year's Resolution with a YogaMonkey Massage Swing

Get the best yoga present ever delivered on Christmas ever by ordering before 2pm on 23rd Dec!

Welcome to YogaMonkey -

YogaMonkey (@YogaMonkeySwing) posted a photo on Twitter

Thrilled to see my @YogaMonkeySwing ad in the @OMYogaMagazine Christmas List viewed by up to 130 000 people! Get the whole picture - and other photos from YogaMonkey

Brighton Mind Body Spirit Festival

Check out some monkeying around at 3:00 of this video @YogaMonkeySwing @mbsfestival We made so many contacts here!:)x Watch highlights from the all new 3 day Mind Body Spirit Festival 1st-3rd of November at the Brighton Centre.

[11/11/13]   Retweeted Nicola Jane Hobbs (@NicolaJaneHobbs):

New blog on @mbsfestival with @Dimalone @GoodyGoodStuff @SoulDome @ftnbelieve @organicfoodbar @YogaMonkeySwing :)

Space Oddity

This video is amazing! Zero gravity yoga? The YogaMonkey Swing is all about reversing the effects of gravity on your body, but what happens when there is no gravity? One day I will do yoga in space and tell you all : )

A revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. (Note: This video cannot be r...

[11/07/13]   Retweeted South West London TV (@SWLTV):

@YogaMonkeySwing @PiaJackson Not at all - it was a great interview and brilliant product! Thanks so much :)

Thoracolumbar Fascia: The Chronic Pain Linchpin

A great article which explains how important it is that the firm yet soft cotton strap of the YogaMonkey Swing sinks into the lumbar fascia to loosen it up while you're hanging.

This is a big difference with other parachute/silk material hammocks on the market and why I designed it like this:) Author: Perry Nickelston. Title: Thoracolumbar Fascia - The Chronic Pain Linchpin. Summary: We all know it by name from anatomy class: thoracolumbar fascia (TLF) - that amazing white stuff bridging the gap between the upper and lower torso.

OM Yoga Show - Olympia 2013

Retweeted Pia Jackson (@PiaJackson):

@YogaMonkeySwing Here's our @SWLTV report of your fab #yogamonkey #swing at the #yogashow! Pia Jackson discovers there's a whole world of undiscovered Yoga treats out there to experience, and tries her hand at a few during this year's OM Yoga Show,...

Japanese acrobats - 1904

Amazing Japanese acromonkies from 1904!

A Japanese man and boy perform a series of acrobatics. No sound. You can download this video here:

[11/05/13]   Something to think about female yogamonkies: Don't over do those hip openers...

YogaMonkey (@YogaMonkeySwing) posted a photo on Twitter

Great weekend @mbsfestival with plenty of monkeying around and lots of great people! : ) Get the whole picture - and other photos from YogaMonkey

Hanging a YogaMonkey from a hostel bunk bed!

Hanging a YogaMonkey from a hostel bunk bed! Perfect for budget monkey travels and good for your monkey kids :)


Monkeying around on at MBS Brighton on the YogaMonkey Massage Swing : )

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physiobalance – Institut für Bewegung und Therapie - Deine Praxis für Physiotherapie und Osteopathie überzeugt mit Kompetenz und Zuwendung.

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Le bonbond is the "good bond", multi-use round fabric that enables to play, relax, meditate, creates space to connect with oneself and others in a very sim

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Strala Yoga Guide

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Ich biete privaten und maßgeschneiderten Yogaunterricht. Auch spezifisch für Schauspieler und Sänger.

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