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Gestern den Kurs besucht. Heute das erste eigene Brot gebacken
Please please make a Miso workshop soon!!
Heute habe ich noch ein leckeres Brot mit Cati gebacken. Ich führe jetzt ein Brottagebuch, wo ich die Zutaten, Geh- und Backdauer, etc. aufschreibe, damit meine Brote irgendwann mal so gut werden wie deine!
Das Meisterstück! Alexis, der Sauerteig Workshop war ganz hervorragend, hier das Ergebnis!

Fermentation has become a lost art. We are here to reclaim it as an energy efficient food preservation technique that connects us across cultures.

Natalie Elizabeth and Alexis Goertz are two Mennonite ladies with a penchant for adventure, and experimentation! We are world travelers, artists, farmers, scavengers, gleaners and microbiological enthusiasts with a curious set of taste buds. It holds an infinite appeal to eat unusual things, things that are often overlooked and discarded but have unique tastes and textures. A modern, highly processed diet excludes a lot of things people used to eat more commonly in North America and still do more often in other parts of the world. The forgotten foods are usually the most nutritious items. Years of traveling, farming, and cultural collisions have led to the formation of Edible Alchemy fermentation skill shares: events where participants are invited to explore the microbial universe through taste, smell, touch and discussion.

Young Lacto-fermented radish seed pods. Catching the flavour of the week in the garden beds.

Try these and much more at one of our upcoming workshops #herbaltinctures #miso #koji #kimchi #kraut #pickles
Link to upcoming event and workshops via bio

See you at our lab 🧪 🌶
#fermentation #herbalism

A big thanks to all those who came out this past weekend to join the @hexenkueche_berlin for the PoP uP summer edition. We hope you had the chance to grab a rejuvenating drink at the Herbal Bar and check inside @daheimmanufaktur to explore all the herbal tinctures, perfume oils, balms, steams, natural fabric dyes, soaps, vinegars, ferments and more by @avantgarden.life , @erosandbotany , @celinecharleen_ and @theapothecarysisters , @still_garments , @rootsradicals.berlin , @soapsoop.berlin , @das_zauberkraut @berliner_witch @shoetli

Want to learn some DIY herbal skills? We will learning how to make our own herbal tinctures next week (22.7.) at our Herbal Tincture Workshop. Link in bio for details.

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Shots captured by @celinecharleen_ 💕 @ Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

The alchemists have always been invovled with witches and enchantment, and edible alchemy wants to honor the tradition by comtributing to the @hexenkueche_berlin PoP uP this coming weekend!

Along with @rootsradicals.berlin @soapsoop.berlin @das_zauberkraut @still_garments @celinecharleen_ @avantgarden.life @erosandbotany @shoetli we will be brewing up some herbal cocktails and setting up a pop up shop full of herbal remedies at @daheimmanufaktur
Come stop by this friday and saturday, 10. & 11.07. in Xberg.
#herbalism #healingherbs #healinscarves #herbaltinctures #herbalistsofinstagram #plantdyeing #plantdyeingworkshop #indigoplants #oxymel #witchesofinstagram #herbalistsofinstagram


Sourdough Bread Workshop

Dear Sourdough Enthusiasts,

Next Wednesday we are getting ready to share some sourdough skills with you. Prepare your tastebuds, miso butter and miso caramel are going to be on the table ;) #drool

eventbrite.ca Get in touch with the microbial world. This workshop is your springboard into the world of sourdough and fermentation.

So many wild treats mid summer has to offer. Leaves, flowers and already some seeds!

Today at 14:00 we will take an urban foraging tour around Berlin to identify these useful plants 🌱

Sign up via link on our events calendar 🗓
#foraging #urbanforaging #eatlocal #eatweeds #ediblealchemy

Foraging and Fermenting… our two favorite past times! Here is a quick breakdown of upcoming workshops and foraging tours:

This Saturday (4.7.) we will be back into the urban jungle / forest to discover what is edible and usable this week! Every week offers new tasty treats – which is why we consider the year to have 52 Seasons. #foraging #52seasons #eatweeds

Then on Monday (6.7.) we will be brewing up kombucha storm together at our kombucha workshop. #kombucha #SCOBY #DIY

Wednesday (8.7.) is our fermented veggie workshop where we taste, learn and make ferments of all sorts together. #kimchi #kraut #pickles #workshop

Brew your own ginger beer and other sparkling herbal tonics (13.7). Things are already bubbling up in our lab awaiting for your arrival. #gingerbeer #naturalsodas #wildfermentation

And of course not to forget about #CorneliusTheSourdough at our sourdough workshop (15.7.) #sourdough

Sign up through our website events page or via FB events. 🥂

German workshop coming up! . ⭐️

Am 8.7. ist unser Kimchi Kraut und co. Workshop. Wie immer sind unsere Workshops LECKER, GESUND, und NACHHALTIG nur dieses Mal auf deutsch.
#fermentation #diy #probiotic #kulturtechnik #workshop #ediblealchemy #sauerkraut

Recognize this view? Within the infamous Spreepark, one can find all sorts of wild useful plants that have been growing on their own accord for the past years since the amusement park shut down. Here beside the fallen over Dinosaur 🦕 we found lots of equisetum / horsetail plant. This plants location is ironically suiting to its ancient history reaching back millions of years ago to the Carboniferous period where these little brushes are said to have been some 30 meter high.

Later this summer and into the fall we will be offering plant tours inside Spreepark 🎢 to educate on the many uses of what we usually see as weeds or simply green background.

Until then, keep your eyes open for upcoming foraging tours and fermentation workshops.
#spreepark #plänterwald #foraging #horsetail #equisetum #learnsomethingneweveyday

Thanks to @andrew_rewald for finding this spot two years previous- it’s still flourishing! 🌱

We haven’t posted any thing about Cornelius for a while. So we just wanted to let you know, he’s doing just fine. Fantastic in fact. During this corona time Cornelius has been introduced to so many new households. It just makes our hearts grow to see how he changes everyone’s meals for the better. Go Cornelius go!

If you want to get in touch with Cornelius, our sourdough workshops are back up and running. Next workshop is this coming Wednesday 24th of June. Workshop details and tickets via our website events page or FB.
#corneliusthesourdough #sourdough #breadsofinstagram #glamourshot #flourwatersalt

Do you smell that? The sweet scent of cheap women’s deodorant exploding in the air?! It’s the scent of linden flowers blooming of course. Right now, week 25 in the calendar year, we can find an abundance of edible and medicinal plants.

What was found on this walk: #chagamushroom #lindenflowers #elderflower #sorrel #mullein #dandelion #yarrow #daisies #horsetail #larchtips

The week has only started! Come join us for another urban foraging tour this Saturday the 20th of June. Link through website events or fb events.
#52seasons #foraging #tours #eatweeds

Doppelter Drosten:
Immune boosting fire cider Shrub with a shot of local honey. Get yours with gin = “Dirty Drosten“

A savory cocktail with a spicy kick. Every time the ‘Drosten’ was ordered, Jonas put on the kraut mask and danced the Dirty Drosten in celebration.

For non-Germans: The name of this immune boosting drink is alluding to virologist Dr. Christian Drosten, Germany’s sexier version of Anthony Fauci.

#immuneboosters #drosten #firecider #savorycocktail #bacteriabar #krautmask #bacteriabarista @ Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Buchalotta Holundaria Pfefferminza Kardamomia Lexys Tochter Langbräu : Cardamom black tea kombucha with this years elderflower and peppermint.
This tongue twister of a name is of course an illusion to Pippi Longstocking’s full name. Anyone who can share her full name in your language of choice, post here and the first in each language gets a free cocktail at the next Bacteria Bar and of course a pat on the back 😉 Hint: google doesn’t have the correct answer, so trust your instincts and memories.
#kombucha #elderflower #bacteriabar #bacteriabarista #pippilongstocking #pippilangstrumpf #quiz

Die Umami Bombe / The Umami Bomb.
Long fermented (mature) ginger beer – our third drink on the menu. Usually we feature this one as the ‘REAL Moscow Mule’ as it is real ginger beer with real ginger (i.e. no synthetic flavours, aromas or pumped in CO2), but this time we want to showcase the possibility of having a drink that too can be Umami. Umami doesn’t have to be salty or savory. Our ginger beer has been ripening since December 2019 and has a round and deep taste that lasts long after the first sip. Because of the ginger, the bubbles and the active bacteria, our stomachs thank us immensely.

#bacteriabar #bacteriabarista #drinkablealchemy #gingerbeer #umami #umamibomb #therealmoscowmule #ginger #fermentation

Der Waldmeister der Herzen –
Beet root water kefir soda with
Waldmeister (sweet woodruff).

We love playing with natural colours. One small piece of beet root goes a long way with our water kefir. Mixing this vibrate pink with our super REAL green sweet woodruff tincture (inspired by @velvet.berlin 💚).
To us, the taste of sweet woodruff has the eccense of fresh cut hay – taking one into the nature with every sip and waking up our microbiomes with this lively probiotic cocktail.
#bacteriabar #bacteriabarista #waldmeister #sweetwoodruff #livingdrinks #drinkablealchemy #kräuterhexe @ Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Wildkräuterhexe / Witches Brew
This Wild fermented soda was the first drink on our Bacteria Bar menu. It was brewed through spontaneous fermentation using rosehips, baby pine cones, wintergreen, juniper berries, dog rose petals, bear root and other delicacies from the forest.
It really does feel like magic when combining the ingredients of my forest walk into a jar and watching the bubbles begin just days later. With some care and tasty observations, this drink was the perfect concoction to put on our menu.
Thanks to @iki_bird for the shots and to @daheimmanufaktur for hosting us at @hexenkueche_berlin
#spontaneousfermentation #wildbrew #witchesbrew #tasteofmywalk #foresttastes #probiotic #fermentation #bacteriabar #bacteriabarista #bubblebubble @ Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

An excellent day at the @hexenkueche_berlin yesterday! We opened up this year’s first PoP uP Bacteria Bar up at @daheimmanufaktur with a lovely flow of guests coming to try our bubbling, probiotic creations. Inside the shop herbal consultations and beautiful products being sold by @celinecharleen_ @avantgarden.life
@erosandbotany @still_garments @das_zauberkraut

Looking forward to more herbal and bubbling creations to share with you soon!
Huge thanks to @iki_bird for capturing the moments!
#noodlestsws #hexenküche #bacteriabar #bacteriabarista #kräuterhexe #eatseasonal #herbalmedicine #probioticdrinks #cocktails #popup #drinkablealchemy @ Berlin - Kreuzberg

Daheim Manufaktur

It’s so beautiful to finally see our first pop-up Shop Hexenküche take shape. We received the first stunning deliveries of tinctures, oils, remedies, bath salts, liquors, plants, books, silks and workshop kits. Everything beautifully handmade by these great Berlin makers: STILL garments , Avant Garden Life, Eros and Botany, Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory , Officine , Shötli and Berliner Zauberkraut. We are so excited to have you all together under one roof! 💚 Come by the shop tomorrow: 4-8pm and on Saturday: 10-7pm. Tarot card reading slots with @berliner_witch can be booked via our Facebook event link. @ Daheim Manufaktur
See you all tomorrow from 4pm and Saturday from 10am : Hexenküche Pop-Up Shop: Herbalism, Ferments & Witchy things

Markthalle Neun

Vieles mussten wir absagen in den letzten Wochen, viele Pläne und Themenmärkte auf ungewisse Zeit verschieben, aber es war auch nicht nur Stillstand: Im Gegenteil. Nach und nach, fast unbemerkt, hat sich viel entwickelt, wovon wir lange geträumt haben.
Das liegt daran, dass viele von uns in den letzten Wochen mehr Zeit hatten zu kochen, Brot zu backen, Koch- und Fermentierexperimente zu wagen und dafür auf dem Markt einzukaufen – und das war spürbar! Dank Eurer großartigen Unterstützung und großen Einkäufe (und somit gesteigerter Nachfrage) konnten viele Anbieter*innen nicht nur wirtschaftlich überleben, sondern haben aus der Not eine Tugend gemacht. Aus Mos anfangs improvisierten Marktstand ist zwischenzeitlich ein täglicher kleiner Multi-Kulti Supermarkt in der Halle geworden; Von Beet & Baum hat seine Standfläche und damit auch sein Sortiment vedreifacht und mit einem Kühlschrank ausgestattet, der das vielleicht beste regionale Molkereiproduktangebot der Stadt bietet. Auch Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory ist mit einem Kühlschrank eingezogen – gefüllt mit Kultur! Oder besser: Alles fürs Fermentieren zuhause – Starterkulturen für Milch- und Wasserkefir, Kombucha und Sauerteig.
Unseren Street Food Thursday müssen wir leider bis auf Weiteres aussetzen, aber dafür haben wir mit dem Donnerstag einen weiteren Tag mit Marktangebot dazu gewonnen. Es gibt also auch Gutes in der Krise. Im Endeffekt besinnen wir uns gerade auf das Essenzielle – lernen wir das nicht alle aus dieser Zeit?

Out in the woods with a foraging basket 🧺. One of the best places to be. Another fantastic place to be tomorrow (30.5.) is at the Bacteria Bar @daheimmanufaktur with @hexenkueche_berlin from 12-19:00 to taste our seasonal pickings from the forest in the form of probiotic cocktails!

Come on down and check out what the other herbalists have to offer! #tinctures #tea #firecider #balm
#bacteriabar #bacteriabarista #probiotics #probioticdrink #drinkablealchemy #seasonalregional

Come join us next weekend at the first Bacteria Bar of 2020 for the Hexenküche! Saturday 30th of Mai at Daheim Manufaktur!

The drink menu is now being released and mostly still brewing and bubbling! ;)

Edible Alchemy and other lovely Kräuter Hexen will be there to enlighten you about herbs and their amazing properties!

Grab a probiotic cocktail and check out the other herbal delights!

🌱 The Edible City. Did you know that there are many delicacies in and around Berlin? Not only on the ground, but up in the trees too! This Saturday Alexis will be taking a small group out to learn what the diverse city of Berlin has to offer! We will learn what it means to be an 'ethical forager' (i.e. think about the bees 🐝 , others 🤹and the environment 🌎 in general) as well as enjoying some social distanced outdoor time together 💕

Ticket link on our FB or our website events page

Photo cred: @franksperlingphotography , at @spreepark
#foraing #tour #wildkräuterwanderung #ediblecity #eatweeds

Sauerkraut and Kimchi lovers - those that want to get their fermentation game on - tonight we are offering a vegetable fermentation workshop. Max 10 people. We have a couple spots left and have a huge room to practice social distancing while fermenting together! Sign up through our events link or send us a message to confirm your spot. #kimchi #bubbles #workshop #sauerkraut #diy #fermentation

The beauty of sourdough. Cornelius is back at work. Join us this Wednesday 14.5. for a mini-group workshop. Check out our website events calendar or Facebook events for tickets and get your own piece of Cornelius! #corneliusthesourdough #floursaltwateryeast #sourdough

Dry skin from all that hand washing? Be it from constant sourdough baking, sauerkraut making or simply keeping on top of the corona-avoidance tips and washing hands, the skin has taken a beating and needs a soothing salve to bring back the suppelness. 💕

With all natural, organic herbal infused oils and beeswax 🐝, we have developed our first round of hand and lips balms! 🖐 👄 The base is chamomile and equisetum (horse tail) infused sweet almond oil.

Our first three essential oil combinations:

1) lavender & geranium (for that calming effect)
2) lemon grass and ylang ylang (for a boost of positive energy and mood)
3) cypress and eucalyptus (for relaxing aches and pains)

These balms, fire cider, krauts, kimchis, pickles and cultures are available at our laboratory in Berlin. Come on over for a social distanced visit or one of our small-group workshops happening next week! See our website or FB for details.

#handbalm #handsalve #naturalcosmetics #realingredients #naturelovesyou #beeswax #sweetalmondoil #herbaloils #firecider #laboratoy #pickup #takecareofyourself @ Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory



Baking sourdough at home has become a global trend! Cornelius our 154 year old sourdough has recently made the Canadian news papers and his story will be told on CBC radio this week! #corneliusthesourdough

In celebration of his international celebrity status, Edible Alchemy is offering a 20% discount code for our Sourdough online courses and the Probiotic Foods Full Course which includes our sourdough classes until May 31st.

Use the discount code: CRNLS2020

ediblealchemyacademy.com Doughs, Loaves, Flatbreads & Cakes

We are fanatic about all things living and growing - our bacterial cultures and yeasts as well as our plants 🌱! The Edible Alchemy rooftop garden is already sprouting the herbs 🌿 that will be used in our workshops. #eatlocal 😉
Not to mention, our lab is located just across from Treptower park for some City plant education and foraging tours! Coming soon! #cantwait #missyou
#rooftopgarden #ediblealchemy #loveoflife

Huckleberry / Bilberry flowers! Heidelbeerblüten!

Before the fruits are the flowers. Coincidentally they are incredibly sweet and delicious - not to mention incredibly precious in their bulby shape!

Keep your eyes peeled: Edible Alchemy foraging tours soon to be announced!
#eatweeds #wildfood #foraging #huckleberry #wildkräuterwanderung

Wollen Sie Ihr Service zum Top-Klinik in Berlin machen?

Klicken Sie hier, um Ihren Gesponserten Eintrag zu erhalten.



Boppstrasse 7
Andere Alternative u. ganzheitliche Medizin in Berlin (alles anzeigen)
Raum für KörperBewußtsein Raum für KörperBewußtsein
Schulzestrasse 21
Berlin, 13187

Ganzheitliche Medizin/Körperorientierte Psychotherapie/Coaching

Messe Alternative Heilmethoden Messe Alternative Heilmethoden
Teltower Damm 18
Berlin, 14169

An Messeständen und mit abwechslungsreichen Vorträgen präsentieren hier zahlreiche Einrichtungen und Spezialanbieter ihre Fachgebiete und Dienstleistungen für Körper, Geist und Seele mit dem besonderen Fokus auf Naturheilverfahren.

Handarbeitsabend Berlin Handarbeitsabend Berlin
Elsa-Brändström-Str. 4
Berlin, 13189

Tipps, Tricks & kleine Kniffe, die sinnliche Berührung und das Liebesleben (noch) schöner, aufregender oder auch entspannter machen.

Feng Shui & Energiearbeit  in Berlin und Leipzig Feng Shui & Energiearbeit in Berlin und Leipzig
Berlin, 10119

Energetisches Feng Shui, Spirituelle Beratung, Aufstellungen, Rückführungen, Energiearbeit, Seminare Infos: www.uralicht.de & 030 40 98 43 01

24 Ohlauerstrasse
Berlin, 10999

IT'S FELICIOUS YOGA TIME. Ein dynamischer Mix aus Ashtanga, Anusara&HathaYoga. Einfach vorbei kommen und glücklich werden, wir sehen uns auf der Matte!

Natura Heilpraxis Natura Heilpraxis
Berlin, 14193

Heilpraktiker in Berlin: Ganzheitliche Therapien & Diagnostik Schwerpunkte: Darmgesundheit, körperliche und seelische Entgiftung, Behandlung von Erschöpfungszuständen durch orthomolekulare Medizin.

Emotions- und Bodycode Therapeutin Emotions- und Bodycode Therapeutin
Marathonalle 8
Berlin, 14052

Der Emotionscode nach Dr. Bradley Nelson (USA) identifiziert und entfernt emotionale Altlasten, die wir unwissentlich mit uns herumtragen und die die Ursache von körperlichen oder emotionalen Schwierigkeiten sein können.

Atempause Naturheilpraxis Helgrit Hunger Atempause Naturheilpraxis Helgrit Hunger
Parksiedlung Spruch 55
Berlin, 12349

Meine Schwerpunkte sind Schmerztherapie nach Liebscher und Bracht(www.liebscher-bracht.com) oder mit Akupunktur, Ernährungsberatung mit Metabolic Balance(www.metabolic-balance.com), nach den 4 Blutgruppen oder nach Dukan (Eiweißbetont)

Life Light Love Ayurveda Life Light Love Ayurveda
Naunynstraße, 35
Berlin, 10999

LIFE LIGHT LOVE is an Ayurvedic Practice located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin offering therapeutic massage and holistic support across pregnancy, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Energieheilraum von Heilpraktikerin Fabia Fendt Energieheilraum von Heilpraktikerin Fabia Fendt
Gundelfinger Str. 14
Berlin, 10318

www.fabia-fendt.de Kinesiologie, Energetisches Heilen, TriYoga, Hormonyoga, Schüssler Salze, Ernährungsberatung und NLP (zum Impressum)

Birgit Strauch - Shiatsu & ThetaHealing & Bewusstseinscoaching Birgit Strauch - Shiatsu & ThetaHealing & Bewusstseinscoaching
Pflügerstrasse 14, 2.OG
Berlin, 12047

Shiatsu, ThetaHealing®, Life Coaching, Bewusstseinscoaching, Thai-Yoga-Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapie, Öl-Massagen.

QI-Balance Stéphane Seckin QI-Balance Stéphane Seckin
Am Tempelhofer Berg 6
Berlin, 10965

Unser Fokus hat eine klare Richtung: euer Wohlergehen.