The Neukölln Confessional

Jokes that will remain between you, me and God.

A stand up comedy show at Myxa Cafe, featuring the best comedians of Berlin. Join us for tall tales, heart wrenching truths, and dirty jokes that require a strong constitution. No longer in operation.

Psychobitches - Mary Queen of Scots


[03/18/15]   Hello deers!

The final episodes of Confessional are currently being dubbed into German. The Neukölln Confessional will be airing on ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin this Spring!

More soon xx

Livestream - ALEX BERLIN

Hope your Christmas Eve is warm and fabulous! But if you're tired of the fruitcake, tinsel, and family drama - tune into ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin for more Confessions! Tonight! 20:15, Dharmander Singh, Carmen Chraim, and Daniel-Ryan Spaulding!

Merry Christmas, deers! xx

[12/05/14]   Hello Hirsche!
Our friends at Alex are set to air the five remaining episodes of the The Neukölln Confessional after the holiday season. Dick jokes and Christmas cheer don't mesh well - or do they? Either way, stay tuned for more updates! Plenty of hilarity, horror and glamour awaits.

Hope you all have a warm and wonderful holiday season xx

[12/02/14]   Hello deers! Tomorrow night at 20:15 catch more confessions on ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin!


Tonight! Catch us live or online! Die scharfsinnigsten Comedians aus Berlin geben auf der Bühne des Neuköllner Myxa Café bei The Neukölln Confessional ihre ganz eigene (Humor-)Welt preis. Berlins talentierteste nationale und internationale Stand-Up Komiker werden von Nate Blanchard regelmäßig dazu eingeladen von ihren peinlichsten…

Night of the Proms 2005, Donna Summer, I Feel Love

The Neukölln Confessional TV series debuts tonight, Berlin! 20:15 on ALEX.

Having our show air on ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin has all of us on the Confessional team feeling like this....

Donna Summer 2005 in Antwerpen

[11/16/14]   HELLO HIRSCHE!

The Neukölln Confessinal will be airing on the German television channel, ALEX, on the 19th of November at 20:15! Yes, the warmth, wit, and confessions of Myxa Café Berlin will be brought directly to YOUR television screen!

Tune in for glamour, laughs, and harrowing truths x

I'm Tired Madeline Kahn Blazing Saddles

Well, let's face it... we're pooped! It's time for a well earned summer break.

The Neukölln Confessional will resume in September. Till then, see you gorgeous Hirsche at the lakes! xx

[01/22/14]   Exciting news, Hirsche:

The new curators of The Neukölln Confessional are the talented and lovely Chris Davis and Caroline Clifford. Here's to another fantastic year of juicy confessions and tasteless gossip.

x N

[12/04/13]   Hey Confessors!
Who would you like to see as the mascot for the December Confessional? Post your ideas here!

[06/10/13]   Hey Confessors! Here's your chance to decide what goes in our next show! Should we bring back improv or music?

[01/23/13]   Where do you keep your demons?


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[01/17/13]   Goddamn, you guys are fun! Thanks for an amazing show last night!

[12/21/12]   Hot damn! Thank you for being a terrific audience last night! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

See you in the New Year! xx

The Neukölln Confessional - Episode 2 (BERLIN STAND UP COMEDY)

Check out our second episode, biatches! x

The Neukölln Confessional is a monthly stand up comedy show at Myxa Cafe featuring the best comedians of Berlin. Listen to tall tales, heart wrenching truths...

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