Drehmoment Pole Aerial Dance

Drehmoment Pole Aerial Dance

Drehmoment Pole Aerial Dance Dein Pole Dance und Movement Studio in Berlin-Tempelhof. Stell deine Welt auf den Kopf und lerne mit uns zu fliegen!

Bei Drehmoment bieten wir Kurse in Pole Dance als Tanzkunst an und um eine vertikale Stange, sowie Aerial Fitness in verschiedenen Ausprägungen (Vertikaltuch, Hoop, Aerial Yoga). Auf über 200 Quadratmetern liebevoll eingerichtetem Studio trainieren wir in kleinen Gruppen und in herzlicher Atmosphäre. Pole Dance und Aerial verbessern Kraft, Beweglichkeit und Koordination gleichermaßen. You don't know what you're capable of until you try - Wir freuen uns sehr zu sehen, wie unsere Schüler auch innerlich proportional zu ihrer Kraft wachsen. Kontaktiere uns und vereinbare deine Schnupperstunde. Wir freuen uns auf dich! Alisa, Johanna und das Drehmoment Team

Never mess with a woman who lifts her own body weight while wearing 9 inch heels for fun. 👠
@mrsbug_ is the epitome of an ambitious and determined woman! 🌟 Since a new chapter is about to start in her muggle work life, Jessi will have to take a break from teaching pole. Don‘t worry: it‘s not a good bye, but only a see you again soon! You will be sorely missed though, Jessi 🥺
Catch Jessi while you still can during the course of July, and get inspired by her feminine fierceness! ♥️
For Soxotic and Exotic Flow classes with @mrsbug_, check out our schedule and sign up via Virtuagym or DM! 💌
📸: @latenighttalesphotography ♥️
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What you see is more than just a space where you can learn how to pole dance. Dance has the potential to transform your life, to give you a sense of belonging and connection to your body, mind, soul, and the world. Those 45mm of steel especially have changed so many lives… ✨
From our very beginnings at Drehmoment, we have strived to provide you with a safe space where you can be yourself, allow yourself to feel, to tap into your truest self. We all feel vulnerable and imperfect at times, so our job is to hold space for you, so you can hold space for yourself eventually. Especially in these hard times that the whole world is facing right now, we understand even better why we put all our energy into this project, and why the world needs safe havens like Drehmoment. 💫
Thank you for standing by us, thank you for bringing all the love and energy into this space that makes up #unserdrehmoment (“our momentum”). One month post-shutdown, we couldn’t be more grateful and hopeful, and it’s all thanks to YOU. 🙏🏻♥️♥️♥️
A special thank you goes out to @marlofisken and the many friends from all over the world who showed us their support. Marlo, you’re truly a beacon of light in this world, and we are so grateful for you! 👽 🌈 🌌 🌟
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🐙👽 MORPH: an investigation of impossibly smooth low flow w/ @marlofisken - all level pole class. 👽🐙
Marlo will be teaching a fundraiser zoom pole class in support of our studio! 27 June, 5.00 pm Berlin time / 9.00 am Denver time, sliding scale (€20 standard rate).
There is still a bit of time left to sign up, or to buy the screen recording if you can’t participate live. Just drop us a DM to sign up! 💌 Find all info in our story highlight.
Drehmoment wouldn’t be the same without Marlo’s influence and years and years of inspiration from this absolutely beautiful human and dancer. We’re absolutely honoured, and full of love and gratitude for you, Marlo! 👽💜
Please help us support Marlo in all of her upcoming projects! Follow @flowmovement to stay posted!
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Liebe Kolleg*innen aus der Pole Dance Branche,

Der Kampf gegen Rassismus und Diskriminierung ist ein Marathon. Fast drei Wochen nach der großen Welle, die der #blackouttuesday schlug, dürfen wir uns nicht zurücklehnen und denken, dass alles schon erledigt wäre.
@yvonnesmink, @davina_shewolf und ich (@2112alisa) haben diesen Post nach Beratungen mit @laurenelisepole verfasst, weil wir glauben dass es unsere Pflicht ist lautstark gegen Rassismus aufzubegehren, und weil wir glauben dass unsere Branche eine Änderung dringend nötig hat. In dem Moment, als wir als professionelle Pole Performer oder Studioinhaber bzw. Pole-Geschäftsinhaber in den Vordergrund traten, wurden wir zu Sprachrohren unserer Micro-Communities; ob wir es wollten oder nicht. Wir glauben fest daran, dass ihr dieselbe Verantwortung teilt, und dass wir gemeinsam eine Veränderung anstoßen müssen. Wir haben diesen Text auch in unsere Muttersprachen (Deutsch und Französisch) übersetzt, damit es für niemanden mehr eine Ausrede gibt nicht zuzuhören.

Wir müssen Bewusstsein schaffen und mehr Wissen in unsere Communities bringen - zu allen Instruktoren, zur gesamten Schülerschaft, und zu allen, die ein Geschäft in unserer europäischen Pole Branche betreiben. Der strukturelle Rassismus, den schwarze und ausländisch aussehende Menschen ihr ganzes Leben lang erdulden, ist kein rein amerikanisches Problem; es betrifft vor allem auch uns in Europa, was sich mit seiner Kolonialvergangenheit hauptverantwortlich zeigt. Aus diesem Grund braucht es mehr Bildung und Auseinandersetzung mit den Folgen des Kolonialismus: es wird keine Veränderung geben, wenn weiße Menschen das von ihnen selbst erschaffene System nicht ändern.
In den vergangenen Wochen wurde schon viel über das große Schweigen in der Pole Community gesagt und gepostet, doch wir finden, dass noch nicht genug getan wurde, also fordern wir euch auf Verantwortung zu übernehmen und Flagge zu zeigen. Schweigen ist eine stille Zustimmung dem System gegenüber.

Als Pole Dancer tragen wir eine kollektive Verantwortung dafür, die Geschichte unserer Disziplin zu kennen und ihre Wurzeln zu ehren.

Dear fellow European pole dance industry leaders,

The fight against racism and discrimination is a marathon. Almost three weeks after the big wave of #blackouttuesday, we must not lean back believing that everything is over and done with.
@yvonnesmink ,@davina_shewolf and I (@2112alisa) wrote this post after consultation with @laurenelisepole , because we believe that it’s our duty to speak up about racism, and because our industry needs a major shift too. The moment we stepped into some kind of pole industry spotlight as professional pole performers or studio/business owners, we became leaders of micro communities - whether we wanted it or not. We believe that you share the same responsibilities as we do, and that we can and must make a difference. We have translated this text into our native languages too (French and German), because there should be no excuse for anyone not to listen.

We need to bring awareness and education to our community members, instructors, clients, and all pole business owners in the European pole community. The structural racism black and brown people are facing isn’t an American problem - it concerns all of us, especially in Europe with its colonial past. This is why there is a need for better education and debate about the repercussions of the colonial past: there is going to be no change if white people don’t change a system they created themselves.
In the past weeks, a lot has been said about the silence in the pole community, but we believe there hasn’t been enough action yet, so we would like to urge you to take responsibility. Your silence is compliance.

As pole dancers, we hold a collective responsibility to know the history of our discipline and respect its roots. The short history of pole dancing is based on marginalisation, and loads of inspiration from a variety of disciplines and dance styles, with an undeniable influence from black culture. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS…)

We stand in solidarity with black communities in the USA and all around the world. ✊🏻
#theshowmustbepaused #f**kracism #westandwithyou
Take a moment to actively LISTEN and LEARN. Silence and online allyship is not going to help the black communities - systemic racism in the US and in all other white countries is a tale as old as time. If you feel the same way we do and you want to help somehow, please help us spread valuable educational posts, posts about which books to read, which organisations to donate to, which demonstrations in your city to attend. Educate yourself, because black history has never been taught in school the way it should. Speak up against racism - not only when it’s trending and people are dying, but any time you witness it. Check your own privilege, educate yourself about white privilege. It concerns all of us - not only our black friends overseas.
Life is not all about unicorns, glitter, hair flicks and new pole tricks. Some things are far more important - we’re human first, and pole dancers second. Today is the day of our studio reopening after a 3 month shutdown, but we choose not to post about the happenings in the studio for the rest of this week. We will provide you with the most necessary business updates and reposts in our stories, but we ask you to take some time to listen and learn. Not only today, but always. 🙏🏻♥️

OUR NEW SCHEDULE IS LIVE! 🎉 And the studio classes are already sold out. Like whaaaaaat?!?!? 😳🤯😱
Check our Virtuagym booking system to find the first post-shutdown schedule - from 1-8 June. Make also sure to turn your notifications on for all of our story posts! 💞
We‘re offering you a mix of studio classes and online classes, in order to provide you with the best level of safety possible while maintaining a diverse class offer. Since the necessary measures won’t allow us to do studio classes at the same capacity as before, you can rest assured that we‘re doing our best to optimise our schedule week by week. 🥰
Please mind that our hygiene protocol will be mandatory for all attendees! 🧼 You‘ll be able to find the full intro to our hygiene measures on our website soon. Stay tuned, and see you very soon, ihr Lieben 💘
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WE’RE BACK! 11 weeks of corona shutdown got us like… 🥂🤪
We’re over the moon to be able to welcome you back at our happy place starting from 2 June 2020. Please read our newest blog post for a heads-up about what’s expecting you (text in German, LINK IN BIO). The schedule and full introduction to our hygiene measures will follow in the course of the weekend.
Make sure to turn on all notifications for our instagram posts and stories, so you don’t miss out on the latest news! 💡
See you soon, Leute! #polelove ♥️
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The beauty of pole dancing is that you can make it your own: pick what feels best for you, express yourself, and enjoy the journey.
Head over to @2112alisa‘s account to see the full video and read more about her own Drehmoment. 💞 #meindrehmoment
🎥: @ch_art_photography 💘
🎶: @featheredsun.de Bulbo
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Teaching is a work of heart. ♥️
Say hello to our new team member, MICHELLE!
@mifi_9 is our sunshine - the most endearing pole powerhouse one could imagine, always busting out the most incredible moves with absolute ease and a stunning smile. ☀️ After half a year of assisting, she is ready to teach her own pole classes. We’re so excited to have you on our team and cannot wait to see you grow, Michelle! We wish you the best of luck and loads of joy. ♥️
Meet @mifi_9 in Pole First Steps every Sunday at 6.30 pm. DM to book! 📥
📸: @latenighttalesphotography 🖤
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Happy New Year everyone! May the new decade bring you health, growth, and loads of joy and fulfilment, wherever your path may lead you. 🍀♥️
We took some much needed time off to recharge and set our goals for the new year, and are truly looking forward to seeing our students’ excited and happy faces again this Friday. 2019 was a year of growth, but also a lot of introspection for Drehmoment, filled with many precious moments that cannot be described as deeply as we felt them. All we want you to know right now is that our gratitude for our studio family and friends is deep and true, and that we could have never grown if it wasn’t for growing alongside YOU. We’ve planted seeds together, and seeing those flow-ers grow and bloom is the biggest reward we could ever get. We’re excited to see how our lovely #flowergarden is going to develop this year. 🌱💐 After all, we do it #all4love.
Here’s to an unforgettable 2020!
Pole love,
Team Drehmoment
📸: @latenighttalesphotography 💞
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(C) LATE NIGHT TALES - Christina Bulka Photography

@MarionCrampe.Poledancer + @LateNightTalesPhotography = 🤯⁣🧚‍♀️⁠
Create your own piece of art together with @LateNightTalesPhotography! She’s coming back for her annual autumn Drehmoment photo shoot, and few last spots are left for you to treat yourself to an afternoon of joy, surprises, and a whole lot of magic.⁣⁠
🔗 Direct booking link in bio: https://www.latenighttales.de/produkt/poledance-photoshooting-polestudio-drehmoment-2019-vol2-berlin/⁠
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• • •⁣⁠
***** Nighttime= Creative time *****⁣⁠
I already noticed it during my design studies years ago-and it is still the same- it‘s the night time when I am getting most creative. It‘s like time is standing still and there is this deep belief in yourself that you can do anything...So you see, the night can give you super powers if you just allow it:) I am still super thankful that I had the chance to experience this absolutely amazing and personal project with the one and only @marioncrampe 🖤🖤🖤and my dearest @2112alisa who assisted us in the most amazing way in her beautiful studio @drehmomentberlin 🖤🖤🖤Also a huge thank you to my shoe fairy @alex_artsy of @sparkle.heels who created this masterpieces of heels for our shoot🖤🖤🖤 #marioncrampe #sparkleheels #collaborations #latenighttaleschristinabulkaphotography #artisticnude #dancer #dancersofig #flexibility #flexibilitygoals #contortion #pole #polelove #heelloveisreallove #picoftheday #cheststand #polephotograph #poleranking #gymnast #acrobat #blackandwhitelove #bewhoyouare

[08/18/19]   September will be hotter than hell!⁣ 🔥🔥🔥⁠
We know that you love this queen already. But we’re sure that you’ll fully get under her spell this September: Lauren Elise King will grace us with her lovely presence for a 2 weeks residence!!⁣⁠

Lauren will cover all of Alisa’s classes and bring over two exciting exotic pole workshops right from LDN.⁣⁠
31.08. to 12.09:⁠
Guest teaching - regular class tarif for Drehmoment members!⁣⁠
FRIDAY, 06.09:⁣⁠
2 workshops Lauren style soon in our schedule:⁣⁠
🐍 Floor Glory⁣⁠
Prepare to get your hands and knees dirty with this floorwork bonanza!⁣⁠
💃 Exotique Choreography⁣⁠
Dynamic and fluid, but with an urban edge, this choreography will keep you on your toes (literally).⁣⁠
More info see Virtuagym, or via DM. Link in bio!⁣⁠
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#Regrann @laurenelisepole⁣⁠
• • •⁣⁠
This Thursday I’m covering afternoon classes at @ecoledepole - Sexy Choreo and Flexibility!! Will you be there...?⁣⁠
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Dein Pole Home in Berlin

You don't know what you're capable of until you try.

Drehmoment bietet euch Kurse in Pole Dance als Tanzkunst an und um eine vertikale Stange, sowie eine Vielzahl an weiteren Kursformaten, die euch helfen, stärker, flexibler, gesünder und selbstbewusster zu werden. Pole Dance ist Tanz und Ganzkörpertraining gleichermaßen, und verbessern Kraft, Beweglichkeit und Koordination wie kaum eine andere Sportart.

Auf über 200 Quadratmetern liebevoll eingerichtetem Studio trainieren wir in kleinen Gruppen und in herzlicher Atmosphäre, und das seit 2016 unter professioneller Anleitung auf internationalem Niveau. Unsere größte Motivation ist immer wieder zu sehen, wie unsere Schüler auch innerlich proportional zu ihrer körperlichen Kraft wachsen. Kontaktiere uns einfach per DM, oder ruf uns an und vereinbare deine Schnupperstunde. Wir freuen uns auf dich! Euer Drehmoment Team

Wollen Sie Ihr Service zum Top-Fitness-Studio in Berlin machen?

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Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Straße 12


Montag 17:00 - 23:00
Dienstag 17:00 - 23:00
Mittwoch 17:00 - 23:00
Donnerstag 17:00 - 23:00
Freitag 17:00 - 23:00
Sonntag 12:00 - 20:00
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