Canoe Concerts

Canoe Concerts

berlin music unplugged and unleashed from a neukölln built canoe. I pick up artist along the landwehrkanal in neukölln and kreuzberg and let them play...

Kamilla Kovacs, "Sonnenallee" Canoe Concerts #29

here ist one from five years ago when it was still chilling cold: Kamilla Kovacs Mathiasen, such a beautifull performance...

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[04/10/20]   no one will probalby see this, since I wont pay facebook, plus an youtube content wont be shown on many timelines anyways, but I will repost youtube videos now, for those with interest....

Duo Armaos Rastani - Camino de las Tropas, Canoe Concerts

here is the last of my videos with Duo Armaos Rastani. Enjoy!

Composer: Carlos Moscardini Editing for guitar and tonbak: Duo Armaos Rastani For more of Duo Armaos Rastani: please subscr...

Syavash Rastani, "Daf Solo 7/8" - Canoe Concert

more green water....and the sun shining through the daf drum of Syavash Rastani:

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Duo Armaos Rastani - Flug, Canoe Concerts

new video....

Composer: Syavash Rastani Editing for Guitar and Tonbak: Duo Armaos Rastani More of Duo Armaos Rastani: please subscribe: h...

Duo Armaos Rastani - Cielo Abierto, Canoe Concerts

this was summer. check out Duo Amaos Rastani....

Composer: Qique Sinesi Editing for guitar and tonbak: Duo Armaos Rastani For more of Duo Armaos Rastani: please subscribe: ...

Max, Floating on Water Canoe Concerts Bonus

It´s raining I give you this bonus track of my session with max kölling at the end of this summer...

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Max, "Summer´s End" Canoe Concerts #38

first new video in more than two years....enjoy max play the hang.

Max Kölling plays the Hang at the end of the summer of 2018! The green water ist no filter, thats the way the lake looks in the beginning of September. pleas...

Gitla, "Unborn Child" - Canoe Concerts #37

Finally the first session of this year and what a beautiful performance by Gitla :

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[05/14/16]   Dear Musicians, I am starting recording new Sessions from this week on...send a PM if you're interested....

Salamanda, "Visions of Thunder" - Canoe Concerts on Tour in Flensburg

In 2014 I shot this super awesome video with Salamanda. But I kinda wish we could do it again now, because these days two dolphins are hanging out just in this spot!

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Sailing Conductors - Album Produktion und Pressung -

if you like canoe concerts, you probably like the Sailing Conductors as well. you can help finance their album with music from around the world here: Crowdfunding-Projekt von Hannes Koch.

Colin and Che, "Come on, My Friend" - Canoe Concerts Bonus

Colin & Ché who played this wonderful canoe concerts session last year, are bringing out their first album, check out some of it here, On a mostly rainy day in late September 2014, the British/Brazilian duo "Colin and Ché" played their new arrangement of the song "Come ...

Last Ditch Innovations of a Falling Man, by rhob cunningham

hey!, Rhob Cunningham has a new album out, just a s awesome as the other three....BTW, I am on holiday, so no new concerts right now...

10 track album

Linus Strothmann (@canoeconcerts) | Twitter

dear facebook friends, canoe concerts' last post was seen by only 135 out of almost 500 canoe concerts followers. facebook does this in order that I might buy more "post reach" through "boosting" my post. this page isn't an advertisment platform, it is just a place where I like to share what I do for a hobby: to have people play music on my canoe. I don't make any money off of it and I am not going to spent any money on having more people see my posts. I am going to keep posting videos, knowing that only few of you will see the post. if you want to make sure you don't miss out on any videos, just subscribe to my youtube channel or follow me on twitter... Senaste Tweets från Linus Strothmann (@canoeconcerts): "Golden Sun, Golden Trumpet, Golden Canoe, @TommyEbben plays "Golden" on @canoeconcerts @uferwerk"

Tommy Ebben, "Golden" - Canoe Concerts #35

a golden canoe, a golden trumpet and a golden sun on this session with Tommy Ebben, enjoy:

Tommy Ebben featuring Pepijn van den Wall Bake on trumpet and backing vocals plays "Golden" in the golden hour of the day... please subscribe:

Coming up Shortly: Tommy Ebben

Vooruit, nog eentje dan. Binnenkort video's online!

Jaimi Faulkner "Never Gonna Give It Up" Canoe Concerts Bonus

it was a cold day in February when Jaimi Faulkner played "never gonna give it up", todays bonus track. Enjoy the weekend!

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Tom Klose "ever so clear" Canoe Concerts Bonus

New Bonus Concert! Tom Klose playing "ever so clear". Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Jep and Dep, "Babe Come Down" Canoe Concerts #34

finally friday...the aussie couple Jep and Dep played a beautifull session recently, here is a song from their debut album:

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IKI "Through the Trees" - Canoe Concerts #33

finally a new session: check out this awesome improvisation by IKI

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colour your mind, "wonder" - Canoe Concerts Bonus

unfortunatly I am so busy with my other work that I haven't really done that many sessions lately....but at least two new ones are coming up shortly. Until then enjoy this bonus video of the song "wonder" by colour your mind

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Tom Klose "Rise" - Canoe Concerts #32

he recently came out with an impressive debut album and most people know him from supporting Tim Bendzko, enjoy Tom Klose play " Rise"

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Colour Your Mind "Own Way" Canoe Concerts #31

it has been a while for a new concert, but now the season has started again and we will have new videos every friday again. it was a windy and wavy day but colour your mind made the most of it. enjoy:

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Elegy for Eva Stern, "10000 Years" - Canoe Concerts #30

it is friday, time for a new canoe concerts. would you take a cello on the canoe? you should. enjoy Elegy for Eva Stern:

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Rhob Cunningham, 'Wait Until the Sun Grows Cold' CC#7

last summer when I went out with my canoe, I had these little pieces of paper with me to ask people if they would like to play in the canoe. So this Irish guy who had just come to Berlin got one of these from his new flatmate. he sent me an email saying he would love to play and was free anytime. So I tested him and said, what about tonight, and we had the most amazing time on the canoe and made a nice video of it. Rhob Cunningham shared it via reddit, and then another guy shared it again with a more catchy headline and it went a little crazy. last night it hit 50.000 views!

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Canoe Concerts | Canoe & Kayak Magazine

check out this nice article about canoe concerts in the canoe and kayak magazine One camera, one mic, one canoe - live music from the rivers of Berlin


winter can be so beautiful. enjoy Kamilla Kovacs Mathiasen sing "Sonnenallee":

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Jaimi Faulkner "Sirens" - Canoe Concerts #28

it's friday, time for a fresh canoe concert right from the great Zernsee near Berlin. Jaimi Faulkner plays "Sirens". Enjoy and share....

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Roy Dahan, "Does Anyone Know" - Canoe Concerts #18

this awesome performance from Roy Dahan is just five views short of making it into the canoe concerts one thousand views hall of fame...check it out, it is a good start to your week: Roy Dahan plays the song "does anyone know" from his album "some of this life" on the canoe under Hobrechtbrücke. Recorded on 15 of Aug...

Cindy Sizer, "Kunta Kinte" Canoe Concerts #27

somthing a little less ordinary...winter

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Bright Blue Gorilla, "Beautiful Day" - Canoe Concerts Bonus

before starting with the first concerts of 2015 next week, here is another nice new bonus video form last year....

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Linus Strothmann (@canoeconcerts) | Twitter

so,ähm, twitter. tweet tweet, hashtag blabla follow me..... The latest Tweets from Linus Strothmann (@canoeconcerts): "hello twitter world. check out all the canoe concerts here... and make sure to subscribe..."

Marstal:lidell, "Icicles" - Canoe Concerts Bonus

tonight Marstal:lidell have their album release party at POSH Teckel: here is a track from our session last summer that is on the new album. Enjoy: please subscribe for regular concerts visit us on or if you would like to play a s...

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Hobrecht Brücke
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Ob Geburtstag, Hochzeitsfeier, Sommerfest oder Tagung – die EventKantine ist der ideale Ort zur Umsetzung Ihrer Veranstaltung von 50 bis 500 Personen.

Forró Miudinho Berlin Forró Miudinho Berlin

FORRÓ = Neue Leute kennenlernen + Tanzen + Spaß .

Parallelwelten Parallelwelten
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Parallelwelten ist ein Format von jungen Menschen für junge Menschen, das die Welt der (Computer-)Spiele ins Visier nimmt und mit Workshop- und Diskursformaten Veranstaltungen der Berliner Festspiele begleitet. Gefördert von der Karl Schlecht Stiftung

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Our friend never gets in to Berghain, so we're throwing a party for her and everyone else who likes smoking J's and drinking $1 sterni in the hood

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PARADE is the new live show created by battleROYAL. Worldclass acrobatics + captivating choreography meets innovative 3D sounds and interactive video.

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LA CASA DEL TANGO BERLIN präsentiert argentinische Musik und Kultur auf neue Art in Berlin - für Tangotänzer, Musikliebhaber und alle Kultur-Interessierten.

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Herzlich willkommen bei Studio ZaZas Hochzeits - und Festscheune Scheune ZaZa - vor den Toren Berlins

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Einmal im Jahr lädt der ORWOhaus e.V. zum ORWOhaus Festival in die Berliner Frank-Zappa Strasse ein. Diese Jahr findet das Festival vom 06.-07.07.2018 statt.

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Frankfurter Tor 1
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Kult.komm-Das Kulturfest für die Friedrichshainer Nachbarschaft. Veranstaltet vom Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur.

Festa do Brasil Berlin Festa do Brasil Berlin
Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 8
Berlin, 10115

FESTA DO BRASIL: BRASILIEN IST AM 31. MAI & 1. JUNI ZU GAST IN BERLIN Samba, Capoeira, brasilianischer Karneval und Kultur im BeachBerlin!

Motif Wein Motif Wein
Weserstr. 189
Berlin, 12045

A creative wine space, where anyone can taste delicious natural wine, dig records and enjoy to various music live sessions from some of the most forward thinking musicians in Berlin.