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Professional nail technician & artist based in Berlin // Private appointments, events, photoshoot, commercials // To book at the studio, visit www.effynails.com // Please email for event, commercial and photo shoot requests [email protected]

Rachel works on a pre-book only basis to keep the private appointment/VIP vibe. Arrival: Please arrive 5 minutes before your booking to allow time for getting comfortable & something to drink. Please be aware if you arrive late, the treatment time may be shortened in consideration of the next person. Over 15 minutes late will incur a 5€ charge as not all treatments can be shortened. Cancellation Policy: If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. A charge of 50% of the treatment will incur for same day cancellations or 100% for no-shows. Finding The Studio: Sonnenallee 172, Neukolln 12059. Bus route M41 towards Sonnenalle, stop Hertzbergplatz. 30 second walk from there :) Closest Ubahn/Sbahn: U7 to Karl Marx Straße. S41/S42 to Sonnenalle Payment Method: Please bring cash or pay online as there isn't a card machine at the studio.

Lil’ note to my people out there in my sphere, if I do your nails or did your nails, or if you want your nails did, or if you like/don’t like my nails that I do.... ❤️
Please don’t be offended if I don’t reply to *every single* message or email or DM or text or phone call. Please don’t be offended if I can’t book you in last minute or for a week’s time, every time. Please don’t be offended if I miss an email or forget to get back to you. It’s not personal, it’s just hectic on a screen and I’m doing my personal life thing as well as doing the actual nail thing. 💅🏻💅🏼💅🏽💅🏾💅🏿 There are FAQ’s answered on my website & also my online diary to book so you can look up/book/change/cancel appointments with ease. I love this app for sharing but it’s not how I want to make bookings, it’s too distracting.
So, let’s get on with Friyay!!! Love you all 🦋 #letsgetclear #transparent #boundarysetting

How To Remove CND Shellac At Home

Morning all! It's Friyay!! I've been getting a lot of messages about how to remove Shellac at home so here's the video from my website (Lots of frequently asked questions are also answered in my Studio Blog) I'd always recommend booking in with a professional to have any gels or acrylics removed but if you 100% know that a Shellac base coat, colour coat and top coat was used throughout the treatment.... then this is how to do it! Other brands (Such as my other love, The GelBottle Inc) need a file to remove the top coat first, plus an extra 10 minutes in nail wraps and some care with a cuticle tool afterwards. Have a good weekend! Rachel x

This tutorial is about how to remove CND Shellac at home. For best results, always visit a professional. Here's how to book with me in my Berlin based studio...

Audrey, Frida & Diana... all in one 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻 Loving the tye dye swirlys at the moment 👌🏻 #thegelbottleinc #vegannails #animalcrueltyfree #lazygirlnailart

This is Otis 😊 No amount of reading or watching or listening or talking could prepare for this cute leggy bundle of chaos! He’s my new shadow in the studio. We’re in serious city training mode atm so I’ve made a few adjustments to my studio diary for the time being to accommodate. Figuring out my life/work balance on the go 💛 #letsdothis #brb #cutechaos


Striding into Hump Day like...

Who would get these feet nails?? 😱🦶

Still accepting period product donations until end June! Packaged/wrapped excess products at home or especially purchased to donate.... liners, pads, tampons, cups... it’s all needed & appreciated ✔️❣️Help me put together care packages for women’s shelters in Berlin! @theredboxprojectuk are a source of inspiration for this 🤓 Period poverty is not cool. Periods are expensive. Let’s help each other get through them without shame and embarrassment over something completely natural and quite useful! (I read Code Read by @sassylisalister in ‘17 and it changed my life) Other period related accounts I follow are @freeperiods & @periodmovement ❤️ #freeperiods #MHD2019 #codered #kindnessiskey

Berlin heads 🔥💅🏻 I’ve made some changes to my opening times and days 📒 Book in ahead of time & bag a spot for those rebalances, refreshes & removals ⏳⏰🗓 If a day or time isn’t coming up on my online diary (see website) when trying to book, it’s because it’s already taken ☯️ #dontsleep #peaceloveandnails #nailcrewberlin

Happy Hump Day 😊👌🏻 #tgbmanicure #animalcrueltyfree #vegannails #thegelbottle #berlinnails

Look! Nails! ✨ In other news, I’ll be collecting period product donations for women’s shelters in Berlin from now till end of June ☀️ Feel free to purchase some especially to donate or bring any excess, packaged products you have laying around to the studio 💅🏻 (if you’re a silicone cup convert then there must be some stashed & forgotten in a cupboard somewhere! 🔍📦🧐) ORRR 50% profits from my limited Tee design will be going to women’s shelters also 💚 Links in bio to bag one of those! More info in my highlights💡❣️😎 #periodpovertyawareness #freeperiods #thegelbottleinc #effynails

Here’s my new design, from zine to tee! #mustbethepheromones 🍦 I’m printing with #everpress again as they only make the number of Tee’s that are ordered so extras aren’t sitting about, collecting dust ✔️ Long or short sleeve in unisex, organic cotton 💚 Raising money for women’s shelters & providing period product care-packages. These moon/selina/organicups aren’t cheap but they’re pretty good for the planet 🌍 Links in bio for the next 17 days 😎 #freeperiods #multihyphenate #sidehustle #winwinwin

I love these colour gels so much! I found it really hard to do ombré nails before but with these badgals there’s no stopping me 💅🏻 Gradually adding to my gel selections from Shellac to The Gel Bottle. I still love Shellac. But these ones are 🔝🍌 #vegannails #animalcrueltyfree #goinggreen

@lauracallaghanillustration inspiration for today! 💅🏻😊 Had just over an hour to remove the last #TGB mani, Do a quick layer of #biab gel & then decorate 🧁 Lauras illustrations are so detailed it’s such a lovely source of inspiration to paint nails from 🥰 #newcolours #comingthru #speedpainting #thegelbottleinc @ Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Acrylic rebalance with some detail nail art using @the_gelbottle_inc colours 💜 As seen by @_thenailgenie @ @maadnails 💅🏻 #raceagainsttime #springcollection #vegancolour #berlinnails

Trying out a little ombré with @the_gelbottle_inc #biab17 & #madam 💅🏻✨Just a heads up✨ I’m booked up for the next 3 weeks so if you are in need of a rebalance or freshen up or pedi or mani or cup of tea then use my online diary to book in advance 😎 It’s fresh & simple to use & you are the one in control 👌🏻 Yes yes 🥳 It’s always worth a check online to see if any last minute spots become available too (for the spontaneous ones out there) 🔎 Thank you everyone already using my online diary! I love it. 🥰 PS. These are gel overlays on natural nails. Overlays give the natural nails a stronger layer, under the colour, to prevent breakages. #nailsinberlin #thegelbottleinc


Must be the pheromones apparel | Everpress

I've been up to my old tricks again. This Tee is up for grabs for the next 21 days :) Raising money for women's shelters and awareness for period poverty

everpress.com Second instalment from Rachel aka Effy. Must Be The Pheromones makes it's debut from Zine to Tee. 50% profits will be donated to women's shelters. These limited edition Must be the pheromones garments are only available here.

Rowing (flying) out of Berlin for a few days tomorrow! Have a good 1st May everyone! 🥳 For all appointments please book in online using the #bookonline button 🤓💻📲 And/or check my studio blog (also on my website) for any nail questions you might have! I’ve been working backstage to make things plain sailing for you from start to finish ⛵️#theinternetlovesyou #useit #onlinebabereceptionist #pinkypurplebuttons #itsallonmywebsite #youcandoit #lookagain #ipromiseitsthere

After 10 minutes of trying to take a decent photo that includes the thumb nail, failing and then giving up... @__wolfsister & I was on our way out of the door before the perfect pose appeared before us ✨💅🏻😎🌿☯️ #sunglasses #berlinnails #nailartberlin #magic #thegelbottleberlin #thegelbottleinc

A fresh set of jelly extensions using @the_gelbottle_inc rainbow colours 🌈 A la @nail_swag @fresh.claws 🥰 Remember my client who’s allergic to nuts so can’t use my cuticle oil? This is her 💅🏻 But if you’re not allergic to nuts... THEN YOU CAN USE CUTICLE OIL AND PREVENT DRY SKIN/NAILS ✨ #jellynails #nailrainbow #clearnails

Growing longer, natural nails with @the_gelbottle_inc in Teddy, June & Mint 💅🏽 In another 3 weeks, this gel will be ready to remove with nail wraps before a fresh set is applied 😊 When using my online diary, don’t worry about not knowing what design you want 🔎 We can talk about that when you’re here 👌🏻 As long as you click “Add Nail Art” in Simple, Simple Plus or Detailed, it will give me some extra time & I’ll have some idea of what to expect 🤓 #howtobook #thegelbottle #naturalnails #vegannails #berlinvegan #welovespring

Getting carried away in my story’s & since I’ve been asking people to film my filing, who knows when I’ll stop. 🤷🏻‍♀️💅🏽 Here are B’s transformed natural nails after a few weeks of home grown goodness & @the_gelbottle_inc #biab overlays 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #nailsgrow #overlays #helpinghand #lima #berlinnails

Hello Nail Crew 💜 I spent last week building a new online booking system & I’m really proud of it! It’s a no faff, get sh*t dun & get on with your day kind of diary. Let me know how you’re getting on with it! The only thing is- it doesn’t list my 303 star reviews (wwhhaaaaat! ✨✨✨) so I have to start again using Google’s rating system. If you have a spare minute & you’ve had your nails done by me in the past, I would love love LOVE it if you could click a star (or 5) & if you’re feeling extra then leave a few words too. Reviews help small businesses to be seen and I am one of those 🧐🤩🥳 I’ll give you 10% off your next booking as a thank you 🙏🏽THANK YOOOOOOU 💌 #newthings #spring #acuityscheduling #5star #feelingextra

Here’s a big fat THANK YOU to every single last one of you reading this that GETS IT 🥳❤️💅🏽🙌🏽 “It” being the way I run my biz sh*t, setting business/personal boundaries, trying to stick them but pissing a few people off along the way and keeping all (or 4/5) of the other plates spinning?! Thank you thank you thank you thank you for getting it! 💜 My names Rachel and I have a 24h cancellation policy. Yes, it’s to do with time & money, not rainbows & butterfly’s. Let’s all be kind to each other. Don’t be a dick 💜 #thankyou #fullmoon #day28 #tryandguesswhathappened

5 days to order your #ILY Tee! This is the newest of the crew... long sleeve in white (if you watch my story’s you’d have already seen me banging on about this one 😎) Berlin heads, you can order via me to save on postage & packaging 👌🏽 If you’re else where, you can order via LDN based company Everpress at www.everpress.com/ilytee for white or www.everpress.com/ily2tee for black 💜 All profits are going to The Ocean Cleanup for this collection before another cause is in focus with next design 🎬❤️🥳 #planeteffy #charitees #everpress #lessplastic @ Berlin


ILY apparel | Everpress

We've raised €235 so far with the ILY TEE's! All while supporting small, independent businesses along the way. Pretty cool. It would be cooler to raise even more for The Ocean Cleanup & wear one of these TEE's on the reg.

It's time for the 3rd & FINAL drop of these, from now till 22nd March... 10 days :) Then a different cause will be in the spotlight.

Freshest design is the long sleeve in WHITE! Short sleeve also found here too... https://everpress.com/ilytee

Also in BLACK! Long & short sleeve. I know, I know, I'm spoiling you

everpress.com Last run for the ILY collection by Effy Nails, Berlin based nail tech & artist. All profits going to The Ocean Cleanup Project. These limited edition ILY garments are only available here.

These are freshly did gel overlays using The GelBottle Inc #biab gel & some nail art for an 80’s party 🤓 Second pic is 3-4 weeks later before I allllmost forgot to take a pic 💅🏽 I’d recommend booking a rebalance/freshen up for 2-3 weeks after but if you don’t mind the regrowth or any repairs that might need fixing then +3 weeks will be fine ✔️ I didn’t use cuticle oil to finish on this set as my client has a nut allergy so I didn’t want to kill her (Although I almost did once. She’s ok 💁🏻‍♀️) #gelnails #berlinnails #tgb #nailtips #manitime @ Berlin, Germany

These are freshly did gel overlays using The GelBottle Inc #biab gel & some nail art for an 80’s party 🤓 Second pic is 3-4 weeks later before I allllmost forgot to take a pic 💅🏽 I’d recommend booking a rebalance/freshen up forn2-3 weeks after but if you don’t mind the regrowth or any repairs that might need fixing then +3 weeks will be fine ✔️ I didn’t use cuticle oil to finish on this set as my client has a nut allergy so I didn’t want to kill her (Although I almost did once. She’s ok 💁🏻‍♀️) #gelnails #berlinnails #tgb @ Berlin, Germany

Time for a price list check, check ✔️🏁 My new service list is up on the website now 🌷 If you’re already booked in with me, the new price list will start with your following booking. From Acrylic extensions to gel overlays, Shellac manicures to pedicures and essential mani/pedi’s with paint, removal services and nail repairs... it’s on there 👌🏽 New designs coming your way.... ☺️ #springclean #mariekondovibes #sparkjoy #freshproducts #nailtechlife #1111

I finally have the whhhooolllleeee collection of jelly colours by The GelBottle Inc so let’s get creative, my nail crew 🌀🥳🦄 Jjjjjust painted them on swatches now. I’m experimenting with these new products and if you’ve sat with me in my studio this month, you’ll know I’m a bit excited about it all. Gel in a bottle which sets in an LED lamp 🤓 Strong gel which also soaks off 🤓 Gel which is animal cruelty free & vegan 💁🏻‍♀️ Gel which is clear but colourful but clear but full of colour?! 💆🏻‍♀️ Gel which helps you grow your natural nails? Yes please. 💅🏽 I’m in. #tgbbiab #biabnails #voguedarling #negativespacenails #bluebits #berlinnails #naillife

Blue nails are thing 💙 #piscesseason #partytime #simpleplus #shellacberlin #happybdayriri

Natural nails with @the_gelbottle_inc BIAB overlays & simple art 🖼 #jelly #limepunch #biab #naturalnails #withalittlehelp #nailartberlin

I call this one, “Double French Half Moon Mani Minus the Middle Bit” 😎 Out of Office is unofficially ON in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ✨🚀😎 #outofoffice #nailartberlin #berlinnails #limepunch #blackpool

How do people take selfies and manage to not look slightly stunned? Anyway here’s me in ma #ILYtee 🖤 We managed to raise €120 for @theoceancleanup with the black long sleeve run! That’s €235 in total 🐋🌎♻️💸🤓 Here I am making my short sleeve into a long sleeve as, once again, I forgot to order myself one. Nice work, people ✨ #problemsolved #ilytee #effynails #planeteffy #timerlyfe

Natural nails with a @the_gelbottle_inc overlay & simple art 💅🏽 Design requested by my lovely client. OG artist unknown 🤷🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🎨 #biab #gelbottleinc #berlinnails #nailsinberlin #toxicfreenails

There are a LOT of different types of products and brands out there that do slightly different things 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽
It’s up to you what you want to have, but it’s down to the professionals to know which ones will suit your specific needs 🌷🌹🌺🌸
Nail talk can get confusing if you’re not a nail tech. Here’s some help for when you’re deciding what to book with me 🤓 #nailtalk #berlinnails #nailnerds #iwroteathing @ Berlin, Germany


What Should I Book?

I wrote a thing! This time it's for those that aren't sure what to book when wanting some new nails... Hope this helps! :) https://www.effynails.com/blog/2019/1/30/what-should-i-book

effynails.com Nail talk can get confusing if you’re not a nail tech. Here’s some help for when you’re deciding what to book…

I’m part of the #loveprojectlove crew with this workbook ✍🏽 So far I’ve worked out what I want to focus on this year, nipped a couple of buds & tweaked a couple of ni... Things 🤓 I have some new products & gadgets in the studio which all contribute to our nourishment & high vibe nail sessions 💜 Tea included ☕️ #nourishment #effynails #goodbye2018hello2019 #berlinlife

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Sunplus Berlin Sunplus Berlin
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Berlins erstes wohlfühl Sonnenstudio.

Jackie Dunn Nagelstudio Berlin Rudow Jackie Dunn Nagelstudio Berlin Rudow
Köpenicker Strasse 95B
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Aidas Nail Design Aidas Nail Design
Schloßstr. 25
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Sie suchen perfektes Nageldesign, ausgefallene Nailart und Mehr? Dann lassen Sie sich überraschen.

TV Nails TV Nails
Kant Straße 120
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In unserem Nagelstudio führen wir qualifizierte und hochwertige Arbeiten aus. Ihre Zufriedenheit ist unser Ansporn!!

Stella Perfect Beauty Stella Perfect Beauty
Hagenstrasse 10
Berlin, 14193

Exclusive beauty treatments in Berlin

Haarmeile Berlin Haarmeile Berlin
Berlin, 13405

Sugaring und wimpernstudio Sugaring und wimpernstudio
Berliner Straße 79
Berlin, 13189

das erste Wimpernstudio in Berlin seit 2006 und Haarentfernung mit Zuckerpaste

Nail-Design-Studio Berlin Nail-Design-Studio Berlin
Groß-Ziethener Chaussee 135
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Nagel- & Schulungsstudio in Berlin

Jetset Nagel Paradise Jetset Nagel Paradise
Berlin, 13409

Natürliche Schönheit

First Joy Nagel & Body Spa First Joy Nagel & Body Spa
Berlin, 10785

Brauchen Sie eine Pause oder eine Typveränderung? Steht ein Event an und Sie brauchen den letzten Schliff?

Bellaina Naturkosmetik Bellaina Naturkosmetik
Pallasstr. 10/11
Berlin, 10781

Schönheit durch Berührung ist das ganzheitliche Motto. Über 24 Jahren Berufserfahrung als Kosmetikerin und Dozentin in diversen Kosmetikschulen.