The Xposed International Queer Film Festival

The Xposed International Queer Film Festival


Hello everyone! Furora is an international film festival focused on emerging women* directors and film professionals. As a platform, Furora provides female* filmmakers with an environment to build a network. Check us out, like us and stay tuned, cause more is coming! Cheers! 🎥💪
Hey there! I am trying to direct my first feature film 🎥🔥Boy Meets Boy - The Movie with COSMIC productions🔥a gay love story in Berlin! 💛🏳️‍🌈 if you do liked it please support the project by sharing or donating. 💸🙏✨and we WILL MAKE THE MOVIE! thanks 🤩
Screen in '18 ! No submitting fee & free entry! WANTED: All genres, all budgets, all subjects, all durations! (Donations welcome) Simply email to - [email protected]
Xposed bringing people together even after the festival: randomly bumping into Damian yesterday in Paris bus station :D

The 15th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin ....will be held at some point in the future...

It’s about eXposure and eXposing. It’s about fun, Berlin and the rest of the Queer World! The XPOSED international queer short film festival Berlin was created to screen award winning Australian Queer short films to an international audience, however as the festival grew so did it's outlook, not only did we want to create International exposure for Australian Queer Film, but also to Queer Films from other regions as well. The best way to shine a light on Queer life in another land is to mark it with a giant X and open peoples eyes to it, therefore, the festival grew into it’s new focus. The festival sets its self apart from the rest of them by not just showing the latest and newest queer films around, but by putting together a thoroughly researched and developed program on queer films from specific regions that show how queer life has developed and grown in these lands. The festival does not wish to limit itself to only the new films going around the festival circuit, but by also finding film treasures that may have gotten lost years ago or that are just to classic not to show again.

Mission: To present queer stories from afar in Berlin during Pride Week.

Dearest XPOSED Family,

On what would have been the Opening Night of our festival, we would like to make an announcement (as if we were on stage...): The 15th edition of the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin will be moved to May 2021! We’re happy to continue working on a fabulous film program and can’t wait to see you all again.

To stay true to the festival’s dedication for the promotion of queer film and filmmakers, the 6th Queer Short Film Fund will nonetheless be held this year!
On September 19th, 2020, we hope to come together at aquarium and hear five filmmakers pitch their projects. For the first time, the Queer Short Film Fund will thus take place separately from the festival - and submissions are now open to residents not only in Berlin but from all over Germany.

Today, we’re happy to announce the Call for Entries – and excited to receive your submissions! The deadline is August 28th; more information can be found here:

And now it’s time for some champagne!

Yours excitedly,
Bartholomew Sammut, Merle Groneweg, and the entire XPOSED Team 🌹🖤

Your SIEGESSÄULE needs you

Another of our long time supporters and a really fantastic institution to have here in Berlin is the Siegessäule
They have also been hit hard by this crisis and are looking for help. If you can, it would be wonderful! Das queere Berliner Stadtmagazin braucht jetzt die Unterstützung der Community!

Kino Toni

We love that all the beautiful Berlin Cinemas can come together in this time of uncertainty and support each other. Take a look at this very important campaign.
We all need a little support.
We all need a little love.
and we all need our cinemas back.
Kino Moviemento 💋
Wolf 💋

Erik Schmitt Films hat gemeinsam mit Grafikdesignerin Priscille Schmitt & Sound Designer Paul Rischer diesen großartigen Trailer für unsere Kampagne gezaubert! Danke Euch Dreien!
#FortsetzungFolgt #ToBeContinued
#Kino #Cinema #Crowdfunding #Lockdown #stayathome #bleibzuhause #stayhome #arthousecinema #arthousekino #programmkino #independentcinema #arthouse #arthousefilm #berlin #berlincinema

Fantasy Filmfest

“It's an existential situation for cinemas" As the Berlin arthouse Kino community launches today its crowdfunding campaign, we talk to WOLF founder Verena von Stackelberg about Corona's impact and the price of solidarity.

Dearest XPOSED Family,

The situation in Berlin, Germany and around the world is having a major impact on all of us. It also impacts the many cultural events that bring together communities and make us feel at home. However, in these times, the urgent requirement that all stay in our actual homes (i. e. - the life of a film programmer) means that out of safety for our community, such cultural events like ours must be put on hold.

As we have for the last 8 months been working on putting together our 15th anniversary program of XPOSED, we were looking at the viability of holding the festival. But it is now very clear that the festival cannot take place as planned from the 7th until the 10th of May.

We are now searching for potential other dates that could work for our festival and our audience, and hope we can announce those within the next weeks. Until then – stay safe, stay sane and keep sharing those funny memes. It helps.

Sending all our best and looking forward to putting together a kick ass program that will bring us all back together again!

Bartholomew Sammut & Merle Groneweg

RIOT NOT DIET [International Version]

Two years ago, we opened the 13th XPOSED festival edition with the wonderufl short film RIOT NOT DIET by Julia Fuhr Mann. After travelling to many festival's around the globe, it is now online for all to watch. Utopia!

RIOT NOT DIET Short film, 17 minutes, 2018 SYNOPSIS A golden summer dress in XXL, the ice-lolly drips slowly onto the hot ground. RIOT NOT DIET creates a queer…

The Xposed International Queer Film Festival's cover photo

when not in the cinema or running from screening to talks, this is where you will find us!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better🐻🥂

Our delightful Teddy Bar is going to have its grand opening sooner than you think!

Come meet other film enthusiasts, get inspired by their stories and enjoy our delicious selection of snacks, sweets and drinks (vegan options also available) ✨

Our brilliant Teddy-Cards have all the details!

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Werde Moviemento Retter*in

29 Hours to go!
help secure that our cinema home stays. i like the name on the wall or name on the cinema chair as a perk,
See what you like, what you can, what you want.
there is still time
you too can be a movie hero! Rette mit uns gemeinsam das älteste Kino Deutschlands!

The TEDDY ACTIVIST AWARD | #teddyaward

Call For Nominations! Blog The TEDDY ACTIVIST AWARD December 10, 2019 beate Read in: CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Award Description In recognition of the life and courage of so many activists that have been struggling and even given their lives for the continued struggle of sexual and gender minorities around the world, the TEDD...

Wir suchen eine Jury für den Teddy Readers' Award!

for anyone who always wanted to be on a Jury, take a look at this chance to be in the Teddy Readers Award Jury. Bei der Berlinale 2020 ist erneut Medienpartner beim queeren Filmpreis Teddy Award. Bewirb dich jetzt als Mitglied unserer Leser*innen-Jury. (Film & TV - Aktuell)

Kino Moviemento

Check out the great Perks available and help save our festivals home!

#MoviementoHero contribution to our campaign by Shiri Feingold Photography. Support, share, love!

Werde Moviemento Retter*in

Kino Moviemento needs your help!
Our beloved Kino is being sold - and to save it, the beautiful team behind our Festivals home are trying to buy it, so it can stay open!
We have dedicated a perk to their crowdfunding campaign, where you can get a festival pass for our 15th edition in May next year,
a ticket for the TEDDY AWARD prize ceremony during the Berlinale 2020,
and a download for the amazing Festival hit - TERROR NULLIUS from the Australian duo SODA JERK!
only 4 more are left available!
Take a Look, Sharing is caring!
:) Rette mit uns gemeinsam das älteste Kino Deutschlands!

NORMAL from Adele Tulli
Starting in German Cinemas this week!
Don't miss it

The Xposed International Queer Film Festival's cover photo

Soura Film Fest

excitedly reading through the first program of the Soura Film Fest: Queer Middle East & North African Film Festival
please check it out and hope to see you all there - October 11th - 13th! Soura is a queer film festival focused on the Middle East and North African region.

Very Happy to be attending Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival and to be part of this fabulous Jury! Thank you Bard Ydén and to dear Campbell and Victoria for making this such a pleasant experience!

Day 3: Documentary and Feature Jury: From left: Campbell, Victoria Carmen Sonne, Bartholomew Sammut. Photo MAGPIE

Click here to support ShanghaiPRIDE: "Cultural" Fund organized by Curtis Baker

if you have some spare pennies...
help is always very appreciated We Need Your Help! Since the very beginning, every year, we have faced and also overcome countless obstacles and challenges including last-minute venue changes and forced cancellations, someone taking our funds and not returning them, a DJ who died on the way to play for us, etc. But without fail,.....

Completion Fund

Dear Filmmakers,
The Frameline Completion Fund provides $25,000 in grants to filmmakers in the post-production phase of their projects. Grants up to $5,000 are available for the completion of films that represent and reflect LGBTQ+ life in all its complexity and richness. The application deadline is October 31, 2019. Apply now at Frameline Completion Fund provides funding for films in the post-production phase.

IQMF Academy 2019 – Stichting art.1

Dear Filmmakers,
Please take a look at this and see if it is something for you!
Cheers, OPEN CALL: Submit for IQMF Academy now! The forth edition of IQMF Academy is coming up from December 4-6, 2019 in Amsterdam! IQMF Academy is an extensive three-day workshop program for....

Tonight Tonight!
We are so excited and looking forward to seeing you there!

The Xposed International Queer Film Festival goes open-air! A beautiful selection of films from this year's festival presents the variety of queer film in content and form, ranging from animation, essay, documentary, fictional and experimental. The hottest day of the week: Previously on Xposed! (Engl Ov)l! Nine short films from Macedonia, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Mexico, and Spain. Thursday July 25th, Freiluftkino Kreuzberg, films in original language with English subtitles

Films Ingested, Films Tested, Poster delivered, Trailer screening - We are pretty much ready for Thursday Night? Are You? It is gonna be HOT!

We are at the Launch for the Ciclo Rosa at the BAM - Bogotá Audiovisual Market talking about Queer Film, the importance of Queer Film Festivals and Queer Film Programming. Was so lovely to be part of this, thank you Maria Paula Lorgia and the Goethe Institute for inviting us!
#ciclorosa #ModoBAM

We are excited to announce our program for our annual PREVIOUSLY ON XPOSED screening at the Freiluftkino Kreuzberg on July 25th! We have put together a very expanded collection of works that vary from the comedic, to the absurd. From the classic narrative, to the experiment and the poetic to the politic. We hope you can join us for a beautiful night in front of the big screen under the hopefully not to hot summer stars.

F**k The Boxes
Abel Rubinstein, 2018, UK, 10mins

Mom's Clothes
Jordan Wong, 2018, USA, 5mins

Would You Look At Her
Goran Stolevski, 2018, Macedonia, 18mins

The Sea Runs Thru My Veins
Zara Zandieh, 2019, Germany, 21mins

Trevor Andreson, 2019, Canada, 4mins

Something Said
Jay Bernard, 2017, UK, 8mins

Alejandro Zuno, 2018, Mexico, 16mins

Galatée À L’infini
Julia Maura, Mariangela Pluchino, Ambra Reijnen, Maria Chatzi, Fátima Flores Rojas, 2017, Spain, 17mins

Flora (꽃)
Chaerin Im, 2018, USA, 4mins

Click on the images read more about these shorts!

on the 25th of July, we are coming back to the big screen at Freiluftkino Kreuzberg for our summer tasting of some amazing short films screened at this years XPOSED! Full program to be released soon!
Hope to see you there.
Summer is here!

2019 北京酷儿影展征片启事 12th Beijing Queer Film Festival – Call for Film Entries – 北京酷儿影展

Enter Your Films Now! 2019年爱酷电影周将于11月初在北京法国文化中心举行,现正式开始征片工作,欢迎符合条件的酷儿电影积极参与。

Excited to be chatting with Soda Jerk tonight at Pembe Hayat KuirFest - Pink Life Queer Fest
We are just in love with Terror Nullius and so happy people will get the chance to see it again, or for the first time, after one of the best screenings last year at XPOSED. Is gonna be a fun night!

siegessäule - queer Berlin -Siegessäule Galerie

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XPOSED 2019: Interview: Mònica Rovira - Ver a una mujer - Filmlöwin

"Es gibt nicht den einen Weg zu leben oder zu lieben oder irgendwas. Jede Geschichte ist anders, aber ich hoffe, dass alle sich verlieben und fallen lassen."

Mònica Rovira, director of TO SEE A WOMAN and one of the beautiful guest we had this year, talks about her film and filmmaking with Filmlöwin. Ver a una mujer nimmt die Zuschauer_innen mit auf eine emotionale Reise, bei der es kaum Distanz zu den beiden Frauen* im Film gibt.

The Guests from XPOSED 14

Grab a coffee, take a beer and relax at our XPOSED kitchen table. Look at all the guest who have had a seat in our Moviemento Lounge during the festival.

Greeting to all these wonderful filmmakers, who have made this festival such a pleasure.

📸 by Stanley Reagh

Grab a coffee, take a beer and relax at our XPOSED kitchen table. Look at all the guest who have had a seat in our Moviemento Lounge during the festival.

Greeting to all these wonderful filmmakers, who have made this festival such a pleasure.

📸 by Stanley Reagh

🎬 And action for Tonina Matamalas and her film Amigas... muy Amigas which won the Queer Short Film Fund announced by our jury yesterday at the Lolly Award Ceremony.

Amigas... muy Amigas follows traces of lesbian visibility in Spanish popular culture and transforms them into a vibrating collage.

With the help of a €1000 a cash prize, €2000 in in kind support from 25p *cine support GmbH - Filmtechnikverleih Berlin, Audio Post Production sessions at the Berliner Union Film and a mentor-ship programme, the realisation of this project is taken to a next step.
We are so thrilled to see this work in the near future.

📸 by Stanley Reagh

XPOSED 14 - Final Day Highlights

Our biggest Festival ever was also the biggest joy we ever had. The last day was again marked by a constant stream of magnificent people coming to the cinema to watch and celebrate queer films. In the evening it was time for glamour, with the announcement of the Lolly Award winners together with our exceptional jury.
Relive the best moments of this special day with us!

📸 by Stanley Reagh

Our biggest Festival ever was also the biggest joy we ever had. The last day was again marked by a constant stream of magnificent people coming to the cinema to watch and celebrate queer films. In the evening it was time for glamour, with the announcement of the Lolly Award winners together with our exceptional jury.
Relive the best moments of this special day with us!

📸 by Stanley Reagh

We are so proud to announce our winners of the 9th Lolly Awards. 👏👏👏

Three extraordinary films could convince our jury and audience in a very strong and bigger than ever field.

Big congratulations to SOMETHING SAID, THE SIGN OF LOVE and MARGUERITE for winning their respective Lollies. But also all our other sensational films deserve a big applause!

🍭The Lollies are waiting for their winners!🍭

Tonight at 21:30 at B-The Movie our colourful, joyful, wonderful award ceremony is happening together with the announcement of the winner of queer short film fund!

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Wir sind eine Tanzschule mit 100% Südamerikanische Lebensfreude und Kultur!

Handcrafted Life Handcrafted Life
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Die Studio4A TV-Produktion GmbH am Pariser Platz in Berlin bietet das komplette Dienstleistungspaket rund um Ihre Fernsehproduktionen an.

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Kunst in den Gerichtshöfen Kunst in den Gerichtshöfen
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Bruderkunst: Vrubel + Timofeeva Global Atelier Berlin Bruderkunst: Vrubel + Timofeeva Global Atelier Berlin
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